Product Review – We-Vibe Gala

I was excited for the We-Vibe Gala from the moment I heard about it. It sounded like everything that the We-Vibe Wish was not. Everything that I “wished” it to be. I jumped at the chance to review one for Good Vibes. I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

The Packaging and Features

The We-Vibe Gala comes in typical We-Vibe packaging; Water-colored storage box, satin storage bag, USB charging cord, lube sample, and quick guide. The Gala is made from medical grade silicone, with a forked like tip, each one containing its own motor. There are ten different vibration modes and patterns. The Gala is also waterproof.

Like all of the latest We-Vibe toys, the Gala is able to connect via Bluetooth to the free We-Connect App.

The Toy

There are three buttons, (+), (~), and (-). The middle wave button changes modes, while the (+) and (-) change speed. I found the buttons a bit annoying to push, as they felt too small and close together, making the app my preferred way to control the Gala.

A low battery warning will flash at the base when Gala needs a charge. Charging is done by connecting the bottom magnet to the magnet on the USB. The light will flash while charging and stay solid once fully charged. Charging takes about 90 minutes and will give about 120 minutes, depending on what settings and speeds are used.

I had heard great things about Gala and had high hopes for it. Maybe I was just so used to other sensations from other toys (The Womanizer), that my body just could not accept the Gala. Don’t get me wrong, it feels nice, and on several occasions I almost reached that desired peak. The Gala is strong and rumbly, but it doesn’t give the pinpoint sensation that my body prefers. I have not given up on the Gala, as I know it has potential.

The App

The We-Connect app has been a great way to use the latest We-Vibe toys. For a while (several reviews) I had been having connection issues with it, but that problem seems to be somewhat fixed now. The app allows you and your partner from afar to control your toy. We-Connect has built in text, voice, and video to help stay in touch with your partner. The quality of all three seem to be better than any other chat programs I have used (even when not related to toys). Along with controlling the speed and function of your toy, the app lets you (and your partner) make your own vibration pattern. That can lead to much amusement for either side.


Overall, the Gala is a good toy, it is just not the toy for me at the moment. I didn’t love it (as much as I wanted to), but I also didn’t hate it. I will still keep using it, as it feels better and better each time I use it, and I know it has the potential to get me over that edge. Thank you Good Vibes for letting me try the Gala.


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