The Right One

I learned a very valuable lesson with the last guy I dated, however I just now realized it. I learned why people say they will “try something with the right person.”

We all have fantasies. Some are more kinky than others. Some of my fantasies are on the kinkier side. The guy I dated wanted to know them. I was embarrassed, but I shyly told him. He wasn’t disgusted, but he wasn’t into it either. I dropped it.

However, he always ended up bringing it up. He offered to try those things with me. I wasn’t really excited to, but I did try because I worried no one else would offer. I figured I was just nervous to, and I was deep down, but it was more than that.

I wasn’t as into it. I mean, the idea still turned me on, I still got off watching it on porn, but with him it felt wrong. I realize now it is because he just wasn’t the right one. Even though he was trying to be the nice, supportive boyfriend, I couldn’t get into it because he wasn’t into it as sexually as I was. That is why I was so uncomfortable.

I know now the true meaning of waiting for the right one. I need to try these things with someone that gets off on doing the things for me, not just doing me a favor.

Porn I Like

My liking for porn varies. At times it is something I need to get me off (like lately) and other times it was a nice addition to my self playtime. As far as the media type, I prefer video. In that video I love to hear the guy make sounds and more often than not can’t stand the females fake and overly dramatic sounds.

Lately the types of video to get me off is bukake. The idea of it has always had a certain appeal. There is one video (that has been really helping) where a girl is with 3 guys in a room with at least 20 or 30 other guys. The actors all have sex then the guys take turn giving the actress a facial. After the three main actors cum, the audience all get a turn at giving a facial.

Now, facials don’t really turn me on, though i have also never had one. It’s the idea of more than 20 guys jerking off in front of me. Thinking about that scene now is making me a little wet.

Photos come in second to my liking for porn media. As far as reading it goes, it more just gets me wet and turned on. I find it is harder to orgasm when reading, though there is one exception here.

As far as genres go for porn videos, I am enjoying bukake as of late, love to get off on gay porn. When it comes to straight porn though, I love the images of a cock thrusting in and out of a pussy and guys jacking off. One thing I am really curious about watching (but afraid of getting bad stuff on my computer by searching for it) is golden shower stuff. I am not sure what about it intrigues me, but I have always wanted to aim a guy’s dick while he pisses, just to see what it’s like. Any suggested (trusted) sites? Oh, and I also kind of want to start exploring kink type porn (light at first, then maybe work my way up).

Heads or Tails

This is a post I wrote several years ago but never posted because the other girl involved did not feel comfortable with it, in fear that someone would guess who it was. I figure enough time has passed (and I don’t really have anyone reading this that knows her) and I really don’t have anything new to write about as of yet. I just noticed that I wrote the actual playing post three years ago yesterday. I found the Crazy, and ironically, that post is called Crazy. I hope you enjoy!


She said she wanted to flip a coin. Heads she would tell me something, tails she wouldn’t say anything. I thought she was kidding, but apparently she wasn’t. When she came over that night for our weekly sleepover, she flipped a coin. It was heads.

She started to say something, but stopped herself. I tried as hard as I could to get her to tell me what she wanted to say. She said it seemed creepy. I told her nothing could surprise me, and she should know how open minded I am. She told me then that at the last sleepover she had urges.

I asked what kind of urges, and she said she had the urge to kiss me. I told her she could if she wanted. She said she didn’t feel right, that the urge she had made no sense, that it didn’t seem right. I asked her what seemed so wrong about it. She said it just seemed wrong because I was a girl, her best friend, and that she didn’t know where these feelings were coming from. She was afraid that it would change our friendship, hurt it. She was afraid it would become an expected thing.

I told her that everything she was feeling was completely natural. I explained that since we know each other so well, trust each other with anything, it could work. It would be an experiment, and that I was game for anything she wanted to try. I asked what she pictured us doing, how she would want it to play out, what she was curious about.

She described that she saw us kissing, making out, and groping each other’s nipples. I kept calm, but inside I began to burn with lust. Even with the simple way she described what she has been imagining, I was hot. I wanted it too, and what I saw sounded very sexy.

She then told me that her biggest problem with the idea of being with a girl was that when
she got really turned on, she likes a penis inside her. I suggested she could use strap-ons. She said she had already considered that.

She was still very hesitant, and so I explained to her how my experience was when I began to experiment with Sarah that first time. I also told her that I would not push her, and everything was up to her, and she would have to make the first move unless she said otherwise. She told me that in a way that was good because she was too chicken.

I pressed a little more, and asked how she would react if I helped her out by making the first move. She said she still was trying to get comfortable with the idea, but was still thinking about it. I told her that was fine, and to take her time, to just think about things.

The next day she texted me, told me she was getting comfortable with the idea of us experimenting. She seemed to ease up a bit more when I said it was just an experiment for her, and for her to take her time. I got a text the next day again, saying she was looking at strap-ons, and asked if I had ever thought about using one.

I told her that strap on usage had always been a fantasy of mine, but they were always so expensive, I never took any steps to make my fantasy a reality. That is when she said she could buy a cheap one for us, or we could go half and half on one.

All day, I had the image of her using the strap-on on me, and all day I considered my
options. That night, I went online and did some shopping of my own, reading reviews of different dildos and harnesses. I decided that the Jaguar harness and the Raquel dildo would be the best way to go. I went ahead and ordered them at a discount in exchange for doing a review. I can’t wait to try them out when they get here.

Name Calling

One thing that always creeped me out was saying someone’s name during sexual activities. I get especially turned off at the idea of hearing my own name during sex. I just have never liked my name. Though, I also have never had my name called out during sex, partly due to me stating that I thought it might be a turn off. Who knows, maybe I would like it? I am kind of afraid to try.

Because I don’t like the idea of hearing my name during sex, I have never called anyone else’s name out. Now, I don’t know if people really do this normally. I am sure some people get extremely turned on by it, but it could also be just something in the movies. I am not really experienced enough to know.

I know a few years ago I ended up “accidentally” watch my friends have sex on webcam. They tricked me into it really. We were just casually chatting, and the next thing I knew they were having sex, and she was calling him “Daddy.” The camera was placed so that it only showed from the waist up, and she was wearing a shirt. They still give me shit for watching, but hey, they started it, and I was a little curious, and only slightly disappointed that I didn’t really see anything.

Despite all this, there have been several times that while masturbating, I have quietly called out the name of the person I was thinking of. The first time I did this, Will was at work and we were still at work. I felt very weird doing it, but I tried it.

The other time I did this, I ended up calling out (quietly), D’s name. I just said it over and over before and during my orgasm. It may have just been me, but the orgasm seemed slightly more intense than usual, but not much because I had been at it for a while with dying batteries.

I am considering trying to clear my mindset of not being turned off by hearing my name, and maybe not be so creeped out by calling someone else’s name. Is it normal to call out the person’s name you are fucking or thinking about while masturbating?

Review Big Flirt

In May the awesome people at Babeland sent me something to review. Huge apologies for this being so late in posting, but I hope its better late than never. I had just been so busy, not giving me the time to test or review. So, what did they send me, you ask?

Babeland sent me the Big Flirt in red. I had never been curious about butt play until Toby finally went there in August 2009. In May 2010 Babeland offered up the Big Flirt, giving me the chance to experiement alone.

The Big Flirt is silicone, making it fully sterilizable by boiling for 3 minutes or top rack of the dishwasher, no soap. Being a butt toy though, be sure to use lots of lube with it (though keep in mind it is silicone, so only used waterbased, never use silicone lube on silicone toys, as you will have a very sad (and useless) toy.

First thing when I got the Big Flirt, I noticed the size. I have to admit, it was a tad bit bigger than I had thought. Being slightly intimidated, I held off on testing it out for a bit. However, when I finally did build up my courage, I washed it with hot soapy water, applied very generous amounts of lube to the toy and the outside of my anus.

Slowly and carefully, I slipped the plug in, enjoying the different sensation that I had not felt in almost a year. At first the toy stayed in place, with me on my back, ass arching up for toy testing. However, the Big Flirt began to slip out. I believe this is because the small neck above the base was just not quite long enough.

I finally did get into a position, however, that I was able to get out my vibrator and use it as well as hold the Big Flirt in place.

All in all, the Big Flirt is definitely not a beginner butt toy. I would definitely suggest something with a smaller girth, but for an experimenter like me, it was decent (as intimidating as it was at first) it was a good size. The only thing I would change about it would be to make the neck longer.

Again, thank you Babland, so much, for the opportunity to review this toy, and also apologies for not reviewing this sooner.


It started with her rolling over and grabbing my waist. She then leans over me, and without  hesitations she buries her face nice my neck. She bites and nibbles all over, She starts scratching her finger nails all over my back and neck. It only lasts about three seconds, and she rolls back over to her side of the bed. I tried to stay very still, hesitant to move, afraid to break the moment. She asked if I was ok. I told her that aside from being very turned on, I was good.

A few minutes later she starts to rub my back. Slowly I relax, but still afraid to move. She has no idea what she is doing to me. The back rub lasts about five seconds, and she asks how that was. I said it was good.

We begin to calm down, or at least she does, whereas I was trying to absorb every bit  of self control I had, afraid to scare her away.

She surprises me by asking if she can fuck me with my strap on. I told her of course, that was why I got it. Carefully and quietly I get out of bed to get my newest toys. I hand her the strap on and dildo. I grab my lube and ask her how it works, whether I should put it on/in me, on the dildo, or both. She said both. When the harness was on, I handed her the lube for her to put on.

Unsure at how squeaky my bed was, I shifted to the middle, and she positioned herself above me. She asked if I was ready, and I told her to put it in. We both guided the silicone cock into my now dripping wet pussy. It’s cold, but it feels so damn good. She gets a good, slow, steady rhythm going. It lasts about ten seconds before we notice the loud squeak of my bed.

“Damn, I really want to fuck you,” she tells me.

“I know. I want you to too, but we can’t wake my mom with the squeak of the bed.” I remind her.

“What about the floor?” she asks.

“We could try. I could put a towel down on the floor and it could work,” I answered, eager for her to fuck me.

“Maybe next time. I am kind of tired. We should sleep now,” She answered.

“Really? You expect me to sleep like this?” I ask.

She says yes, then rolls over and goes to sleep, as I lay there wishing I could get off, yet knowing that would probably freak her out. I just have to wait until the next night, when I am alone.

Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made plans something would come up to prevent us from getting together.

This weekend was definitely worth the lack of sleep if you know what I mean. On the night in question, she came over. We went to dinner, then the mall, then made a quick stop at the local sex toy store. That is where I got my plug.

We got back to my place, and we had two hours by ourselves. We took turns taking a shower (solo, just in case someone got home early).When we were done, she instructed me to get on my bed. I did as told, and we began caressing each other’s breasts, squeezing and pinching at nipples. We like it rough.

She then let her hand travel downwards and began to search out my clit. She found it with ease. I gasped, feeling her hand rubbing my wet pussy and clit. I did the same for her. She stuck her finger in my now dripping wet pussy.

“Mmmm, you are soo wet. I like that. Now get out a toy and let me fuck you with it.”

I happily obeyed, grabbing my favorite glass cock. It slid in with ease. She fucked me in two positions, one while I am on my back, another while I am on my hands and knees in the doggy style position.

While she fucked me when I was on my back, legs spread wide apart, I put my bullet to my clit. Within minutes I was cumming.


I have a bunch of half finished posts to write. I have tried to steer toward real life posts, things that have actually happened, but nothing too eventful. Most of the posts I am meaning to finish are some filler posts of erotica.

However, I am hesitant to posts these/finish them. This is mainly because I am afraid of seeming like I am repeating myself, or seeming boring. I am however, considering putting up some things I wrote back in high school, some erotic things. My writing has evolved so much, especially in the language I use.

As a mini update of things to come, I did get some girl/girl action the other night. Pictures will be included.
Toby caught me at work a couple weeks ago and asked me to resend a friend request because he can add me now. I did, and he accepted, though I never see him anymore, so I am pretty much over him.

I got my first anal toy, a small anal plug. I have not used it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how it worked. I also got some other new, more expensive toys. Toys such as the Mia, Gigi, and the Pure wand. So far the Pure wand is my favorite.

Tomorrow I will also have a post telling about my latest encounter with Forbidden Fruit, who seems to be less Forbidden.

Mini Threesome

Wednesday night Anna and Nathan came over at about six. The plan was to watch Wall-e. They brought Wall-e and Don’t Mess with the Zohan. We behaved wonderfully throughout Wall-e. There was no sexual tension whatsoever and we paid attention to the movie instead of each other.

After that first movie we decided we were all hungry, so Nathan drove us to get some dinner. We came back to eat and put the other movie in. Anna gave me one of her fries. I looked Nathan in the eye and ran my tongue around the top, then slowly moved the fry farther into mouth.

The look on Nathan’s face was priceless. Anna got a big smile on her face. “Nathan tells me you have a fabulous tongue.” I told her she would have to find out for herself someday, a day when we wouldn’t have to worry about time limits and my mother being in the other room. She seemed to like that idea, so I elaborated.

I told her how I wanted to start slowly, flicking my tongue on her clit, then write the alphabet, starting with lower case, going to capital case. Next I would spell sexy words, and make her try to guess what I was writing.

In these few minutes of talking dirty, all three of us were incredibly turned on. We looked at Nathan. He had a tormented look on his face. We looked down at his pants so see the bulge of his erection that wasn’t there before. Anna started rubbing it.

I watched as she rubbed him, a big grin on my face. I switched between looking at his face, her face, and Anna’s hand rubbing Nathan’s hard on. I was wet. So wet…I let them know. I also told them how much it sucks that we couldn’t do anything, since my mom was home. That is when Anna took my hand and put it on Nathan’s crotch as well, telling me to rub it. I did.

I about went wild. I told them we should really try to calm down, and they agreed. Yeah, that lasted about thirty seconds, and this time Anna and I started kissing, massaging each other’s tits.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Anna and I switched between playing around with each other and giving Nathan the attention that he so desperately wanted. The room started to get very hot, so I had to open the window to let some air in. We calmed down for about a minute.

After the movie, Anna and I decided to let Nathan cum. He promised he would be fast, as he was so worked up. Nathan let his hard cock free from his pants and Anna and I took turns sucking him and jacking him off. In less than a minute we had him cumming on his chest.

Unfortunately after we all had our little bit of fun, it was eleven at night and they had to get up early the next morning. They went home, with plans of us having a re-do of a threesome, since we really couldn’t do very much this time.

That night I tried to masturbate, but I just couldn’t finish. It really started to piss me off. Then I realized I wanted someone with me, I wanted them to help me. Knowing that that was not possible, I just wasn’t into it anymore, so finally I gave up and put my toys away.


It was only nine in the morning when my phone started ringing. It was Anna’s boyfriend, Nathan. He was horny and ready. We had just gone to sleep only five hours ago, as we stayed up until four in the morning talking, holding hands. We were tired and didn’t want to get up, but we did because excitement overcame drowsiness.

He was over in a half hour. We were all very nervous, so we just hung out in my room, talking, not mentioning what we were planning. After about fifteen minutes, we all decided to lie on my bed together, him in the middle. He put his arms around us and we rested our heads on his chest.

Anna and I reached over and started playing with each other’s tits. We all decided to take off our shirts and threw them across the room. We each bent down and started to lick his nipples, me on his left, Anna on his right. I gently bit and he gasped. I asked if it was too much, he said no. Slowly I started to bite him all over his chest, and with each bite he moaned. She began copying me.

She then unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his zipper. He lifted his ass so we could pull his pants all the way off. We could see the erection through the cotton boxer briefs. We took those off too. Nathan wanted us to take off the rest of our pajamas (we were too lazy to get dressed, as we knew they would be coming off anyways). Soon, all three of us were naked in my room.

We teased him some more, licking and sucking on his nipples, biting all over. I sat up and leaned over him, my hands beginning to massage her tits. She sat up for me, and we both leaned in to kiss. As we kissed each other, we played with each other’s nipples, pinching them, rubbing them. He wanted in on this boob action so he sat up and rubbed his face in between our tits.

We lay back down, wondering what to do next. We were still kind of nervous. Anna and I asked him what he wanted us to do. He wanted us to suck it. We decided that we would slowly lick up each side of his cock together. We did, he moaned in pleasure.

We continued this for a little bit, then asked who should take it all in the mouth first. Anna wanted me to. I did, starting by slowly running my tongue all around the tip, then taking it in, inch by inch. We took turns sucking him. As one of us sucked his cock, the other stimulated his balls.

After a while of taking turns, we moved back up his stomach, over his chest, nipples, and neck with little nibbles. Nathan then slowly started to reach between my legs. He began by rubbing my clit, then sticking his finger inside my dripping wet pussy. I can hear my wetness. I feel another finger slip inside of me, as Nathan thrusts his fingers in and out. I felt a third finger, along with some stretching, but no pain at all. (I talked with them afterwards, and it was in fact three fingers inside me. I think this is awesome, because it mean it probably won’t hurt when I have an actual penis inside, though I don’t plan on testing that out soon).

Nathan switched between two and three fingers, while Anna switched between sucking Nathan’s cock and playing with my tits. Anna then said she wanted to watch him lick my pussy. I was shy at first, since I felt I hadn’t prepared myself properly for that (a shower, a shave). They insisted.

Nathan and I got into the 69 position, with me on top. As I began to suck his cock, I felt his tongue lick my dripping wet pussy. We continued this for a few minutes, until my arms felt like they were going to give out. Nathan, Anna, and I then switched positions. I got on top of Nathan to suck his cock, while Anna got under me to take her turn in licking me pussy. She rubbed her finger on my clit, then switched to tongue.

Finally, we were all close to finishing. Nathan came first, then I, then Anna came third. Our orgasms were not even seconds apart, one person’s orgasm overlapping the other. It was all very hot. I loved watching them cum.

That night I was still incredibly horny. When it was finally time for me to get into bed, I took my favorite glass dildo and bullet. I knew the batteries were nearly dead, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t matter. I was right. Within minutes, I was cumming so hard, squirting so much. It took everything I had to not cry out. One orgasm after another hit me, over and over. All I had to think about was watching their faces as they reached their climaxes, thinking about those two beautiful people orgasming in my bed, and I was having my own multiple orgasms.

We talked the next night, and decided that we definitely want to have another threesome. We talked about what we will do different, what we will keep the same, but I will make you anticipate those details. I will tell you when it happens, we are all super excited.