Product Review – We-Vibe Rave

I absolutely love G-Spot stimulation. That is why I was very excited to try the We-Vibe Rave from the awesome folks at Betty’s Toy Box. I received this toy free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The Rave is a rechargeable vibrating G-Spot dildo that can be controlled via buttons on the toy and/or smartphone app called “We-Connect.” The app is neat because you can connect to a partner or control it yourself.


The We-Vibe Rave comes with USB charging cord, satin drawstring pouch, instruction booklet, and a sample lube packet by Pjur. The Rave is unfortunately not waterproof, but it is Splash proof.

The App

Downloading the free “We-Connect” app will give both you and your partner control of the Rave. The app allows you to use the pre-programmed settings or make your own. There are also three different chat functions to allow you to communicate with your partner: text chat, video chat, and voice chat. The boyfriend and I had a blast playing with all the different app settings. The connection is pretty clear for all three chat settings. However I am not sure if it was a bug at the moment, or if it was something wrong with my Bluetooth connection, but I had to keep my phone right next to the Rave to stay in control during solo play. I preferred the app over the buttons on the toy to control because I found the toy hard to press to change settings. The downfall to the phone (at the time) was spotty Bluetooth connection and getting lube and other juices on my phone.

The Toy

The Rave is made with the always amazing We-Vibe vibrations. It gives off strong, deep, and rumbly vibes. It is quiet, and easily muffled by blankets and/or pillows. Unfortunately it did not hit my G-Spot the way I liked. It wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact the toy itself felt nice, but I just didn’t feel like my G-spot was stimulated. The Rave is 7.6″ long and its widest point is 1.22.” It is made from 100% silicone that is velvety smooth.


Overall, the Rave is a great toy. Unfortunately it just didn’t hit my G-Spot the way that it was designed. It is still a wonderful toy, and it will still be used for fun, especially if my relationship goes long distance (which is a huge possibility). My partner and I had a blast with the app and its many different features and settings, nonetheless. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. You can get your own at Betty’s Toy Box. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box!

Product Review – Quad Silicone Whip

The Quad Silicone Whip was one of those things that I saw and had to have. I had never heard of it until I saw it in a list of available toys to review. I had been curious about getting something for whipping and trying it out with the boyfriend, and also it had been a while since I got a new dildo. The Quad Silicone Whip is a two in one, with a dildo handled silicone whip. The perfect two in one. I received this toy free from Good Vibes in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

The Whipping End

The whip is made with four silicone strands with small weights at each end. With  a light stroke there is not much to feel, which is good for a beginner like me. For the more experienced, a harder stroke is ideal. However, one thing that we did notice was that the weights at the end needed to make contact to really leave a sting. The handle is very comfortable to hold. I love the feel of the soft silicone and the ridges make nice grips.

The Dildo End

The dildo is made of velvety soft silicone. There is not a whole lot of squish to it (though there is some) and it is not very flexible. There is a hint of a flared base, but I would not recommend this toy as anal safe due to the fact that there is such a small degree of flare (a lot less than toys that have a very prominent flared base).

All Together

From end to end, the Quad Silicone is 18 inches long. The insertable handle is 5 1/2 inches long, with the widest insertable diameter being 1 5/8 inches. Overall I feel like this is the perfect 2 in 1 toy. Thank you Good Vibes for letting me try this!


Pleasure Works Pop Top Deluxe – Sex Toy Review

**I have always wanted an attachment for my Hitachi Magic Wand (Old Version) since I bought it in 2008). Sadly the wand went mostly unused because I felt the vibrations to be too buzzy for me. Fast forward seven years and I got the chance to review one from the wonderful folks at Good Vibes.
I received the Pop Top Deluxe free in exchange for an honest review.**
The Pop Top Deluxe comes in two colors, purple and black shimmer. I chose black since I have quite a few purple toys and no black ones. The texture is of a very soft and smooth silicone, but can cause quite a bit of drag if not used with a decent amount of lube. The Pop Top Deluxe really does just pop on and off of the Magic Wand, making the name “Pop Top” make sense.
The Pop Top Deluxe is a G-Spot toy, however I was a little disappointed when it didn’t even touch my G-Spot. In fact, I could barely get the toy inside me. I kept wishing it was just a few inches longer. I tried several different angles, trying to get more depth. I think it was a combination of the toy being a tad bit too short and the way I am built, added with the fact that I am just not used to holding my Magic Wand. The wand just made it feel very top heavy and awkward.
I do have good news about it though! The Pop Top Deluxe acted as a nice barrier between the wand and my clit, making the vibrations feel less buzzy. It felt really good to hold it between my legs and just let myself just absorb the vibrations.
Overall, I didn’t hate the toy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I might. I haven’t lost my faith in Magic Wand attachments, especially since this one seemed to make the Hitachi vibrations less buzzy and more bearable. I would give it a two out of five stars, as it left a lot to be desired.
Thank you Good Vibes for a chance to review this toy.

Sex Toy Review – Pleaure Works Riley

** I received the Pleasure Works Riley free from Good Vibes in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.**

The Riley is a 100% pure silicone dildo that comes with a vibrating bullet. I got mine in teal color, but it also is available in purple. Riley has a flared base, so he is good for anal play and strap on play. I consider the Riley slightly below average in size when it comes to dildos. He doesn’t feel too big, nor too small. Riley is 6 1/2” x 1 3/8” in diameter. Over all, I think this is definitely not a “size queen” toy. I don’t think beginners should have a problem, except maybe with inserting/removing because of the bulbous head. A good amount of lube should help with that issue, if it ever was one.


Riley has a a very nice curve to the base and a bulbous head, giving the potential for G-Spot or prostate play. Riley seemed to hit my G-spot in just the right spot. I never was able to have a G-spot orgasm from it, but it still felt good to have some G-spot stimulation going on.


A word of warning, Riley requires a lot of (water based) lube. He is made from the type of silicone that can drag a lot, so not using enough lube cause some painful chafing. Trust me, I did that once with a similar toy. It was not pleasant.

The bullet that comes with Riley fits snugly in the bottom of the base, but almost too snugly. To get it out I had to wiggle it back and forth a lot. I would suggest putting some lube on the bullet and inside the opening to make an easier time of getting it out, or even just not put the bullet all the way inside Riley. The bullet is very quiet, and it added a little bit of something nice when Riley was inside. However, I found the bullet too buzzy to be comfortable for clitoral stimulation alone.

wpid-20150624_155440-1.jpg wpid-20150624_155831-1.jpg

Overall, I would give the Riley a 3 out of 5 stars. It felt rather average to me, both size and shape. I didn’t hate it, and I will definitely keep using him. As far as the bullet goes, I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars, both for noise and intensity.

Thank you Good Vibes for Riley!

You can find Riley from Pleasure Works through Good Vibes. You can also find some good water based lubes here.


My new toys…

My new toys are fucking scary. They were bigger than I expected. If you haven’t been following my Twitter, I ordered the Tantus Cush and Flurry. I was so excited for them that I even held off on masturbating several nights in a row.

When I got home Thursday the package was on my bed. I tore it open, and my mouth dropped. How the hell am I going to put them inside me, especially the Cush. They will ruin me, especially if I end up using them a lot.

That night after my shower I got in bed and tried to insert the Flurry. It wasn’t happening. I just couldn’t get it in, and wetness wasn’t a problem. I finally shifted enough and was able to slide it part way in. It felt tight, and full, but not in a good way. It was almost uncomfortable.

I put my bullet on my clit and went to town, relaxing and getting wetter with each tiny circle. The Flurry was distracting, so I pulled it out and set it aside. Within minutes I came hard and fast, squirting too.

I figured I would wait a few minutes and then try for a round two, thinking that maybe I need more warmup and that the orgasm should help. Unfortunately, I passed out. Maybe next time. I am determined to be able to use that Cush.

Lips – Part 1

I have always had a fondness for my lips. They have always been smooth, and when I was way younger I believed that they were so smooth because I had never been kissed. I love that they still stay smooth, even after some major kissing has occured.

I love the way my lips look in a shiny gloss, but especially love the way they feel around a cock. Unfortunately I didn’t have a real cock to show, so I hope my glass dildo is ok. I love to wrap my lips around the juices I make after I cum too! Maybe next time you can see my other lips.


Sinful Sunday

My 69th Orgasm

I must admit, 69 is my favorite number. We have a hand scan at work used to punch us in or out of the clock. It always gives a score when you scan your hand (the lower the score, the closer you were to your original scan). I always get super excited when I get a 69 score. I also love it when the thermostat reads 69 degrees.

I wanted to do something special for my 69th orgasm (this year). I had already recorded the sound of my orgasm, so I wasn’t sure about doing that. After tweeting with Jack and Jill, I got the sudden urge to record video of my orgasm. I got a lot of positive encouragement from other followers and decided to do it.

I set up my stage once my batteries were all charged. I had my bed made with the comfortor pulled back, Raquel and bullet ready to go, iPhone and headphones set for porn, and laptop on my desk facing my bed with the webcam zoomed in.

Once everything was all set I went to take my nightly shower, paying extra attention to shaving my naughty bits. Unfortunately, while in the shower I heard my roommate come home, which made me a tad nervous at the idea of my orgasm being heard. I debated postponing my video making, but decided to go through with it.

I did a few test runs with the webcam, checking microphone and such, then decided I could put it off no longer. I put on my favorite red negligee and got comfy.

It took a whole 49 minutes to cum (thats how long the video was). The file itself was 19 GB. Thats way too huge. I was happy to see that once I edited everything, the file size went down to 6.5 minutes and 54.5 KB. Thats when I found out that wordpress is a huge pain in the ass when it comes to posting videos. If I want to embed a video, I need to pay $60.00. Bull shit. That is where blogger comes in. I made an account with them and have a somewhat half assed version of this blog, but only for video posting. Go here if you would like to see me masturbate to orgasm.

Also, I decided to have a 70th orgasm and recorded it. The link is on the right under the Orgasms box (bottom sound box).

Quitting While Ahead

I had plans of masturbating for a while, but just never got around to it. Finally, before bed that morning I was able to get around to it.

I decided to use something for insertion this time. I opened my toy drawer with intentions of grabbing a glass one, but grabbed non-vibrating Lelo instead. I went to clean it off in the bathroom sink before sliding it into my already wet pussy.

I got on bed and put it in. I then put the batteries into my bullet and was ready to go. I leaned back against the pillows and went to work.

I rubbed the bullet around my clit and relaxed with the sensations. I took my right hand off the remote and thrusted the Lelo in and out, but quickly got more distracted by the bullet.

It was only a few minutes of playing when I started to feel my climax. I was thinking about a girl from work and our plan to hopefully play together someday soon. Those thoughts got me off, fast.

I was surprised at how weak the orgasm felt, compared to others. I thought it was the Lelo so I took it out. I should have went for a glass, or even the Raquel. I licked the Lelo clean. I love to taste my arousal.

I decided to go for round two with just the bullet. It only took a few minutes thinking of Dakota (that’s what I will call her), before I was cumming again. It was still weak, maybe even weaker than the first orgasm.

I went for round three, which was pretty much the same as the round before, only weaker. I was starting to feel even more frustrated than I was before I even had my first orgasm. I decided to quit while I was ahead, and went to sleep. As weak as my orgasms were, I sure slept well.

G-Spot Orgasm

If you have read my earlier posts, you will know that one of my major goals in life is to orgasm without a vibrator. I never thought that the first time that would happen was through a g-spot orgasm. The orgasm happened when Will used the Raquel dildo on me.

It started with him getting very sexually worked up for once. Also, for once I told him he needed to work on me first, since every time I let him orgasm first, he was too tired to work on me. I was already very wet, and he made me even wetter when he ran his hard cock all over my wet pussy lips.

Since at this time we still had not had full on sex, he got into my toy box and pulled out our favorite, the Raquel dildo. He slowly slid it in, then began small thrusts in and out.

The sensation was overwhelming. He had it at the perfect angle to where it was hitting my g-spot. I told him so, and he kept going, making the thrusts a little bit deeper. I felt like I had to pee, and I wanted to laugh, scream, and cry, all at the same time.

At one point I told him to slow down for a second because it was starting to feel like too much. After I rested for a bit, I told him to continue. The pressure built, until finally I felt something deep inside me clench and contract. (This is the best way I can describe it, as it has been a while since this happened, and my memory of it is a bit fuzzy).

Even though I had never experienced anything like that before, I knew that what I had just then was my first g-spot orgasm, my first orgasm without a vibrator. I was surprised I never did squirt, especially since we were prepared with towels. I did, however, cry. I cried from all of the mixed emotions I got from the overwhelming sensations. I cried while I laughed. Instead of screaming, I grunted when I felt the clenching contraction deep inside me.

Product Review: Ella

I love products by Lelo. They always have a sleek and beautiful design. My newest product I have received from Babeland, made by Lelo, is the Ella. I have fallen in love with it.

Like all Lelo products, it comes packaged in a designed to fit box. Inside the box is a plastic molding and covering for the toy. Fitting perfectly inside is the Ella. Lift up the molding to find a satin-like pouch for storage of the Ella, product information booklet (giving tips and tricks for the toy, as well as advice on cleaning and product specs. Also inside is the warranty information from Lelo, as well as an advertisement booklet with pictures of other Lelo products.

Although Ella is made from silicone, it is suggested to keep from extreme heat (this means don’t boil it for sterilization as you would for other silicone products). The best method for cleaning, as suggested in the booklet, is hot water and antibacterial soap. Since it is silicone, you want to keep it away from silicone lubricants, preferably using something water based.

The Ella is designed as a two sided dildo, one side designed for G-Spot stimulation, the other for traditional vaginal stimulation. Sadly for me, as with every other G-Spot specified toys, the G-Spot side of the toy didn’t do much for me. However, it still felt good having it inside me as I stimulated myself and reached orgasm.

I will add the Ella to my list of favorite toys. Even though the G-Spot side didn’t have the intended effects, the G-Spot side was my favorite side, with the way it seemed to fit perfectly inside of me. Thank you Babeland for giving me the opportunity to review a product by one of my favorite companies.