Product Review – Je Joue Bullet and Wicked Aqua Lube

Bullets have always been one of my favorite toys, ever since I started masturbating. I love bullets the most because they tend to have the most pinpoint and rumbly vibrations. That is why I was eager to try the new Je Joue Classic Bullet, one of the three new designs by Je Joue. They also have a G-Spot bullet and a rabbit ear style. I was sent the Classic Bulllet and Wicked Aqua lube free in exchange for my honest review from Betty’s Toy Box.

Je Joue Classic Bullet

The Je Joue Classic Bullet did not disappoint. It felt just like Mimi, only more pinpoint. I (and my boyfriend) found it very easy to hold and direct where it was desired. There are three buttons to work the bullet; (+)/(-) for speed increases/decreases, and (O) for power on/off and patterns. There are five steady speeds and 7 patterns.

Like most all toys that I own, I tend to ignore the patterns and go straight for the highest speed. Some bullets tend to switch from rumbly to buzzy when at the highest speed, but the Classic Bullet did not; It stayed rumbly all through my use of it. I would definitely say that it is comparable to my beloved Tango. One thing that makes it better than Tango though? The battery life. One hour of charging gets you about an hour and a half of play, depending on the settings you use. To charge, just flip the cover at the  base and insert the USB cord. All of the bullets are waterproof.

The Bullet(s) come with a user manual and USB charging cord in a very pretty maroon feather designed box. However, the Classic Bullet also comes with a finger sleeve. The sleeve is supposed to give a hands-free feel, but I found it hindered the direct stimulation that I require. The bullets and the sleeve are made of medical grade silicone, so it is recommended to use a water based lube with these toys.

Wicked Aqua Lube

I will fully admit that I have never really felt that I needed extra lube. I never had a problem with personal lubrication, but I have plenty of toys that feel better with lube. That is why I was happy to add a lubricant to my review of the above bullet. I chose the Wicked Aqua, a water based lube by Wicked.

The lube is paraben free, glycerin free, and fragrance free. Even though it is water based, I found the lube thick and easy to reactivate with water. It is not sticky, and it leaves a clean and silky soft feel on the skin. I also kind of  really love that it comes in a pump/squirt bottle rather than a screw or pop cap of some sort, as the latter can get very messy. The bottle is 2 ounces, but a little bit goes a long way, especially since I consider the bottle fairly large nonetheless. There is also a 4 ounce option available.


Over all, I loved The Classic Bullet and Wicked Aqua. They worked especially well together. The bullet is quiet, strong, and rumbly. I would give it an easy 4 out of 5 stars, The lube is slick (as lube should be), is paraben free, and glycerin free. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for such a lovely combination to review!


Product Review – Vedo Bam Bullet

I have always loved Bullet style vibrators. They are small, easy to hold, usually fairly quiet, and tend to get that perfect pinpoint stimulation that I absolutely love and desire. We-Vibe Tango was one of my favorite bullet vibes, so when Betty’s Toy Box offered to let my try the Vedo Bam bullet because it was similar to Tango, I couldn’t resist. I received the Vedo Bam Bullet free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

The Vedo Bam Bullet is many things. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and powerful. I would definitely have to agree that it is similar to Tango. The Vedo Bam is covered in velvety smooth silicone. It operates with one button. Hold the button to turn on and off, and press  to cycle through the different speeds and patterns. I can see how that could get annoying to someone who doesn’t want to flip through every single cycle to get to the setting they like, especially if they accidentally pass the one they want and have to cycle through again.

Personally though, I tend to prefer the highest steady vibration setting, One of the many things I love about the Vedo Bam Bullet is that it remembers the setting you turned it off at. So, instead of having to cycle through low to high, patterned to steady vibrations, I have it exactly where I want it. Vedo Bam is rumbly, but a tad buzzier than the Tango. It is not too buzzy to fail at getting the job done though; It gets the job done very efficiently.

For the punch that the Vedo Bam packs, it is very reasonably priced. It is extremely quiet, and with ten different vibration modes, it is quite a deal. Click on over to Betty’s Toy Box and treat yourself to a Vedo Bam. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for giving me a chance to review this awesome toy! It is definitely added to my go to favorites.



A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty miserable. It started when I went with my roommate to the mall and she went to the “diet store.” I went with her, and in there I felt feelings no one should ever feel about themselves. I walked out, nearly in tears, scared of the thoughts that crossed my mind. I went to the game store in hopes of finding a new game.

When we got home later, I locked myself in my room and lost myself in the game I bought. Unfortunately it was a work night so my gaming got cut short. However, I was too restless to sleep. I decided to try masturbating even though I wasn’t sure it would help. I put on a sappy romance movie and got to work, focusing on my pleasure and not being turned on.

The first orgasm took a while, but eventually I came. I decided that I didn’t give a care and I made my moans loud and clear. Once my peak came back down, I heard the toilet flush. Whoops, I guess the roommate heard it all, as my bedroom wall is connected to the bathroom wall. I decided to go for round two.

Round two came much quicker, and I came just as loud. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I went for round three. It had been years since I went for more than two orgasms and I wanted to see if I could still do it.

Round three came even quicker, louder, and harder. I even squirted, I didn’t care. It was the 4th day of the month, the new year even, so I went for four.

Round four eluded me. My clit had lost the majority of sensitivity, but I kept going, using my wetness from so many orgasms to moisten my clit. As the movie ended I came, this time soaking my bed. I rolled over to the other side and passed out.

The next day I apologized to my roommate for anything she may have heard that night. She giggled and said she was glad I had fun. I went for an orgasm a day for the next few days, but the 7th day I had nearly lost all clit sensation so I gave up a few seconds into trying to get day seven’s orgasm.

Webcam Play Pt. 2

When his webcam connected I was looking at his face, admiring how hot this guy was, excited that this hot guy was turned on by me. We made a little small talk while my cam connected. When my cam connected I noticed him moving his around.
Once he had the cam moved I had a nice view of the bulge in his jeans. He slowly unbuttoned them and unzipped. He stood up and let them fall off so that he was wearing only his boxers. When he sat back down, he slipped his hand inside his boxers.

“Guess what I’ve got in my hand,” he said playfully.

” I don’t know. You should take it out and show me,” I said back, just as playfully. By this time I had leaned back against my pillows and had my webcam focused on my dripping wet pussy.

I had a sharp intake of breath as I watched him pull off his boxers, his hard cock springing out freely. He reached forward and got some lube on his hand and wrapped it around his cock, moving it up and down.

At this point I reached for my favorite glass dildo and slipped it inside of me. I started by slowly sliding it in and out, imagining that it was his cock. I moaned for him, telling him that it felt so good. Once I got a good rhythm going, I picked up my pace, thrusting my dildo faster and faster, moaning more as I did so.

I reached with my other hand and got my bullet ready, pausing the thrusting long enough to rest it against my clit and turn it on. As I slowed down with the thrusting, he slowed down with the stroking of his cock. He began running his index finger over and around the head, lightly stroking his shaft as well.

“I wish that was my tongue teasing your cock like that,” I told him.

“Oh, I wish it was too,” he answered.

As I played with my toys and watched him, I noticed that he matched my speed and rhythm to what he did to his cock. The speed I thrusted my dildo in and out was the speed he stroked his clock with. When I focused on my bullet, he rubbed the head of his cock with his index finger and thumb.

I began to focus mainly on my pussy, thrusting my dildo in and out as fast as I could, feeling the pressure inside me build up. He loved watching me fuck myself, moaning for me to go faster as he stroked faster.

I positioned my bullet to rest against my clit and turned it on with my free hand. The vibrations sent me over the edge and I came for him, moaning loudly. When I was done he asked if I was ready for his. I was more than ready and told him yes.

It didn’t take long for him to blow his load into the tissue he had next to him. We ended the call soon after so that I could pass out.

Webcam Play Pt. 1

He logged into Skype during my night off. I was surprised to see him on, since he is normally at work during this time. I messaged him, and he said he was on his phone at work. We chatted back and forth, but at some point things turned naughty (though I don’t quite remember how).

He asked if I wanted a picture. I said sure, though behind the screen I was grinning from ear to ear in the excitement of a cock picture in my future. He asked if anything was ok and I said yes. A couple minutes later I was staring at his cock on my screen.

“Mmm, very nice,” I responded, boob picture attached. He said he really liked that they were pierced and would love to have them in his mouth. I told him I would love that.

He asked what we would do “hypothetically” if we ever met in person. I told him how much I loved sucking cock. He then informed me about how much he loves to eat pussy.

We started talking about sexual positions and how I would love to ride him. We exchanged a few more pics until we decided that we would have a webcam session when he got home.

A couple of hours before he got off work I hopped in the shower and did some necessary grooming. When I got out I set my laptop up in my bed and warmed myself up with my bullet on my clit.

I was revved up. I couldn’t keep the vibrator around my cunt for more than a minute before feeling close to cumming. I was also extremely tired. I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

It seemed like hours, but several minutes later I got a message saying he was home. I gave him a smiley face on Skype and he called me. He made a comment on how he talked a lot of crap earlier but was feeling shy. I chuckled and said I felt the same way. He started the video call.

To be continued…

Buzz Kill

The other morning I was having trouble getting to sleep. My cure all is always to masturbate, whether I have cramps, a headache, sore, depressed, trouble sleeping, etc. I got my batteries and my bullet and went to town, watching a porn clip to speed up the orgasmic process.

I’m was just getting into what I was doing, feeling really good. I look up to the ceiling because I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. What I saw was the biggest turn off ever. On my ceiling, moving very fast towards me was a huge spider.

I hate spiders. Spiders are the only bug that really creep me out. That had to be the biggest buzz kill ever. I hastily turned off my bullet and got out of bed. I did my best not to take my eye off the spider. You know how it goes, you take your eye off of it and it disappears. That was not going to happen, especially in my bed. I just don’t get how those creepy things can walk upside down on a ceiling without falling. I can kind of understand a wall, but definitely not a spider.

Eventually I took care of the problem. I was still wide awake from the “excitement” of finding a huge spider in my room. I decided to get my mind off of it the only way I knew how. Masturbate some more, only this time orgasm.

Since that spider was such a buzz kill and a turn off, I had to start all over on my aroused level, but eventually I got to where I was and had a decent orgasm. I am sure it would have been better though, if I didn’t have spiders on the back off my mind.

My 69th Orgasm

I must admit, 69 is my favorite number. We have a hand scan at work used to punch us in or out of the clock. It always gives a score when you scan your hand (the lower the score, the closer you were to your original scan). I always get super excited when I get a 69 score. I also love it when the thermostat reads 69 degrees.

I wanted to do something special for my 69th orgasm (this year). I had already recorded the sound of my orgasm, so I wasn’t sure about doing that. After tweeting with Jack and Jill, I got the sudden urge to record video of my orgasm. I got a lot of positive encouragement from other followers and decided to do it.

I set up my stage once my batteries were all charged. I had my bed made with the comfortor pulled back, Raquel and bullet ready to go, iPhone and headphones set for porn, and laptop on my desk facing my bed with the webcam zoomed in.

Once everything was all set I went to take my nightly shower, paying extra attention to shaving my naughty bits. Unfortunately, while in the shower I heard my roommate come home, which made me a tad nervous at the idea of my orgasm being heard. I debated postponing my video making, but decided to go through with it.

I did a few test runs with the webcam, checking microphone and such, then decided I could put it off no longer. I put on my favorite red negligee and got comfy.

It took a whole 49 minutes to cum (thats how long the video was). The file itself was 19 GB. Thats way too huge. I was happy to see that once I edited everything, the file size went down to 6.5 minutes and 54.5 KB. Thats when I found out that wordpress is a huge pain in the ass when it comes to posting videos. If I want to embed a video, I need to pay $60.00. Bull shit. That is where blogger comes in. I made an account with them and have a somewhat half assed version of this blog, but only for video posting. Go here if you would like to see me masturbate to orgasm.

Also, I decided to have a 70th orgasm and recorded it. The link is on the right under the Orgasms box (bottom sound box).

Dropped Call

It started last night before work. CB was horny and texting dirty to me. He wanted to have phone sex, but I told him I was getting ready for work and we could do it in the morning when I got off work. We exchanged pictures for the first time. My tits and pussy for his cock. I must say, he has a very nice looking cock.

So, I get off of work this morning, take a shower, get in bed, and set up. This time I give myself a visual aid and start a porno because I don’t want this session to last forever like it normally does; I want to go to bed. I get warmed up, then call him.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“Playing with my pussy, what are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m playing with my cock. It’s getting so hard. I love hearing you play with yourself. I want to make you cum.”

“Mmm, thank you for the picture last night,” I say.

“Oh, did you like that, baby?”

“I did, very much,” I tell him.

“How are you playing with yourself, baby?” he asks.

“I’m rubbing my bullet in small circles over my clit. It feels so good, but it would feel even better if your cock was inside me.”

“Ooo, baby, you make me so hard. Tell me what you want to do,” he says.

“I want to start by laying next to each other, me running my hand up and down your chest, eventually making my way towards your cock. I wrap my hand around it and start stroking. Once its hard I straddle you and slowly slide my pussy down and over your cock, burying you into me. I slowly ride you up and down, then once I have a rhythm I speed up.”

“Mmm, that would feel so good. Next I want to get you into doggy style position and start by rubbing the tip of my cock all over your pussy. Slowly, I will stick my cock in, inch by inch. I stasrt fucking you slowly, then go faster and faster.”

“Ooo, that feels so good,” I moan. It does feel good, me rubbing my bullet over my clit, watching a scene with three guys and two girls. We spend a few minutes breathing heavily while we play with ourselves. He tells me he can cum anytime and encourages me to keep going so that he can cum with me.

I finally start to feel my orgasm building, and I tell him I am cumming. My breathing gets heavier as I start to lose control.

“Oh, come on baby, I’m cumming too—”

That is when our call got dropped and we lost connection. We were both past the point of no return so we finished our orgasms without listening to the other. I called him back once my orgasm was over. We laughed about the bad timing, and planned for a retry in a few days. I laughed myself to sleep, and am still laughing now.

Lazy Day

I woke up on my technical Saturday. I had things I wanted to do (grocery shopping) just to get out of the house, but didn’t feel like doing it just yet. I decided to just read. It was my weekend, and I didn’t really need to go anywhere until work in two nights.

I read, and a few hours into reading, I decided to masturbate. I wasn’t feeling particularly horny, I just wanted to feel the buzzing of the bullet on my clit. I got up to get my fresh batteries and popped them into my bullet. I took off my sweats and hopped under the covers, holding my Kindle with my right hand and rubbing the vibrating bullet on my clit with my left.

It felt good. I wasn’t reading anything erotic, and there was no pressure to orgasm. It was relaxing. I played with the bullet, not paying attention to time. It didn’t seem long before I felt the orgasm take control of my body.

My roommate was gone for the next few days, leaving me alone in the house. I let myself moan loud. The orgasm felt good, and while I came, I put the book down and just paid attention to the sound of my moans, listening closely to the different stages of my climax. It was a turn on in itself hearing myself orgasm, making me orgasm even longer.

The first orgasm wasn’t that strong but it still felt somewhat satisfying. I went back to reading, and not long after I decided to go for round two. The bullet was still on my clit, and all I had to do was turn it on.

I kept the same position as the first time, leaning back against my pillows, under my covers, using the bullet with my left hand, holding the Kindle with my right. The second orgasm came even faster and stronger than the first orgasm. It felt great and refreshing, masturbating not to orgasm (though getting those results), but just to feel good. It was a lazy day, and it felt wonderful.

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 2

“Hey baby, what are you doing?” he asked in that naughty tone.

“Mmm, just laying here, naked in bed, thinking about you,” I answered back, just as naughtily.

“Ooo, that sounds nice. Wish I could be there with you. You should get your bullet ready,” he said.

“Who says its not already ready?” I ask teasingly, slowly turning the dial with my free hand, feeling the bullet come to life.

“Is it on? What are you doing with it?”

“Yeah, its on, and I am rubbing it in small circles around my clit, thinking about how much I want you right now, pretending you were here next to me.”

“Mmm, yeah, imagine me walking in on you playing with your pussy. I climb in bed with you and start kissing on you all over, loving on you. I take my cock and slide it into your already wet pussy. I go slow, just sticking the head in at first, then slide in deeper and deeper. I start thrusting slowly, then get faster and harder. You rub the bullet faster on your clit, until you’re ready to cum. I keep going, faster and deeper until I feel you cum and squirt all over me. Oh. baby that’s so hot,” he tells me.

“Oh, yeah, that is hot. Ooo, but I want to suck your cock,” I tell him. I say this hesitantly, because he told me earlier that he didn’t like getting head as much as most other guys. I was disappointed to hear this, since it’s my favorite thing to do.

“Oh, baby, you can suck my cock. I want you to suck my cock,” he answers back.

“Mmm, I take your shaft in my hand and lower my lips onto the head. I just kiss it at first, then give it a lick, circling it with my tongue. Slowly I raise my mouth over your cock, taking you in, inch by inch. Once I take in all that I can take, I slowly pull my mouth away, all the while massaging you with my tongue. I slowly start to bob my head up and down, until I get a good rhythm. Once I get a rhythm, I go a little faster until you seem somewhat close to climax, then I pull out, and climb on top of you, sliding your hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.”

“Oh, that feels so good, don’t stop hun,” he breathes into the phone.

“You feel my tits with your hands, then move them down to my hips, helping to guide me up and down on your cock. I take my bullet and rub it on my clit. It doesn’t take long for me to hit that sweet spot on my clit and your cock to hit my g-spot. Oh, yeah, that feels so good,” I moan. I can feel the orgasm take me and I tell him so. “Mmm, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ahhh, oooo, ahhhhh,” I moan as I orgasm.

“Oh, baby, keep going, don’t stop, I’m cumming to, ahhh, ahhh, ooo,” he moans in unison with me.

We are both panting from our orgasm. It felt good, and the fact that we came at the same time is an even bigger turn on.

Note: Obviously this is a shortened version of the actual phone sex. We mentioned and scenarioized a lot more positions, but it was hard to remember them all. It was still hot, nontheless.