30 Days of Truth – Day 05 – Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

I hope to someday become a sex therapist. When I get the motivation (and money) I want to go back to school and do just that. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel like orgasms and sex are very important in learning about yourself, learning to love yourself. I want to help people overcome their hangups or whatever it is that is causing problems in their sex life.

I feel like I have taken several steps in the right direction. First off, Anna and Nathan said I saved their relationship when we had the threesomes. I helped show her how to give a really good blow job, as well as spicing up their sex lives.

I helped Ex#4 overcome his hangup of not being able to orgasm from a blowjob.He was so excited about that. I mean, he was much older (43 when we dated when I was 19/20) and he had never came from a blowjob. I changed that for him.

I helped Will discover his sexual side when it came to other people (particularly me). Before we dated, the farthest he had gone was kissing. I was a first for a lot of things for him. He also had a hard time fantasizing about me. Instead he would picture his cyber sessions dealing with the pokemon fusion MUCKS. Though I was fine when he pictured our cyber sessions, I always worried he was picturing someone else cybering with him (because he read the old log files all the time).

I also did passion parties for a few months after the break up to make some extra money. I loved it. I got to give advice about one of my favorite things, toys. I also got a 40% discount on everything passion parties sells. However, I wasn’t too impressed with a lot of their toys (they reeked of pthalates)! I cringed when people ordered them from me. I am no longer a passion consultant. As much fun as it was to do the parties, I didn’t meet the selling quota ($600 in 6 months) that I learned about after I joined.

When I moved to where I currently am, I learned of a job that is a step up from a sex therapist. It’s called a sex surrogate. A sex surrogate is where you apparently actually get physical with your patient, sometimes going as far as having actual PIV sexual intercourse with them.

I think I could enjoy that job, though I doubt I could blog about either, given the doctor/patient confidentiality thing.

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  1. Thats a great dream to have, and its something i agree is needed more. Sex and orgasm are one of the purest forms of expression, and not much can compare when it comes to knowing and showing who you really are.

    Speaking from experience of having problems in that area i can say truthfully i hope you succeed.


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