Pure Pleasure

The episode ended and we stayed there in each other’s arms. Neither of us wanted to get up to push play for the next episode. Throughout the show we had been slowly stripping each other until he was only in his thong, and I in my favorite red lingerie and panties.

I smiled with content, letting my hand travel all over him, still learning his body. I slid my hands lower, brushing his cock and feeling it twitch to alertness. I kept my hand in that area, rubbing him through the fabric of his thong. I gently cupped the balls and let my hand slide up the length of his growing hardness, circling my finger around the head and back down.

“Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” he asked carefully.

“Yes,” I said simply. I had thought about it very hard, and decided to live in the moment, taking what I could before he moved away. “Do you?” I asked even more cautiously, afraid of what his answer might be.

“I do, but I really want to wait, save it for when you come visit me in the new place,” he answered just as hesitantly.

“Who knows when that will be? Besides, even if we don’t have sex, we can do other things,” I answered desperately.

“Oh, very true, there are other things,” he said as he smiled and sat up. He shifted himself so that he now faced me in all my half naked glory.

He started running his hand all over my body, up and down my stomach, around my arms, and stopping at my breasts. He bent his head down and took my right nipple into his mouth, sticking and nibbling. He bit a little bit harder and I moaned halfway between pleasure and pain.

“Ahhh you’re a biter,” I said under my breath. “That feels good,” I said in encouragement.

He continued suckling on my right breast while his hand played with my other boob.

After a while he sat up and moved between my legs. I eagerly spread them and he asked me to take off my panties. I lifted my hips and he helped me slide them off.

He began by tracing my outer lips. He let his finger just barely slide between them to gather my wetness and moved it near my clit. He started rubbing in slow, small circles, barely grazing my clit, but stimulating it all the same.

My hips began to naturally rock against him, my kegels clinching and releasing in anticipation of needing to be filled. He kept up with the gentle circles for a good long while, his touch light enough to make me crave more, but not so rough that I get overstimulated. Every so often his finger would slide toward my opening, and when he did I lifted my hips into his hand, trying to take in his finger. I was going nuts (in every good way imaginable). I need him inside. I hinted without actually saying so.

“Every time you slide your finger down I keep waiting for you to slip it inside,” I said breathlessly. He had me panting and moaning in pure pleasure. He kind of chuckled to himself as he slid his finger inside my dripping wet pussy.

Immediately I clenched around him, making myself even tighter. I lifted my hips to try to take in more. He began a very rhythmic thrusting with his enveloped fingers and light circles on my clit. My whole body melted into him.

He kept a steady rhythm while finger fucking me. Out of the blue he asked the question I thought he would never ask.

“Do you want me to fuck you doggy style,”

“Yes, please,” I answered giddily.

I was sitting up and grabbing the condoms as soon as my pussy was free. I grabbed the first one from the bag and unwrapped it. I found the correct way to unroll it and began to place it on his throbbing cock. I got the condom past the head and it quit rolling. I started fumbling from my rustiness. He took it over and had trouble himself. We thought maybe it was inside out after all. He took it off to find it wasn’t.

We grabbed another one and tried again with much better success. My doggy style experience lacked. I asked him the best way for me to get. He suggested piling the pillows under my stomach to lift my ass up. I did just that and we had the usual (fun) awkwardness to get inside me that first time, learning how our bodies fit together.

I was so wet that he slid in easily. He took a firm hold of my hips and began to ride me. I grabbed onto the headboard bars. With each thrust I felt the pleasure flow through my entire body. He rode me good and hard. I needed it. His cock fit me like a dream.

“Oh, you’re cock feels so good inside me,” I told him between gasps of pleasure.

In between thrusts he managed a few light spanks across my ass, deepening my please.

“I’m gonna come,” he said under his breath.

His thrusts eventually got deeper and slower. I tightened my kegels around his penis and could feel the pulsating rush of his orgasm and I pulsed with him. We collapsed in a sweaty pool on my bed before we went to go clean up.

Raw Lust

**Yesterday’s post was very unsexy, I know, but I needed to say it. If you are still reading my stuff, I am glad to know that I haven’t scared you off. As a treat, here’s a bit of erotica, a true story about probably the only time I felt truly wanted by my last ex.**

I was topless in the living room with his topless roommate. We were feeling up each other’s tits, massaging each other. I made him sit back and watch. I knew he wanted in, but he wasn’t allowed, that was my rule.

He couldn’t take it anymore and said it was bedtime. He pulled me off the couch and shoved me into his room, shutting the door roughly. He nearly ripped off my clothes as he pushed me into the bed and stripped his clothes off.

My cunt was dripping with excitement. This was the first time I didn’t initiate the sex, the first I felt raw lust. It was the first time I truly felt wanted, even needed by him.

Once we were all undressed (in a manner of seconds), he climbed on top of me and stuck his dick into me. I clenched my kegels hard around his stiffness. He took that as a challenge and trusted deeper than ever before.

It didn’t take long for him to start pounding my pussy, hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around his hips, pushing him in, holding him captive inside me.

He broke free and continued to fuck me, hard, like the little slut that I am. I started talking dirty and he lost all control, shooting his load inside me.

Sweet Awakening (The End of a Dry Spell)

Last week September, I had just gotten in bed and was just settling down for sleep when I got a text. It was from D and I hadn’t heard from him in over a year. He asked me how I had been and I told him that I was ok, just been having a lot of ups and downs. When I asked how he was, he said that his girlfriend and him had just broke up and he needed a friend to hang out with.

We made plans for him to come over that afternoon, with me texting him directions. When he came over, we went to my bed and sat down to catch up on the last year. I told him it had been one year, one month, and eighteen days since I last had sex, which was with him. He was shocked and I explained my thoughts and theories on the situation.

Eventually we were done catching up and it got kind of quiet. I remembered my tattoo and said, “Ooo, I got a tattoo.” He asked where and I pointed to my right shoulder blade. He told me to take off my shirt so he could see. I was feeling a little bit shy, so I only adjusted my shirt to make the tattoo visible.

When he saw it, he wrapped his arms around me and starting kissing and nibbling my neck. I turned around to face him and we embraced each other in a hug and started to make out. I swear I forgot how to kiss. I felt so unsure of myself and hesitant, so afraid of being too sloppy.

Before things got too heavy, I opened up my top dresser drawer and pulled out my condom bag. I set it down and went back to kissing D. He pulled me back towards the bed and laid me down, kissing me all over. His hands wandered toward my tits, massaging my breasts. He got between me, spreading my legs open and started rubbing my legs, kissing and nibbling all over.

He reached up and undid my button and zipper. I lifted my hips and he pulled my pants off. He left my panties on for a minute and started rubbing my pussy through them. He then slipped a finger inside and rubbed my wetness all over my now dripping cunt.

The panties didn’t stay on long. Before I knew it, he was between my legs, expertly licking my clit. It was a nice surprise, since he has never done that with me before. It felt good, very relaxing. He did this for a good five minutes, then pulled his face up to lean up and kiss me some more.

He stood up and walked over to where my face was on the bed. “I am sorry to be so forward,” he said, as he whipped out his massive hard cock and brought it to my mouth.

I may have felt rusty when it came to my kissing, but taking his dick in my mouth came naturally. It was like riding a bike. Once you learn you never forget. I pulled his foreskin down a bit and lightly circled my tongue around his cock. Once I got his head nice and wet, I lowered my lips down and slid him inside inch my inch, all the while swirling my tongue around him.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down until I got a good rhythm and picked up the pace. I massaged with my tongue while I sucked, taking his cock in and out of my mouth. I got so wet hearing his moans, hearing him tell me how much he missed my mouth and my expert tongue.

Unfortunately, my jaw was badly out of practice and it only took a few minutes for my jaw to cramp up and lock. I was sad to have to stop so soon. I sat up and took his cock by hand and started jacking him off. He leaned down and kissed me some more. He leaned me back and stripped. While he did I sat up to grab the condoms.

I took one out and unwrapped it, slowly and carefully guiding it up his cock, making sure to leave room at the top for a reservoir  tip. I leaned back and he got between my legs. He grabbed his cock and moved towards my slit with it, collecting my juices and moving them up to my clit. He rubbed my clit with the tip of his cock, getting it nice and wet.

When he finally slid in, I gasped. After not having sex in so long, my pussy was so tight. Luckily I was wet enough that there were no complications. He slowly slid in and out, until he had a good rhythm. Once he had a good rhythm, he pounded my pussy hard. I cannot tell you how good he felt.

When he felt close he would slow down and kiss me. Once he calmed down he would go back to fucking me hard. I wrapped my legs around him, trying to get him to fill me more. I moaned and scratched my fingernails down his back.

Eventually, my sweet pussy got the best of him and he told me he was cumming. I muttered some explicit things, telling him to fill me, to cum for me. He came for me, and it was great.

We cleaned ourselves up and chatted for a bit longer. Sadly I had to get a nap before work, so he went home. I don’t think I slept, but it was well worth it. That day was a sweet awakening to getting my sexy back.


“I want to fucking ravish you,” I texted D. We were talking about how horny we were, and how much we wanted each other. At this point I was kind of over my “No more NSA.” D was and probably will be the only exception to rules like that. I trust him. He is the true meaning of a friend with benefits.

I got filthier in my sexting, as did he, describing what we wanted to do to each other. I wanted him so fucking bad, and I let him know all about it. We made plans for me to meet him after he got off work that night. I was nervous, but so excited thinking of it. I was going to get laid!

When I pulled up, he came up to my car. I opened my door and we started making out right there in the dark driveway. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. He ran inside the main house real quick and came back with a large blanket.

“Remember how I said I switched rooms?” D asked.

“Yeah, why?” I asked, not thinking much of it.

“Well, we are going to go fuck on my ex’s bed tonight,” he responded happily.

“Umm, thats kind of fucked up,” I said, chuckling nervously.

“Yeah, it is, but she deserves it,” he said, laughing.

By this time I was laughing too, not really believing him, but at the same time thinking that she really did deserve it, from what I had heard about her. I followed him to the door we had went to last time, and sure enough it was a different set up. You could tell a girl definitely lived there. I felt awkward, guilty, and excited all at the same time.

He embraced me in a deep passionate kiss, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, taking turns sucking on each others bottom lips. He reached his hand under my shirt, feeling my tits, rubbing my nipples. He stopped for a second while he undid his pants and took off his shirt, then my sweater.

We got on the huge bed and continued making out. After a few minutes I scooted down and took his cock in my left hand, wrapping it around the base. Using my right arm, I laid down next to him and slowly took him in my mouth, circling his head with my tongue, taking him in, inch by inch. I tested my limits and let him deeper into my mouth slowly, pulling back when I started to gag.

I began a slow rhythm of bobbing my head up and down, sucking and licking, tasting as many inches of him as I could. Once I had a good rhythm going I bobbed faster, trying to take him in deeper and deeper, wanting to let his cock explore the back of my throat. I listened to his moans, my cunt aching and dripping, ready for his cock.

I lifted my head up to tell him how bad I needed his cock. He sat up and undid my pants. He buried his face in my crotch, still covered by my silky red panties. He started nibbling and teasing me with his fingers, circling my clit before sliding his finger inside me and thrusting in and out. Once he got his fingers wet, he started playing with my clit some more, doing continuous circling motions. I began to grind against his hand, he felt so good.

After a few minutes of that, he finally slid my panties off. He took his cock and teased my pussy opening with it, sliding it up and down against my lips, getting it wet. He gently rubbed it around my clit, which made me even wetter for him. I lifted my hips, trying to get his cock in my opening.

As I lifted up, he slid in. I tightened my pussy around him, squeezing his dick with my vagina. He moaned and began a slow and steady thrust. When he found a good angle, he began to pound me, harder and faster, hitting my cervix. It hurt, but it also felt so good.

I’m not sure how long we want at it, but it was a while. Eventually he pulled out and shot his how load all over.once he cleaned up he came back to bed and began to play with my clit some more. I welcomed the touch, feeling relaxed. It was such a nice release.

Too soon it was time to go. His ex would be home soon and I wanted to get out of there before she met me. We thanked each other for a good time, and promised to meet up again soon.


“I gotta pee, babe. Is there anything else you want me to do with it? I am about to explode,”

“Umm, if we were in the shower I would love to feel your hot stream covering my body. Cover my tits, my stomach, my legs. I can even turn around and you could get my back and ass,” I shyly replied. I had never had anyone want to dirty talk with me about pee play, but I was loving it.

“Oh, baby that felt so good, so relieving,” he said later after sending me a video.

He told me it was a huge turn on to think about me holding/aiming his cock for him while he peed. I was so scared the first time that told him I wanted to do that. I was embarrassed to admit how much I loved watching a guy pee. I was so glad I told him. Gradually I have been going into more detail about what turns me on about it, and what drives me wild enough to squirt.

I don’t know if he is as into it as I am, or if he’s just acting turned on to get me to open up, but he’s been sending me lots of pictures and videos of his cock, some even of him taking a leak. It’s so fucking hot. I have no problem sending him the stuff he wants to see just so that in return I get what I want.

We met online. He lives half a state away unfortunately. For now it’s just dirty talk and texting. We have really opened up to each other about our turn ons. Him getting “excited” over the things I want to try and do get me so hot and wet. He’s really helped me explore my pee turn on a lot. Some stuff I have went into detail about I have never told anyone, let alone barely accepted myself.

He claims that he’s never told anyone the things he’s told me. The things that he’s into don’t really do it for me, but they also don’t turn me off. Just hearing and seeing his reaction to what I do for him makes it a lot less weird and so much more worth it.

I am so excited to explore my interests about what turns me on. Just talking with him about it makes it easier and easier to admit what I want. I can’t wait to explore for real someday.

Webcam Play Pt. 2

When his webcam connected I was looking at his face, admiring how hot this guy was, excited that this hot guy was turned on by me. We made a little small talk while my cam connected. When my cam connected I noticed him moving his around.
Once he had the cam moved I had a nice view of the bulge in his jeans. He slowly unbuttoned them and unzipped. He stood up and let them fall off so that he was wearing only his boxers. When he sat back down, he slipped his hand inside his boxers.

“Guess what I’ve got in my hand,” he said playfully.

” I don’t know. You should take it out and show me,” I said back, just as playfully. By this time I had leaned back against my pillows and had my webcam focused on my dripping wet pussy.

I had a sharp intake of breath as I watched him pull off his boxers, his hard cock springing out freely. He reached forward and got some lube on his hand and wrapped it around his cock, moving it up and down.

At this point I reached for my favorite glass dildo and slipped it inside of me. I started by slowly sliding it in and out, imagining that it was his cock. I moaned for him, telling him that it felt so good. Once I got a good rhythm going, I picked up my pace, thrusting my dildo faster and faster, moaning more as I did so.

I reached with my other hand and got my bullet ready, pausing the thrusting long enough to rest it against my clit and turn it on. As I slowed down with the thrusting, he slowed down with the stroking of his cock. He began running his index finger over and around the head, lightly stroking his shaft as well.

“I wish that was my tongue teasing your cock like that,” I told him.

“Oh, I wish it was too,” he answered.

As I played with my toys and watched him, I noticed that he matched my speed and rhythm to what he did to his cock. The speed I thrusted my dildo in and out was the speed he stroked his clock with. When I focused on my bullet, he rubbed the head of his cock with his index finger and thumb.

I began to focus mainly on my pussy, thrusting my dildo in and out as fast as I could, feeling the pressure inside me build up. He loved watching me fuck myself, moaning for me to go faster as he stroked faster.

I positioned my bullet to rest against my clit and turned it on with my free hand. The vibrations sent me over the edge and I came for him, moaning loudly. When I was done he asked if I was ready for his. I was more than ready and told him yes.

It didn’t take long for him to blow his load into the tissue he had next to him. We ended the call soon after so that I could pass out.

Webcam Play Pt. 1

He logged into Skype during my night off. I was surprised to see him on, since he is normally at work during this time. I messaged him, and he said he was on his phone at work. We chatted back and forth, but at some point things turned naughty (though I don’t quite remember how).

He asked if I wanted a picture. I said sure, though behind the screen I was grinning from ear to ear in the excitement of a cock picture in my future. He asked if anything was ok and I said yes. A couple minutes later I was staring at his cock on my screen.

“Mmm, very nice,” I responded, boob picture attached. He said he really liked that they were pierced and would love to have them in his mouth. I told him I would love that.

He asked what we would do “hypothetically” if we ever met in person. I told him how much I loved sucking cock. He then informed me about how much he loves to eat pussy.

We started talking about sexual positions and how I would love to ride him. We exchanged a few more pics until we decided that we would have a webcam session when he got home.

A couple of hours before he got off work I hopped in the shower and did some necessary grooming. When I got out I set my laptop up in my bed and warmed myself up with my bullet on my clit.

I was revved up. I couldn’t keep the vibrator around my cunt for more than a minute before feeling close to cumming. I was also extremely tired. I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

It seemed like hours, but several minutes later I got a message saying he was home. I gave him a smiley face on Skype and he called me. He made a comment on how he talked a lot of crap earlier but was feeling shy. I chuckled and said I felt the same way. He started the video call.

To be continued…

Dropped Call

It started last night before work. CB was horny and texting dirty to me. He wanted to have phone sex, but I told him I was getting ready for work and we could do it in the morning when I got off work. We exchanged pictures for the first time. My tits and pussy for his cock. I must say, he has a very nice looking cock.

So, I get off of work this morning, take a shower, get in bed, and set up. This time I give myself a visual aid and start a porno because I don’t want this session to last forever like it normally does; I want to go to bed. I get warmed up, then call him.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“Playing with my pussy, what are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m playing with my cock. It’s getting so hard. I love hearing you play with yourself. I want to make you cum.”

“Mmm, thank you for the picture last night,” I say.

“Oh, did you like that, baby?”

“I did, very much,” I tell him.

“How are you playing with yourself, baby?” he asks.

“I’m rubbing my bullet in small circles over my clit. It feels so good, but it would feel even better if your cock was inside me.”

“Ooo, baby, you make me so hard. Tell me what you want to do,” he says.

“I want to start by laying next to each other, me running my hand up and down your chest, eventually making my way towards your cock. I wrap my hand around it and start stroking. Once its hard I straddle you and slowly slide my pussy down and over your cock, burying you into me. I slowly ride you up and down, then once I have a rhythm I speed up.”

“Mmm, that would feel so good. Next I want to get you into doggy style position and start by rubbing the tip of my cock all over your pussy. Slowly, I will stick my cock in, inch by inch. I stasrt fucking you slowly, then go faster and faster.”

“Ooo, that feels so good,” I moan. It does feel good, me rubbing my bullet over my clit, watching a scene with three guys and two girls. We spend a few minutes breathing heavily while we play with ourselves. He tells me he can cum anytime and encourages me to keep going so that he can cum with me.

I finally start to feel my orgasm building, and I tell him I am cumming. My breathing gets heavier as I start to lose control.

“Oh, come on baby, I’m cumming too—”

That is when our call got dropped and we lost connection. We were both past the point of no return so we finished our orgasms without listening to the other. I called him back once my orgasm was over. We laughed about the bad timing, and planned for a retry in a few days. I laughed myself to sleep, and am still laughing now.


Here are some sexts that CB and I exchanged over time.

Him: Imagine the bed is all warm and made up. I’m laying in it, waiting for you to get naked and join me under the blanket. I wanna cuddle up next to you and start kissing you all over and making out while we grind closer and hold each other.

Me: Mmm, that sounds so nice and fun. 🙂

Him: Well just picture, I’m there holding you and we just got done having great sex. I’m cuddling you and kissing the back of your neck while I rub your back.

Me: Mmm, that sounds wonderful. I wish you were here.

Him: Me too, baby.

Me: Hehe, now who’s the tease? 😉 I look forward to your kisses, feeling your arms around me and you next to me, touching me, exploring me.

Him: Mmmm, yes, exploring everywhere while you play with me and I make you wet.

Me: Mmm, you’re making me wet now. I bet your cock is gonna feel so good.

Him: I bet it will too. I can almost feel your wet, warm pussy as I take my hard cock and tease you with just the tip as the head slips in. You start to moan a little bit, so I shove the rest in, starting out nice and slow, but getting deeper with each thrust.

Me: Oooo, that feels so good. I scratch my fingernails down your back, pulling you closer while grinding my hips up and down, trying to match your rhythm and take more of you in, softly pulsating my pussy around your cock.

Him: Mmmmmmm, yes more, that feels so good.

Me: I scratch more, grind more, pulsate more. I pull your face closer to me and kiss you deeply, exploring slowly, sucking on your lip, then move my lips down to your neck, suckling softly then giving a light nibble.

Him: Mmm, that sounds good. I wish I could be there to hold you.

Me: Mmm, I wish you could too.

Him: I feel your hands wrap around my cock as you start to stroke it.

Me: Mmm, I can feel it getting hard.

Him: You start sucking it and rubbing your tongue over the head while you work the shaft with your hands, faster and faster, hoping I cum all over the inside of your mouth before I get on top and slide my cock into your wet pussy.

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 2

“Hey baby, what are you doing?” he asked in that naughty tone.

“Mmm, just laying here, naked in bed, thinking about you,” I answered back, just as naughtily.

“Ooo, that sounds nice. Wish I could be there with you. You should get your bullet ready,” he said.

“Who says its not already ready?” I ask teasingly, slowly turning the dial with my free hand, feeling the bullet come to life.

“Is it on? What are you doing with it?”

“Yeah, its on, and I am rubbing it in small circles around my clit, thinking about how much I want you right now, pretending you were here next to me.”

“Mmm, yeah, imagine me walking in on you playing with your pussy. I climb in bed with you and start kissing on you all over, loving on you. I take my cock and slide it into your already wet pussy. I go slow, just sticking the head in at first, then slide in deeper and deeper. I start thrusting slowly, then get faster and harder. You rub the bullet faster on your clit, until you’re ready to cum. I keep going, faster and deeper until I feel you cum and squirt all over me. Oh. baby that’s so hot,” he tells me.

“Oh, yeah, that is hot. Ooo, but I want to suck your cock,” I tell him. I say this hesitantly, because he told me earlier that he didn’t like getting head as much as most other guys. I was disappointed to hear this, since it’s my favorite thing to do.

“Oh, baby, you can suck my cock. I want you to suck my cock,” he answers back.

“Mmm, I take your shaft in my hand and lower my lips onto the head. I just kiss it at first, then give it a lick, circling it with my tongue. Slowly I raise my mouth over your cock, taking you in, inch by inch. Once I take in all that I can take, I slowly pull my mouth away, all the while massaging you with my tongue. I slowly start to bob my head up and down, until I get a good rhythm. Once I get a rhythm, I go a little faster until you seem somewhat close to climax, then I pull out, and climb on top of you, sliding your hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.”

“Oh, that feels so good, don’t stop hun,” he breathes into the phone.

“You feel my tits with your hands, then move them down to my hips, helping to guide me up and down on your cock. I take my bullet and rub it on my clit. It doesn’t take long for me to hit that sweet spot on my clit and your cock to hit my g-spot. Oh, yeah, that feels so good,” I moan. I can feel the orgasm take me and I tell him so. “Mmm, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ahhh, oooo, ahhhhh,” I moan as I orgasm.

“Oh, baby, keep going, don’t stop, I’m cumming to, ahhh, ahhh, ooo,” he moans in unison with me.

We are both panting from our orgasm. It felt good, and the fact that we came at the same time is an even bigger turn on.

Note: Obviously this is a shortened version of the actual phone sex. We mentioned and scenarioized a lot more positions, but it was hard to remember them all. It was still hot, nontheless.