Everytime I have sex with D, I think I come closer and closer to having an orgasm, whether it’s vaginal or gspot, I am not sure. This past Friday was no exception.

Sitting against D, he whispers in my ear how good I smell. I thank him, and he replies with another whisper, “Wanna go back in my room and fuck?” he asks. “Hell yes!” I eagerly respond.

We both jump up, and head to his room. As soon as his door was shut, his lips were on mine. As we make out, he gives me a gentle shove onto the bed. When I sit down, facing him, he pulls out his already hard cock. I wrap my left hand around the base, pulling his foreskin back, and put my mouth over the head to suck.

I run my tongue around the top, then the sides of his head. I lower more of my mouth onto his hardness and begin to suck. I love the sounds he makes. As I suck, I wrap my right arm around his back and pull him closer.

After a few minutes, I took my mouth off of him to catch a breath and he lowered the rest of me onto the bed and undid my pants. I took off my shirt, revealing my pink and black negligee.

He got a condom on, put my legs over his shoulders, and guided himself in. Mmm, he felt so good, and I told him so. He started with slow thrusts of his cock in and out of my pussy, then got faster and harder.

After a wonderful few minutes, he pulled out and got on his back so that I could try being on top. I was nervous, but he was patient and told me to take my time. I kept fumbling with his cock, trying to get it in. Eventually I asked for help.

Once he was in, I slowly moved my body up and down. I had one knee on the bed and the other leg half standing, so there was a lot of room to move around. He began bucking his hips up and down. Honestly it felt better than when he was on top, because just then I felt a wave begin to take over my body, a feeling I get right before an orgasm. Unfortunately, he slowed down just as soon as I recognized the preorgasmic feeling.

I began moving my body up and down again, and he began moving his hips up and down again. That wonderful, teasing preorgasmic feeling came back. Just as I was about to say something, I got a really bad cramp where my right leg met my hip. I had to tell him about that instead.

We switched positions and he was back on top, pounding my pussy. Harder and faster, he pumped his cock into me, until he reached his climax. I didn’t orgasm this time, but at least now I know what to expect, and possibly have some toys ready to make the climax easier.

Open Relationships

I have become fascinated with the idea of open relationships. I am finding out that they are more common than not (I found out 2 coworkers that I know are participating in them, and there could be more). Several blogs I read have writers that are in open relationships.

I personally think that I could not be in one. I hate the idea of sharing my guy. I have some major jealousy issues (that I wish I knew how to overcome). Though, I guess technically I am in one now, if you count D as my friend with benefits. We are far from a relationship, but I am sharing him. He has been honest about seeing other girls as well. I don’t like it, but I feel my opinion doesn’t really count in the situation. I have no claim on him.

One coworker I have talked to about the whole open relationship thing. Him and his wife has strict rules. She gets to say yes or no to any girls he wants to sleep with, and she is allowed to mess with girls, but not guys. There is also to be no attachment to whoever they sleep with. That seems fair enough, and most of the time their side people end up in a threesome with the couple. I am a big fan of threesomes. Heh, I was actually kind of hinting that I would be interested in joining them, until he said he does not sleep with coworkers anymore, due to a bad experience.

The other coworker I have not talked to about their open relationship. I have only heard that he is in one from another coworker. I would love to find out more, but its not really a subject to bring up when you barely know his name.

Anyways, I am fascinated with open relationships. The risks and trusts that go with them are huge. But, at the same time, I can see how they can help the true couple stay together, letting each other fulfill fantasies that the other has no interest in. Please, correct me if I am wrong. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


Something I have found amusing is the fact that I found it too personal to mention a guy’s foreskin (if he had any). This is a sex blog, so it shouldn’t matter. I think I only mentioned foreskin once, and it was when I was playing around with Forbidden Fruit’s cock.

D asked me a few weeks ago how much experience I have had with foreskin. I told him not much. He asked how many guys (besides him) that I have been with that had foreskin. I told him Forbidden Fruit, but I couldn’t remember who else had it. I think Forbidden Fruit’s best friend did, but I am really not sure.

Foreskin makes it easier (in my opinion) to give a guy hand. However, I always hesitate a second longer before giving head to an uncut guy. It might just be me, but I find it harder to put a condom on a guy with foreskin. I guess I am afraid of hurting him or something, I don’t know.

I asked my mom once if she would have had me circumcised if I was born a male. She said yes with no hesitation. She said it was cleaner to be cut than uncut. Before talking to D about all of this, I was not hesitating in giving the same answer about circumcising my son (if and when I have kids). However, now I am not so sure.

I was under the impression that the baby’s penis was numbed before circumcision. I was informed that no, they get nothing for pain. That is terrible. I definitely feel more open about leaving a penis uncut, though it will definitely be something to discuss with my partner when the time comes.

Update: A Little Bit of Everything

I apologize for my lack of posting. I really have no excuse, other than pure laziness (and lack of motivation). I have plenty of ideas noted to write about, so it wasn’t a lack of things to write about. I admit, I was mostly unmotivated because I was thinking “what’s the point, no one reads?” but then I checked my site counter, and it seems I had a lot of visitors in the past week. That motivated me, so here I am.

Like I said, I have a list of things to write about. Unfortunately they are mostly just thoughts and feelings, no naughty stories yet. Some things to look forward to in upcoming posts are:

-Foreskin (my thoughts and experiences with it)
-Open relationships
-The type of guys that attract me as boyfriend material
-Why I hate the phrase “my bad”
-A random proposition I had
-A tattoo idea I had

Again, I apologize for not posting. I will try to do better.

Sexy, Beautiful, Naughty

I feel sexy when I get complimented wearing my negligees. I feel sexy when I am in the mood and I see myself in the mirror wearing one. I feel sexy when I see it hugging and slimming all the right curves.

I feel beautiful when I feel hands exploring my body, admiring me,  touching me, feeling me, knowing me, kissing me.

I feel sexy and beautiful when I get covered in kisses and nibbles. I feel especially beautiful when I get a kiss on my forehead, then my cheek, down to my breasts. I feel even sexier when the kisses travel further, down my stomach, to my mound, over my thighs, and all the way back up.

I feel sexy when I feel my pussy throb with anticipation of what might come next. I certainly felt sexy with D and Brad the other night.

I feel naughty when I have cock in my mouth. I feel even naughtier when I have it in my extremely wet pussy.

I feel naughty and sexy when I see how turned on I can make a guy. I am naughty when I feel his hardness. I feel sexy when I know it’s me that has made him so hard.

It’s a beautiful thing when I come. It’s also naughty and sexy. That is why soon D and I will work on my orgasm by bringing a vibrator into the picture. I can’t wait.


I never really minded hickeys. I don’t think I got my first one until I was 18, and before that I always thought they looked painful. So much the opposite I found out. I am always slightly embarrassed when I get them, but the rest of me is kind of proud.

I always would try to hide them, but enjoyed the attention I got when friends and coworkers discovered them.

I especially enjoyed when Will gave them to me. I liked the idea that he was marking his territory. It also meant that I got a bit of rare action from him. We made it kind of a game, to see who had the most visible hickey. Most of the time it was me because I hickey very easily.

I know a lot of people don’t care about hickeys, and a lot of people find them sleazy. I find it fun to tease friends when I see them trying to hide them.

When Toby came over last week to give me my DVDs back, he was sucking on my neck a lot more than usual. I told him no hickeys. He said if he wanted to give me one, I would have had one already. The next day I noticed the faintest of hickeys. I was kind of amused, though not much. It just made me realize how much trust goes into letting someone kiss/suckle on your neck for them to not give an unwanted hickey.

Mount’n Dew

“What would you like to drink?” D texted as we were making plans to hang out the next night, this time at his place.

“Mount n dew me, please,” I texted back. There was definitely a double meaning there. I wanted to drink mountain dew, and I wanted him to do me.

“Can do,” he replied, with a wink.

The next night I arrived right on time, met his room mate and got the grand tour of the place. We ate dinner (he cooked roast and potatoes in the crock pot). It was delicious.

We all chatted for a bit, until D pounced on his room mate (who was sitting on his bed in the living room). We all got into a tickle fight, his room mate (who I will call Brad) being the one being tickled.

When Brad couldn’t take it anymore, we all calmed down and settled to watch some shows on Netflix. I made myself at home by sitting up next to Brad along his headboard. D turned out the lights and we all sat back and relaxed.

At one point during the show, one of the characters said something about doing things to unsuspecting people in the dark. I looked at Brad, grinned, and said “Like tickling!” and attempted to tickle him. He grabbed my hand and held it down. We ended up holding hands, with him eventually snuggling up next to me. It was nice.

After a few episodes, D came over and sat with us. He attempted to harrass Brad, but Brad stopped him. I rested my right leg on D’s lap, with my left leg behind him. He began rubbing my foot, travelling up my leg, eventually rubbing the inside seam of my crotch. My breathing got heavier.

Brad snuggled up closer and began rubbing his hand all over my cheeks, neck, and chest. I just laid back and relaxed, no longer paying attention to the show.

Brad began kissing the side of my face, while D situated himself between my legs, kissing and nibbling up my legs, to my inner thighs, the rubbing of my crotch getting heavier, along with my breathing.

Brad had me sit up and began to take of my shirt. D went for my pants. I was now only wearing my black lacy negligee. D and I kissed, then, Brad and I kissed. I reached up to unbutton D’s shirt. He got that wild, sexy look in his eyes that turns me on (I was already way turned on at this point. I could feel my wet pussy throb in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Brad got my tits over the built in bra cups and began sucking on my left tit while D went for my right. I reached out my hands and began to feel and rub their awaiting hard ons. While D was sucking on my tit, he moved the cloth of my underwear to the side and began fingering me, then rubbing my juices around my clit. I arched my back and Brad began kissing my neck and chest.

D got up to run to his room to get condoms. While D was getting condoms, Brad got his pants off, as well as his boxers. D came back and undid his pants, then slid off my thong. Brad took off my negligee. I was completely naked and the guys were just wearing shirts.

As D mounted me, I took Brad’s cock into my hand. I began (attempting) to jerk him off while D fucked me. They both felt good. It was such a turn on to have a dick in my hand while another was in my pussy. D and I kissed, and then he bent his head to whisper in my ear that he wanted me to suck him. I said okay and he pulled out.

I moved the pillows to the foot board and leaned against those. D took off his condom (green apple flavor I think) and I began to suck while Brad got his condom on. I helped him guide his cock into me while I suckled on D’s. It was hot; I was doing my two favorite things at once. I had cock in my pussy and mouth.

After Brad had his orgasm, D put on a fresh condom and climbed back on top of me. We kissed a lot more, and under his breath he whispered how hot I was that night. I thanked him and kissed him some more. D soon had his orgasm, and we all got dressed.

It was a great night, and I definitely hope it can happen again. Also, Because there were so many things going on in the heat of the moment, I feel like I have missed a lot of details. This may or may not be true. Either way, it was hot. Thank you D and Brad!

Sex Dreams

It’s been over two weeks since I last got any action. I kind of got used to getting laid by D every week. Unfortunately the last time we hung out, neither of us were much in the mood. We did not hang out this weekend because I was moving. Heh, at least our last romp in my apartment was memorable.

Lately, I have been having sex dreams. As I write this, I have had 4 in the last two nights, three of them in the same night, one right after the other.

The other morning Will helped me move my bed and dresser to the new place. As he was giving me a hug goodbye, he told me he missed giving me bear hugs, then proceeded to give me one. I miss his bear hugs too, damnit, but he’s the one that threw it all away. I just told him I missed them too and hugged tighter. In a way it was nice to hear, but it hurt me more I think.

That night when I was sleeping, the dreams began. The first dream I had was about Will. Honestly, I kind of dread dreams about him because they are always of us getting back together. I am happy in the dream, but when I wake up I feel more alone than ever. Anyways, in the dream, as he hugged me goodbye, he said he missed me, missed us. We kissed, and ended up going back to the empty apartment to make love. Then I woke up.

The next night I had pretty much the same dream, only this time we were hanging out at his place. We were drinking, just chatting. He started to get a bit tipsy and told me he still loved me. We made out, and just as things started to get heavy, he pulled himself away and told me he couldn’t do that while he was drunk. I woke up then, incredibly horny.

Not soon after, I fell back asleep and had a dream about D and I hooking up. It was my last night in my apartment and we wanted to make the best of it. It was hot, as usual. It was also very animalistic, with me riding on top. In this dream however, we were also more than friends.

As soon as that dream ended, I had another dream in which I was at home and dry humping my floor, chairs, and bed. I was excited in the dream because I was not using a vibrator and was about to get off.

My clit was burning with the building climax. In the dream, Someone showed up and tried to help. The pressure built even more and I felt so close. Until I woke up and had to piss like a racehorse. I wonder, if I had came in the dream, if I would have pissed my bed or had my first dreaming orgasm. Either way would have been a wet dream, pun intended.

One Last Boorah

I normally never loan my movies out, yet stupidly I let Toby borrow some DVDs over a month ago. I kept asking for them back, but he always conveniently forgot whenever he said he planned to drop them off. I started to think I would never see them again, until the other night he actually remembered.

The night before he dropped them off, he kept texting me, asking how far things could go. I told him nothing sexual. He was disappointed, but he kept pushing, asking for specifics. I finally agreed to breast play, kissing and cuddling. I didn’t want any of those, but I figured that was the only way to get my movies back.

I was surprised when he showed up and handed me my movies. We stood there talking, until I got tired of standing and went to go sit on my bed. He sat with me.

Randomly, he asked me if I was ticklish. I answered yes and moved my foot out of his reach. He seemed to have taken that as a sign and reached out to tickle my leg. I kicked and he pinned me down. I was laughing by this time, and he was laughing too, asking how ticklish I really was.

My most ticklish spots are my sides, feet, and underarms. He found them of course. I was laughing so much it was getting hard to breath. My body gave up the struggle and I just relaxed, giggling. He pulled himself closer and kissed me.

I have to say, he has the bottom lip sucking down, but everything else was bad. His breath was stale, and he seemed to produce too much saliva, if that makes any sense. I went with it anyway, and kissed him back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he took off my shirt, checking out my piercings. He felt my up a bit, kissing me some more.

He then ran his hands around my back, which automatically began to itch. I asked him to scrath. He said he would if I gave him a back massage after. I am a sucker for having my back scratched, so I agreed. He scratched, and it felt great.

He then told me to lay down on my stomach. When I was down, he gave me a back massage. It had been years since someone had given me a massage. Will was never really into massages, nor were my fuck buddies. Ex #4 was the only one who really tried.

He rubbed deep into my muscles, loosening them up from all my stress I have been under. Sometimes he went a little too deep, and I told him not to rub so deep. He made some kind of sexual reference that I ignored. I think it was something like “You don’t know what deep is, do you?” Like I said, i ignored him, while all the time thinking how deep D can get into me without even trying. Those thoughts got me wishing he was here instead, because then I could have sex. Sure, Toby wanted to fuck me, but it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t that desperate.

Anyways, when he was done massaging my back, he switched places with me. My back felt like butter, it was so relaxed. I gave him his massage he wanted, and several times I had to make sure he was still awake. He said it was very relaxing.

Massaging him brought back memories from high school and junior high, where I used to give my friends and family massages all the time. I used to want to be a masseuse, but my parents kind of killed that dream by not being very supportive.

After I was done, I put my shirt back on because I was cold. He tried to take it off again, but I wouldn’t let him. He started tickling me again, trying to get under my shirt. He kissed me again, then said that he didn’t want to over stay his welcome, and left. Just like that. For only the second time out of how many times we hung out, I actually enjoyed being around him.

The horn dog in me almost wished I had decided to have sex, since I didn’t get any when D was over the night before, but the bigger part of me was glad i resisted. I went to work that night and got several messages typed and erased asking D to come over and fuck me after he got off work the next night, but chickened out with each one and deleted them.

I know I won’t be getting any this week, as I am moving on Wednesday. I believe this post is scheduled for Thursday, though. Anyways, I may not be able to post much, but I will try. Until next time…

Turn Ons

I have decided to make a list of things that make me turned on, things to make my body respond. The list is in no particular order, as I typed them as they came to mind.

– My neck being kissed/nibbled on
– Bottom of ear lobe sucked on/lightly nibbled on
– Hands running over my body, particularly my back and thighs
– The idea of aiming a guys dick while he pisses
– My bottom lip being sucked on
– My fingers sucked on. The feeling tends to make my clit throb
– Being told what his cock is going to do with me
– Morning wood (or any boner really) gets me very hot
– Hearing a guy moan in pleasure
– Hearing a guy tell me he’s cumming during sex or oral, etc
– My neck being sucked on
– Watching/helping a guys dick get hard
– Watching a guy shoot his load