Product Review – Zumio X

After hearing glowing reviews about the Zumio, I had to see for myself if it was as amazing as people claim it to be. Betty’s Toy Box was happy to let me review one. I received this toy for free in exchange for my review.

The Packaging and Contents

The first thing I noticed was the box and how shiny it was. I was entranced by tilting it into the light and seeing the reflecting colors on the foil like coating. Once the spell was broken, I delved inside to see the contents. Along with the Zumio was a satin storage pouch, USB charging cord, quick guide, and charging stand.

The Toy

The Zumio is a toy that delivers the most pin point stimulation. It doesn’t vibrate, but it does oscillate using “Spiro Tip Technology.”  It is made from ABS plastic and silicone and is waterproof. It can give up to four hours of play, but a full charge from low takes 16 hours. I was in disbelief of that at first, but the long play time makes up for it. There are 8 different speeds and they are all steady. No pointless, annoying patterns.

The Zumio design reminds me of an electric toothbrush, with how tall and slender it is. It is a little awkward to hold at first, and the button placement is annoying. I accidentally pressed the power button more times than I could count, but eventually found a comfortable way to hold it that doesn’t press buttons unnecessarily. There are three buttons, (+), (-) and (o). Turning it off and back on again resets it at the lowest speed.

The box makes some tall claims that the Zumio can deliver an orgasm in under 60 seconds. I have to disagree, as I did not climax in that short amount of time. However, I was still able to orgasm quicker than usual for me with it.


Overall, I really liked the Zumio and would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I loved the pinpoint sensations and long play time/battery life. The only thing I would change is the button placement. Thank you so much to Betty’s Toy Box for letting me review this toy.

Update 2020.08.16 – I have published a review of the Zumio E here.

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