30 Days of Truth – Day 05 – Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

I hope to someday become a sex therapist. When I get the motivation (and money) I want to go back to school and do just that. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel like orgasms and sex are very important in learning about yourself, learning to love yourself. I want to help people overcome their hangups or whatever it is that is causing problems in their sex life.

I feel like I have taken several steps in the right direction. First off, Anna and Nathan said I saved their relationship when we had the threesomes. I helped show her how to give a really good blow job, as well as spicing up their sex lives.

I helped Ex#4 overcome his hangup of not being able to orgasm from a blowjob.He was so excited about that. I mean, he was much older (43 when we dated when I was 19/20) and he had never came from a blowjob. I changed that for him.

I helped Will discover his sexual side when it came to other people (particularly me). Before we dated, the farthest he had gone was kissing. I was a first for a lot of things for him. He also had a hard time fantasizing about me. Instead he would picture his cyber sessions dealing with the pokemon fusion MUCKS. Though I was fine when he pictured our cyber sessions, I always worried he was picturing someone else cybering with him (because he read the old log files all the time).

I also did passion parties for a few months after the break up to make some extra money. I loved it. I got to give advice about one of my favorite things, toys. I also got a 40% discount on everything passion parties sells. However, I wasn’t too impressed with a lot of their toys (they reeked of pthalates)! I cringed when people ordered them from me. I am no longer a passion consultant. As much fun as it was to do the parties, I didn’t meet the selling quota ($600 in 6 months) that I learned about after I joined.

When I moved to where I currently am, I learned of a job that is a step up from a sex therapist. It’s called a sex surrogate. A sex surrogate is where you apparently actually get physical with your patient, sometimes going as far as having actual PIV sexual intercourse with them.

I think I could enjoy that job, though I doubt I could blog about either, given the doctor/patient confidentiality thing.