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Life: dating, your body and more

1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why?

I think my happiest period of my life (so far) was when I moved out of my mom’s and got a place with Will. I loved having him to come home to and talk to at the end of the day. I loved it even more when we got our own place without other roommates. That was a time when I felt certain about where I was going in life. Marriage and kids were next. We never got to that point, and my current relationship is a waiting game that only time will tell.

2. True or False. If you want a successful date, take charge–take the lead. Why?

I started to say false, but now I am thinking true. However, it really depends on the date. With my guy, I had to plan our first date, but once we got to talking, our conversation flowed equally.

3. True or false: Males are aggressive and assertive, and women are nurturing. Explain your answer.

False. I tend to find and meet men that are very gentle and indecisive. I am very nurturing however, though I know quite a few ladies who are not.

4. Is your body keeping you from a good sex life? How so?

I think so, but that is because I have poor self esteem. However, I don’t have the typically sought after body type. Most men that I have met are not into BBWs. I am not that flexible, and being bigger has required finding more creative positions in the bedroom. Lately I have had partners too lazy to try. They haven’t lasted long. Right now I am in my longest relationship since Will, but I can count the amount of times we have fooled around on one hand.

5. Smiles. Do you have a sexy smile that is different from your regular smile. Post a pic of your sexy smile or describe it for us?

I feel like I do have a nice smile when I have something to smile about. I especially love my smile after a few drinks, and that is when I tend to take the most “selfies.”

Bonus: May is Masturbation Month. Which of these is your best benefit from masturbating:
a. helps you to relax and/or fall asleep
b. boosts self-esteem
c. combats erectile dysfunction
d. helps you know what feels good so you can tell your sex partner

A combination of A, B, and D. C does not apply as I do not have a penis.


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the late phoenix 2017-05-11 11:13:34
| |

nice lips! Rolling Stones, wink wink. HTMIT :)

May 2017-05-09 07:53:10
| |

I agree with Nero -my man was a lead singer!

Nero 2017-05-09 07:08:48
| |

Re: #3 ~ my guess is you're choosing the drummer or the bass player. Try dating the lead singer or guitarist instead! :P (and your lips look very kissable!) <--- a compliment, not a flirt