Quitting While Ahead

I had plans of masturbating for a while, but just never got around to it. Finally, before bed that morning I was able to get around to it.

I decided to use something for insertion this time. I opened my toy drawer with intentions of grabbing a glass one, but grabbed non-vibrating Lelo instead. I went to clean it off in the bathroom sink before sliding it into my already wet pussy.

I got on bed and put it in. I then put the batteries into my bullet and was ready to go. I leaned back against the pillows and went to work.

I rubbed the bullet around my clit and relaxed with the sensations. I took my right hand off the remote and thrusted the Lelo in and out, but quickly got more distracted by the bullet.

It was only a few minutes of playing when I started to feel my climax. I was thinking about a girl from work and our plan to hopefully play together someday soon. Those thoughts got me off, fast.

I was surprised at how weak the orgasm felt, compared to others. I thought it was the Lelo so I took it out. I should have went for a glass, or even the Raquel. I licked the Lelo clean. I love to taste my arousal.

I decided to go for round two with just the bullet. It only took a few minutes thinking of Dakota (that’s what I will call her), before I was cumming again. It was still weak, maybe even weaker than the first orgasm.

I went for round three, which was pretty much the same as the round before, only weaker. I was starting to feel even more frustrated than I was before I even had my first orgasm. I decided to quit while I was ahead, and went to sleep. As weak as my orgasms were, I sure slept well.

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