Half Orgasm

After hearing so many great things about the Hitachi lately, I decided to pull mine out again and give it another try. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t.

First off, it took forever to get to orgasm just because it seemed to kill the sensation in my clit. I used both a barrier between the toy and my clit and without a barrier. Both lead to a loss of different sensation types.

When I finally did reach orgasm (after a lot of time and work), I have never felt so disappointed. I definitely feel like like I had a half orgasm. Normally when I cum with my bullet I first feel the build in my pussy and pelvis. That build quickly spreads over my whole body and I lose myself.My body tenses up, I moan (and the louder I moan, the more I feel it). I feel my pussy clench and release rapidly. After orgasm I feel satisfied and refreshed, sleepy and relaxed.

However, this time when I had the orgasm, I felt no build in my body, only in my pelvis. After a lot of coaxing and concentrating, I felt my pussy give a few clenches and then nothing. My body didn’t even tense up, so I wondered for a while if I really did have an orgasm. That is when I decided to classify it as a half orgasm. So, note the “.5” on my orgasm count sidebar.

I am half tempted to make myself have another half orgasm, just to make it a whole number, since that half kind of drives me nuts.

One Reply to “Half Orgasm”

  1. Dont worry dear. Its just one of those days. Dont make yourself wrong. You are doing just great. Write a lot more and make people like me masturbate to it. Take care.


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