A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty miserable. It started when I went with my roommate to the mall and she went to the “diet store.” I went with her, and in there I felt feelings no one should ever feel about themselves. I walked out, nearly in tears, scared of the thoughts that crossed my mind. I went to the game store in hopes of finding a new game.

When we got home later, I locked myself in my room and lost myself in the game I bought. Unfortunately it was a work night so my gaming got cut short. However, I was too restless to sleep. I decided to try masturbating even though I wasn’t sure it would help. I put on a sappy romance movie and got to work, focusing on my pleasure and not being turned on.

The first orgasm took a while, but eventually I came. I decided that I didn’t give a care and I made my moans loud and clear. Once my peak came back down, I heard the toilet flush. Whoops, I guess the roommate heard it all, as my bedroom wall is connected to the bathroom wall. I decided to go for round two.

Round two came much quicker, and I came just as loud. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I went for round three. It had been years since I went for more than two orgasms and I wanted to see if I could still do it.

Round three came even quicker, louder, and harder. I even squirted, I didn’t care. It was the 4th day of the month, the new year even, so I went for four.

Round four eluded me. My clit had lost the majority of sensitivity, but I kept going, using my wetness from so many orgasms to moisten my clit. As the movie ended I came, this time soaking my bed. I rolled over to the other side and passed out.

The next day I apologized to my roommate for anything she may have heard that night. She giggled and said she was glad I had fun. I went for an orgasm a day for the next few days, but the 7th day I had nearly lost all clit sensation so I gave up a few seconds into trying to get day seven’s orgasm.

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

CB called me when he woke up Friday morning. We started with small talk, then he started talking naughty. I was in the mood for it, since the night before I went to my first male strip show. I was planning on masturbating when I went to bed, and he just happened to be waking up when I was going to bed.

It started with him asking how big my tits were. I was glad he couldn’t see me roll my eyes, but I answered with “Just the right size. Not too big, not too small.” He asked me what my biggest fantasy was. I said I had one, but it was something I would tell him at a later time (as it involves me being tied up and played with, hard. I didn’t quite trust him yet, as I still barely know the guy). He accepted that and moved on.

He asked me how I liked my sex. I asked him what he meant, and if he meant positioning or something else. He wanted to know my favorite positions and if I liked them slow and easy or fast and hard. I was honest and said I was used to the guy on top, but wanted to work on other positions. I also told him I liked slow and fast.

He asked me If my nipples were sensitive. I said that it depended. When he asked what I meant, I explained the piercings. He thought that was hot. I was kind of disappointed, as I like seeing the reaction to my piercings first hand. I was glad he was ok with them anyways.

He told how worked up he was, and how hard I was making him. I told him that I was getting wet as well. I was actually really surprised at how wet I was, just talking dirty with him. He asked how wet I get, and I told him that I am always surprised how wet I get, that just when I think I can’t get any wetter, I do. He told me how hot he thought that was.

By this time, I was staring at my batteries, and basically the only keeping me from putting them in my toy was the fact that I had to pee really bad. He asked me what I was wearing. I told him I was wearing some pink pajama bottoms and a black top. I added that it was nothing sexy, but it was damn comfortable. I asked what he was wearing. He said he was just wearing boxers, but wanted to be naked with me. He asked if I liked to wear sexy things, so I described my negligees to him.

He asked what I was doing. I said I was being a good girl, though staring at my batteries. He asked what was stopping me from playing with my toy, and I told him that I had to pee really bad. He told me that i should go take care of it and call him back. I did just that and looked at the time. We had spent an hour and a half, most of it talking dirty.

When I got back to bed, I put my batteries on and took off the pajama pants. I got in bed and called him back, the bullet resting on my clit, but not on.

Name Calling

One thing that always creeped me out was saying someone’s name during sexual activities. I get especially turned off at the idea of hearing my own name during sex. I just have never liked my name. Though, I also have never had my name called out during sex, partly due to me stating that I thought it might be a turn off. Who knows, maybe I would like it? I am kind of afraid to try.

Because I don’t like the idea of hearing my name during sex, I have never called anyone else’s name out. Now, I don’t know if people really do this normally. I am sure some people get extremely turned on by it, but it could also be just something in the movies. I am not really experienced enough to know.

I know a few years ago I ended up “accidentally” watch my friends have sex on webcam. They tricked me into it really. We were just casually chatting, and the next thing I knew they were having sex, and she was calling him “Daddy.” The camera was placed so that it only showed from the waist up, and she was wearing a shirt. They still give me shit for watching, but hey, they started it, and I was a little curious, and only slightly disappointed that I didn’t really see anything.

Despite all this, there have been several times that while masturbating, I have quietly called out the name of the person I was thinking of. The first time I did this, Will was at work and we were still at work. I felt very weird doing it, but I tried it.

The other time I did this, I ended up calling out (quietly), D’s name. I just said it over and over before and during my orgasm. It may have just been me, but the orgasm seemed slightly more intense than usual, but not much because I had been at it for a while with dying batteries.

I am considering trying to clear my mindset of not being turned off by hearing my name, and maybe not be so creeped out by calling someone else’s name. Is it normal to call out the person’s name you are fucking or thinking about while masturbating?

After Orgasm

One thing I have noticed is that after I orgasm, I relax so much that I stop breathing. I masturbate, I finish, I turn off the vibe, and lay as still as possible. My body relaxes completely. After a few seconds, when I am ready for air, I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I continue this relaxed breathing for a minute or two, until my breathing becomes normal again. Once my breathing is normal, I tend to drift off to sleep, or I take out my batteries, put away my toy, and then fall asleep easily.

Orgasms have always relaxed me completely, however, there will be times (not very often as of lately) that I will fall asleep with my bullet in hand after an orgasm, wake up, and go for another masturbatory round. The more I masturbate in one session, the weaker the orgasm becomes. However, the longer I can keep the same orgasm going, the stronger it becomes, and the more likely I am to squirt (which I have not done in two years I think).

Review: Better Than Chocolate

I have a huge sweet tooth, chocolate being my favorite sweet. That being said, you can imagine my excitement when Babeland gave me the chance to try something that is supposed to be better than chocolate.

Better Than Chocolate is a designer vibrator from Nomi Tang. It comes in a beautifully decorated box that has velvet lining inside. Inside the box is the toy itself, a small instructions booklet, and a velvet drawstring bag.

The toy is very uniquely shaped, meant to fit perfectly against the vulva and clit area. The material is made from elastomer, which means it is not completely sterilizable, but not as porous as other materials (i.e. jelly).

The controls took a while to get used to, and I still am having difficulties with them, though it is getting easier to use. There is a push power button at the top and a slide touch control right below. Slide the control up for more power and down to decrease speed of vibration. The control is not marked, but there is a temporary sticker on top with a (+) and a (-) on each end.

There are different vibration patterns as well. To get to them, simply press down on the NT logo side of the touch sensor for two seconds. Repeat to cycle through each vibration pattern until finally returning back to the steady vibration mode. To lock onto one favorite setting, hold down the opposite side of the touch sensor for two seconds.

Better Than Chocolate is waterproof up until one meter. That means the toy can be immersed in up to one meter of water. However, when the touch sensor gets wet, it automatically locks into the setting it is currently on. To unlock it, dry off the sensor.

Better Than Chocolate takes 2 AAA batteries. They are fairly easy to insert. There is a twist cap at one corner of the toy and the battery compartment is marked so it is easy to tell which battery goes where.

In all honesty, Better Than Chocolate wasn’t better than chocolate for me. I felt like the vibrations weren’t strong enough for my taste. However, the toy makes an awesome massager for more than just naughty things. It fits wonderfully on places like the shoulders and neck.

Thank you Babeland for letting me try out the Better Than Chocolate.


When I house sit, I never take any toys with me. It just doesn’t seem right. So imagine how horny I was when I get home from almost two weeks of house sitting. The first thing I did was charge all of my batteries, my Mia, and my Gigi. I have never gotten off from the Mia or the Gigi since I got them, but I felt I was horny enough to be able to this time.

I did the stuff I needed to do to get ready for bed; changed my sheets, took my shower, brushed my teeth, etc. By the time everything was charged, I was ready for bed. I locked my door, set my laptop to play some porn, turned my lava lamp on and my lights off, and hopped into my bed wearing nothing but my nightshirt.

I decided to use the Mia and Gigi first. I started by turning on Gigi and rubbing it all over and around my clit. I could feel my pussy juices begin to flow. I stuck her inside. Next I took my Mia, turned it on, and rubbed her over my clit. I was so wet by this time. I began thrusting Gigi in and out, rubbing Mia over my clit.. Within five minutes, probably less than that, I was cumming. Unfortunately, because the Mia and Gigi never really seemed strong enough, my orgasm was not as strong as it could have been. It felt weak, and left me very unsatisfied.

I grabbed my bullet and put its batteries in. I also reinserted my Gigi, turning it back on to stimulate my g-spot. It took all of my control to not cum as soon as my bullet touched my clit. I had to turn it down, sometimes even taking it all that way off to stop myself from cumming. I put off on cumming for at least three minutes, but soon I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was cumming for the second time, this time twice as strong as the last. I still wanted more.

I let my pussy rest for a few minutes, and debated on whether or not I should go for round three. I mean, I had just came twice within fifteen minutes, so I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore. My horniness got the better of me, and I inserted my Pure Wand for round three.

I started by slipping the small end in first, letting myself get used to the cold, then when I felt wet enough (I was already soaked, but just wanted to be safe), I switched ends and filled my pussy with the bigger end of the Pure Wand. I put my bullet on my clit and started slow rhythmic circles around it.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes, and this time my body wasn’t in such a hurry to cum. I took my time, slowly thrusting the steel in and out when I remembered to (not a multitasker, remember) and rubbing my bullet on my clit.

After a goof fifteen to twenty minutes of this (my average time), I was cumming hard and fast. That was number three, but still I needed more. I didn’t think I could take it, but it was worth a shot.

This time I used just my bullet, and within just a few minutes, I came a fourth time. Even then I still wanted more, but when I tried my clit wasn’t going to have the extra attention and I cleaned everything and went to sleep after having four orgasms in one hour. I felt good; horny, but good.

Phone Sex

The last few weeks of my winter break from school were spent house sitting. I have never felt comfortable doing anything naughty there. This is mostly just my paranoia that someone would know, and it just wasn’t comfortable to do it, let alone bring toys.

So, you can imagine my frustration I felt when I was finally able to go home. It had been over two weeks for me since I had played with any of my toys. That first night back, I was too tired to really do anything, plus I was way more into reading than taking care of my “needs.” Plus, my mom was home, and I wasn’t sure how quiet I could be.

It was a day or two later of being home, when I called Forbidden Fruit. I ended up waking him up, but did not feel bad about it, since on my nights off from work he would call me at one, three, and five in the morning, just because he was awake and bored.

He started telling me how he was playing with himself. I tried to ignore him, but he kept it up. Finally, I gave in, and got my vibrator out and pressed it to my clit. It sent shivers through my body. I gasped out loud, and he asked what I was doing. I told him.

He then asked me what I was wearing. I told him it was nothing exciting, just some pajama pants and a shirt. He asked me to take them off. I didn’t question him, and why he all of a sudden seemed so interested in me. I didn’t care. I was just excited to think that I was having phone sex for the first time, especially with Forbidden Fruit, the last person I would have thought to have it with me.

We continued on. I would tell him what I was doing, he would tell me what he was doing. I would tell him how much I wanted to suck his cock, and how I would go about doing it.

After a few minutes of this, he stopped talking to me, and seemed to be annoyed. I waited, and then I realized someone was talking to him. He was interrupted. Not long after, my mom came home, so I had to hide my toys and get back dressed. Forbidden Fruit had to go do something for his mom, but said he would call me back later.

An hour later, my phone rang, and of course it was him. It was like we had never stopped, and we picked up where we left off. I got naked again, and put my toys back where they belonged; my glass dildo in my dripping, throbbing pussy and my bullet on my clit.

Not five minutes later, he started to say he was close. I had been holding back, and let my orgasm take over. We came in unison, moaning and breathing heavy, telling the other that they were cumming.

We picked up normal conversation then, but soon after, I realized I still wasn’t fully satisfied. I told him, and he said he felt the same. After a while, I put my toys back into position and went to work. Only this time he didn’t join me, just talked dirty to me.

It didn’t take me long for me to cum again.

A New Mindset

Whenever my friends told me they were horny, I would tell them to go masturbate. They in turn told me that masturbation was boring. I never believed them, and said that masturbation was the best thing in the world. However, I now have a different mindset.

This new mind set came to be when I fell asleep three nights in a row while trying to masturbate. It didn’t matter how horny I was, how determined I was to get off, I still fell asleep.

The first time I realized I had fallen asleep while trying to get off, I woke up with my glass dildo jammed into my back and my vibrator running on almost empty. I grudgingly got up and put everything away and crawled back into bed, determined to try the next night.

That next night I woke up to the same thing; a dildo jammed into my back, but this time the vibe was off. I do remember giving up and turning it off, planning to get up within a few seconds and put everything away. Obviously that didn’t happen.

The next night, I was determined. I know the point of masturbation is to feel good, not just to orgasm, but for me, I don’t feel satisfied until I finish completely. I remember I kept dozing off, but I also kept the vibe going on my clit. I ended up waking up just in time as I started orgasming. It was weak, so weak, but at least I accomplished my goal of finishing.

I started to realize then that my friends were right. Your vibrator can only do so much, the same thing true for a dildo. Yeah, sure, it may help get the job done, but those two things can never give you that special intimacy like you can get with a partner.

I never really started wanting a partner until I started fooling around with Anna and Nathan. I love how they run their hands over me, how they play with my tits. I love to feel their bodies next to mine. I love to touch them as they touch me.

Wireless Discovery

A couple of weeks ago, the week before finals to be exact, I wore my wireless bullet to school one last time. As Anna, Forbidden Fruit, and I hung out in the library, I would feel him turn the vibe on and off. Then I noticed that it seemed extra loud. I had never had a problem with it being too loud before, so I figured maybe the motor was dying (nothing new there).

All of a sudden, Anna kind of jumped. We both looked at her with a  funny look. She told us her purse was vibrating. She doesn’t have a cell phone, so we figured out immediately two things. Number one, her vibe was making the noise, not mine. Number two, my control could power her vibe.

That is not the best part of the story about the vibe.

Later, Jenny picked Forbidden Fruit and I up and we went to the local sex toy store. As we were getting out of the car, he flipped the power button, making my crotch come alive. He turned it off as we walked in, but turned it back on a few seconds afterwards.

I noticed the cashier was showing a product to a customer. She looked concerned, and by the way she was talking, it sounded like the toy she was showing was having issues. I figured out what those issues were a few seconds later when Forbidden Fruit turned my vibrator on.

It turned out the toy the cashier was showing was the same one I was using. I went up to Forbidden Fruit and whispered to him what I figured out and he started laughing. We told Jenny to come over to where we were, and told her too. She thought it was hilarious.

However, after a few minutes of our whispering, laughing, and flipping our on and off switch, the cashier figured out what was so funny. The next time we tried to turn it on she exclaimed that it wouldn’t work anymore because she took the batteries out.

We were thinking, what a great April Fool’s joke it would be to get a bunch of friends together, and one at a time go into the sex toy store, ask for a demonstration on how the cordless bullets work, and before the cashier turns on the power, have another friend flip their own switch.

Thank You, Cum Again

I was horny, thanks to Anna and Nathan. When they left, my mom was home by then, so I had no time to masturbate because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught. I wore the wireless bullet to work, thinking it would be a fun change of pace. I had that right.

My best friend was working graveyard that night too, so she picked me up. I know she hates when I talk to her about the stuff that I do, the stuff I think about, but I try and push it. I told her about my bullet. She thought I was sick.

Virtually silent in the warm, wet folds, I walked around cleaning the casino with the vibrator on. I would turn it off quickly when I felt myself getting a little too excited, or when I had to talk to a customer or employee. It would have been wrong if I did otherwise.

The best stimulation I got was when I walked, the vibrator purring between my legs. I noticed though, about three hours into my eight hour shift, that my batteries were dying. I clocked out for my lunch and walked over to the gas station where my friend was working. I grabbed something to buy for lunch, and added some AAA batteries as well. She knew why I was getting them, but wanted to see what I would say, so she asked me what they were for. I quickly responded by telling her they were for my flashlight for when we cleaned the bar. I don’t have a flashlight, but sometimes they are needed for cleaning that bar.

After lunch I clocked back, went to the bathroom and changed my batteries. It was time to do the bar, and I really started to feel the stimulation as I lifted the chairs onto their tables. Through out the night I teased myself, just by walking and having the vibe on.

That morning when I got home, I masturbated not once, but twice. I came once, hard, with my glass dildo going in and out of me as my bullet rubbed my clit. I didn’t even have to thrust the dildo in and out as I came, the contractions of my pussy pushed the dildo out, and when the end hit my hand, it would automatically go back inside.

I came that once, and I was loud. I don’t know if I said that I was a moaner before, but I am definitely a moaner with potential for screaming. My mom was at work so I got to be as loud as I wanted. When I was done with my first orgasm, I just wasn’t satisfied. I needed to cum again. Within five minutes I was reaching another climax.