Riding My Pet Pony

As promised, here is the story I wrote with one of my Twitter followers. I had a great time writing it with him, and I look forward to writing something again sometime. The parts that I wrote are in red, his in blue.

I have always wanted to tie someone up and have my way with them. My pet pony has volunteered to let me do just that. I start by blindfolding him, taking him to the bedroom and gently pushing him onto my bed. I’m wearing my favorite red negligee and matching thong. I also have some red high heeled boots on. Once he’s on the bed, I have him position himself so that his hands are up against the bedpost/bars, laying naked and vulnerable.

The clicking sound of your handcuffs closing around my wrists and jingling on the headboard frame causes me a bit of anxiety and heightens my other senses. I hear you start to giggle as you place something rough feeling around my right ankle. “Is that rope?” I ask. “Yep,” you say sternly as you quickly pull it tight. I feel a lump in my throat as you finish tying my other leg tightly to the bed frame. You slip out of your sexy little red thong and push it into my mouth as you straddle your pet. Mmmmm, I can taste your sweet excitement as you can see and feel mine growing inch by throbbing inch.

As much as I am controlling you, I am also controlling myself just as much, maybe more. Seeing your cock grow, I want nothing more than to just take you right then and there; but no, I must wait, tease you some more, make this last. I decide to give you just a tease as I straddle you, and rub your cock over my wetness. The tease even drives me wild, but I pull myself together and sit on your chest, nibbling and kissing you all over, grinding my hips softly.

The head board clangs as I struggle to reach out and hold you. You giggle as you wiggle up my chest until heavens door is grinding on my chin. Chin turns to tongue as your soft grinding turns to a genital bucking motion. The taste of your sweet honey is divine and I lick up every drop greedily.

“Mmmm,” I moan, as that feels so good. I scoot my pussy closer to your face. I love the feel of your tongue on me. I lift up your blindfold on one side so that you can take in the sight of my pleasure. I play a bit of twister with myself and lean back to give your hard cock a few teasing strokes, running my index finger around the head a few times, then gripping the shaft gently, moving it up and down.

Pre cum starts to ooze from your pets throbbing cock so you stop the tease for a moment. I kiss and nibble your clit, then clamp down gently with my lips and start humming in a low pitch causing you to shudder with delight. Grabbing the back of my head with both of your hands you moan and quiver wildly until your sweet nectar starts to run down my smiling face.

I take your blindfold off completely, then undo the handcuffs from your wrists. “You are gonna need them,” I say, smiling at you before stealing a quick kiss. I then rotate my body so that we are in a 69 position. You hold my hips up so that you can have a better angle to my sweet wetness. With one arm propped up on a pillow to better hold myself up, I take your throbbing hardness into my other hand. Slowly, I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock.

After the third swirl around my rock hard teased cock it’s a struggle not to explode into your hott sexy mouth. I try to focus on lapping up every drop of your sweet wetness running my tongue from your swollen clit to the top of your tight little pucker.

Mmm, that feels so good I stop to take in all of the pleasure that you are giving me, distracted from your cock as well as giving you a break, not ready for you to come just yet. After I let you lick me for a while, I rotate myself so that my pussy is hovering over your cock. I am ready to ride my pony, so I slowly lower myself onto you, feeling every inch slip inside.

I moan with pleasure as your tight wet pussy squeezes your pony’s huge throbbing cock tightly! I gently caress the undersides of your perfect breasts playing softly with your nipples until they turn hard. You lean down and start nibbling on my neck while I begin fucking you slowly, with long deep strokes.

I nibble on your neck, my mouth traveling down to your chest, stopping to concentrate on your nipples. I suck and nibble, then very gently pinch, pull and twist. After playing with your nipples for a bit, my mouth travels back up your chest, nibbling some more on your neck, and finally up to your ears where I gently suck and nibble on your earlobe. I have a hard time concentrating as your strokes get deeper and faster. I moan into your ear, it feels so good.

You start bumping and grinding your clit against the base of your pets long deep stroking cock. I feel your sweet nectar oozing slowly down my balls as your moans become more and more intense. Grabbing two handfuls of your pony’s mane, you start to shake and quiver delightfully. I hold you tightly against my chest as your orgasm starts to intensifies and roll you over onto your back. Your nails move up and down your ponies back digging in when you feel another orgasm starting to well up inside. I struggle not to explode in paradise knowing there will be penalties for cumming without my owner’s permission.

“You have been such a good pet today, giving me such a great ride. Come with me now, I want you to give me your orgasm,” I pant as I grind my hips upward, harder and faster to hear you come. “Come, my pet, I want to hear you,” I say to encourage you to spill your seed inside me.

Just as you begin to orgasm I groan loudly as my seed starts to shoot deeply inside heaven’s gate. I feel your body stiffen and shake with pleasure as my seed gushes deep inside paradise. I keep grinding my hips against your clit until your orgasms subsides then collapse on top of your and whisper in your ear, “Thank you for letting me pleasure you.”

Sex Dreams

It’s been over two weeks since I last got any action. I kind of got used to getting laid by D every week. Unfortunately the last time we hung out, neither of us were much in the mood. We did not hang out this weekend because I was moving. Heh, at least our last romp in my apartment was memorable.

Lately, I have been having sex dreams. As I write this, I have had 4 in the last two nights, three of them in the same night, one right after the other.

The other morning Will helped me move my bed and dresser to the new place. As he was giving me a hug goodbye, he told me he missed giving me bear hugs, then proceeded to give me one. I miss his bear hugs too, damnit, but he’s the one that threw it all away. I just told him I missed them too and hugged tighter. In a way it was nice to hear, but it hurt me more I think.

That night when I was sleeping, the dreams began. The first dream I had was about Will. Honestly, I kind of dread dreams about him because they are always of us getting back together. I am happy in the dream, but when I wake up I feel more alone than ever. Anyways, in the dream, as he hugged me goodbye, he said he missed me, missed us. We kissed, and ended up going back to the empty apartment to make love. Then I woke up.

The next night I had pretty much the same dream, only this time we were hanging out at his place. We were drinking, just chatting. He started to get a bit tipsy and told me he still loved me. We made out, and just as things started to get heavy, he pulled himself away and told me he couldn’t do that while he was drunk. I woke up then, incredibly horny.

Not soon after, I fell back asleep and had a dream about D and I hooking up. It was my last night in my apartment and we wanted to make the best of it. It was hot, as usual. It was also very animalistic, with me riding on top. In this dream however, we were also more than friends.

As soon as that dream ended, I had another dream in which I was at home and dry humping my floor, chairs, and bed. I was excited in the dream because I was not using a vibrator and was about to get off.

My clit was burning with the building climax. In the dream, Someone showed up and tried to help. The pressure built even more and I felt so close. Until I woke up and had to piss like a racehorse. I wonder, if I had came in the dream, if I would have pissed my bed or had my first dreaming orgasm. Either way would have been a wet dream, pun intended.

Giving Without Receiving

I used to take pride in giving good head. I felt like that was the one thing I excelled at when being with a guy. I loved the control I had, the trust he had to have in me to let me use my mouth (where theres teeth) on his dick. Everyone that I have ever sucked has always said it was the best they ever had. Maybe all guys say that to every girl, but I was happy to believe them, and still do.

However, after Toby, I kind of quit caring about giving head. It was ruined for me in a lot of ways. I realized this when I was with The T several years back. I know exactly why I don’t care about giving head so much anymore.

You see, The only one to truly ever return the favor was Ex #4. He would eat me out for forever it seemed, though sadly it was more relaxing than climaxing. Yeah, Nathan, Tiffany, Leah, and The T have went down on me, but it was always for less than a minute or two because they found other things to do to me.

The times I was with Toby I would ask him to return the favor, he would always make up some excuse on why he couldn’t. I finally gave up asking when his last excuse was that “he heard he wasn’t supposed to go down on a girl unless he was in love with her.” I know that excuse was total bullshit. That is when I quit caring about giving head.

When I played with The T, he wanted me to suck him. I was adamant that it was not going to happen, but I finally compromised for just a little bit of suckage. I hated it, and that was the first time I didn’t take my time or care in what I was doing. I felt like it was substandard, though he disagreed.

I started enjoying giving head again when I sucked D in the woods. It was new, and exciting. I took great care in what I was doing.

I took even greater pride in what I was doing when I gave Will head. It was his favorite of the few things he allowed us to do together. I made sure to give good head because I wanted him to come back for more (since our sexual time was so few and far between), though I didn’t enjoy giving as much as I used to. Several times, after he came, he would mention how sometime he would like to return the favor.

One night I really wanted him to return the favor, so I asked him to do just that. I had actually really enjoyed giving him head. I had taken my time, and used my skill to the fullest. After he came, I asked if he would go down on me. He said no. I asked him why, since he said he wanted to return the favor. That is when he told me that the idea of going down on a girl was never much of a turn on. I asked how he expected to return the favor. He said that it would happen by having sex. He then left for food, and I sat in bed and cried. The last excuse Toby gave me came back to mind. I cried even harder. I felt like there was something wrong with me.

He came home, saw me crying and comforted me. I explained what was wrong when he asked. That is when he learned my true sexual past. He had always had bits and pieces before, but this time I finished the puzzle. I felt better, though was still a bit pissed. I eventually got over the fantasy of him going down on me.

Lately I have been craving tongue on my clit. It just sounds like it would feel really good. There have been several times that I thought D was going to do it, just from his postion at times, or how he kisses my stomach, all the way down to my mound. He never has done it for me, and I have been afraid to ask because I don’t want to ruin my liking of giving him head if he says no.

I really like giving D head, and I always have. He makes me want to give more head. I read the posts I write about sucking him, and they get me very wet and sexually excited. He brings back the old me.

Sexual Bucket List

The other night at work (it’s a great time to think), I started thinking about this blog and all the sexual things I have done, the sexual things I want to do, and the sexual things I would like to try over again, since I have had more experiences. I have decided to share this list. One thing I would like to mention first is that some of these things are things I REALLY want to do, and others are kind of just (embarrassing) curiosities. I hate to use the word embarrassing, but they are things that aren’t looked at too positively in public society. They are things I might have a bigger interest in doing, with the right person of course. Also, things are not in any particular order.

Sexual Bucket List
01 – I would like to get a Brazilian (wax my pubes/bikini line/whatever its called).

02 – I would like to attempt to have sex in a car (particularly us in the back seat, me facing him, on his lap, but I am open to any positions that work. The car would also preferably be parked someplace private).

03 – I want to go down on a girl completely. I have done this once before, but it did not last very long, as the girl wanted me to do other things.

04 – I think it would be awesome to have another threesome, since I have more experience now.
04a – I want to have a threesome with 2 guys
04b – I want to have a threesome with 2 girls

05 – I want to get tied up and teased physically (tickled lightly, kissed, touched, rubbed)

06 – I want to get recorded having sex, sucking cock, and even receiving some head myself.

06a – I would also love to record another couple

07 – I want to see myself have sex in a mirror (above me, to the side of me, in front of me)

08 – I still want to learn to pleasure my clit and orgasm without batteries

09 – I want to try different positions, and possibly master them. I have really only had sex in the missionary position, doggy style). Mostly I want to master the cowgirl position (if its possible for a bigger girl like me, never had the chance to try).

10 – I want to attempt to be dual penetrated
10a – I have a small fantasy of having a dick in my pussy, my ass, my mouth, and both hands all at once.
10b – I wouldn’t mind a little bukake

11 – Before my repiercing I wanted to have double piercings on my nipples. The ones I have right now are horizontal, and I wanted to have vertical as well. I am not so sure, but still definitely open to the idea.

12 – I want to find a really nice penis and make a clone of it. They make clone-a-willy kits, and I want one to make a clone of someone’s cock. I made one with Will once, before we started being sexual together, and it did not turn out well. I want a redo, since we never got a chance ourselves.

13 – I want to aim a guy’s dick while he pisses.
13a – I am slightly curious at the idea of golden showers.

14 – I want to have a simulataneous orgasm with my partner.


I am hungry; hungry for cock. Nice hard cock. I want to take one into my mouth, feel it harden and grow. I want it to fill my dripping wet pussy. Heh, James texted me last night. I told him I was horny and wished I had a cock to suck. He replied by saying he was sorry he wasn’t there. I told him I bet he was sorry, because he knew that I would suck him if he wanted.

As I sit here, I picture the movements my tongue would make around a cock, any cock.

I would start by tracing my tongue along the underside of the tip, then taking everything into my mouth, inch by inch. The more I take in, the more I move my tongue, up down and all around.

Sucking and licking until he is almost ready to blow. Only then will I fill my wet and throbbing pussy by straddling him. Start by riding slow, and slowly begin to pick up my pace. Rubbing my clit with one hand, reaching back and massaging his balls with the other.

I bend down and kiss him, he kisses back. He runs his fingers through my hair, runs his fingernails down my back. I shiver hot chills. I go wild. The bed starts to squeak as our thrusting becomes more urgent, faster, harder.

We cum, one after the other. Me first, then him. Seeing each other in such pure bliss, we cum a second time, even harder. I collapse into his arms and he holds me while we sleep. He is the big spoon, I am the little one.

Going Wireless

I don’t remember if I mentioned it before or not, but I have always wanted a wireless bullet. Something to have in my pants and give the remote to someone, like Forbidden Fruit, so that they could turn it on and off as they please. The ones I saw online were a little outside of my price range, so I gave up on looking for the time being. When I went to the toy store a few weeks ago, the cordless bullets were on sale, but I ended up getting the outfit instead.

However, today I was talking to Anna. She said that Nathan got her one at our local mall, and it was only twenty bucks! So, I got together with some friends and headed to the mall to see for myself. Sure enough, they were there. I got one, along with some chocolate dust and duster to have for our next threesome.

I can’t wait to try out both new things, but I am especially looking forward to trying out the bullet tomorrow. Forbidden Fruit will love having that kind of control. I think it would also be fun for all of us friends get together, pass around the remote without my knowledge, and have me try to guess who is in control. That gets me so hot thinking about that.

Anna was telling me about her boyfriend accidently hitting the “on” button in the library. Forbidden Fruit heard it. Unfortunately that is all I got, as it was from text and my phone died right after I said it was going to die. I wasn’t home yet to charge it, so I don’t know what happened.

Forbidden Fruit doesn’t know I got it yet. I will make it a surprise. I can actually picture him standing outside my class while I am inside, flipping the “on” switch. That would be kind of hot. I will have to test it out though, before I leave for school. I wouldn’t want everyone around me knowing that I have a bullet in my pussy, waiting for someone to push that “on” button. I can even picture giving Nathan my remote, as well as Anna giving him her remote. He could mess with us both at the same time. I get hot picturing Anna and I wearing our bullets, playing with each other’s tits while Nathan plays with our dripping wet pussies.

Enough of my rambling fantasies about it. I will let you know what happens if and when I give the remote to Forbidden Fruit. I can’t wait to see what happens.


This is probably very wrong and mean, but I love to tease online. My favorite thing to do is get the person I am talking to (most often male) horny as hell. Some of these guys are more fun to tease than others, and some aren’t that fun to tease but I do it anyways.

So, the other night, as wrong as it was, I got him turned on. So turned on that he lost all of the things he said he couldn’t do. He told me he wasn’t horny, that he was trying to be good. I knew it was wrong, but I teased him. I wanted to make him hard, and tell me all about what he was doing with his cock. I wanted him to picture me, think of me.

I told him that a girl was staying the night, and what I wanted to do with her. I told him that she said she would let me experiment with her. He then thanked me. He thanked me for making him horny when he had been fine all day. I was glad my plan had worked.

I started talking even dirtier, getting more detailed in describing my fantasies with another woman. He wanted me to keep going. I was surprised, but pleased. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, hypocritical of me. He has a girlfriend, and when I had a boyfriend I hated it when my ex tried to get me to cyber, professing his feelings for me. I never could do anything with him while I had a boyfriend, so I knew it was wrong to get my friend to do it with me. Maybe I just wanted to see how far it would go.

Our Conversation went like this (with a little bit of punctuation/grammar editing):

Me: Does it get you hot, thinking I might get with a chick tonight?

Him: Kind of, sort of

Me: lol, kind of? Sort of?

Me: Thinking that 2 girls are going to get hot, naked, and wet together, do things to each other’s wet, aching pussies

Him: lol…..

Him: Not cool lol

Me: Playing with each other’s erect nipples, playing with breasts

Me: Sucking on them

Him: Ok

Him: It’s working

Me: hehe

Him: Dammit

Me: mmm, I can’t wait for her to suck on my nipples, put her fingers into my dripping wet pussy. (I am so wet right now)

Him: I don’t blame you

Me: Haha, if it happens

Me: I want it to happen…I bet you want it to happen…so I can tell you all about it later

Him: lol..

Me: Are you unsure?

Him: No

Me: What are you thinking about?

Him: lol, nothing in particular

Me: Liar

Me: You are fantasizing…being bad

Him: More like naughty

Me: Naughty is bad…You should get a spanking

Him: I need it

Me: Yes you do

Me: lol, want me to keep going? Or have I gone too far?

Him: No

Him: You can if you want

Me: Would you like me to?

Him: Yes

The conversation continued, but I was the only one typing. He was reading what I typed as he jacked off. What follows will be what I said, but in paragraph form.

Imagine us rubbing our clits together, squeezing each other’s nipples. She then flips me onto my back and slips a finger inside my dripping wet pussy, pressing her finger on my g spot. I want to cry out but I don’t. She then inserts another finger, thrusting it in and out. She’ll bend down her head and start to suck my nipple, then gently biting it with her teeth, pulling it back. She switches to the other nipple.

I reach up and I start to massage her tits, squeezing her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I finally gather my strength and sit up, telling her to get on her back. I put my finger inside her very wet pussy. It’s my first time touching someone else’s pussy. She’s so wet. I get even wetter.

I slowly start to play with her clit, rubbing in small circles I take my free hand and slip it inside her pussy, inserting one finger, then two. I thrust my fingers in and out. I wish I had a strap on to take her from behind. I decide to go down on her.

I put my head between her legs and wrap my arms around them. I take my first lick, starting from where her wet opening is, all the way to her clit. I flick my tongue over her clit, starting slow, and then going faster. I remember something I always wanted to try, and slowly start to write the alphabet on her clit. I start with lower case letters, then capital case.

She squirms, and I grab a hold. We can’t make the bed squeak, they will hear us. As I continue to lick her pussy, I take a hand and run my finger around it, all over, tracing every hot, wet fold. I tease her pussy a little, tracing the opening of it. I can tell she can’t take it anymore, so I slowly stick a finger partially in. About halfway in I pull out. I hear her breath escape. I put my finger all the way in then, hearing a sharp gasp. I slowly put a second finger in, and begin to thrust as I tease her clit with my tongue. I thrust in and out, getting faster, then slower, trying to make a rhythm between my tongue and hand. I feel her tight pussy clamp down on my fingers, then I feel get hot, next feeling a gust of wetness. With the extra lube I thrust faster, licking faster on her clit. I hear her cover her mouth as she lets out a big moan. I keep going until I know she is finished.

Next, she rolls me over and whispers that it’s my turn. I give myself a secret smile of anticipation of how good it will feel. She puts her arms around my legs and traces my pussy, so wet now, wetter than ever, with her tongue. She sticks her tongue deeper into my folds, finding my soaking pussy hole and sticks her tongue in as far as it will go. It takes everything I have not to cry out from the pleasure. I feel her tongue softly going in and out, then all over my pussy.

Next she concentrates on my clit, running her tongue in soft circles all over. I feel her tongue flick and tease. I slowly start to thrust my hips up into the air, wanting more. I need something inside me, now. I feel her thrusting her fingers in and out, licking my clit. I feel ready to burst. Burst I do as waves of hot, sensational pleasure from my orgasm take control of my body.

Friends With Benefits

For the past few years, off and on, I have felt like I have wanted a friend with benefits. I just wanted someone to fool around with, experiment with, and discover myself. This feeling has been much stronger for the last few months though.I just know however, that I could not handle it emotionally.

Pretty much my whole life I never really had the best self esteem. Although my self esteem has improved greatly over the past two years, I still don’t think I could handle it. This is irritating to me. It’s irritating because I don’t want a commitment right now, but I really want someone to help me discover myself. I try to masturbate to get it out of my system, the horniness, but it doesn’t help. Yeah, I can have an orgasm, but in the end I feel even hornier afterwards, wishing someone was there to help me do what I do.

I also think it’s an attachment issue. My whole life I have always tended to get really attached, especially to people I do stuff with. I can certainly name a few examples, the guy in the basement being one attachment. Luckily we didn’t do anything except kiss (though kissing was a big deal to me then, not so much now). Over the years, I had smaller attachments. I would think that any guy that talked to me or was nice to me automatically making me feel an attachment, a crush of sorts.

Though, I think the biggest attachment has been made within the past few weeks, though thankfully it has pretty much went away since he left. This attachment was with my so called best friend, the one who asked me to give him a blow job. I warned him I had attachment issues, and I was right. I did develop a slight attachment to him, though every time I tried to talk to him about it he blew me off.

Since he is gone, I have begun to think more clearly. He knew I trusted him, and that’s how he knew I was able to say yes, that I would think I could talk to him afterwards. Before this incident, I really wanted a friend with benefits. Now, I am not so sure.

A part of me is terrified of the idea of having one, because of the pain emotional pain I put myself through. The other part of me really wants a friend with benefits. I don’t want one just for the sexual stuff, I want one to help me learn to distance myself.

I am sure this post is a mixture of repetitiveness and ramblings, but maybe I could get some advice? Have you had a friend with benefits? How did you handle it? Did it ever become a problem for you?

Fascination by Watching

This is probably going to sound creepy, but I am fascinated at the idea of watching someone have sex. Not just in a porno, but in real life. I always thought it would be fun to record people having sex. If one of my friends were to ask me to record them, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t want a copy (unless they wanted to give me a copy), but I just like the idea of watching. It turns me on.

This one time my best friend and her boyfriend got on webcam as a joke and had sex in front of the cam. I told them I didn’t watch, that it was gross, but I was actually very fascinated and turned on. I couldn’t take my eyes away. When they did it, the camera didn’t show more than from the upper waist up, so I saw no naughty bits, and my friend had a shirt on.
Ever since I learned about masturbation, I had always had fantasies of watching a guy masturbate. My last two boyfriends I had let me watch them masturbate, and my latest one and I masturbated together. I even timed it to cum when he came. Doing this made me cum even harder.

I like watching a guy cum. I find that fascinating. On my favorite porno scenes, ones that I have watched more than once, I am able to time it so that I cum when the actors cum. Semen doesn’t bother me. I even will swallow after a blowjob if the taste isn’t too bad.

I am not writing this to seem creepy. Watching is just one of the many things that fascinate me. Now, when I say I like to watch, I mean with given permission. However, the idea of voyeurism does have its appeal. I mean, I wouldn’t be a voyeur on purpose. I just like the idea of walking in on someone, and possibly joining them.

For example, a couple of weeks ago my mom and I had a couple of friends stay over. One of those days, my mom and I came in from my mom picking me up from work. Our company was not in the living room where she left them, but the TV was on. When I went to drop my stuff off in my room, I could see that the bathroom light was on and the door shut. I stopped and listened, and I could hear them inside having sex. My mom and I then just waited patiently in the living room for them to get done.

Even though I acted giggly about it, even though we teased them about it, I was still very turned on. I had images of myself joining them. I wished that they were in the living room so I could see them, even if it was only a second.
Also, several times my mom and I have been coming in from the parking lot at our apartment building and heard our neighbors upstairs. They were very loud, and you could hear everything the woman said. My mom was disgusted, but I was fascinated. I tried to picture in my mind what they were doing and how they were doing it.

Maybe the watching thing is just from curiosity. I mean, I can see it all in pornos, but there is just something different about seeing it firsthand. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that my little fascination is creepy? Anyone else fascinated or turned on by the idea of watching? What are your fascinations that some people may find creepy?

Booty Call (Fantasy)

I am so horny right now, and I feel like it’s his fault. He said he would pleasure me when I was ready, since I didn’t feel just right the night I blew him. Well, right now I am seriously thinking about making that booty call. One reason I haven’t though is because I know he’s busy, getting ready to leave and all.

You see, I have been masturbating like crazy, trying to get it out of my system, but it’s just not working. Yeah, I cum at the end, but only after taking forever in rubbing my clit, thrusting my dildo in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

I keep having this fantasy of him coming over, and telling me he wanted to see me use my toys. I strip, and get on the bed. I take my vibrator and run it all over my clit. I then take my other hand and hand him my favorite glass wand. I ask him to fuck me with it. He does, hard and fast.

I never thought I could want him this bad. I mean, our friendship was never anything sexual, though we did talk a lot about sex. The last time I can see him before he goes is Thursday, where he tells me goodbye. Hopefully it will be more than just a few minutes of goodbyes. My mom said he could stay over, so I think I will ask him to when he comes back over.

If he does, I will ask him to fuck me with my dildo, while I rub my clit. Hell, I kind of want him to rub my clit too. I want to have him try it without toys first, using only his hands.  Before he sticks the dildo in I want him to put a finger inside my dripping wet pussy, maybe even two fingers. I want him to take my pussy juices and rub them over my clit, making my vulva nice and wet all over.

Finally, I want him to stick that dildo in, and slowly thrust it in and out, getting faster and harder until I can’t take it anymore. He will rub my clit fast, up and down, and in circles. I am so close to cumming and I tell him. He stops, and takes my vibrator, and turns it on. He places it on my clit, rubbing it all around.

This will send me over the edge, making me cum harder and faster than I ever have in my whole life. Because he did such a good job, and I feel so much satisfied, I will reward him with a nice cock sucking.

I will do everything I did last time, but adding in a few more techniques. Before I go down on him, I will tickle and tease his nipples with my tongue. I will slowly kiss his chest all over, slowly moving my way up to have our lips meet. His kiss will be as passionate as I imagined. He will take his arms and wrap them around me, moving his hand up my shirt to cup my left breast. He will squeeze and rub my nipple, making it hard. Then he will switch to my other breast and nipple. I will slowly move my hands down his back, running my nails down, giving him chills.

I move my hand farther down, and rest my hand firmly on his throbbing jeans. He undoes his belt buckle and wiggles out of his pants, letting his cock spring free into my waiting hand. I gently squeeze and loosen my grip, moving my hand up and down in the motions of jerking his hard, throbbing penis. I will take my free hand and cup his balls, softly massaging them in my hand. He runs his fingers through my hair, down my back. I tell him he is the only one that can do that without tickling me. He smiles, and I smile back. We kiss, sweetly, softly, passionately. He takes a free hand and cups my cheek.

Slowly, I go down. I lick his balls, and then slowly start to suck on each side, tickling them with my tongue. Next, I move my tongue up his balls, and up his shaft, swirling it like a lollipop. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and suck, running my tongue around the tip. I put his cock further in my mouth and start to suck.
I bob my head up and down, massaging his balls with one hand, jacking his lower cock with the other, while my mouth and tongue stimulates the head. He tells me not to stop, to keep going. I work faster, moving my tongue all over, using it to explore his erect cock.

Finally, after being so worked up from fucking me with my dildo, he will cum in my mouth again. I will swallow. He is the only guy I never hesitated on swallowing. I mean, I swallowed for the first guy I ever sucked off, but only because I thought I had to. The next guy had the worst tasting cum, and I had to spit it out. This guy however seems just right. Swallowing for me definitely depends on taste, and consistency as well, but certainly not as much as taste.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms, as we say goodbye one last time before he leaves. I am going to miss him. I wish him good luck for what he is about to do.