Fantasy – Board Game Night

It’s board game night and I am sitting between the boyfriend and an old coworker I have a crush on. I finish my turn and lean back on the futon and close my eyes. I am horny and it has been a long day. The boyfriend leans back after his turn as well and puts his arm around my shoulders, his hand hovering over my breast.

Feeling bold, I rested my hand over his that was hovering and push down. He immediately got the hint and got a handful of tit before giving a few healthy gropes. I grinned and giggled and he did it once more before taking my hand in his. Closing my eyes again, I relax next to him.

I start to imagine a MMF threesome with the two men on either side of me. I think of them each taking a breast in their mouth and teasing my pierced nipples with their tongues. I then start thinking of our hosts, a couple and their roommate. How perfect would it be if we all just had an orgy right there in the middle of the living room.

I craved the feeling of having two mouths cover my body at the same time, no side left untouched. The boyfriend mirroring ex-coworker’s (ECW) moves and vice versa. I wanted them both right then and there. I picture them both getting up to stand in front of me. I see myself reaching to undress each of them, all the while our gracious hosts are getting to business behind the two sexy men before me. With determination and concentration, I manage to use one hand each to get their pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and cocks exposed at the same time.

At that thought I feel a flood of wetness flood my panties. I have always wanted to suck two dicks at once and this is finally my chance. I warp a hand around each of them and lean forward. I lower my mouth onto the boyfriend first. I start by kissing the tip of is cock before slowly taking it in my mouth inch by inch, all the while swirling my tongue. I get the boyfriend good and wet before switching to ECW’s cock and doing the same thing. I switch back and forth between the two beautiful cocks before me, only switching when one starts to sound like they are enjoying this a little bit too much.

I realize it’s my turn for the game, so I hastily make a move before leaning back into the futon. I picture the boyfriend slowly start to strip me and ECW joining in. Simultaneously we all switch positions. I lay myself across the futon and ECW gets between my legs while the boyfriend gets at the opposite end. The boyfriend positions himself to get himself back in my mouth. ECW has no trouble sliding his penis into my soaking wet pussy.

I clench my kegels at the thought, imagining the feeling of penetration, and seeing him thrust his body and begin to fuck me like I deserve to be fucked. ECW reaches to begin to rub my clit while the boyfriend reaches to fondle and tease my boobs.

Its my turn in the game again so I make a move and get back to fantasizing. The two guys decide to switch. ECW wants a blowjob and the boyfriend wants to fuck me. He gets between my legs and plunges his cock deep inside my cunt and I tighten around him. At that same time, ECW gets his cock in my face and I hungrily take him in my mouth.

I can tell the boyfriend is close and so I decide to try and make ECW lose his load at the same time. I give my best sucking, tongue swirling massage that I could manage at that awkward angle. I want them to come at the same time. The boyfriend is closer and tells me so. Just then ECW tells me he is close, almost like the boyfriend saying he was close was that trigger he needed to get over the edge. At that second, the boyfriend began his orgasm. Seeing the boyfriend hit his climax made ECW reach his.

Slowly I came back to reality. I made my turn in the game we were playing. I was losing horribly, but I was ok with it. I just imagined a very sexy fantasy.


My Last Sexual Experience

**I have been trying to keep up the habit of writing and posting every day. I ran out of things to review and my sex life has been a bit lacking, so I googled “sex blog writing prompts.” I came across a set of 10 questions and prompts that pertain to sex.**

2. Write about your last sexual experience. How was it different from your first sexual experience?

My last sexual experience was over two months ago. Andy came over and I cooked us dinner while we watched B-rated horror movies on Netflix. I wrote about it in stronger detail in the above link. We have been going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment. He has been busy with school, so he hasn’t been too focused on sex.

Anyways, to answer the question, there are a lot of differences between my first and last experiences. Back then I had no idea what I was doing. Now, I know exactly what I am doing and love to prolong my technique. I definitely have more experience and knowledge about sex and masturbation. I don’t feel as guilty after sexy encounters.

Both first and last encounters are different because of the partner. The partner I am currently with took things a lot slower than the first. The first shared many firsts with me, where my last and I don’t have very many firsts together, if any. In a way my first encounter was more special, but my last was way hotter. Both memories are fuzzy though, one was just because it was over 10 years ago, the other because I had consumed a lot of alcohol beforehand.


We might have had a little bit too much wine, and I had to work the next morning. I didn’t care, and figured I could catch up on sleep the next night. All I wanted was to enjoy a night in with Andy. 

I cooked him dinner and we watched B-rated horror movies on netflix. The movies were terrible, but we had a blast adding our own commentary to the films. 

The first bottle of wine was drained fast. He convinced me to open the other. We drank that even faster. At one point my hand began resting on the crotch of his pants. I began to rub, feeling his hardness grow immediately. He inquired about my roommate being home, and I quickly shrugged it off. I could behave if she came out of her room, though I was pretty certain she would make herself scarce.

Eventually my hand worked itself into his shorts and I got a nice grip on his shaft. I twirled my index finger around the head, lingering on the frenulum where I did small, light circles. 

With his right arm around my shoulders and his left hand gently stroking my face and hand, I somehow manuevered my mouth onto his thumb. I began treating it like I would his cock; swirling, sucking, and massaging it with my tongue. His moans were steadily getting louder. 

Unable to take the teasing, he removed his thumb from my mouth and reached down to unzip. His cock was finally free, so I lowered my head and started by kissing his head. Slowly I lowered my mouth, covering the whole head. Swirling my tongue and sucking, I began to bob my head up and down. I had a terrible angle, so I was only able to attend to his head. 

I don’t remember much (or most) of the movie, but I do remember telling him at one point that the movie needed to end so we could go to my room. I don’t remember if we finished the movie, but eventually we landed in my room. 

After shutting the door, I flipped back the top blanket and walked around to the side that gives me the best cock sucking angle. By the time I got to my side, he was on my bed naked and waiting. 

To be continued…


I came to the realization the other day that everyone I have ever dated has prepared me for Andy. So far Andy is my favorite boyfriend That I have ever had, the best one I ever dated, etc.

The biggest example I can think of is J. Andy and J are similar in the fact that they both have major ups and downs. The only difference is that Andy hasn’t done anything to disappoint me (knock on wood). J was infamous for flaking on all the time, however, Andy has only had to cancel once, and that was due to homework. School comes first, I get it. Totally excusable. J just flaked because he could, didn’t care how I felt, etc.They both have severe mood swings, and I saw the worst of J. In the end I realized he was controlling in his passive aggressiveness. I have yet to see the darker side of Andy, granted, but I know it is there and feel prepared in how to deal thanks to my experience with J.,

Another example would be Will. If I hadn’t had the experience of slow moving Will, I would have given up on Andy way too soon. Yes, there were many mixed signals, but mostly good ones that kept me encouraged to keep pursuing Andy.

As far as Lee goes, Andy graduates next semester. Lee left easily, without looking back. I know that a lot can happen in 5 or 6 months, but in that time Andy will be graduating. I have been having to think about whether I could drop everything and move (if that’s what his future prospects require him to do, or if I could handle long distance, or if we even need to break things off.

As far as H goes, he broke down my most recent wall. I was made vulnerable again, allowing myself to open up to Andy enough to let him in and in the end take the next step of boyfriend and girlfriend.

There were many others in between, but those are the ones with the most significant impact on me, allowing me to be ready for everything that Andy has to offer, plus so much more.The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Sneaky Fondle

It was getting late and I was ready to go back to his place. We were at my coworker’s place, where we had just wrapped up the board game we were playing. My coworker went to bed, leaving her husband to chat and visit with Andy and I. 

I snuggled next to Andy on the couch and he wrapped his left arm around me while holding my right hand with his, my arm stretched out across his lap. 

Coworker’s husband (we’ll call him CH) was setting up his new console while chatting with Andy, not paying too much attention to us. 

I began to run my hand up and down his thigh (not too far so as to be inappropriate, but enough to hint that I wanted to touch him). Still holding my hand, he surprised me by sliding it under his shorts, resting just shy of his cock. He released my hand and pulled his shorts down to cover my hand. 

They talked while I explored. I had a bad angle, so I wasn’t able to weild his dick in my hand. I was however, able to run my finger along the tip and up and down the shaft. 

I was feeling naughty and ready to play. To be honest, I had been ready all afternoon, but had behaved myself until now. He started to get hard and finally asked the magic question of if I was ready to go. 

CH was busy with his new game and hadn’t even noticed what I was up to. I slid my hand out of his shorts and stood up. Andy stood up after giving himself a slight adjustment. We gathered our things as we said goodbye and walked back to my car.

On the way back to Andy’s I gethered my courage and asked if he was up for a little fun before I had to get home. You know his answer was yes.  

From Baby Steps to Doing it All

I made sure to get off work early so that I had sufficient time to get ready for Andy to come over for dinner. I did some last minute cleaning and a quick shower before I started on dinner. I started to get a little concerned when I hadn’t heard from him by the time dinner was just about done. Finally he texted, but after the time we had scheduled. He over slept and was on his way.

After driving to 3 different places for wine, he finally showed up 2 hours later. I would have been annoyed, but I was just glad he didn’t cancel like everyone else would have. We watched some of the anime he loaned me while we ate. Eventually my roommate came out to cook her dinner, but thankfully kept to herself. After she was done cooking, she left us to go to her friend’s.

We finished the anime and decided to go play my Super Nintendo. We chose Donkey Kong, one of our child hood favorites. We  did pretty good at first, but the wine snuck up on us and we kept dying. After dying for what felt like the twentieth time on my favorite level, I tossed the remote aside and leaned over him smiling. I leaned a little closer and we kissed. One kiss turned into three, then I lost count as we began to make out.

The background music of the game got irritating after a while, so we stopped kissing long enough to turn it off. As soon as it was off, we went right back to kissing, this time clothing was getting removed. There was a lot of heavy petting, and eventually he was delighted to have found my nipple piercings.

Soon we were naked and I told him where my condoms were, as he had my pinned down. The sex was good and hot. It was rough than I had ever experienced, but I found it thrilling and exciting. My chest and neck are covered in hickeys and bruises, a nice reminder of the other night.

After sex, we hopped in the shower and rinsed off our sweaty and hot bodies. We kissed and nibbled some more.

Once out of the shower we got dressed and cuddled on my bed talking. I gathered up the courage and asked what we were, asking if he considered us boyfriend and girlfriend. I was happy to hear him say yes, that neither of us do friends with benefits.

I was up 24 hours by the time I got in bed that morning, but it was well worth it. The next night I hung out at his place for a few hours before he had to go to bed. He cooked dinner again and we had some fresh brownies. I probably won’t see him until after this is posted. I am excited to see where this goes.

The Ending of H

Several times H and I tried to make plans, but they always fell through as he just could not would not make time for me. Because I have been flaked on so many times in my dating career, I moved on pretty fast. I was kind of annoyed that we had sex and haven’t seen each other since, but no regrets. It was good after all.

On New Year’s Eve he called me and asked if I had plans. Of course I did, I had plans to go with a coworker and her mom to play card games, drink, and watch the ball drop. H was pretty disappointed that I was busy, but the conversation was short because my friend showed up as I answered the phone.

After I got home, H was on messenger. We chatted, and he was still bummed we couldn’t hang. I told him it was for the best, and he didn’t understand why. I laid it all out for him, telling him how inconsistent he was, and that I needed someone that could would make time for me. He understood, but didn’t like it.

He claimed to feel like we were becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. I quickly reminded him that he kept going back and forth on that sentiment. He agreed and apologized again. He claimed that he just didn’t have the time to be a proper boyfriend, etc.

In the end, we agreed on being friends until he decided he had the time. I made it clear that I wasn’t going to wait around for him, that I fully intended to date and see where my heart lead me. We haven’t talked all that much, and to be completely honest, I am ok with that.

Ramblings and Over Thoughts

I over think things a lot, as well as nit pick and analyze. One thing I have been trying to teach myself is to take things for what they are and not to over think.

At first I was worried when I got so many mixed signals from Andy last week, but I have pretty much talked myself out of any worries I have. For example: He likes me, he must if he keeps talking everyday. He wouldn’t have held my hand if he didn’t want to the other night. If he didn’t want my hand resting on his leg, he could have easily changed positions so that it wasn’t resting there naturally. He definitely wouldn’t call me hun every once in a while. Today he mentioned another date night (no day set yet because he is still out of town), but we definitely have a plan.

The other day I got a little paranoid when he wasn’t as talkative. I was worried that me texting him some variant of “Good morning, hope you have a good day,” was getting annoying or irritating. He immediately texted back that it was perfectly fine and sweet, that it meant I thought about him when I woke up. My mind was instantly put at ease.

Things are going well, and seem to be on the right track. I look forward to seeing where things go. As far as H goes, things are pretty much over with him. I honestly feel a little icky for having sex with him now. I mean, the sex was good, but now he has every excuse in the book to get out of seeing me again. I don’t need that kind of negativity.

Promising Potential

I went on a movie date with Andy a week after my karaoke date with H. At this point I was undecided on who I preferred join me to my company Christmas party. The movie was good, but uneventful as far as the date went. We hugged when I got there and hugged twice as we said goodbye, but that was it.

Since nothing really happened at the movie, I figured that H would be the best date since I requested the day after off from work (in hopes of taking one of them home after). H agreed happily to be my date, but cancelled three days before the party. No reason, just a text that said “Not going to be able to make it.” I tried calling and texting. His phone was turned off.

After I cooled off during my failed attempts to contact H, I waited for Andy’s usual evening text. Once I knew I had his attention I asked if he wanted to be my date and apologizing for my late notice. He happily accepted and my worries disappeared. When I asked if he wanted me to pick him up or meet him there he said he wanted to sleep on it. The next morning he said he wanted to drink there, but didn’t want to seem selfish by making me drive. That night after a bottle of wine I told him that I liked the idea of picking him up, as it would give us more one on one time. He said that was perfectly fine and actually worked out better.

The day of the party I got several texts throughout the day from Andy that made my heart flutter. The first one was informing that he couldn’t dance, but would try. That meant the world to me, since people usually just tell me they don’t dance, no ifs, ands, or buts. The fact that he was willing to put in an effort made me smile the rest of the work day. Later that evening as I was getting ready he texted asking if I was excited for the night, because he was. Once again the butterflies in my stomach went nuts.

At the party, I introduced him to my coworkers and we sat down. My coworker and her husband left to go get their picture taken and had us hold the table. He seemed very eager when I asked if he wanted to get our picture next. Now, I usually don’t do pics of my face, but this night I was feeling very confident and photogenic.

The rest of the night went on, entertaining but uneventful. We never got a chance to dance because there was only karaoke and no one else dancing. On the drive to drop him off we started planning our next date where I would cook him dinner and we watch a movie at my place. The drive was way too short, and sooner than I liked we were at his place. A big part of me was hoping for an invite in, but it didn’t happen. We decided to give each other a real hug so I parked and got out. While hugging I got gutsy and gave him a kiss on the cheek, where I immediately got one back from him. The hug ended and I drove home happy, but a tad frustrated.

Fast forward to the end of the week when he comes over for dinner and a movie. I made beef burgundy in the crockpot and had the Warcraft movie ready. We sat on opposite ends of the couch while eating. After we got done eating he got up for a minute to use the restroom. While he was gone I grabbed my back pillow so that I wasn’t so low in the couch (I am short and it sinks). When he came back and sat down, he sat down closer to me. As he settled himself back in, out hands interlocked.

No one really initiated the hand holding. It just kind of happened and it was nice. We fit well together. Towards the end of the movie an alarm on his phone went off and he broke the hand holding to turn it off. We didn’t go back to hand holding, even after my few “hinting” brushes of my hand on his. However, my hand ended up naturally resting on his leg the rest of the movie.

After the movie he had to go, since he had a long drive to see his family for winter break the next morning. We hugged goodbye. I gave another kiss on his cheek, but it was not returned this time.

He is still gone, and will be for another two or three weeks. I feel like I have gotten a lot of mixed signals, but they are mostly good signals. We text every day, and once in a while he calls me hun. Some days he is chattier than others. I try not to let it go to my head when he takes forever to respond. I know he is busy visiting with family for the holidays and such.

I definitely see a lot of potential with him/us. He is respectful and kind. As much as I love sex and intimacy, I also really like that things are moving slowly with him. It’s a nice change that feels full of promise. The last time things went slow like this with someone was when I dated Will, who lasted almost 2 years.

Side note: I heard from H the day before my work Christmas party. His excuse for bailing? He had to keep his roommate company at his work. Oh, and his phone was off because the battery exploded on him. I don’t believe half of that crap.


Taking Him Home

“I want to take you home with me, but I am not sure if I am ready to have sex yet,” I told H in the crowded karaoke bar. We were on the date I mentioned in my previous post. I was horny, but not quite sure how far I wanted to go with him.

“That is perfectly fine. We can do whatever you are comfortable with,” he responded.

“I definitely want to cuddle and kiss. I want to do it in my bed though,” I admitted.

“We can totally do that,” he said.

As the karaoke wrapped up, I made my final decision to take him home with me. We snuck in quietly so as not to disturb my sleeping roommate. Once we were both settled in my room after taking turns doing our business in the bathrooms, we took off our shoes and cuddled on the bed.

We kissed and felt around each others clothed bodies. Eventually our shirts and my bra came off. He moaned in pure bliss as I scratched my nails down his back. After a while, my hands travelled to the bulge in his jeans. I rubbed his hardness, imagining how it looked outside of his pants.

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked, in almost a pleading tone.

“I am touching it,” I said in a very playful tone and a huge grin on my face, already teasing the waistband above his cock.

“No, I mean touch it without the pants in the way,” he said, not catching my joke.

I reached for the button of his jeans, but he beat me to it. I moved my hand so that his cock could escape the confines of his pants. As soon as it was free, I wrapped my hand around it and felt it pulse in my hand.

He finished taking off his pants and I wriggled out of mine. We situated ourselves back on the bed and heavy petting ensued. I rubbed his cock with enthusiasm as he fingered his way around my pussy. He was amazed at how soaking wet I was, even asking if I came a few times. I had to tell him I had never came from anything but a vibrator. He was disappointed, but finally accepted the fact, though trying to convince me to get my toy.

It was 4 in the morning when we finally decided to get some sleep. As we were laying there cuddling after the light was turned off I made a comment. I forgot the wording, but it implied that I wanted sex. Immediately he perked up and asked if I wanted to. I said yes, but I thought he wanted to sleep.

“That was before I knew we could have sex,” he said as he moved his body between my legs. I parted my legs and he began teasing my hungry cunt with his still hard cock. I lifted my hips to try and get him to slide in, but he stayed outside. When I was finally begging for hit he slid in easily.

I immediately flexed my kegel muscles around him. His thrusts started slow, but the quickly picked up. He found a nice rhythm of when his cock went deep I squeezed, letting go as he pulled back, and so forth. Damn he felt good.

He pulled back a little further and got my right leg over his shoulder, allowing him more depth. He wanted to go deeper so we folded up a pillow and slid it under my ass. Soon after he was coming hard and fast.

We fell asleep cuddling after he came back from cleaning up. When we woke up 6 hours later we had another go round at the sex. He was determined to make me orgasm, but it just wasn’t happening. My pussy was starting to feel sore anyways, since it wasn’t used to so much attention.

For most of the day way talked, cuddled and kissed. I kept saying we should get up and start the day. I had to get him home at some point, but neither of us wanted to leave the comfort of my bed and each other.

Finally in the mid afternoon we decided to get up, but not before one last quick fuck. He felt amazing as usual, but my pussy had finally had enough and was just too sore. We grudgingly got dressed and went for a bite to eat of late lunch/early dinner.