The Best Sex Partner

**I have been trying to keep up the habit of writing and posting every day. I ran out of things to review and my sex life has been a bit lacking, so I googled “sex blog writing prompts.” I came across a set of 10 questions and prompts that pertain to sex.**

8. Write about the best sex partner you have ever been with. Describe a special time together.

I have thought about this one for quite some time. I really wish I could pick more than one because *most* of my partners have been special or my favorite in some different way or another. After much back and forth in my head, I think I am going to have to go with D as my best sex partner.

First of all, I have had sex with D more than any of my other partners put together. I also got to explore the most with D when we were friends with benefits. I always wanted more with D, relationship wise, but I am still happy with what I got. The fact that D read my blog at the time we were seeing each other helped a lot, as he learned what I wanted and always aimed to please.

When it came to sex, I was able to explore the most with D. He had my first (and only) MMF threesome with me, he was the first to ever let me aim his dick while he peed, he was the first one I ever let inside of me without a condom, the only one I have ever had outdoor sex with, and the only partner I felt the most comfortable with telling anything to. We have had sex in other fun places (like his ex’s bed), unlike everyone else that has just been in a bedroom. I do wish we had gotten a chance to do it at his work like we had always fantasized about.

Every time I got with D it was special, but the most memorable and special time was the time that he gave me birthday sex. He made it feel like a scene from one of my favorite movies. I have a feeling that if we had kept seeing each other,I would have had a lot more firsts with him. We still talk to this day and I appreciate his friendship greatly. I have a feeling that if situations allowed, we would definitely have sex again. Right now its not in the cards, but maybe someday. If not, I still have a really good friend. Thank you D, for everything. 😀

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