Moving Forward with Andy

It was almost a month before I could have another date with Andy since he went out of town for winter break. We texted every day though, some days more text than others. Before he came back we made plans for our next date on a day he was free.

The plan was for him to cook me dinner and for us to go see a movie. All day my mind was running marathons, wondering what would happen. Things felt slow, but steady with him. I had too much time to get ready, so my mind was filled with all different scenarios. In the end, I wouldn’t have done anything differently; it was perfect.

He cooked me spicy spaghetti that was delicious. We watched a bit of TV before we left for the movie. I was greatly relieved when he asked if he could drive us to the movies. I suck at night driving, and he knew the area better than I. Plus, the song “Passenger Seat” had been going through my head all week.

Partway through the movie I managed to slide my hand down towards his, but he didn’t seem to take the bait so I went back to keeping my hand to myself. I gave it another 10 minutes and slid my hand down again. This time he had his hand waiting, and took mine in his. We sat through the rest of the movie holding hands, and even through most of the credits. Once the credits came on we started talking about the movie, our favorite parts, etc. Towards the end of the credits we finally let go and stood up to stretch.

Once back in his car, he asked if I wanted to come inside to visit some more. I eagerly accepted, not caring that I had to be up for work in 8 hours. We watched more TV and chatted. Finally at midnight he said it was his bedtime. He walked me to my car, and we hugged goodbye. At the end of the hug he pulled back, looking in my eyes smiling. As I smiled back, he leaned down and kissed me the softest, sweetest kiss. Too soon the hug broke off and I got in my car.  We had plans to hang out that coming Saturday, this time it was my turn to cook dinner.

Lips – Part 1

I have always had a fondness for my lips. They have always been smooth, and when I was way younger I believed that they were so smooth because I had never been kissed. I love that they still stay smooth, even after some major kissing has occured.

I love the way my lips look in a shiny gloss, but especially love the way they feel around a cock. Unfortunately I didn’t have a real cock to show, so I hope my glass dildo is ok. I love to wrap my lips around the juices I make after I cum too! Maybe next time you can see my other lips.


Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Browsing

I was browsing through my sent mail and found some VERY naughty pictures. They were pictures that I thought I had lost during my brief period of not blogging. I got very wet and excited when I saw these, remembering exactly when I had them taken.

They were from when I was playing with Sarah, or really, she was playing with me. You can read the post here.

Bent over in doggystyle position while she used the dildo on me

Wow, it’s weird seeing them without the piercings

Sinful Sunday

An End to Something Bad, the Start of Something Good

This last Monday I put a stop to the Toby situation. I hope. He picked me up in the morning after he got off work and we went to his house. Things seemed to be better and hotter before.

He kissed me harder and more passionately than he ever has, than anyone has. When he bent me over to feel my ass, he surprised me by taking off his belt and gently smacking my ass with it. He turned me back around and kissed me some more. When he lifted off my shirt, I began to unbutton his, so he helped me take it off.

He then asked me to do the usual (a blowjob). I did, but this time he never came. I must have sucked him for a half hour at least, and I could tell he wasn’t getting off from it, especially when I looked up and he had this bored look on his face.
I stood up and asked if he was getting close at all. He said no. I asked what he wanted to do, and he made up some excuse about having to go to his cousin’s birthday party that afternoon. He always has some excuse to hurry and get me home.

Once in the car, after we got back on the road, I told him that I didn’t think I could do this much longer, that I was getting attached. He said that if I wanted to pull the plug on it, it was fine. I explained that I was starting to wish for more than just “experimenting,” and was not sure he wanted more than that. He never disagreed and said it was fine to pull the plug.

I told myself I was not going to get attached to him. However though, as soon as I said it, I realized it was true. I hated to end it, because I knew that he would probably not go through with being strictly friends. It hurt. I spent the rest of the day, moping around, wondering if I really did the right thing. I had to keep reminding myself that he was using me.

I still kind of worry about him, though that was just the attachment. I feel better about it though. I called Brent the day after, and immediately he asked me to hang out with him the next day. That it what I will be doing after I write this. I am kinda nervous, but t least I know he would never use me like Toby did.

Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made plans something would come up to prevent us from getting together.

This weekend was definitely worth the lack of sleep if you know what I mean. On the night in question, she came over. We went to dinner, then the mall, then made a quick stop at the local sex toy store. That is where I got my plug.

We got back to my place, and we had two hours by ourselves. We took turns taking a shower (solo, just in case someone got home early).When we were done, she instructed me to get on my bed. I did as told, and we began caressing each other’s breasts, squeezing and pinching at nipples. We like it rough.

She then let her hand travel downwards and began to search out my clit. She found it with ease. I gasped, feeling her hand rubbing my wet pussy and clit. I did the same for her. She stuck her finger in my now dripping wet pussy.

“Mmmm, you are soo wet. I like that. Now get out a toy and let me fuck you with it.”

I happily obeyed, grabbing my favorite glass cock. It slid in with ease. She fucked me in two positions, one while I am on my back, another while I am on my hands and knees in the doggy style position.

While she fucked me when I was on my back, legs spread wide apart, I put my bullet to my clit. Within minutes I was cumming.

Thank You, Cum Again

I was horny, thanks to Anna and Nathan. When they left, my mom was home by then, so I had no time to masturbate because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught. I wore the wireless bullet to work, thinking it would be a fun change of pace. I had that right.

My best friend was working graveyard that night too, so she picked me up. I know she hates when I talk to her about the stuff that I do, the stuff I think about, but I try and push it. I told her about my bullet. She thought I was sick.

Virtually silent in the warm, wet folds, I walked around cleaning the casino with the vibrator on. I would turn it off quickly when I felt myself getting a little too excited, or when I had to talk to a customer or employee. It would have been wrong if I did otherwise.

The best stimulation I got was when I walked, the vibrator purring between my legs. I noticed though, about three hours into my eight hour shift, that my batteries were dying. I clocked out for my lunch and walked over to the gas station where my friend was working. I grabbed something to buy for lunch, and added some AAA batteries as well. She knew why I was getting them, but wanted to see what I would say, so she asked me what they were for. I quickly responded by telling her they were for my flashlight for when we cleaned the bar. I don’t have a flashlight, but sometimes they are needed for cleaning that bar.

After lunch I clocked back, went to the bathroom and changed my batteries. It was time to do the bar, and I really started to feel the stimulation as I lifted the chairs onto their tables. Through out the night I teased myself, just by walking and having the vibe on.

That morning when I got home, I masturbated not once, but twice. I came once, hard, with my glass dildo going in and out of me as my bullet rubbed my clit. I didn’t even have to thrust the dildo in and out as I came, the contractions of my pussy pushed the dildo out, and when the end hit my hand, it would automatically go back inside.

I came that once, and I was loud. I don’t know if I said that I was a moaner before, but I am definitely a moaner with potential for screaming. My mom was at work so I got to be as loud as I wanted. When I was done with my first orgasm, I just wasn’t satisfied. I needed to cum again. Within five minutes I was reaching another climax.

Dresss Up

I have always been a fan of dressing up. I love to go shopping for new clothes, and looking for cute outfits. I also like dressing up in the bedroom. My main goal is to someday own a school girl outfit. There is just something about that plaid mini skirt and white button up shirt, along with wearing pigtails.

A few months ago I bought a French maid teddy. I have only really worn it once, as I have no one to dress up for. I really wanted to get the school girl outfit then, but it was a little out of my price range.

I have also been a big fan of sexy negligees and lingerie. The other day at the mall I saw a sale I couldn’t resist. I also saw some really cute panties that I couldn’t resist. I never really cared too much about underwear, since no one sees it but me, but I had to. I got three pairs, as it was three for thirty dollars. Yes, I know it is expensive, and way more than I have ever paid for only three pairs. I mean, I can get a pack of ten panties for a third of that price. Still, they were adorable. I will even post pictures at the end.

Today though, I went all out. I hung out with one of my friends, and we decided to go to the “lover’s boutique.” They have many, many outfits, costumes, and lots of sexy lingerie sets to wear. They also have a very nice collection of toys. We have two sex shops around here, and this one is more couple friendly. The other one is very shady.

Anyways, I found the glass dildos and fell in love. I decided I had to have one. That was forty bucks to my tab, but that was perfect for my price range. I walked around, and saw a lot of toys I always wanted to buy online but never could afford. One I saw was way smaller than I imagined (We-Vibe), and the other was way bigger than I had imagined (The Cone).

I asked the sales associates about wireless bullets, with the idea of putting the bullet in my panties and giving forbidden fruit the remote. They had them on sale for half off. I was going to get one, even had the box in my hand. At least I did until I saw the cutest negligee. It was two pieces, a thong and a see through top (long, about to mid thighs) and built in bra. I thought for a minute, and decided to put the bullet back. I took the outfit and asked the cashier if I could try it on, as they had fitting rooms.

It fit perfectly. It even made me look slimmer, and way more comfortable with myself, as I am not the most comfortable person with my body. Because it fit so well, I was hesitant to put it back and forget about it. It was fifty bucks, but it could so be worth it in times like the threesome I will be going to. I got the set and the glass dildo, which came with its own pillow pouch.

So now, I ask you, my readers. What do you like to dress up in or have your partner wear? Where online do you like to shop for these things? What do you fantasize about wearing or seeing someone wear? I would love to hear your feedback.


Yesterday afternoon I was feeling exceptionally frisky. I was thinking about how much I wanted to be able to use my rabbit vibrator, but it was always too big. I know that over the past few months I have been using glass wands inside me, each one about ¼ of an inch bigger than the one before. So I was thinking that my rabbit is only ½ of an inch bigger than my biggest glass one.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. I knew no one would be home for at least another three hours, so that made me want it anymore. The people I was talking to online ran out of things to talk about with me, so they quit talking. It was the perfect opportunity, and I went for it.

I got up from my chair and pulled out my rabbit and its batteries and put them in. Just in case I took out my glass wand and bullet and put the batteries in that as well.

I quickly got out of my pants and got into bed. I lubed up the rabbit and put it in. No pain what so ever. It was awesome and very encouraging. I turned it on with very high hopes of getting off with it.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Although the rabbit part of the vibrator felt amazing pressed against my clit, It just wasn’t enough. Plus the shaft of the insertable vibe felt kind of awkward as it went around, making thrusting it in and out a little uncomfortable. However, the popping beads inside felt pretty damn good inside.

After about five minutes I felt like I was getting nowhere, except getting even more horny and frustrated. Time to get the glass and bullet out. And thankfully they were laying beside me, ready for a time like this.

I took out the rabbit and turned it off, just to replace it with the bullet and the glass wand. Within three minutes I was close to cumming. I had been thinking about how it would feel like to have my finger inside while I came, as heard it felt kinda cool. So, in the mood for new stuff, I got closer to orgasm and took out the glass to replace it with my finger. After a few seconds I felt my pussy get really hot and even wetter, clamping down on my finger and contracting. It felt pretty damn awesome, but I wish my finger was longer, as I could only get it in about an inch. I am a pretty short person, only about 5’2,” and so the position I was in was a little awkward to get my short fingers in too far.

Oh well, I don’t care. It still felt awesome. I feel pretty happy, to know that I can use something thicker. I feel more full inside when its inside. Also feeling my pussy clamp and contract onto my finger like that made me even more excited, which made me cum even harder. Anyone know any positions I could try to get more finger in without feeling too awkward or being too flexible?