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The Nervous Game

The first erotica piece that I shared with Aaron. It is both of our favorites to this day, and has lead to many inside jokes between us.

Sitting next to you on the couch, the movie had just ended. I am on your right side, snuggled up next to you, my left hand holding your right. Not quite ready to get up, I get a fun idea.

“Ever play the nervous game?” I ask, tilting my head to look in your eyes. The grin on my face tells you I have something naughty on my mind.

“I don’t think I have ever heard of it. Why don’t you show me?” you ask, the grin on your face letting me know that you want to play along.

Letting go of your hand, I place my hand on your right knee and simply ask, “Are you nervous?”

“Not at all,” you say back.

I slide my hand a couple of inches up your thigh and ask again, “Are you nervous?”

“Definitely not,” you respond, your smile getting bigger.

Sliding my hand three quarters up your thigh, I am unable to keep a straight face when I ask once again, “Are you nervous yet?”

The third time’s the charm when you answer with “A little, but not enough to stop you. Please, continue,” you say with encouragement.

I slide my hand the rest of the way up your thigh so that my hand is less than an inch from the growing bulge in your jeans. I can feel the heat radiating off of both of us. Looking you in the eyes and smiling nervously I ask the magic words “Are you nervous now?”

You look back into my eyes and smile back. “I think we both are, but it’s a good nervous,” you respond before sliding my hand the rest of the way. In that instant, our eyes lock and our lips meet halfway. I smile as we kiss, sucking on your bottom lip while my thumb rubs along the now very obvious bulge in your pants, getting an idea where the head might be so as to tease you a little more.

As we kiss, we take turns sucking on each others bottom lips and nibbling in the slightest of ways. Every time you take my lips I smile a little bit more, making it that much harder to grab and suckle. I run my tongue along your bottom lip the next chance I get. As soon as I do, your tongue meets mine and our tips gently massage before you take my lip again.

Your kisses travel across my cheek and down my neck. You stop to nibble and give the gentlest of sucks so as not to leave a mark. As you kiss and nibble on my neck my moans become audible. My breathing gets heavier as you hit all the things that turn me on and I feel the moisture growing between my legs.

I manage to tilt my head enough to reach your neck with my lips. You lean your head back to let me have my way kissing, suckling, and nibbling your neck. I take my free hand and reach to undo the buckle on your belt. I fill with a nervous excitement as I hear and feel the belt come undone. Without missing a beat, I start to undo the button on your jeans. It comes undone freely and I carefully slide down the zipper.

Your cock presses against the fabric of your underwear and I feel myself drip with anticipation. You lift your head up and our lips meet again, this time our kisses getting much more urgent. Exchanging lip suckles, tongues meeting softly to taste each others’ kiss that much more.

I begin moving my kisses down your neck, my hands alternating between running them up and down your chest and feeling the length of your cock. Teasingly, I take my index finger and run it around the tip before giving a soft rub of your frenulum. I trace your shaft with my hand before circling my index finger around your head again.

I scoot down on the couch so that I can reposition myself for easy access. With both hands I pull the elastic of your underwear down, your cock springing free. Resting my left arm ander me, I take your shaft in my right and stroke up and down a few times before lowering my tongue to circle your head.

Once I get the head wet with my swirling tongue, I take it into my mouth. I begin massaging your head with my tongue while beginning to suck. I start to slowly move my mouth up and down your cock, taking more of you each time I slide down. Once I get a good rhythm I pick up my pace, making sure to keep my tongue swirling with massages as I go. I let a low hum build in my throat and you start to moan in ecstasy.

I take that as a sign that I am doing a good job and take my free hand to cup your balls. I gently massage them as I keep up the magic of my mouth. I am a terrible multitasker, but I manage to keep a somewhat steady rhythm and I work your cock with my mouth and your balls with my hand.

When I notice you start to seem close I change it up a bit and switch my mouth and hand. I begin sucking on your balls while I trace my index finger around your head before beginning pumping motions with my wrist and your cock. Each time I feel you start to get close I switch between mouth and hand, cock and balls.

I could do this all night, but I want to make you come for me. One last time I put my mouth over your cock, my hand cupping your balls, and I get back into rhythm. This time when I feel you get close I let your climax build enough to let your hot load shoot into my mouth. As you come, I slow down with the tongue massages, knowing that you are sensitive there. I feel you pump your load down my throat and I swallow every last drop.

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