I heard from her boyfriend she likes wild sex. I heard from her she likes it rough. I never pictured us doing anything, just because she never showed any interest in women. That is, until the day she told me had urges.

After a few days talking back and forth, we decided to try a strap on.

Now, whenever I picture it, it’s hot; her fucking me, on top of me. Biting and kissing my neck, me grabbing and scratching her back; lifting my hips up and down, taking in more of her.

I think of this image when I masturbate now. I think her name over and over, closing my eyes tight to hold onto the image of her biting, kissing, and fucking me. I think of her as I cum, calling out her name in an orgasmic moan.

Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made plans something would come up to prevent us from getting together.

This weekend was definitely worth the lack of sleep if you know what I mean. On the night in question, she came over. We went to dinner, then the mall, then made a quick stop at the local sex toy store. That is where I got my plug.

We got back to my place, and we had two hours by ourselves. We took turns taking a shower (solo, just in case someone got home early).When we were done, she instructed me to get on my bed. I did as told, and we began caressing each other’s breasts, squeezing and pinching at nipples. We like it rough.

She then let her hand travel downwards and began to search out my clit. She found it with ease. I gasped, feeling her hand rubbing my wet pussy and clit. I did the same for her. She stuck her finger in my now dripping wet pussy.

“Mmmm, you are soo wet. I like that. Now get out a toy and let me fuck you with it.”

I happily obeyed, grabbing my favorite glass cock. It slid in with ease. She fucked me in two positions, one while I am on my back, another while I am on my hands and knees in the doggy style position.

While she fucked me when I was on my back, legs spread wide apart, I put my bullet to my clit. Within minutes I was cumming.


It was only nine in the morning when my phone started ringing. It was Anna’s boyfriend, Nathan. He was horny and ready. We had just gone to sleep only five hours ago, as we stayed up until four in the morning talking, holding hands. We were tired and didn’t want to get up, but we did because excitement overcame drowsiness.

He was over in a half hour. We were all very nervous, so we just hung out in my room, talking, not mentioning what we were planning. After about fifteen minutes, we all decided to lie on my bed together, him in the middle. He put his arms around us and we rested our heads on his chest.

Anna and I reached over and started playing with each other’s tits. We all decided to take off our shirts and threw them across the room. We each bent down and started to lick his nipples, me on his left, Anna on his right. I gently bit and he gasped. I asked if it was too much, he said no. Slowly I started to bite him all over his chest, and with each bite he moaned. She began copying me.

She then unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his zipper. He lifted his ass so we could pull his pants all the way off. We could see the erection through the cotton boxer briefs. We took those off too. Nathan wanted us to take off the rest of our pajamas (we were too lazy to get dressed, as we knew they would be coming off anyways). Soon, all three of us were naked in my room.

We teased him some more, licking and sucking on his nipples, biting all over. I sat up and leaned over him, my hands beginning to massage her tits. She sat up for me, and we both leaned in to kiss. As we kissed each other, we played with each other’s nipples, pinching them, rubbing them. He wanted in on this boob action so he sat up and rubbed his face in between our tits.

We lay back down, wondering what to do next. We were still kind of nervous. Anna and I asked him what he wanted us to do. He wanted us to suck it. We decided that we would slowly lick up each side of his cock together. We did, he moaned in pleasure.

We continued this for a little bit, then asked who should take it all in the mouth first. Anna wanted me to. I did, starting by slowly running my tongue all around the tip, then taking it in, inch by inch. We took turns sucking him. As one of us sucked his cock, the other stimulated his balls.

After a while of taking turns, we moved back up his stomach, over his chest, nipples, and neck with little nibbles. Nathan then slowly started to reach between my legs. He began by rubbing my clit, then sticking his finger inside my dripping wet pussy. I can hear my wetness. I feel another finger slip inside of me, as Nathan thrusts his fingers in and out. I felt a third finger, along with some stretching, but no pain at all. (I talked with them afterwards, and it was in fact three fingers inside me. I think this is awesome, because it mean it probably won’t hurt when I have an actual penis inside, though I don’t plan on testing that out soon).

Nathan switched between two and three fingers, while Anna switched between sucking Nathan’s cock and playing with my tits. Anna then said she wanted to watch him lick my pussy. I was shy at first, since I felt I hadn’t prepared myself properly for that (a shower, a shave). They insisted.

Nathan and I got into the 69 position, with me on top. As I began to suck his cock, I felt his tongue lick my dripping wet pussy. We continued this for a few minutes, until my arms felt like they were going to give out. Nathan, Anna, and I then switched positions. I got on top of Nathan to suck his cock, while Anna got under me to take her turn in licking me pussy. She rubbed her finger on my clit, then switched to tongue.

Finally, we were all close to finishing. Nathan came first, then I, then Anna came third. Our orgasms were not even seconds apart, one person’s orgasm overlapping the other. It was all very hot. I loved watching them cum.

That night I was still incredibly horny. When it was finally time for me to get into bed, I took my favorite glass dildo and bullet. I knew the batteries were nearly dead, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t matter. I was right. Within minutes, I was cumming so hard, squirting so much. It took everything I had to not cry out. One orgasm after another hit me, over and over. All I had to think about was watching their faces as they reached their climaxes, thinking about those two beautiful people orgasming in my bed, and I was having my own multiple orgasms.

We talked the next night, and decided that we definitely want to have another threesome. We talked about what we will do different, what we will keep the same, but I will make you anticipate those details. I will tell you when it happens, we are all super excited.

A Weekend of Firsts

So far this weekend has been a weekend full of firsts for me. I think it all started at the mall on Thursday afternoon. Forbidden Fruit, the girl in the couple that asked me to threesome with her and her boyfriend, my gay friend (the one that was all over me the day I wore my pheromone spray), a girl friend that I have been getting closer to in the past couple months (only as friends), and myself.

I bought forbidden fruit and I a chai milkshake. This is nothing unusual, as we have a deal that for whatever I buy him, I get to watch him jack off on webcam. Yes, I know he is using me too, but I like watching him. He has a nice cock, and I want nothing more than to suck it. I am getting off track…

We went to the arcade located in the mall and played a round of ski ball. I won, and when I turned to collect my tickets, my gay friend (who I will now refer to as M), asked me to get him something to eat. In payment I could receive unlimited grope privileges to use whenever. I was hesitant. I knew he didn’t have any money, as he has some personal issues. I also knew that Forbidden Fruit would feel jealous. He saw my hesitancy, and then he told me he could give me other things too. I looked at him with a doubtful look. That’s when he cupped my chin with his hand, tilted my head back, and kissed me.

That was unexpected. It feels unfair, since he is gay, and the way he kissed me was so sweet and passionate. It was the way a boyfriend would kiss me. I was under his spell… I got him dinner. Forbidden Fruit was jealous, and barely talked to me the rest of the night. M used his left over change from me buying his dinner to get a chocolate covered cherry. He put the stem in his mouth and had me eat the cherry. He kissed me three more times that night. That begins the first of firsts, me kissing my first gay guy.

It was planned that my friend (the one with the boyfriend that invited me to join them in a threesome, who I will now call Anna) would come to my house to stay the night. When we all went our separate ways and Anna and I got to my house, I showed her my new outfit I wanted to wear at the threesome, my toy box, my lube and condom box, and my movie collection. She was impressed.

That night her boyfriend kept calling to check on her. He was bored and at work, so we decided to mess with him a little. We started sending naughty text messages, saying what we could be doing to each other. With each text, he called back to tell us how mean we were. I took the phone and told him if we were really mean we would tell him he is not allowed to masturbate or have an orgasm when he got home.

We finished our naughty story and decided to send naughty pictures to him. The first picture was of us rubbing our nipples together. The second one was of my licking her nipple, and the third picture was of us licking our own nipples. These sent him over the edge. He called and asked if we wanted to get on webcam once he got home. We agreed.
We took turns taking showers, so we could be ready for our big show. When he got home he got online and we got on web cams. The first thing he wanted us to do was kiss. We got really giggly, and I warned that it was my first time kissing a girl, so I was nervous. We kissed, and it wasn’t bad.

As he jacked off on webcam for us, we kissed, played with each others titties. We asked what he wanted, and he told us what to do. She finger fucked me, she dry humped me, we kissed some more. Finally he came. We were all so tired we decided to call it a night. We also decided that we should go ahead with the threesome the next day when I would have the place to myself while my mom was at work.

To be continued…


She was just about to get off of work. I texted her and asked if she wanted to hang out, me maybe see her new place. She said sure, she would meet me in about 20 minutes. She picked me up, we went shopping for groceries for dinner, then stopped by my place so I could get my overnight clothes, since we decided that I wanted to talk more about the other night and I could stay the night.

After we got back in her car, we decided to head to the nearest sex toy shop and look around. I ended up buying a small bullet, and she got a strap on dildo.

So, after our little shopping trip, we went back to her place, she showed me around, and we had dinner. During dinner, we talked about how I felt, her experiences as being bi, and what I wanted to do about everything. I told her I would like to be able to experiment, but I was afraid. She said if I wanted that I could experiment with her, but only if I felt comfortable. I knew I wanted to, but still I was scared.

She showed me her sex toy collection. Man, I never saw so many dildos. Before then I only owned a few select bullets and the vibrator she had gotten me for prom (yes, she was the one that got me that).

After dinner, showing me her toys, and talking, we took turns taking a shower. I jokingly (yet with a hint of seriousness) asked if she wanted to take it together. She said no, but that was ok, because I was still feeling a little bit shy. However, before our showers we had talked about “shaving down there.” I had always been afraid of cutting myself accidentally, but she explained how I could be super careful and demonstrated a few techniques. She told me the benefits of having a hairless pussy, such as more comfortable, a lot cleaner, and less odors occur when shaved.

So, during my shower, with a brand new razor, I shaved. Afterward, she had me apply some scentless lotion to my pussy. That helped a lot, as I have always hated shaving my legs and under arms because of the razor burn that comes after.
After we each had a shower, it was pretty much bedtime. She asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wasn’t sure still, so explained that she first experimented with her bi curiosity by masturbating with her best friend during sleep overs as a kid. To me, that sounded like a great way to start, a nice ice breaker.

I got my batteries into my new toy I had bought that afternoon, and got in bed. I asked if she was gonna use a toy, but she said no, she could masturbate without one. Shyly, I turned it on and put the small bullet on my clit. As we lay next to each other in her king sized bed rubbing our clits, she asked me if she could play with my breasts. I said yes, and the next thing I felt was her reaching over to grab.

She got closer and bent her head down and begin to suck. She bit, squeezed, and sucked, switching back and forth between each breast. Next she asked me if I was wet. I said yes, and she asked to feel for herself. Again, nervously, I said yes. I felt her reach down and slowly move her hand down my crotch.

“Mmmmm, you are wet,” she agreed. By this time, a considerable amount of time had passed by, and my batteries felt like they were on their last bit of power (it was a cheapo with watch batteries). So, giving up on the thing, I moved my hand and reached with the other to turn it off.

As soon as my hand and vibrator were out of the way, I felt her gently press her finger onto my clit. Slowly, she started to rub in circles, getting faster and slightly harder. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “You like that? Do you like the circles, or do you like it when I rub back and forth, up and down?” she asked in a husky voice. Quietly, I replied that I liked the circles. So she kept up with the circles.

“You are even wetter now. You are really turning me on. Do you want me to put a finger in?” she asked. “Yeah, mmm,” I replied, caught up in every new sensation I was feeling. I wanted to roll over onto my side, facing her and suck on her nipples, as she did mine. I wanted to put my hand between her legs, to see what she felt like down there. There was so much I wanted to do, but something in me was holding back.

So, just as promised, I felt her out a finger in, while she continued to rub my clit hard. It felt good, but it also felt like it was getting a little sore. I wanted to cum. God, I wanted to cum. A few times I felt close, but I never got close enough.

“Tell me what you want to do,” she said suddenly, “Are you gonna cum?”

“I want to, but for some reason I can’t.”

“I wish you would too, because I am so close.”

“So what do you want to do, what would you do?” I asked, staring to feel embarrassed at my inability to cum. I really wish I wasn’t so held back.

“Normally I would go down on you at this point. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, but something in me is holding me back. Sorry to kill the mood.”

“It’s ok,” she said back. “I think you are just really confused right now. You need time to think stuff over.”

“Yeah, I am really confused. I really did like what you did to me. There were so many things I wanted to do too, but something in me was holding back,” I said, a little embarrassed.

She assured me that it was ok, and that the night was about me getting the pleasure, to see how I felt. I was glad she was so ok about everything, but still, a year later, I wish I could go back in time and overcome my fear of giving back to her.

If I ever get the chance again to experiment with a girl, I want to do the things I was too chicken to do before. I would touch her breasts, play with them, suck, lick, and even bite them. I would rub her clit and and finger her. Then, I would want to go down on her. Just to see what it felt like. I love the idea of flicking my tongue all over someone’s clit, licking it, sucking it, rolling my tongue all over her dripping wet pussy.

Bi-Curious Pt. 2

We asked them what they wanted. They said they wanted to see us on my bed, me playing with one of my vibrators while she played with my titties. We put the camera on pause while we figured out a way to fool them, but still make them believe what they wanted to.

Finally, we had it so that the camera was facing my bed, and I was “naked” from the waist up. We fixed the blankets to hide my clothed nether regions and grabbed my favorite silver bullet to tease them with. She turned on the cam, took off her shirt, and got on the bed with me.

The guys fell for it. We “turned” the vibrator on and took turns running it over each other’s nipples, then finally I put the toy under the covers and made it look like I was having a good time while she played with my nipples and tits.
The guys fell for it, but they wanted more. They wanted us to get really explicit and have us eat each other out. That’s where we drew the line. We said it was getting late, and turned off the camera, wishing the guys a good night and “maybe next time.”

That night, instead of sleeping on the couch, she slept with me in my bed. Before falling asleep though we talked about what happened. I was a little confused. I knew she was bi, but I never really thought about me as being anything but straight.

She got me thinking. There have always been signs of my curiosity of being with a girl. When I was little I always tried to watch “just the boob scenes” in movies when my parents were gone, since I knew they never showed any movies with a penis, I felt like boobs were the next best thing.

Another time at a friend’s party I had a chance to kiss a girl. I forget how it really came about, but I do remember that I really wanted to kiss her. She was willing to kiss me, but I was just too afraid.

I also remember that growing up, I always had small “crushes” on some girls, mostly girls that had the bigger boobs. There was just something about them that I was really attracted to.

Bi-Curious Pt. 1

In the past year or so I have come to realize that I am bi curious. That is, I have always wondered/been curious about being with someone of the same sex as me. I think I have always known it deep down ever since I was little, but last year something happened to make me admit it to myself.

It was about a year ago, I had a friend over and we were goofing off online. I was messing with a couple of my guy friends that I used to cyber with from time to time. So anyways, we were joking around, saying she was my girlfriend (just to get their reaction). That got them extremely horny. They wanted to see us on camera. My friend and I laughed and joked about it together, then decided we would mess with them some more.

Before turning on the webcam, we both changed into really loose tank tops, just in case. We turned on the cam and asked what they wanted to see. Of course they wanted to see us kiss. We didn’t really kiss, but they didn’t know that. We pretended to kiss on camera, my head blocking the view. I never told my friend, but I kinda did want to see what it was like to kiss a girl.

Next they wanted to see our tits. She had no problem flashing the camera. I on the other hand was very camera shy. It took a little coaxing, but finally I did it. Then they wanted to see us play with each others’ boobs. Shyly I grabbed her tit and started to “feel around.” As I was feeling her up she did the same to me. “Suck on her titties,” they told me. Slowly I got down on my knees and pretended to suck her tit, my head blocking the real view as we did for the kiss.

Then it was her turn. This time she really did grab my breast and start to suck it, right in view of the cam. We took turns feeling each other up, sucking, and playing with nipples, but after a while the guys wanted to see more….

To be continued…..