Back in October J would text me everyday. While waiting for shit to do at work I would text him back. I loved the random texts during the day asking for my permission to masturbate. We had made small talk about his hot tub, but I had been afraid to go there ever since that first time.

One day the lead was being a total bitch. It was a long and frustrating day so I told him about it. He offered the hot tub again. I accepted his offer. Work couldn’t get done soon enough once it did I got home and showered. I packed my swim suit and some sexy things, just in case.

When I got to his place the street was dark and empty. I texted him and he met me at the car I was borrowing. He wrapped me up in a hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. He held my hand as he walked me up the driveway, into his house and finally bedroom.

We made small talk for only a few minutes, just until he offered the hot tub again. He left the room for a minute to grab towels. We got to the hot tub house and he shut the door and began to strip. I followed suit, making tours to ask about possible visitors. He said no one ever went in there.

He got in and I followed, both of us completely exposed. He pulled me close and I sat next to him, his arm around my shoulder. I tilted my head up towards him and we started kissing. As the kissing got heavier, I reached down to feel his hard cock. I started stroking it, noticing how the water made it harder to stroke smoothly. I moved my hand towards his balls and started fondling them. He started moaning as I played them, gently rubbing them together, feeling them.

After a while he moved in front of me, teasing my mound with his dick. I floated myself up just enough so that his head was at my slit. He grabbed his dick and started teasing my clit with his head. I maneuvered myself so that his cock was right at my vagina. I scooted down just a tad and he was inside.

He gasped and began slowly thrusting. I had my arms outside of the tub and used them to hold me up and down. The water made me float, so buoyantly. I was able to ride with him, move along with him. I wanted more, imagined more. I could move so freely in the water.

We fucked in the water for a few minutes, and it was bliss. Too soon he pulled out. We weren’t using protection, so he didn’t want to get too worked up. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap. We sat in the hot tub, J just holding me, kissing my neck, feeling my breasts.

When he got too hot we got out and sat on the chairs. We talked for a bit, but I could tell he was getting weird again. He was too quiet, acting like he did the last time I was at his place. We got dressed and went back to his room.

We watched a show on Netflix, but it just didn’t feel right. I went home after the show. We hung out one time after that (no sex) and he’s been silent since.

The hot tub is my new favorite place to fuck. I definitely hope I get new chances to play in a tub, either with J or someone else. I really want to straddle a lap and ride.

Cutting it Close

It took me forever to fall asleep. After I untangled my feet from Forbidden Fruit’s, I carefully got out of bed to go clean off my hand and use the restroom. When I got back in bed, my heart was still pounding. I couldn’t believe I actually got a “second chance” with Forbidden Fruit. For once he didn’t seem so forbidden anymore, though I figured that would change by morning.

I woke up at seven, when the alarm clock went off. I wanted espresso bad, since I had not slept very soundly that night. I tend to stay in one position all night when I have someone next to me, in fears of waking them up or disturbing them, so I was uncomfortable most of the night.

“It’s seven o’clock. If we hurry up and get up, we can go next door to the coffee shop and get coffee before Jenny gets here to pick us up for school,” I said softly. He just kind of moaned, and told me he didn’t feel like hurrying. I went out to see what my mom was up to. Apparently she was just leaving to go to work, a half an hour early even. She told me goodbye, reminded me to lock the door when I leave and left. It was just him and I for the next half hour until Jenny picked us up.

I went back in my room and commented that my mom left early. He sat up, and that’s when I noticed his cock sticking straight up and down out of his boxers. “Morning wood, or are you just horny again?” I asked teasingly. “A little of both,” he replied.

I sat next to him on the bed then, and rested my hand on his hard shaft, beginning rhythmic motions up and down again, moving his foreskin over the head, and back down to the shaft.

“Why don’t you get some lube,” he said.

“What kind? Just regular or the warming kind?” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” he answered

“I’ll use the regular, because if I get the flavored/warming kind, I would be tempted to give you a blowjob instead,” I responded automatically.

He shifted himself when I got back on the bed so that I half sat, half lay between his legs. I squeezed a dime sized amount of lube into my hand and rubbed it around until it was slightly warm, then placed my hand over his waiting cock.

Up and down my hand moved, rhythmically. When my pace quickened, he placed his hand over mine and said that I didn’t have to jerk so fast. The foreskin gives extra sensation, also meaning that I didn’t need to keep my hand so low on the shaft, and that I should keep it towards the top. He explained that I was used to “cut guys” and not used to the foreskin. I began jerking him the way he showed me.

After a few minutes, I tried racking my brain for something creative to do for giving a handjob. I always preferred blowjobs over handjobs, just because there was more to do, especially with being able to use my tongue. That is when I remembered a technique for sexual massage on a video I owned.

I did as I remembered from the video, and made my hands seem like a continuous tunnel. I started from the bottom of the shaft, slowly moving my hand upwards. When there was enough room at the bottom of the shaft, I placed my free hand at the bottom, repeating as I did with the first hand.

He didn’t seem to complain, so I kept it up. Eventually, I switched back to the traditional method of sliding one hand up and down his cock. He then placed my free hand on his balls and told me to pay attention to them as well. I did as best as I could, for someone who is not a multi-tasker.

I knew we were getting pressed for time. Both of us were still in our pajamas, hair still crazy from just waking up. I kept looking at the clock, very distracted, worrying about when Jenny would call to say when she was on her way.

Just as if she read my mind, my phone rang. I told him to answer it, since my hands were covered in lube. He answered, and asked her how long it would take her to get to my place.

When he hung up, he told me we had 5-6 minutes. I asked if he could finish by then, and he replied with a maybe. He took over the cock rubbing after that, while I massaged his balls. In no time, he was cumming.

When he was done, I jumped up and grabbed a washcloth for him, washed my hands, threw on the closest clothes I could find. Just as we picked up brushes for our hair, Jenny called to say she was at my door.


Last night, hanging out with Jenny and Forbidden Fruit, we all decided to have a sleepover. Still not sure on who’s house, mine or Jenny’s, it was a for sure thing. Yes, it was a school night, but we did not want to stop hanging out.

Forbidden Fruit called his mom, and told her what was going on. Everything was ok with her. I then called my mom, and told her that we all would be having a sleepover, still undecided on whose house. She said that was fine.

We ended up at my house, but at about 9ish, Jenny decided she didn’t want to sleepover because she wanted to go home. That left me and Forbidden Fruit alone until the morning when Jenny would come and pick us up for school.

We stayed up and watched Friends for a little bit and played wow. At about 10 we decided we were tired and should go to sleep. I asked my mom if I needed the door open and she answered with a strict yes. Damn, there went my plans…or so I thought.

Forbidden Fruit and I lay there talking. Just stuff about school, friends, life, etc. Around 11 or so, we kind of got quiet. Friends was still playing on the TV, and he was watching. I was just kind of half listening. I started to say something, but he told me to shush because my mom was coming. I didn’t hear at first, but when I finally did hear her, I pretended to be asleep. I don’t know why I faked being asleep, I just had a feeling it was the best thing to do. She told him she was going to bed.

So, here I was, with my door open, horny as hell. It didn’t help the fact that Forbidden Fruit was laying next to me. He started trying to scratch his back, but was failing miserably. I decided to help him out, and I began scratching for him.

As I scratched, he arched his back, making it possible to scratch everywhere else. I continued scratching for a minute or so, then slowly started to trail my finger nails up his arms, back down, and over his chest. He grabbed the headboard of my bed and arched again, quietly moaning.

I gave him a quiet shush as I continued to tease with my long fingernails. So many times I pictured him grabbing my headboard, like he was handcuffed there, and now it was finally coming true, minus the handcuffs.

Without warning, I stopped what I was doing. I took my hand away and just watched his face. He opened his eyes and looked at me. “Tease,” he mumbled quietly. “Now you know how I feel every time,” I replied back. At the same time I said this, I started trailing my fingernails back over his trembling body.

Slowly, I worked my way down his arms, over his chest, to pause at the elastic band of his boxers. He gave a small gasp as I wrapped my hand over his stiff cock.

I began running my finger along the tip, up and down the shaft, picturing my finger as my tongue, wishing it was, but knowing that would be crossing his lines, as well as being risky since the door to my room was open.

I slowly started to stroke his cock, feeling it in my hand. I used my other hand to carefully massage his balls. His breathing got harder as my stroking got quicker. I felt his foot find mine, slowly moving it up and down my leg. Our legs intertwined and we were connected in a way.

I continued to stroke and tease. I would move his foreskin up and down the shaft and over the head. With the hand I was using for stimulating his balls, I slowly traced up his chest and his arms, back down. Around his nipple I traced, just to give it a gentle pull.

He then changed positions, with me still stroking his hard cock. He got into a position that allowed him to put his hand through my night shirt and play with my breasts. He massaged them, running his hand all over my chest (did I mention how much I love to feel someone running their hands over me), squeezing my nipples just enough so that I could feel it, to send a tingle run through me, down to my throbbing clit.

I continued moving my hand up and down his cock, listening to him moan in short quick breaths. I loved hearing him moan, so I concentrated on my rhythm, trying not to lose pace.

He removed his hand from my shirt and moved it to the waist band of my pajama pants. I adjusted so that he could have better access as he slipped his hand inside, searching for my clit. I gasped a quiet moan when he found it. “Is that it?” he asked me, it being his first time with a girl, or anyone for that matter. “Yes,” was all I could say as I felt my body shudder in pleasure.

He slowly and rhythmically moved his fingers in small, slow circles. I continued stroking his cock, one hand moving rhythmically up and down, the other cupping his balls, giving a slight massage when I could manage the multitasking.
Finally, I felt him tense up, his breathing get harder and faster. He came then, hard and fast.

To be continued…


I am so horny right now. I think my birth control shot is wearing off. You are probably wondering why I am on birth control if I am not having sex. Well, that is because I went on it as a precaution. When I first got together with my boyfriend, things were really hot and heavy, and my hormones always wanted to fool around. So, we decided that, just in case, I would get the shot just to be safe. I didn’t know that the shot would make me less horny (probably why it’s called birth control).

Well, since I am not having sex, the shot was starting to make me depressed, and I would always get these mood swings, I decided to go off of it. Today my next shot was supposed to take place, but I am not getting it. And it is around the last week of the shot before the next one due that it starts to wear off, making me extremely horny.

I am too horny to masturbate. I masturbated twice in a row the other night, and twice last night, about 3 hours in between sessions. I took my favorite bullet, rubbing it in circles around my clit. When I was dripping wet with need, I took my glass dildo, thrusting it in and out of my tight, wet pussy. With those two toys combined, I came. I came hard. I even let myself squirt, feeling the need for that added release.

I am also horny for cock. Nice hard cock that I can just take into my mouth, running my tongue around the head, up and down the shaft. I want to put my lips over the head, slowly putting it deeper and deeper into my mouth, sucking on the head, while still using my tongue to tease it.

I want to get the nice, hard cock nice and wet. When it is dripping with my saliva, I want to take it in my hand and jack it off. As I jack it off I want to take his sweet balls into my mouth, licking them with my tongue, and then gently suckle on them. Next, I want to move my mouth back up to his cock, and start kissing it. Up and down the shaft, all around the head. Slowly, I will start licking it, then eventually put it all into my mouth and suck, running my tongue all over.

I trade off between sucking and jacking it off. I can hear him moaning, encouraging me to go faster. While his cock is in my mouth, I bob my head up and down, making it go partially in and out of my mouth. I can tell he is close. I take his cock as far as my mouth will allow, and start softly massaging his balls. I can feel him tense up as his moans get louder and more urgent. Suddenly, I feel a warm substance fill my mouth. I softly use my tongue to tickle his head as he shoots his sticky cum into my mouth. He asks me to swallow. I do. Every last drop.