Orgasm Count of 2016

My number is low this year, lower than any other since I started counting my orgasms. 

I finally have a way to keep track of them. Before, I would have an orgasm and then try to remember to update my counting widget. Now I just click my counter after every orgasm.

This year’s count is so low m9stly because I spent most of the year on an emotional roller coaster. I went through a depression that was worse than when I had my car accident in 2014. I figured out it was my (pill) birth control, which I immediately stopped taking. 

Once the depression lifted, my libido came back. I started dating and I masturbated even more. 

So, my final orgasm count for 2016 is 101. 

Nero Black 2017-03-28 15:55:59
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Can you clarify: are these the total number of orgasms had, or are they the total number of orgasms had with a partner? It might be interesting if you got two clickers - one for partners and one for solo. That might be some (even more) interesting data! For my part, I've been using the 'we had sex' tag on my blog so I can keep a note of how often my wife and I do it (spoiler: not much) but it's getting to be a hassle to keep track of it that way. Maybe I just need a clicker like yours - where did you find it? :)