Poem – First Kiss

I keep dreaming about our first kiss

One night you were hesitant and shy,

Slow, soft, gentle, and sweet

In all my dreams you are sweet

Another night, another dream

You were a little bit more confident, less shy

You kissed me with the passion that I have come to miss

Bold, strong, certain, and confident

Last night, the latest dream

We had our first kiss

This time we went farther than a kiss

I knew it was just a dream, but I went with it

Passionate, intimate, and sexy

Starting off slow and uncertain

Ending in blissful smiles of contentment

This is what I want, this is what I need

Our first kiss

Fantasy – Board Game Night

It’s board game night and I am sitting between the boyfriend and an old coworker I have a crush on. I finish my turn and lean back on the futon and close my eyes. I am horny and it has been a long day. The boyfriend leans back after his turn as well and puts his arm around my shoulders, his hand hovering over my breast.

Feeling bold, I rested my hand over his that was hovering and push down. He immediately got the hint and got a handful of tit before giving a few healthy gropes. I grinned and giggled and he did it once more before taking my hand in his. Closing my eyes again, I relax next to him.

I start to imagine a MMF threesome with the two men on either side of me. I think of them each taking a breast in their mouth and teasing my pierced nipples with their tongues. I then start thinking of our hosts, a couple and their roommate. How perfect would it be if we all just had an orgy right there in the middle of the living room.

I craved the feeling of having two mouths cover my body at the same time, no side left untouched. The boyfriend mirroring ex-coworker’s (ECW) moves and vice versa. I wanted them both right then and there. I picture them both getting up to stand in front of me. I see myself reaching to undress each of them, all the while our gracious hosts are getting to business behind the two sexy men before me. With determination and concentration, I manage to use one hand each to get their pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and cocks exposed at the same time.

At that thought I feel a flood of wetness flood my panties. I have always wanted to suck two dicks at once and this is finally my chance. I warp a hand around each of them and lean forward. I lower my mouth onto the boyfriend first. I start by kissing the tip of is cock before slowly taking it in my mouth inch by inch, all the while swirling my tongue. I get the boyfriend good and wet before switching to ECW’s cock and doing the same thing. I switch back and forth between the two beautiful cocks before me, only switching when one starts to sound like they are enjoying this a little bit too much.

I realize it’s my turn for the game, so I hastily make a move before leaning back into the futon. I picture the boyfriend slowly start to strip me and ECW joining in. Simultaneously we all switch positions. I lay myself across the futon and ECW gets between my legs while the boyfriend gets at the opposite end. The boyfriend positions himself to get himself back in my mouth. ECW has no trouble sliding his penis into my soaking wet pussy.

I clench my kegels at the thought, imagining the feeling of penetration, and seeing him thrust his body and begin to fuck me like I deserve to be fucked. ECW reaches to begin to rub my clit while the boyfriend reaches to fondle and tease my boobs.

Its my turn in the game again so I make a move and get back to fantasizing. The two guys decide to switch. ECW wants a blowjob and the boyfriend wants to fuck me. He gets between my legs and plunges his cock deep inside my cunt and I tighten around him. At that same time, ECW gets his cock in my face and I hungrily take him in my mouth.

I can tell the boyfriend is close and so I decide to try and make ECW lose his load at the same time. I give my best sucking, tongue swirling massage that I could manage at that awkward angle. I want them to come at the same time. The boyfriend is closer and tells me so. Just then ECW tells me he is close, almost like the boyfriend saying he was close was that trigger he needed to get over the edge. At that second, the boyfriend began his orgasm. Seeing the boyfriend hit his climax made ECW reach his.

Slowly I came back to reality. I made my turn in the game we were playing. I was losing horribly, but I was ok with it. I just imagined a very sexy fantasy.


Trying to Get Caught

I thought he would be on his way shortly. It was Saturday and my roommate was gone for the weekend. I unlocked the front door for him and texted him to let himself in. I got back in bed and grabbed my favorite toy. I hoped and fantasized about him walking in on me masturbating. I wondered how he would react, and what he would do or say.

Would he be into it? Or would it be a complete turn off to him? Would he even care? At this point it had been almost two months since we did anything naughty. I ashamedly admit that I was getting desperate.

I didn’t even need porn, I was so turned on at just the fantasy of him catching me, hopefully joining me. I had to edge for a bit, as it didn’t take me long to feel like I was going to climax. I hoped he would hurry.

I started thinking about whether or not I wanted to time my orgasm for when he walked in, or save it for when he was in the same room as me and realized what I was doing.

My thoughts got a bit darker then. What if the person to walk in was not him? Who would it be, and depending on who it was would I keep going?

Eventually I started to feel too good not to come. Since I was alone, I let my moans escape my throat. What if I moaned so loud someone heard and came to check on me? At the thought of anyone walking in at that point made me come even harder.

After my orgasm he texted that he was on his way. I thought about my poor timing and wondered if I should go for round two of trying to be caught. Unfortunately, at that point I lost my nerve and quickly got dressed and did one last clean up run through of my apartment.

Maybe I can gather the courage to try again next time. Next time I will wait for his text that he is on his way before I start to play.

Sexual Fantasies

**I have been trying to keep up the habit of writing and posting every day. I ran out of things to review and my sex life has been a bit lacking, so I googled “sex blog writing prompts.” I came across a set of 10 questions and prompts that pertain to sex.**

5. Describe a sexual fantasy you have.

This one was harder to answer than I thought. I obviously have a lot of dirty fantasies, but the one that appeals to me the most is just sexy fun time in general. I haven’t had much of that lately. Any that I get is a huge treat and welcome surprise. To go along with the theme, I will describe a scene I wish and hope for every time I get some snuggle time with the boyfriend.

We are snuggling on his bed. I am trying to keep my wandering hands in check as I lean in for more kisses. I let my next kiss linger on, then finally getting a hold of his bottom lip between mine. I give a light suck and run my tongue along  his lip before giving the lightest of nibbles.

I feel him smile and his lower lip becomes free of mine. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer before taking my hand and resting it on his growing bulge.

“You see what you did?” he asks playfully.

“Sorry, not sorry,” I say with a mischievous grin. “I feel it, but I don’t see it,” I say, egging him on a bit more.

“Oh, you asked for it now,” he said, grinning. He let go of my hand he had placed on his pressing need and reached to undo his belt and shorts. I grinned and watched, my pussy clenching and tightening in anticipation of getting to play. I licked my lips as I watched his hard cock spring free of his boxers when pulled down.

I scooted myself down on his bed and got positioned at his hip. I put a pillow under my elbow and wrapped my hand around the lower half of his shaft. I slowly circled my tongue around the tip of his head. Once I get the head wet with my swirling tongue, I take it into my mouth. I begin massaging his head with my tongue while beginning to suck.

I start to slowly move my mouth up and down his cock, taking more of him each time I slide down. Once I get a good rhythm I pick up my pace, making sure to keep my tongue swirling with massage as I go. I let a low hum build in my throat and he starts to moan in ecstasy.

I take that as a sign that I am doing a good job and take my free hand to cup his balls. I gently massage them as I keep up the magic of my mouth. I am a terrible multitasker, but I manage to keep a somewhat steady rhythm and I work his cock with my mouth and his balls with my hand.

When I notice him start to seem close I change it up a bit and switch my mouth and hand. I begin sucking on his balls while I trace my index finger around his head before beginning pumping motions with my wrist and his cock. Each time I feel him start to get close I switch between mouth and hand, cock and balls.

I could do this all night, but I want to see him some for me. One last time I put my mouth over his cock, my hand cups his balls, and I get back into rhythm. This time when I feel him get close I let his climax build enough to let his hot load shoot into my mouth. As he comes, I slow down with the tongue massages, knowing hes sensitive there. I feel him pump his load down my throat and I swallow every last drop. Once his orgasm is over I slide back up to cuddle him before he kisses me goodnight.


Dreams – Part 2

So, after I talked to my coworker about him repiercing my nipples I had an amazingly hot dream about it. I woke up wet and aching, more than usual.

In the dream, he came over and I had dinner ready. We were going to eat, have some drinks to ease the awkward tension a bit. My roommate was there, both in moral support for me and so that there was a witness in case any claims of sexual harrassment came up.

Before we got to the piercing we all ended up on my bed. He was trying to convince my roommate to pierce her nipples. He was begging to see them, and she finally gave in. He was like a kid in a candy store, as I admit, she does have a nice pair of tits. He started feeling, pinching, and pulling.

They got undressed, and his 12 inch dick was extremely obvious. I was so glad it was not me that was going to be fucking him. (Yes, I know a 12 inch dick is a bit unrealistic, but my roommate have kind of an ongoing bet of what his cock it like).

She straddled herself into his lap, facing him. She started bouncing and riding. I reach over and pulled out my vibrator and just watched them, torn between wishing to get fucked and sad about not getting that kind of attention to being glad it wasn’t me having to take all that dick.

They keep going at it, but eventually she can’t stand his huge cock and has to climb off of him. He then stood up and jerked himself off onto both of our tits.


I have never been on a real date, nor have I really “dated.” In a way I have, but when it all boils down in the end, I don’t feel like I have. Sure, there are people I have had relationships with, but we never started off by dating, it was more like friends hanging out at the other’s place and things progressing from there. 

I have went on “coffee dates,” but I don’t feel like those count either. Nine times out of ten they turn into duds, never seeing the person again, or being friends for a brief time and then losing touch. Then again, some say that’s what dating is. 

I have always loved the idea of traditional dating. Meet someone by random chance, at work, etc. When they ask you out, they make it clear that it is in fact a date, not just “hanging out.” I swoon at the idea of being picked up at home, then we go to our date. If things connect well, I love the idea of it continuing every weekend, something to look forward to to get through the week. They would walk me to the door and we would at least hug, if not kiss. 

After a few dates, maybe more, I would feel comfortable letting them in. We may or may not have sex. Or, maybe we wait until we become “official” before having sex. 

These days the idea of getting in a car with someone I am just meeting is terrifying. I did it once, and it was the stupidest thing I ever did. I will never do it again. I imagine I would only do this if I knew this person from work, since they have passed a thorough background check. 

I just don’t know how to meet people. I hate going out in public, and online gets really boring. I feel like I should stop trying to date people at work, since that can get awkward. 

Currently though, I am in no hurry for a relationship. I am just not there mentally. I would love a stable and consistent fuck buddy, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. Dating sounds nice though. Meeting people, making friends, and getting to know them. I just don’t know how, since I live in such a tiny area. 

The Right One

I learned a very valuable lesson with the last guy I dated, however I just now realized it. I learned why people say they will “try something with the right person.”

We all have fantasies. Some are more kinky than others. Some of my fantasies are on the kinkier side. The guy I dated wanted to know them. I was embarrassed, but I shyly told him. He wasn’t disgusted, but he wasn’t into it either. I dropped it.

However, he always ended up bringing it up. He offered to try those things with me. I wasn’t really excited to, but I did try because I worried no one else would offer. I figured I was just nervous to, and I was deep down, but it was more than that.

I wasn’t as into it. I mean, the idea still turned me on, I still got off watching it on porn, but with him it felt wrong. I realize now it is because he just wasn’t the right one. Even though he was trying to be the nice, supportive boyfriend, I couldn’t get into it because he wasn’t into it as sexually as I was. That is why I was so uncomfortable.

I know now the true meaning of waiting for the right one. I need to try these things with someone that gets off on doing the things for me, not just doing me a favor.


“I gotta pee, babe. Is there anything else you want me to do with it? I am about to explode,”

“Umm, if we were in the shower I would love to feel your hot stream covering my body. Cover my tits, my stomach, my legs. I can even turn around and you could get my back and ass,” I shyly replied. I had never had anyone want to dirty talk with me about pee play, but I was loving it.

“Oh, baby that felt so good, so relieving,” he said later after sending me a video.

He told me it was a huge turn on to think about me holding/aiming his cock for him while he peed. I was so scared the first time that told him I wanted to do that. I was embarrassed to admit how much I loved watching a guy pee. I was so glad I told him. Gradually I have been going into more detail about what turns me on about it, and what drives me wild enough to squirt.

I don’t know if he is as into it as I am, or if he’s just acting turned on to get me to open up, but he’s been sending me lots of pictures and videos of his cock, some even of him taking a leak. It’s so fucking hot. I have no problem sending him the stuff he wants to see just so that in return I get what I want.

We met online. He lives half a state away unfortunately. For now it’s just dirty talk and texting. We have really opened up to each other about our turn ons. Him getting “excited” over the things I want to try and do get me so hot and wet. He’s really helped me explore my pee turn on a lot. Some stuff I have went into detail about I have never told anyone, let alone barely accepted myself.

He claims that he’s never told anyone the things he’s told me. The things that he’s into don’t really do it for me, but they also don’t turn me off. Just hearing and seeing his reaction to what I do for him makes it a lot less weird and so much more worth it.

I am so excited to explore my interests about what turns me on. Just talking with him about it makes it easier and easier to admit what I want. I can’t wait to explore for real someday.

Dedicated Orgasms

So I had an idea the other night while working away at some orgasms. I thought of this: dedicated orgasms. Now, what does that mean you might wonder.

In an effort to work on my lack of masturbation inspiration (and to give some naughty listening pleasure), as well as get over my turn off to/fear of name calling, what about if you request me to say your name while I orgasm (and I would record it and either send it to you privately or post it, your choice)?

I don’t know how this idea sounds to you. The idea kind of got me going. I like it. Heh, I also kind of like the idea of hearing you say MY name, though I like “Tashamber” a hell of a lot better than my given name. I want to hear how sexy it “could” sound.

Also, as kind of an undeveloped thought and mentioned on my notes (smartphone next to bed is a great way to make notes on post ideas), I mentioned specialized fantasies. I could write a fantasy that YOU want to read about. Whether its us hooking up, me and another girl, threesome, etc. I think that would be a great way to get more posts written. (Ha, I need fantasy at this point, since I sure as hell am not getting anything in real life).

Again, just a thought. I would love to hear what you think (and requests if you have them).

TMI Tuesday – It’s Just a Fantasy

1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization would you participate (giving or receiving)?
*forced feminization is the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women, to make him submissive. For example: wearing lingerie, heels, make-up.

I definitely would. I like the idea of helping satisfy my partner’s fantasies/passions. I think it could be kinda hot too, as well as fun. Of course, as fun as it might be, I wouldn’t want to do it if they weren’t into it.
2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?

I have never really had any cruel or aggressive dreams before, though if I did, I don’t think it would worry me. It’s only a dream, after all. All the other times I have come close to having a good sex dream I woke up before any real action happened.

3. Tell us your hottest filthiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less.
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals, or are societal taboos.

I really want to take turns tying each other up and having our ways with each other. I find the idea incredibly hot, with all the trust involved.

4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra

You know, I have never really been much of a superhero/comic person. Though, reading other TMI Tuesday posts, I have heard some good things about Aquaman.

5. Knowing there’s a hot young couple in the adjoining hotel room, would you press your ear against the wall to hear the action on the other side?

Oh, hell yes! I had neighbors who were always really loud and I could hear them on the otherside of my bedroom wall. Sometimes I would even get my vibrator out and listen to them while playing with myself, imagining what they were doing.

6. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.

Oh, definitely. With the internet you can find anything. The sex blogosphere has given me a ton of information and advice. It has really helped me grow, especially with my own blog.

Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.

Fun. Sexy. Intimate.
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