Webcam Play Pt. 2

When his webcam connected I was looking at his face, admiring how hot this guy was, excited that this hot guy was turned on by me. We made a little small talk while my cam connected. When my cam connected I noticed him moving his around.
Once he had the cam moved I had a nice view of the bulge in his jeans. He slowly unbuttoned them and unzipped. He stood up and let them fall off so that he was wearing only his boxers. When he sat back down, he slipped his hand inside his boxers.

“Guess what I’ve got in my hand,” he said playfully.

” I don’t know. You should take it out and show me,” I said back, just as playfully. By this time I had leaned back against my pillows and had my webcam focused on my dripping wet pussy.

I had a sharp intake of breath as I watched him pull off his boxers, his hard cock springing out freely. He reached forward and got some lube on his hand and wrapped it around his cock, moving it up and down.

At this point I reached for my favorite glass dildo and slipped it inside of me. I started by slowly sliding it in and out, imagining that it was his cock. I moaned for him, telling him that it felt so good. Once I got a good rhythm going, I picked up my pace, thrusting my dildo faster and faster, moaning more as I did so.

I reached with my other hand and got my bullet ready, pausing the thrusting long enough to rest it against my clit and turn it on. As I slowed down with the thrusting, he slowed down with the stroking of his cock. He began running his index finger over and around the head, lightly stroking his shaft as well.

“I wish that was my tongue teasing your cock like that,” I told him.

“Oh, I wish it was too,” he answered.

As I played with my toys and watched him, I noticed that he matched my speed and rhythm to what he did to his cock. The speed I thrusted my dildo in and out was the speed he stroked his clock with. When I focused on my bullet, he rubbed the head of his cock with his index finger and thumb.

I began to focus mainly on my pussy, thrusting my dildo in and out as fast as I could, feeling the pressure inside me build up. He loved watching me fuck myself, moaning for me to go faster as he stroked faster.

I positioned my bullet to rest against my clit and turned it on with my free hand. The vibrations sent me over the edge and I came for him, moaning loudly. When I was done he asked if I was ready for his. I was more than ready and told him yes.

It didn’t take long for him to blow his load into the tissue he had next to him. We ended the call soon after so that I could pass out.

Webcam Play Pt. 1

He logged into Skype during my night off. I was surprised to see him on, since he is normally at work during this time. I messaged him, and he said he was on his phone at work. We chatted back and forth, but at some point things turned naughty (though I don’t quite remember how).

He asked if I wanted a picture. I said sure, though behind the screen I was grinning from ear to ear in the excitement of a cock picture in my future. He asked if anything was ok and I said yes. A couple minutes later I was staring at his cock on my screen.

“Mmm, very nice,” I responded, boob picture attached. He said he really liked that they were pierced and would love to have them in his mouth. I told him I would love that.

He asked what we would do “hypothetically” if we ever met in person. I told him how much I loved sucking cock. He then informed me about how much he loves to eat pussy.

We started talking about sexual positions and how I would love to ride him. We exchanged a few more pics until we decided that we would have a webcam session when he got home.

A couple of hours before he got off work I hopped in the shower and did some necessary grooming. When I got out I set my laptop up in my bed and warmed myself up with my bullet on my clit.

I was revved up. I couldn’t keep the vibrator around my cunt for more than a minute before feeling close to cumming. I was also extremely tired. I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

It seemed like hours, but several minutes later I got a message saying he was home. I gave him a smiley face on Skype and he called me. He made a comment on how he talked a lot of crap earlier but was feeling shy. I chuckled and said I felt the same way. He started the video call.

To be continued…

Riding My Pet Pony

As promised, here is the story I wrote with one of my Twitter followers. I had a great time writing it with him, and I look forward to writing something again sometime. The parts that I wrote are in red, his in blue.

I have always wanted to tie someone up and have my way with them. My pet pony has volunteered to let me do just that. I start by blindfolding him, taking him to the bedroom and gently pushing him onto my bed. I’m wearing my favorite red negligee and matching thong. I also have some red high heeled boots on. Once he’s on the bed, I have him position himself so that his hands are up against the bedpost/bars, laying naked and vulnerable.

The clicking sound of your handcuffs closing around my wrists and jingling on the headboard frame causes me a bit of anxiety and heightens my other senses. I hear you start to giggle as you place something rough feeling around my right ankle. “Is that rope?” I ask. “Yep,” you say sternly as you quickly pull it tight. I feel a lump in my throat as you finish tying my other leg tightly to the bed frame. You slip out of your sexy little red thong and push it into my mouth as you straddle your pet. Mmmmm, I can taste your sweet excitement as you can see and feel mine growing inch by throbbing inch.

As much as I am controlling you, I am also controlling myself just as much, maybe more. Seeing your cock grow, I want nothing more than to just take you right then and there; but no, I must wait, tease you some more, make this last. I decide to give you just a tease as I straddle you, and rub your cock over my wetness. The tease even drives me wild, but I pull myself together and sit on your chest, nibbling and kissing you all over, grinding my hips softly.

The head board clangs as I struggle to reach out and hold you. You giggle as you wiggle up my chest until heavens door is grinding on my chin. Chin turns to tongue as your soft grinding turns to a genital bucking motion. The taste of your sweet honey is divine and I lick up every drop greedily.

“Mmmm,” I moan, as that feels so good. I scoot my pussy closer to your face. I love the feel of your tongue on me. I lift up your blindfold on one side so that you can take in the sight of my pleasure. I play a bit of twister with myself and lean back to give your hard cock a few teasing strokes, running my index finger around the head a few times, then gripping the shaft gently, moving it up and down.

Pre cum starts to ooze from your pets throbbing cock so you stop the tease for a moment. I kiss and nibble your clit, then clamp down gently with my lips and start humming in a low pitch causing you to shudder with delight. Grabbing the back of my head with both of your hands you moan and quiver wildly until your sweet nectar starts to run down my smiling face.

I take your blindfold off completely, then undo the handcuffs from your wrists. “You are gonna need them,” I say, smiling at you before stealing a quick kiss. I then rotate my body so that we are in a 69 position. You hold my hips up so that you can have a better angle to my sweet wetness. With one arm propped up on a pillow to better hold myself up, I take your throbbing hardness into my other hand. Slowly, I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock.

After the third swirl around my rock hard teased cock it’s a struggle not to explode into your hott sexy mouth. I try to focus on lapping up every drop of your sweet wetness running my tongue from your swollen clit to the top of your tight little pucker.

Mmm, that feels so good I stop to take in all of the pleasure that you are giving me, distracted from your cock as well as giving you a break, not ready for you to come just yet. After I let you lick me for a while, I rotate myself so that my pussy is hovering over your cock. I am ready to ride my pony, so I slowly lower myself onto you, feeling every inch slip inside.

I moan with pleasure as your tight wet pussy squeezes your pony’s huge throbbing cock tightly! I gently caress the undersides of your perfect breasts playing softly with your nipples until they turn hard. You lean down and start nibbling on my neck while I begin fucking you slowly, with long deep strokes.

I nibble on your neck, my mouth traveling down to your chest, stopping to concentrate on your nipples. I suck and nibble, then very gently pinch, pull and twist. After playing with your nipples for a bit, my mouth travels back up your chest, nibbling some more on your neck, and finally up to your ears where I gently suck and nibble on your earlobe. I have a hard time concentrating as your strokes get deeper and faster. I moan into your ear, it feels so good.

You start bumping and grinding your clit against the base of your pets long deep stroking cock. I feel your sweet nectar oozing slowly down my balls as your moans become more and more intense. Grabbing two handfuls of your pony’s mane, you start to shake and quiver delightfully. I hold you tightly against my chest as your orgasm starts to intensifies and roll you over onto your back. Your nails move up and down your ponies back digging in when you feel another orgasm starting to well up inside. I struggle not to explode in paradise knowing there will be penalties for cumming without my owner’s permission.

“You have been such a good pet today, giving me such a great ride. Come with me now, I want you to give me your orgasm,” I pant as I grind my hips upward, harder and faster to hear you come. “Come, my pet, I want to hear you,” I say to encourage you to spill your seed inside me.

Just as you begin to orgasm I groan loudly as my seed starts to shoot deeply inside heaven’s gate. I feel your body stiffen and shake with pleasure as my seed gushes deep inside paradise. I keep grinding my hips against your clit until your orgasms subsides then collapse on top of your and whisper in your ear, “Thank you for letting me pleasure you.”

Bedtime Story – Part 5 (the last one)

Finding their movement restricted, Hito shifted once his shirt was free, rocking onto his side and spooning her close, nuzzling at her neck and ears all the while he worked on pulling the shorts off, revealing just how pent-up the discussion had left him – not just hard, but knotted already. “Rrr… would you… want to? I know Keiki didn’t give you a choice in the matter, but…”

“Mmm, it would be my pleasure to,” Shalina smiled with a naughty grin. She rolled over and manuevered herself so that her mouth was inches from his hardness. She bent her neck and gave a test lick at the knot, then all over the knot, then up the shaft, all the way to the top, flicking her tongue over the tip before taking it slowly into her mouth.

Hito let out a confused rumble as Shalina squirmed away, his tails retracting, only to let out a soft groan and close his eyes as the arcanine-fusion tended his need in person, the surprise coaxing a bit of pre out of him. “Nnnnhh… Shalina…” he dug his claws into the ground.

Shalina pauses to left her head up, taking his need into her hand instead. “Hmm? Is this not what you were asking?” Shalina gently bites her lip, embarrassed at what she was thinking now were assumptions.

Panting softly, laying his head back, Hito yipped at the grip of her hand. “N… no, but… keep going… this will help it…” His hips bucked lightly, helping the slickness of his shaft spread.
“Aah, ok,” Shalina mumbled and started over again, starting with the knot, up the shaft, around the tip, into her mouth. She sucked softly, and once she got a rhythm going, her head began to bob up and down, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, massaging his needs with her tongue.

Hito laid back down, knees spreading lightly as he allowed her in like this, twitching with every flick, closing his eyes tightly and letting out a fiery moan as his need started to build, tails shivering and rubbing along her belly, wrapping around her back, and one of them in particular rubbing between her own legs, clothing or no. “C… careful, sweetie… or… I’ll tie with your muzzle….”

Shalina lightened her pace on him and started working slower. She felt herself wetten even more than she had already been the second he started to rub between her legs. Between headstrokes she took her mouth off of him long enough to ask “Mmmm, is that doo much for you dear?”

Tensing and arching at the lighter touches, Hito found them difficult to resist, his heart pounding as he held onto the ground, tails twitching along those places. Feeling her relent briefly, he answered, “No… it’s…” he huffed, “… you know what tying is… right?”

Pausing once more and lifting her mouth off again, she replied, “No, whats it mean?” Instead of getting back to her task at hand, (errr, mouth) she waited for his explanation, while also hoping the pause made him crave even more.

“Mmph… see… this bulge, here?” Hito panted, lifting one hand to trace his knot, “It…” he blushed, “… balloons up a fair bit when we cum… traps us inside, ties us together, keeps us from disengaging before an egg forms, if it does…” breath steadying, he added, “If… I tied with your mouth, you wouldn’t be able to pull off until I softened.” he warned, heat still high.

Shalina swallowed hard. She was now slightly intimidated by that idea. On one hand she wanted to continue, but on the other she was afraid of that leading past the point of no return. Tying of the muzzle sounded quite scary. “Ahh, ok. Hmm, so what should I do? I am not quite sure I am ready to have my muzzle tied…” she trailed off.

Hito shivered a little, “Um…. just… don’t swallow it? If it inflates outside it’s not effective… it’d… take me a while to soften and do the real duty but… it’d work,” he offered, tails making another brush.

Shalina nodded, and happily went back to work, careful not to get the knot in her mouth, and leaving a little room (what she hoped was enough) for it to inflate when the time came. She started back up with running her tongue around the tip, then sucking on it, varying the pressure of the sucks.

So happy to have such a beautiful Arcanine tending him like this, Hito bucked slightly, trying to restrain himself, shivering from the nearly blinding feelings. “Ohhh…. gods… nnnh!” one sharp buck gave away his failure to control himself, thrusting a bit more, the pre continuing to leak. It wouldn’t take much more to open the valve…

Shalina kept at it, varying her pressures and tongue motions, never keeping the same pattern. With each thrust Hito gave, she was carful to ease off a bit so that the knot didn’t get close of her mouth to tie with it.

Her pressures kept his from stabilizing, his pulse pounding through that shaft and knot, sac hanging heavy with the need to sire. His claws dug back into the ground as he arched, thankfully keeping his knot away from her tongue, suddenly letting out a high yelp and thrusting once, unloading his heated seed into her muzzle, his knot swelling and, thankfully enough, only tying with the air. “Nnnngh!”

Shalina was ready, and able to swallow his seed as it flowed into her mouth. She was glad the knot stayed out of her mouth, as interesting (and probably intimadating) it may have been.

Held completely helpless by his peak Hito held on tightly, giving her plenty to swallow until it subsided, leaving him panting and shivering on the ground, his tails quivering softly as the heat left a haze around his body.

Once the flow stopped, Shalina maneuvered herself back up to lay face to face with Hito. She wrapped her arms around him for a snuggling hug and scooted herself closer to him, smiling. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed doing that,” she said.

Hito’s eyes slowly slid open as he looked upon her, rolling onto his side to face and hug her, shivering softly, his length still sensitive as it brushed her clothing. “I…. did,” he answered with a tremble. “Mmmurr…”

“I’m glad,” she said, smiling, nuzzling her head into his neck, hugging him tighter once he hugged back. She tingled at the feeling of his length brushing even her ckothing.

Nuzzling her neck just the same he murred deeply, panting softly, letting the fires die down. “Wooph… it felt… very different…” He smiled, purring, “But I’m willing to bet not half as nice as tying with you and getting you all bulging with an egg will…”

“Mmm, I bet. Well, we still have time. Would you like to go for round two and tie with me then? I seem to have a need myself now, if you know what I mean,” Shalina said softly, smiling at the idea of tying with him and carrying his egg.

“It’ll… have to wait until my knot goes down… but… we have things to do in the meantime,” he purred, leaning in to kiss her deeply, his claws moving, the blunt backsides scraping downward against her shirt and pants.

Shalina closed her eyes as she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around him, claws gently scratching his back.

Briefly engaging her love with his beneath the night sky he smiled into the kiss, tails moving slowly, a bit clumsily, as he’d been used to having three fewer. His hands took her shirt, lifting it over her head, then turned to her pants to bare the arcanine to him entirely, the todd letting his lower body fall away from hers to keep from disturbing his knot and taking it longer to unswell.

Shalina raised her arms to make removal of the shirt easier, then lifted her hips just enough to allow removal of her pants

Given time to remove her clothing and give her plenty of kisses, Hito purred happily, squirming away from her long enough to softly roll her onto her belly and lay down atop her, holding her sides and nipping softly at her neck. “Rrr… now for round two…”

“Oooo,” she said as her legs automatically opened up, ready to take him inside of her and fill her with his seed and egg. She purred at his nips and tilted her head back so he could have even more access to her neck. Her hips lifted to make it easier to penetrate her.

His tails curled beneath her, one wrapping her tail up to twine with it as he pressed close, pulling her rear up against his groin and giving him the angle he needed to poke, prod, and finally thrust once to seat himself inside with a yelp and moan!

Once inside her, Shalina tightened the muscles of her opening around him, giving him a pulsating sensation, as well as making herself tighter around his fullness. Also, claws softly scratching into his back, she lifted her head enough to go for his neck, first nuzzling, then biting gently, all over.

Hito let out a sharp moan at the bite to his neck, shivering, his hold to her body tightening as his shaft swelled suddenly, loosing another shot of fiery pre inside as the haze built. “Oh gods…” he whimpered, thrusting eagerly, as if to struggle to please his arcanine master before she ended his life, to struggle to appease her with a strong egg.

Shalina began following his thrusting with the lifting up and down of her hips, allowing for even deeper penetration. She shifted herself ever so slightly so that his hardness began rubbing ever so slightly against her G-spot. She moaned softly at the extra pressure-like feeling. “Ooh, yeah, right there,” she breathed.

Keeping his pace, raising it just a bit, Hito growled suddenly at the feeling of his knot pinching into her folds, the pressure building as it popped in, relaxing as it popped out, growing, threatening to tie them together as he growled and shivered, nodding weakly, getting fully into the swing of being such an aroused todd with such a beautiful arcanine loving him.

Shalina kept up the hip movements as well, keeping in tune with Hito’s thrusts. As she became closer to her peak, she scratched her nails a little bit deeper into his back, scratching up and down as best she could. Normally she failed at multitasking, but was quite successful tonight in keeping up with hip thrusts, back scratches and love nips. Oh how she loved this handsome ninetails named Hito.

Shivering and huffing with the feelings filling him, Hito let himself go, rutting her harshly, arching out above her as he let himself completely fill her passage with his male power, feeling it about to explode… he growled loudly, “L… last… chance… to back out….”

“And..why…would..I want to do..that?” she asked as she lowered her hips one last time before wrapping her legs around him, somewhat locking him into place, as well as stopping the scratches but wrapping her arms lovingly around his back, holding him close the her, her heart beating against his.

With Shalina’s confirmation, Hito snarled, arching himself out as his hindclaws tore furrows into the earth before catching hold, pulling her body toward his with a sharp tug, his knot straining before finally popping into her tunnel, another tug prompting a yelp, he’d tied himself inside! He loosed a heavy, choked sigh as he held on tightly and peaked, the tight squeeze of her body pulling out a thick blast of his seed, the angry heat piling against her eggs in abundance from his strong peak!

Hito reaching his peak was enough to make Shalina reach hers, her body tensing, moaning out in the sweet bliss of orgasm. After the peak slowed down to being over, she nuzzled into his neck, then softly whispered in his ear. “I love you.”

Losing himself to everything but the fires burning around both of them, Hito shuddered as he kept firing, filling her full of him, panting as he felt his strength waning and body weakening. Given no choice he laid down upon her, eagerly hugging her softly and nuzzling to her touch, purring back the same. “Love you…”

Smiling happily at hearing the words, Shalina lifted her face up from his neck to kiss him as deeply and passionately as they had kissed earlier, the scritches on his back starting up again ever so softly, lovingly.

His muzzle fitted to hers as they kissed happily, the ninetales shivering in the soft bliss and closing his eyes as he lay hilted and tied, not minding staying where he was for some time, feeling drained but happy to be alive. “Ooh…”

Unsure what he was thinking, Shalina quietly “hmms?” She was happy to have him where he was, with her. Just thinking about him, and him laying there with her made her heart fill with joy and love.

“Thank you…” Hito murred weakly, nuzzling her with a soft lick every so often and letting himself cool down, enjoying the cold night air.

Bedtime Story – Part 4

Nodding a little, Michelle concentrated, letting the glow sink over her and reveal the Venusaur. “So….”

Shalina watched the change, still fascinated at how fusions work. “Good to see you again Orchid.”

“You too.” Orchid put a hand on her shoulder, perhaps a bit more roughly than he thought. “Got any plans for the next few hours?”

“Hmm, not really. Just letting what ever happens happen. No set plans. I like to live moment by moment,” Shalina replied, wondering what Orchid had in mind.

One vine uncoiled, then another, a sweet, sedative scent wafting from the flower as Orchid smiled.

<Page> You page, “he’s in one of his ‘Orchid’ moods as I call them >.> basically aiming to sedate, restrain, and carry her off to wherever and have some fun” (Sent to Fijora)

Shalina closes her eyes, taking in the sweet scent, finding it very relaxing. She inhales deeply, exhaling slowly.

Orchid firmly rubbed along a shoulder, letting her relax, trying to hide his grin, certainly not seeming intimidated by the fire-type.

Shalina relaxes even more with the shoulder rub. She seems to have trouble keeping her eyes open.

Watching her eyes and keeping that restrained smirk, Orchid kept up the rub, those vines moving it to her back as well, watching things grow hazy – he’d used this tactic many times in combat, starting off with a sleep powder, and it seemed to work well here too…

Shalina seems to melt at the back rubs. She feels like she could sleep right now, but something in her wants her to stay awake. Is it that scent that is making her so relaxed and sleepy?

Orchid purred softly, “Getting sleepy, dear? Don’t worry, I can guard you…” he leaned in to nuzzle along her cheek lightly, the rubs staying strong.

Shalina half nodded, half mumbled. Yes she was getting very sleepy. Any second now and she would be if Orchid kept this up.

Letting himself fall silent, Orchid kept it up indeed, laying back down beside her.

A few more seconds and Shalina was out, sleeping peacefully after what seemed forever of drifting off. Her breathing became slow and even.

When the world returned, it seemed a lot darker, lit only by a candle against one corner of a room, smelling of underground, with Orchid nowhere to be found, and an odd weight around both ankles and both wrists, an almost sinister chuckling coming from behind. The

Venusaur had her where he wanted her. “Wakey wakey growlie…”

Shalina slowly opened her eyes, tried to stretch, but noticed she was restrained. “Eh? Orchid? Umm…” she kind of trailed off, unsure of what to do. She was slightly excited, but also confused as to what did happen.

He’d left her laying on her side, arms raised, laying in front of him, facing away. Letting his vines hold her arms and legs, his hand rubbed along her cheek softly, “Keiki said some… very good things about you, Shalina… I’m tempted to see if they’re all true.”

Shalina blushed at what Keiki may have possibly told Orchid. “Oh really? And what exactly did he say?” She may have blushed, but she was also feeling even more excited at what could happen next.

Orchid scooted in, tugging his vines lightly to roll her to face him – clad in nothing but those fine, bluish scales, and from the looks of things, well-informed of a particular tent exploit or two, and clearly aroused from them. “That you were oh so worth it… and a little confused on what it meant to the other halves of his fusion.” He grinned, “Don’t worry, growlie… the most I’d hurt you would be if you got pregnant.”

Shalina tried to gather her thoughts. She had never seen this side of Orchid before, and it seemed to be quite the turn on to her. She definitely liked someone taking control. “I never worried about you hurting me. In fact, I believe what you said earlier, about protecting me,” she said with a sly smile.

“Then let’s get these off,” Orchid half-purred, half-growled, moving the vines and deploying a few more to tug along her clothing, working on leaving her in just her fur. “Don’t worry Shalina.” He smirked, “No one will notice or be able to hurt us here. I don’t think you’ll miss Keiki at all after I’m through with you…”

“Oh? And how do you plan on doing that? I look forward to seeing what you got,” Shalina said feistily, flexing her wrists, and stretching now that she was finally no longer restrained.

The four vines pulled back, one of them lowering to tease along the base of her tail, up along toward her lower belly, as he reached for her shoulders and pulled her close, leaning in to nibble along the crook of her neck.

A few moments’ teasing and Orchid purred, continuing to nibble, <So, Shalina… have you seen any others of your own kind? Males, specifically?> he murmured, letting his arousal lay against her bare stomach, vines wrapping around the pair.

“Mmm, seen in what way?” Shalina asked. She had an idea of what he meant but wanted to make sure. Feeling his arousal on her bare stomach made her insides do nervous flip flops. She reached and felt his hardness, getting wet at feeling how aroused he was.

“Seen them aroused,” Orchid clarified, letting out a deep growl at the grip on his length, pulsing to the touch. “Rrrh… specifically…” he took her hand, moving it somewhat back, revealing an unusually canine growth at the base, still small but tactile. “… here.”

“Well, no actually. You and Keiki are the only ones I have been with to be honest,” Shalina blushed, feeling almost shy, and somewhat inexperienced.

“Usually it’s growlithes, vulpixes, eevees, and such that have these, but… a few others have them too,” Orchid purred, nibbling a little deeper, lowering his hips a little, rolling her onto her back and straddling her hips, sitting up for a moment tn gaze down at the trapped growlithe-fusion, slowly rubbing himself along her hand with a pacified growl. “Mmm…”

“Oh, ok,” Shalina murmured, unsure of what to say. She smiled mischeviously as Orchid rubbed himself along her hand. Her heart was pounding, excited anticipation filling her.
“Mmmm, so, what do you plan on doing with that?” she asked, taking hold of him, rubbing him, feeling his hardness.

Orchid’s eyes slid closed as he continued to rock, filling out fully in her hand, steadily pulsing back up to full arousal as he shivered softly, the vines retracting. “Mmnnn…. I…” the captor had lost himself, unfortunately, the frond letting out a sweet scent, familiar yet not sedative this time, and his mind too focused on the pleasure growing in his loins from her hand alone. “Rrrr….”

“Hmm? You like that?” Shalina asked, feeling him grow. His growing hardness made her even more aroused. She picked up her pace a little bit, giving him a firmer grip.

“Careful,” Orchid growled, leaning down to rest on all fours above her, grunting and gritting his teeth, pulsing in his grip, knot swelling a bit. “Too much of this and… I won’t fit inside… I’ll have to mess up all your lovely fur or feed it to you…”

“Mmm, which would you prefer?” Shalina asked, lifting her hips a little to give Orchid a suggestion. She also licked her lips, hoping to give him another option. She slowed down her rubbing to give him a little room to think. She loved feeling how aroused she made him, and was tempted to test hers and his limits.

“Depends… on…” Orchid struggled, the scent growing as he leaned down, pulling his hips back to tease along her tunnel, a few prods finding the mark and the pent-up venusaur quickly diving himself as deep as he could with a feral roar!

Shalina lifted her hips when she felt him enter her, giving off a shudder of pleasure. She squeezed him where he filled her, making herself tighter for his pleasure. “Mmmm, you feel good inside me,” she whispered in his ear. She lifted her head a bit to find his neck and licked, then gave a playful nibble.

Taking a moment to settle against her, Orchid growled softly, closing his eyes and nuzzling her cheek, only to groan and pulse heavily at the bite to his neck, shivering and stretching it out as he started to thrust. “Nnngggh… Shalina….” his growls pained, yet pleasured, pre eagerly leaking against her eggs…

Shalina began slowly rocking her hips. She smiled at his reaction to the bite and softly licked and gave a few more love nips. “Mmmm,” she moaned, wrapping her front paws around his back, starting some light scritches.

Paws found the base of the flower, then his muscular back a bit lower. Orchid bucked eagerly against her, panting for breath, groaning softly as his knot continued to swell, pinching in and out, “Ggghh… last… chance to…. GAH!” he growled, suddenly holding himself deep against her, pulsing rapidly, knot quickly swelling and tying the pair together as he trembled, struggling to stay up…

“Hmm? Last chance to what?” Shalina breathed, running her claws gently up and down his back, careful of the flower. Her hips still rocking, she picked up the rhythm a little bit, rocking them faster, feeling Orchid getting close, her own climax near as well.

Orchid tightly shut his eyes, starting to thrust again, though the tie left him only able to jab sharply, stuck inside and continuing to pulse, the pre thickening as he gripped her shoulders, holding on, trying to hold it off. “C-celebi it’s close….”

“Ooh, right there, so close,” Shalina murmured in Orchid’s ear. She let her claws dig in a little more, still being careful of the flower, while rocking her hips as fast as she could, as much as the tightness would let her.

Orchid tossed his head back, holding tightly to her shoulders, before diving back down and biting on her neck, growling loudly into her crook as the dam broke, unloading his thick seed against her eggs, eyes tightly closed as he worked on filling his chosen and knotted female full of their young…

“Ahh, yeah,” Shalina moaned in pleasure as she wrapped her front legs around Orchid, herself tightening around him as she also reached climax, her body shuddering in warmth and pleasure. She lifts her head slightly to find his lips, giving him a deep and passionate kiss. “Thank you,” she whispers in his ear.

Coming down from climax feeling unusually empty, finding his lips pressed to hers, Orchid purred lightly, keeping his eyes closed and nuzzling her softly, one hand moving to her belly as if to feel for the warmth he’d left there. “Rrh… don’t… think it’s over,” he growled, grinning lightly. “Neither of us is going anywhere until my knot unswells…” he gave a short thrust, groaning, and loosing a shot of what didn’t come out with his earlier peak. “… and that may be a while,” he smirked.

Shalina’s eyes opened to see Orchid smiling, and smiled herself. “Well, we have all night. I certainly don’t plan on going anywhere,” Shalina said, grinning at the idea of going at it again. She started to tingle between her legs, remembering how he had her tied up, in total control over her.

“Me either… and… ha, Keiki’s proposing a bet…” Orchid laughed softly, nibbling on Shalina’s neck again, resting for the moment. “Seeing whether the Venusaur or the Floatzel can give you an egg first… rrr…” feeling the tingle he held still, needing a while to rest before another romp.

“Heh, who do you think will win?” Shalina chuckled at the proposed bet. She found the weight of Orchid on top of her comforting, she noticed. She reached up to kiss him again. “So, do you agree with what Keiki said about me being worth it and all?” she asked, lifting her eyebrows, curious at what he thought of her.

“Me, obviously,” Orchid grinned, nuzzling eagerly. “Worth it? Of course… you’re so fun to dominate. I’m going to -enjoy- making you swell with eggs…” he rubbed her belly firmly, “Nice and warm, too… and… rrrh…” he testingly drew back, tugging on her passage with his knot, then thrusting once, then again, seemingly recovered. “Hope you’re ready…”

“Mmmm, always ready. And to be honest, I enjoyed being dominated like that. It was quite thrilling,” Shalina stated, lifting her hips slightly, getting ready to start rocking again.

Grunting eagerly as he started to thrust anew, still held in place by that knot, Orchid growled happily, loving such a hot squeeze on his arousal and letting short fingerclaws dig into her shoulders. “Dominated, huh…? Maybe I should treat you like I do most wild ‘mon then…” his vines extended, twitching and shivering with his pleasures.

“Mmm, maybe you should. I might like that,” she replied, tightening herself at his thrusts.

Orchid took a deep breath, “Maybe… after… nngh!” he growled suddenly, thrusting once and starting to pulse rapidly again, nibbling along her neck, ears folding back. “Ohh… gods!” he rumbled, the spasming against her tightness setting him off again, his second peak as productive as the first…

Shalina gasped at the sudden filling. Knowing that he was climaxing was enough to get her to the top as well, her body shivering in spasms of pleasure. “Mmm, you feel so good,” she said, wrapping herself tight around him, loving him.

Her peak kept his going, the venusaur unloading himself fully, his hand moving back to her belly to feel every twitch and tightening as he sprayed again, panting over her neck and letting the feelings consume him completely, kept spasming against her eggs for quite some time. “Nnngh…. so good…. rrr…”

Shalina lifted her neck slightly, just enough to reach her lips to his to give him a soft and gentle kiss, then nuzzled into his neck, kissing it, then, smiling to herself gently nibbled it, wondering how he would react.

The nibbles to his neck found him starting to cool down, but with the sensation he tightened again, the sedative powders loosing from his flower as he found himself still caught in his peak, hugging her tightly, his vines still twitching from the release.

“Mmm, you like that, huh?” she asked lightly, knowing what she does to him, proud at herself for making him so worked up. Shalina felt his hug tighten, and hugged him back, feeling warmth and comfort in his arms/vines.

Bedtime Story – Part 3

Keiki’s head tilted lightly, as if noticing an odd scent in the air, before he doused the fire, opened up the tent flap, and crawled inside, curling up along the outside wall.

Shalina followed inside, stomach still going crazy with what she would call a nervous excitement. She curled up along the opposite wall, not sure what to do. The obvious answer was to sleep, but her mind was going crazy with images of things she never thought of before.

“Feeling okay? Any shortness of breath, or… anything else?” Keiki asked, not really having much room except to lay next to her, rumbling slightly, still dressed in nothing but trunks. So businesslike with his bloodline, it seemed.

“Heh, funny you should ask. Honestly, I feel slightly short of breath. Not sure why, though I don’t think its from anything that happened today. How about you, how are you feeling?” Shalina asked, with a mental image of Keiki snuggling up to her in the middle of the night.
Oh, how nice that would be, she thought to herself.

“Pretty good actually, I don’t often get visitors,” Keiki purred, scooting a little closer to hug and nuzzle cheek to cheek if she seemed receptive, his ears comfortably laying back as he let out a soft yawn.

Shalina smiled at the nuzzle, and scooted closer to Keiki. Impulsively (which she had been feeling more impulsive each time they met, she reached out her neck and gave Keiki a quick kiss on the cheek. Just as quick as she did it though, she pulled her neck back to where it was, shocked at what she had just done. She was proud, yet shocked.

“Mm…” Keiki’s purr grew, his nuzzles a little stronger as he cuddled close, enjoying the warmth. He leaned in closer, snuffling lightly along her neck, ‘mon instincts seeming to take over as his tails swayed softly.

Shalina cuddled closer, her instincts taking over as well. Her tail flicked a little, then began to wrap around Keiki’s tail.

Feeling the tails wrap, Keiki closed his eyes, mumbling something soft about an egg, then rearing up onto his knees briefly to move her beneath him, resting over her back and taking her vulnerable scruff in his jaws with a soft tug – a sign of domination, one hand hugging her tightly as the other tried to keep his growing need from permanently damaging his trunks.

Shalina intakes a breath, startled but excited at the tingly feeling between her legs. She lets Keiki move her under him, and moans slightly at his sign of domination. She wraps both arms around him, hugging his back while arching her hips up towards the bulge in his trunks.

Keiki growled softly, his eyes still closed, turning to her clothing after freeing himself. He couldn’t lie to himself, the sight and scent of her soft fur enticing him, oh how he wanted nothing to separate them, seeming almost impatient with the hindering clothing in the way, claws prickling lightly along her belly as he fumbled with the belt.

Shalina removes her arms from around Keiki long enough to help him get off her shirt. As soon as her shirt was off, she wraps her arms around him, letting her nails slide up and down his back, softly digging into the fur, turning the rubs into scratches. She reaches her head up to nip at his neck, softly kissing and sucking along it.

“Ayi…” Keiki arched out above her, giving her access to his neck for those touches, one arm holding him up as the other tossed her shirt aside, then worked on her pants, his length aching, so close yet so far, his heart starting to pound against hers, the float collar fully inflating.

Shalina notices his reactions to the love bites and keeps it up, kissing and suckling on his neck. She feels that tingling between her legs get more urgent, also feeling very wet there. She arches her hips again to make it easier for Keiki to get off her pants.

Keiki kept his neck stretched out for those attentions, panting softly, his eyes closed and jaw agape as he tugged off those pants, hind claws catching and bunching them up against the side of the tent. He whimpered softly, his free hand roaming around her lower belly, seeking that wetness…

Shalina keeps up the attention to Keiki’s neck, her nips and sucks between light and deep (but making sure not to be too rough). She lowers her hips and wraps her legs around Keiki, just out of pure instinct.

Letting out a soft groan at the tight wrap, Keiki found he couldn’t resist her any longer, letting himself drop enough to tease her vitals with his own briefly before finding his mark and hugging her tightly, making the first siring plunge as he pressed his cheek tightly to hers with a deep, unsatisfied feral growl – this floatzel had his growlithe, and he sought to rut her, to make it count even if it meant making it hurt.

Shalina gasped as she felt Keiki enter her, filling her with his hardness, sliding in so easily thanks to her wetness. She feels herself wrap around him as he’s inside her, making a slow pulsating sensation for him. She arches up her hips to take in more of him, he felt so good.

Keiki let out a firm grunt, pressing as deep as their bodies would allow, holding himself there to feel her body against his, collar pillowing against her chest as he held tightly to her shoulders, hind claws tearing holes in the tent floor to give him leverage. Briefly lifting his head to nuzzle her cheek, then kiss softly, he let it fall again to close jaws on her neck before starting a rhythm, slow and powerful.

“Mmmm…” Shalina let out as Keiki bit her neck. She never would have imagined this felt so good, as she started her own rhythm with her hips going up and down. She continues the scratching down his back, her nails digging in a little bit more with each thrust.

Arching his back into those scritches, Keiki let out a loud growl, especially as one strayed close to his float, his hold shifting from loving to passionate as he picked up speed, his teeth teasing along her vulnerable throat, one eye staring down into one of hers, narrowed, challenging…

Shalina looked back into Keiki’s eyes, smiling. Seeing the challenge in his eyes, she arched her neck back for him, trusting him completely. As his speed picked up, so did the movements of her hips. “Mmm, harder,” she moaned.

The purrs and growls doubled as that Floatzel saw his female’s response, rising to his challenge, egging him on. Half enraged, half encouraged, he held nothing back, claws digging into her shoulders just shy of drawing blood, swollen, pulsing shaft diving deep against her eggs with every thrust, hips forcing it fully inside as quickly as they could.

Fighting the growing burn in his muscles he stiffened around her, tightening, his body warming up… he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long, but by damn, he wouldn’t go out with a whimper!

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Shalina moans, nails digging lower into Keiki’s back, hips moving as fast as they can. She tightened herself around Keiki’s shaft, beginning the pulsating as best she can. She looks into his eyes, searching for a kiss, warm and passionate.

Ears perked to her moans, and Keiki held himself high in the fevered rhythm of their siring for as long as he could, but quickly the moment was upon him, hurriedly pulling his jaws away from her neck and arching against her, holding himself tightly to her and letting out a loud purring growl into the small space of the tent, one final thrust seating himself fully inside, pulsing rapidly, unloading his seed against her eggs with every pound of his heart against hers!

Shalina’s back and hips arched, allowing Keiki to be fully inside, legs wrapped around tight, the orgasm was upon her as well as she moaned, feeling herself pulsate around his shaft, as if her body was helping him pump out his seed. Once her body stopped quivering from the spasms of pleasure, she lowered herself back down to the tent floor and hugged
Keiki, nuzzling his neck.

As soon as it had arrived, it was gone, and Keiki found himself weakening, slowly lowering himself down to rest on top of her, panting hotly over her cheek as he softly nuzzled back, his growls quieting to pleasured purrs. His fur was drenched with sweat, and he still twitched every so often against and inside her, catching his breath and enjoying the second half of a productive day.

“That was amazing, beautiful,” Shalina breathed, reaching up to lick Keiki’s neck, grooming him. She then moved her head so that she could look into his eyes. She felt the heat rush her again, but she kept it at bay, feeling Keiki’s exhaustion. “Thank you,” she said softly as she slowly reached out to kiss him. The feeling had been growing, but Shalina was sure that what she was feeling for Keiki was love. She smiled at the thought as their lips touched.

Looking down upon her, Keiki nodded lightly, only able to purr in reply, leaning down to kiss as she wished, and panting softly through his nose. Slowly he let his eyes close, deepening the kiss, fully relaxing, even with them together so… his shaft twitching and swelling again within her folds, as if it was preparing for another despite its owner’s exhaustion.

Shalina feels a second wind as she feels Keiki swell inside her, the wetness already starting again. She closes her eyes as he kisses her, and smiles within herself. Today may have had a turn for the worst, but it sure made up for itself. She wonders what Keiki is going to do about the swelling cock inside her. She pulsates her opening around it, inviting him to go again, providing he has the energy.

Gasping softly at the tight grip, Keiki arched out above her, panting softly and drawing himself mostly out, shivering against her, thrusting himself slowly back in and purring harshly from the feelings of being against her so. “Hrrh… I… hope you’re… prepared,” he warned, moving with half the speed, but double the feeling. “… I’ll… keep at it until… you egg…” he blushed lightly, some of his master’s restraint showing but not much.

Shalina raises her hips in response, ready for anything, and pleased at the response Keiki had to her inviting tightness (and wetness). Once again she reaches up to start the pattern of nipping and sucking at his neck, nails scratching into his back.

“We… Floatzels… don’t last long, but… quickly…” he panted, nuzzling her cheek, “… recov–aaah!” he growled, arching out again, leaving his neck open, the feeling of the bite prompting a sharp tense and a blast of what didn’t quite make it out last time, his renewed strength pulsing eagerly against her vitals as he rocked firmly, his hands resting against the ground, keeping him up and open to her to dominate in return.

“Mmm, you’re doing just fine,” Shalina breathes into his ear. Moving from his neck, Shalina takes the love nips and suckles to his ear, concentrating on his lower ear lobe, moving her tongue softly over it, teasing him with it. There were other things she wanted to do with her mouth and tongue, but she was too shy to offer. He had to ask for it.

Not that he would, likely – he seemed content enough with getting his pleasures (and hers) from how they lay, and a little too focused on ensuring they’d sire to put it any other place. Feeling her tongue and teeth move to his ear, he let it lay back for her, his purrs falling a bit as he kept moving, keeping the rhythm even, whimpering softly. “Nnn… my… neck…. bite it…. nngh!” he pleaded softly, gripping the ground, tails flicking wildly… it didn’t seem to take too much more to work him back up to full heated power.

Feeling a surge of wetness at the command, Shalina went to his neck and bit. “You like that?” she asked him under her breath, “mmmm, like that, right there, feels sooo good,” she panted, then went back to teasing his neck and bit, nipping, kissing, and finally sucking, with her tongue massaging where she bit.

Keiki let out a defeated moan and tightened against her, his eyes closing and ears folding, helpless but to drive himself deep once again, the attentions to his neck triggering another release as he held on as tightly as he could, struggling to stay up as he kept unloading…

Shalina lifted her hips as much as she could, tightening herself around Keiki’s shaft, urging him to let it out, her own orgasm coming on stronger than the last. She felt her body pulsate around him, and as the last spasms shake her body, heart pounding, she wraps her arms around Keiki and pulls him for a close hug. “I love you, Keiki,” she whispers in his ear. She looks up into his eyes, going for another kiss.

Her attention kept his going, appropriate to his type, leaving him well and truly running on empty by the time they’d relaxed against each other. He laid his cheek to hers, panting slowly, eyes fluttering as he let out a soft, pleasured groan. “Rrr… Shalina… thank you,” he murmured, lazily kissing back.

Bedtime Story – Part 2

She wanted him. It had only been an hour since their climax, but she wanted more, needed to be filled again. She felt her lady parts turn hot and swell with need. Speaking of need, she could tell from the stiffness poking her backside that he needed more too.

Slipping back out of her had nearly set him off again, and with the weakness in his muscles he’d left himself just as vulnerable. With her fur slowly sliding over his length with just the movement it took to breathe, he shivered, poking her again, breathing shallowly. “So… hot,” he murmured, wrapping arms around her from behind, carefully angling himself to slide back in with a deep rumble. “If we’re not careful we’ll be at it ’till daybreak,” he half-joked.

“Mmm, you make it sound like that’s a bad thing, and that my love, is where I would have to disagree.” she announced teasingly. She rolled herself over so that she could kiss him, smile at him, and kiss him more. While kissing, she reached her right paw under the covers and began stroking his ever hard maleness.

“Mmh… These are good plans,” he moaned lightly, her grip quickly returning him to full strength, lightly sliding against it, kissing her right back, breath heavy.

“Mmm, glad we agree. Now, how would you like it?” She asked, grinning mischievously, giving him a feel of all three. First gently stroking his cock, then carefully taking it into her mouth and massaging the tip with her tongue. Lastly, she rubbed it near her aching and waiting lady parts. Oh, she wanted to suck him, to taste his seed, but she wanted him to choose.

He laid still as she moved, rumbling as she tested him, length twitching with each touch, bucking lightly from each. “Ooh… I think… you suckling it,” he concluded, curling to hug her from behind yet keep himself offered, stiff and lightly flexing with need.

“Ooo, good choice my love,” she said softly as she scooted down further to better situate herself for her favorite task at hand (er, mouth). She got a light grip on his lower shaft and bent her head down onto his quivering member, giving the tip a teasing flick with her tongue, then circling it to get it nice and wet.

He shivered, between grasp and lick, body warming up quickly, need growing. For a moment he tried to curl fully around, using his serpentine shape, then at one brush found himself sprawled out, murring deeply and trying not to buck too hard, a shot of pre rewarding her efforts. “Mmm…”

Once his throbbing tip was nice and wet, she slowly took it, inch by inch, deeper into her mouth. As it slid deeper, she sucked the tip and swirled her tongue around the shaft and head, giving him a satisfying tease.

One hand reached to her shoulder as he tensed up along his body, closing his eyes tightly. “Mmmmm, so hot…” he murmured, lightly sliding himself against her attentions, pre flowing more with the tease as he inhaled sharply.

“Ooo, you have such a nice cock,” she breathed to him. Firming her left paw’s grip on his lower shaft only slightly, she began slowly bobbing her head up and down the rest of his hardness. Slowly and steadily she increased her pace, building a rhythm for herself.

He found himself panting, gripping her shoulder tightly as he tensed, eyes tightly shut, body pulsing and flexing until the teases allowed him to break through. “Ghh, that’s it love… Ah!” He struggled to hold still as he peaked, filling her mouth with his thick seed.

Bedtime Story – Part 1

When Will and I were together, he had a thing for furry stuff, which eventually turned into a sexual hang up for him. He could not be turned on mentally unless he pictured furry/pokemon type scenes, instead of being turned on by me alone. I helped fix that by cybering (before we moved in together) with him and after we moved in together, we would each take turns writing a scene on my phone as we lay in bed together. That usually got him in the mood. I have his permission to post these. Since I have run out of things that I want to write about, here they are. This is part one. I believe there are five. Keep in mind the basic setting if furry/pokemon type, and a few were done on a MUCK client called Pokemon Fusion (Pokemon fuse with human). I hate that place for other reasons, but like the few stories we made.


It had been some time since his sweetheart had been truly his, some time since his coils had held her helpless in the grass, either hand gripping a pillowy breast, leaving her room to breathe and struggle but not escape, fangs poised against her neck from above…

She loved it when he held her down like this, loved being dominated by him. Hell, she just loved him and gave herself completely to him. As he held the tiger bitch down she wrapped her back paws around him, pulling them closer together.

“Gods you’re hot, girl,” he had hissed, sure to let his tongue tickle through and beneath her neck fur. He’d shifted to slide his body fully along her back, his textured scales rubbing from along her belly to beneath her tail, obviously trying to tease and warm her up. All the while he’d held that same slight grin, drunk with the power she allowed him.

She loved it when he teased her like this. It never failed to make her ready for him in seconds. She loved the thrill of having him there so close to her, not knowing what he was gonna do next, or how far he would take it. Sometimes he gave her just enough tease to make her want him more, but most of the time he followed through with what he started. She wanted him, was ready for him. She moaned with pleasure and need. “Please,” she said, “I need you inside me soon. I don’t know how much more I can take. It’s been so long, and too long at that.”

Hearing her moans, her need, he grinned wider, tightening his coils a bit, then relaxing them, revealing that his need had grown just as much, pressing against the base of her tail, sliding along her bare skin. “How badly…?” he rumbled, though they both knew it was too late to put it off any longer, and with a sharp grunt and tight coil, he pressed himself deep, closing his eyes and reveling in the beginnings of feelings they’d both gone too far without.

The instant he slid inside her was the instant her body gave way completely. She melted around him and tightened around him. She flexed a few times, giving him a gentle squeezing tease. “Oh, yes, right there,” she moaned as she thrust her hips upward to take even more of him in.

He allowed himself a deep moan, eyes half-closing as his fingers, coils, and maleness took deep purchase, letting himself embrace being laid so bare in his brutal dominance of his tiger bitch, quickly fitting his body flush to hers. At her movements he released his grip a bit, allowing her to work him so, enjoying how her body could make him feel again after so long.

She began a rhythmic grinding of her hips, moaning each time he went deeper inside. It was amazing how fully satisfied he made her, inside and out.

Soon he laid almost completely still, testing her strength, groaning with the tight grip around his power, heat rising quickly. With how long it had been, he wouldn’t need much. “Gods, I’d forgotten…” He shifted, dragging his muzzle against her chin, groaning into her throat, needing this hold.

“Mmmm, you feel so good,” she moaned softly. She could feel the pressure deep inside her building, and she knew it wouldn’t take much longer for her to reach climax.

Unable to keep himself from flexing against her strength the serpent renewed his grip with a loud grunt, closing his eyes and twisting himself to thrust again into her, shaft straining to contain the building pressure. “Ahh… Can’t hold it… any longer…!” he groaned, unable to resist the full, powerful wrench of his entire body as he gave in and bit down on her neck, thick seed shooting against her eggs.

At his thrust she wrapped her front paws around his back, being careful of her claws. Tilting her neck to the side to welcome his love nip, she let out a deep moan. Her body had reached its full climax as she tightened her grip around his filling manhood.

For a moment they were completely alone save to each other, their bodies tightened around each other as their peaks mingled into a moment of bliss for them both. He seemed to relax first, trembling softly, keeping his eyes closed, hands gripping her shoulders. “Mmh, mm…



I am really excited about coming back to blogging, or at least trying to keep things regular on here. I think I completely lost my readers, which is understandable for being gone so long. I now must start over. I can’t guarantee that what I have to say will be very interesting, nor will it have much naughty stuff, but I need this outlet back.

You see, the other night I was browsing through Will’s old role playing chat logs and I came across something very upsetting to me, something that I am still debating on whether or not I should mention to him. I think for now I am gonna be quiet about what I saw, because first off I did not have permission to be there, so it was my fault for being nosy.

So, what did I find? Almost every single RP session had at least one cyber-like scene that he did. This pisses me off for several reasons. Number one, he said he had stopped doing that. Number two, I felt insulted, because I had asked to do that with him before and after we did that once, and he was never interested. Turns out those nights he was in such a hurry to get home, he ended up cybering. I almost feel like he cheated on me. There was one particular chat/cyber session that he had that that night he said he would do it with me. He kept putting it off so much that night, waiting for me to go to bed, and as soon as I logged off, he started cybering with some random person. That hurts so much.

Now, he has not been on said RP place since July, a month before we moved in together, but he said long before that that he was not into what these people wanted, the cybering. He told me they always started to try and he would tell them no. Lies. He let them continue, and even joined in himself.

I feel so insulted. I mean, I looked up to this guy so much, pretty much put him on a pedestal, admiring his self control (as frustrated as I may get sometimes), and yet here he was going behind my back the whole time. I will admit he does not go to the RP place anymore, but still, he lied when he was doing it. That hurts.

This is what made me decide to come back into the blogging world, at least for now. I missed it like crazy for one thing. I also feel like I missed and wasted a bunch of time by not doing it. I quit doing all things naughty, thinking of all things naughty, completely dropped this blog when we got together because it did not feel right. He said before that he would tell those people no cybering when we got together, that it did not feel right. Lies. So, because he seemed to have kept his outlet, I am going to bring mine back. I need it.

I also need advice. What do you think I should do? Keep quiet, or bring up the cybering? I feel like he kind of owes me at least an explanation, because I feel like I have changed for nothing, which will be another topic (probably next post) for another day.


Lately, my body has been filled with an aching need, with cravings of intimacy, wishing to feel his hand run smoothly up and down my body, eventually seeking out the parts that crave the most attention. My nipples, my clitoris, my dripping wet pussy, aching for his hard cock to fill me.

However, as much as I crave and feel I need this intimacy, I must wait. Will wants to wait, and his decision I totally respect. When he stays over, I bite my tongue to prevent myself from asking, begging for that intimacy I so feel I need.

Though I don’t regret my sex and adventure filled year before Will, I feel like it ruined me. I had gotten so used to being used, to being a turn on to someone, to helping someone get off, getting off from seeing them getting off, that it drives me nuts when Will gets his own “need” poking into my back, then rolling over to the other side, ignoring his need.

I don’t know how he does it. On one hand, I completely respect his control, his restraint, but at the same time, it makes me worry that I am not good enough. I have mentioned this to him, and hes assured me multiple times that I am good enough, he just wants to focus on other things about us besides just sex at this point, and that sex and everything else (foreplay, oral, manual, etc) can wait until marriage.

Yes, I know its not normal how he feels, especially since he is a young man in his prime. Sometimes it drives me crazy knowing he is so different, especially when all I can think about is how much I miss being touched intimately, touching and feeling someone else the same way.

Again, I respect his decision to wait. I respect it so much because I didn’t get to wait. Toby took advantage of my situation and made it so I didn’t get to wait. That last thread of virginity was lost to Toby without my consent. I don’t want to do to Will what Toby (and anyone else) did to me. I do know that if the sex hadn’t happened with Toby, I wouldn’t have had sex with anyone else, meaning Will could be my first. You have no idea how much I wish he could be my first.

Last night Will had an offer for me though. He wanted to cyber. You know me, I was more than eager to at the idea. I asked if he wanted to involve webcams, and he said no. Okay fine, I can handle that (as much as I would have loved to see him jack himself off). So, we got to work, and wrote something so erotic, so arousing, that I was able to cum 3 times. I could have went more, but I ended up (accidentally) killing the moment.

You see, I like detail. I like to know what I am doing for the other person. I like to know what they are doing to themselves (especially if there are no webcams). Caught up in the moment and out of pure habit, forgetting who I was talking to, I asked him how many times our “session” got him off. He said he did not want to discuss that. Right, I forgot that subject was off limits to him, as he feels that is a very personal and private activity. I apologized, and he changed the subject. He soon went to bed.

I went to bed feeling very satisfied, our “scene” repeating itself over and over in my head. Everything we “did” in that scene I was able to picture so clearly, it was like it had actually happened. I look forward to the day when he finally does want to make love to me.  I may have went to bed feeling satisfied, with images of us making animalistic love (with a feeling of guilt for ruining the moment), I also woke up a very horny and frustrated female; a female with needs and cravings even stronger than before.

All day our “scene” played over and over in my head, and all day that wetness between my legs tingled and throbbed, seeking attention. As of right now, I can only sit and fantasize, reminding myself that patience is a virtue. I have two sets of batteries charging, with the plan of hopefully wanking my frustration out of me.

All in all, I know that what Will and I have is special, and from what I have seen, what we did try once, it is also beautiful. I can only wait for the day when I can see how much more beautiful and passionate things can get. As I said before, I don’t regret the things I learned in the year before Will, but I do feel disheartened at the fact that those events ruined me, gave me a reputation, and taught me what I am missing for now. However, I do know what I can look forward to, as far away as the day seems.