Product Review – We-Vibe Gala

I was excited for the We-Vibe Gala from the moment I heard about it. It sounded like everything that the We-Vibe Wish was not. Everything that I “wished” it to be. I jumped at the chance to review one for Good Vibes. I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

The Packaging and Features

The We-Vibe Gala comes in typical We-Vibe packaging; Water-colored storage box, satin storage bag, USB charging cord, lube sample, and quick guide. The Gala is made from medical grade silicone, with a forked like tip, each one containing its own motor. There are ten different vibration modes and patterns. The Gala is also waterproof.

Like all of the latest We-Vibe toys, the Gala is able to connect via Bluetooth to the free We-Connect App.

The Toy

There are three buttons, (+), (~), and (-). The middle wave button changes modes, while the (+) and (-) change speed. I found the buttons a bit annoying to push, as they felt too small and close together, making the app my preferred way to control the Gala.

A low battery warning will flash at the base when Gala needs a charge. Charging is done by connecting the bottom magnet to the magnet on the USB. The light will flash while charging and stay solid once fully charged. Charging takes about 90 minutes and will give about 120 minutes, depending on what settings and speeds are used.

I had heard great things about Gala and had high hopes for it. Maybe I was just so used to other sensations from other toys (The Womanizer), that my body just could not accept the Gala. Don’t get me wrong, it feels nice, and on several occasions I almost reached that desired peak. The Gala is strong and rumbly, but it doesn’t give the pinpoint sensation that my body prefers. I have not given up on the Gala, as I know it has potential.

The App

The We-Connect app has been a great way to use the latest We-Vibe toys. For a while (several reviews) I had been having connection issues with it, but that problem seems to be somewhat fixed now. The app allows you and your partner from afar to control your toy. We-Connect has built in text, voice, and video to help stay in touch with your partner. The quality of all three seem to be better than any other chat programs I have used (even when not related to toys). Along with controlling the speed and function of your toy, the app lets you (and your partner) make your own vibration pattern. That can lead to much amusement for either side.


Overall, the Gala is a good toy, it is just not the toy for me at the moment. I didn’t love it (as much as I wanted to), but I also didn’t hate it. I will still keep using it, as it feels better and better each time I use it, and I know it has the potential to get me over that edge. Thank you Good Vibes for letting me try the Gala.


Product Review – Lelo Sona

I quickly became a huge fan of the Womanizer. In fact, I rarely ever use my regular vibrators anymore, just because I get such better feelings from it. That is why I was eager to try the Lelo Sona offered to me by Good Vibes. I received this toy for free in exchange for my honest review.

The Packaging

The Lelo Sona comes in a black display box. With it comes a USB charging cord, quick guide, One year warranty card, and black satin bag.

The Toy

The Lelo Sona does not use vibrations, but instead “sonic waves and pulses” to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just the external part. Unfortunately the head is one size, so it is not detachable. That was not a problem for me, but I can imagine it might be a problem for women with more prominent clitorises.

I got the pink version of Sona, but it is also available in Cerise (a darker pink), and black. There are eight settings, and eight speeds. As usual, my favorite setting is the steady one, but unlike most toys, I can rarely stand to have it on the highest speed. I did have fun changing the speeds and hearing a very musical “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.” To turn on/off and change speeds, press the (+/-). To cycle through patterns and settings press the middle “()” button. You can set and unset the travel lock by holding and pressing the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The Lelo Sona is 100% waterproof and made from silicone and PVC plastic. The button placement is fairly intuitive and it is easy to hold, though I wish there was less of a curve at the “handle.” Two hours of charging offers one hour of playtime, depending on speed and setting used. Another thing I love about Sona is how quiet it is. As much as I love using my toys, I still feel awkward if I can hear it too loudly.


Overall, I loved the Sona. I think it is my favorite Lelo product that I have owned in a while. I was impressed that the power definitely got a boost compared to previous toys. I loved that Sona is quiet and waterproof, making it easy to clean and use. Thank you Good Vibes for letting me review this toy!

Product Review – Club Vibe 3.Oh

I am always on a hunt for the perfect wireless vibrator and jumped at the chance to review the Club Vibe 3.Oh for Good Vibes. I received this item free in exchange for my honest review.

Packaging: The Club Vibe 3.Oh comes with a USB charging cord, a small black satin storage bag, a One-Size thong, and a rechargeable remote with a wireless vibrator. The satin bag has enough room to fit the vibrator, remote, and thong comfortably. Adding the charging cord will make for a very tight fit, but it will fit. The thong has a sewn in pouch that holds to vibrator.

The Toy: The Club Vibe is a wireless vibrator with 3 different ways to make vibrations. There are three different modes (Tease, Groove, and Club). Unlike some other wireless vibrators, there is a 20 minute window that the vibrator will stay on (waiting for the remote to tell it what to do). It takes about an hour and a half to charge the remote and toy (separately, as there is only one cord) and a full charge will last for about an hour of play.

To turn the toy on, start by pressing the single power button on the vibrator and holding for three seconds. It will give a small buzz and the power button will blink to indicate that it is on. Once on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds on the remote. the vibrator will come to life. Press each again for 3 seconds to turn them off. The LED lights will shut off in both power buttons and the vibrator will give 3 short bursts of vibration to indicate being turned off.

The Modes

Tease – To activate Tease Mode, press the arrow button. The toy will vibrate as long as the button is being pressed. Hold the Tease button to keep a steady vibration. Let it go to make it come to a complete stop. You can see why this would be called tease mode.

Groove – The Groove Mode button is third button down, with the squiggles. There are 5 different vibration patterns, starting with a steady vibration. Press again to change vibration patterns.

Club – Lastly, the final button is the Club Mode, which is the button with the speaker Icon. Club Mode picks up on voice and other sounds (particularly music). I had a blast placing the remote next to my speakers while listening to music. There are three levels of sensitivity to club mode, and cycling through them will increase/decrease the sensitivity. There is an LED light in the power button that will brighten as the sensitivity level increases.

This toy was a lot of fun to try out. Although the vibrations are too weak for me to really be able to get off, it is definitely a fun new staple to date night. I love to hand the remote to the boyfriend and let him take control through out the date. It is fairly quiet, so it would be hard to notice unless it was going  while in a room filled with silence. Unfortunately, the thong was way too small for me, though it could certainly fit “most.”

Thank you Good Vibes for letting me try this toy!

Product Review – Quad Silicone Whip

The Quad Silicone Whip was one of those things that I saw and had to have. I had never heard of it until I saw it in a list of available toys to review. I had been curious about getting something for whipping and trying it out with the boyfriend, and also it had been a while since I got a new dildo. The Quad Silicone Whip is a two in one, with a dildo handled silicone whip. The perfect two in one. I received this toy free from Good Vibes in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

The Whipping End

The whip is made with four silicone strands with small weights at each end. With  a light stroke there is not much to feel, which is good for a beginner like me. For the more experienced, a harder stroke is ideal. However, one thing that we did notice was that the weights at the end needed to make contact to really leave a sting. The handle is very comfortable to hold. I love the feel of the soft silicone and the ridges make nice grips.

The Dildo End

The dildo is made of velvety soft silicone. There is not a whole lot of squish to it (though there is some) and it is not very flexible. There is a hint of a flared base, but I would not recommend this toy as anal safe due to the fact that there is such a small degree of flare (a lot less than toys that have a very prominent flared base).

All Together

From end to end, the Quad Silicone is 18 inches long. The insertable handle is 5 1/2 inches long, with the widest insertable diameter being 1 5/8 inches. Overall I feel like this is the perfect 2 in 1 toy. Thank you Good Vibes for letting me try this!


Product Review – Womanizer Deluxe

I had heard many different opinions on the Womanizer that got me very curious. I had no idea what to expect, but was eager to try it out when Good Vibes offered. I received this toy free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

First and foremost, the Womanizer Deluxe has become my favorite toy that I own to date. It feels like nothing I have ever felt before and my other “favorite toys” now sit to collect dust as the Womanizer has become my “go to” bedside toy. It is really hard to describe what this toy feels like, how it makes me feel, but I will do my best.

The Womanizer Deluxe is not your typical vibrator. In fact, it doesn’t vibrate at all (though it feels like it does, but better), instead using “pleasure air” technology. When the toy is placed over the clitoris, it creates a suction. Once the perfect suction is created, all the user has to do is lay back and let the Womanizer do all of the work. For me, it felt like the toy literally pulled the orgasms out of me. The longer that I rode out the orgasm, the stronger it got, until I finally had to pull it away from my body. They say that satisfaction is guaranteed with this toy, and I have to agree.

The Womanizer Deluxe is not waterproof, but the silicone heads are easily removed and replaced for cleaning. There is a power on/off button and a speed up/down button. To power on, hold the power button for a few seconds. To quickly lower intensity to the first level, press the power button once. Hold it for several seconds to power off. The womanizer Deluxe is fairly quiet, and it gets even quieter once you find that pinpoint suction. There are 8 levels of intensity, and for once I don’t immediately crank it up to full speed. The Womanizer Deluxe comes in a nice box, two different sized silicone suction tips, a USB charging cord, and a drawstring bag to put your goodies in.

The pros far outweigh the cons in this lovely toy. The only things that I would change about it are the lack of being waterproof and the handle. I would feel a lot more comfortable if this toy was waterproof, It is a little awkward to hold. The Womanizer Deluxe is wide and a little bulky, but then again I have short arms and chubby hands. By the time I am done having fun, my hand is a bit cramped from holding it. It is still definitely worth it in the end.

All in all, the Womanizer Deluxe has become my favorite bedside toy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a clitoris. It is a game changer, for sure. You can get your own Womanizer Deluxe at Good Vibes.


Review – Peggy

I have always been a fan of wireless vibrators, and some of my best stories on this blog involved them. One night while browsing Good Vibes I came across Peggy and I knew I had to have it. I quickly emailed Good vibes and asked if Peggy could be my next review item. A few weeks later I received Peggy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Peggy is a remote controlled wireless vibrator made by Toyfriend. The remote is powered by a watch battery and the vibrator itself is micro USB rechargeable. The charge lasts up to two hours, and less if you like your vibrators on high buzz. There are 5 different vibration patterns and (I counted) 15 speeds for the steady vibration mode. Peggy is also waterproof!

I had high hopes for Peggy. I had many fantasies of the fun I could have with Peggy; on a date with my boyfriend, at work if I was feeling really brave, or even out doing random errands. Unfortunately those fantasies were dashed when I learned how Peggy works.

To turn Peggy on, you have to press the button on the egg itself. A blue light will turn on where the button is once pressed. To get the vibrations going, you have to press the power on the remote within 10 seconds of pressing the first button. If not pressed within 10 seconds of each other, the blue light on the egg will shut off. If vibrations are turned off (via the remote), they must be turned back on within 10 seconds or else the egg”s button will have to be pressed again. That right there ended all “public play” hopes. If I wanted to wear Peggy in public, I would have to have vibrations going from the time I hid her in my panties. There would be no turning it off and turning it back on again randomly throughout the day.

The buttons on the remote were easy to press, but they had to be pressed in just the right way or they would not work with the vibrator. I found that I had to hold the button down for half a second to get the two to communicate. The remote is advertised to work up to 20 meters away from the egg, but I found that the closer the two were to each other, the better I was able to change speeds, modes, and even power.

The vibrations that come from Peggy were strong, but buzzy. They weren’t too loud, but they certainly weren’t quiet. Using the toy under blankets, however, will help to muffle the vibration sound.

One end of the egg comes equipped with a silicone pull cord, making vaginal insertion a definite possibility. Since there is no flared base, this toy is not anal safe. Charging is easy, as you just have to unscrew the egg part in the middle. inside is the charging port for the micro USB.

Overall, I felt like Peggy had a lot of potential, but having to press both buttons within 10 seconds of each other to make it function makes it a bit pointless. Then again, I always imagined wireless vibrators to be tucked inside panties and worn while out and about, particularly on a hot date to let your partner have a little fun with you. The vibrations were also too buzzy for my taste, though the loudness of the toy was not too bad compared to other toys. I loved that Peggy is waterproof and is made from body safe materials.

Thank you Good Vibes for letting me review this toy.

Product Review – We-Vibe Nova

I have always loved the idea of “rabbit vibrators,” as I am a terrible multitasker. I have tried several rabbit types, but none of them were quite right. The biggest problem with most rabbit style vibrators is that the clitoral “ears” don’t quite line up once the “head” is inserted. The We-Vibe Nova is supposed to the fix to that problem, as the ears flex with your body as the toy is used.

There were so many appealing features to this toy that I could not resist the opportunity when it was offered to me by the awesome people at Good Vibes. I was given the Nova free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

More than just another vibrator, this toy can be app controlled. In fact, I preferred using the app to control the toy more than the buttons because the buttons were a little bit difficult to push, especially when it was in use. What makes this app even more awesome is that if your partner downloads the app they can control the toy for you, anywhere in the world!

About the Toy

The Nova is packed with strong, rumbly vibes. Unfortunately they were not strong enough to get me off, though they did feel nice. For someone else they could be just right. As stated before, the clitoral arm is flexible and keeps steady vibration on the clitoral area while the insertable part is being moved at one’s preference.

The We-Vibe Nova has 10 different vibration modes and 10 speeds. There are two motors, one in the arm and the other in the shaft. Compared to the Tango, the vibrations on Nova are not as strong, in my opinion. On the toy, the +/- control speed and the </> control modes. The center button is power On/Off.

The We-Vibe Nova is charged by magnet and the toy is 100% waterproof. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Nova. All together I got about an hour and a half of play before a new charge was needed (over several different sessions). Nova’s material is made from ABS plastic and a very silky silicone.



About the App

The app is called “We-Connect” and can be found on both Google Play and the iTunes store. With the app you can create your own vibrations, as well as using the preset ones. As stated above, I preferred using the app to control Nova, mostly because I could see what mode ai was selecting, rather than flipping through manually via the physical toy itself.

The app and toy communicate through Bluetooth, and you can connect to you partner through WiFi as long as you both have the app. I had a blast with the toy and app when I had a long distance friend take control. When he was in control, I could do nothing to change the toy’s current vibe or speed without pressing “Take Control” on the screen.

Connecting to your partner is pretty easy. Through the app you can text a link to your partner. They click on it and it adds them as your lover. You can only have one lover at a time, so if you have multiple partners you need to remove them and send a new link to someone else.

Once the two of you are connected you have three different ways to communicate. You can type, have a voice chat, or have a video/voice chat. We found the connection to be very stable, and only got disconnected once or twice. We found the quality of the call and video to be more stable than Skype.The whole experience was a lot of fun. I found the element of surprise (not knowing what speed or vibration was coming next) very exciting.

For the record, I tried to take screenshots of the app, both in call and of the different features, but as part of the privacy policy by the developers of it, screenshotting was disabled.


Overall I loved this toy. I will definitely keep using it, even if just to have a ton of fun and giggles with long distance partners. I believe that I could definitely learn to orgasm from this toy. I would highly recommend this toy to long distance couples.

Thank you so much Good Vibes for giving me the chance to review this product. I had a blast!


Product Review – We-Vibe Tango

I am a little late to the Tango party, but when it comes to this toy, it’s better late than never. I had been eyeing Tango since I had first heard about it and the amazing people at Good Vibes sent me Tango for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The We-Vibe Tango is a lipstick shaped rechargeable vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. Tango has four steady vibration speeds and four patterns. The patterns include: Wave, Pulse, Tease, and Cha-cha.  Tango is made from body safe ABS plastic and is waterproof.



Tango is fairly quiet, and strong, which is a hard combination to come by (no pun intended). Not only is Tango strong, it’s rumbly, something I need in a vibrator. There is only one button to control the toy, but if you are like me that is all you need, since it remembers the last setting it was on before being turned off. The only problem with this is there is no travel lock mode, and the button can be somewhat easy to press.



The battery is stated to have 2 hours of power per charge, but higher speeds and patterns will cut the battery life even faster. I notice that I can get about 4-5 sessions, ranging from 5-20 minutes each. I tend to only use the highest steady vibration. Yes, I know that is not much, but the orgasms are worth it.

One thing I love is that a light starts blinking when the battery starts to run low. The Tango recharges via magnet port. The magnet port is a USB cord, and you will need a USB socket to charge. It can be a little tricky to charge if not set on a flat surface, as the magnet port and charging end of Tango can get separated. Tango also comes with a small silk pouch to keep dust and anything else that floats in the air off of your toy.

Pros: Rechargeable, quiet, strong and rumbly, waterproof, body safe, low battery-life blinking light, and comes with small storage pouch.

Cons: Short battery life, no travel lock, wall plug-in not included.

Overall, I am in love with Tango. The toy has more pros than cons, and the cons don’t really affect me that much. You can get the We-Vibe Tango over at Good Vibes. Thank you Good Vibes for the perfect (early) Christmas present!

Pleasure Works Pop Top Deluxe – Sex Toy Review

**I have always wanted an attachment for my Hitachi Magic Wand (Old Version) since I bought it in 2008). Sadly the wand went mostly unused because I felt the vibrations to be too buzzy for me. Fast forward seven years and I got the chance to review one from the wonderful folks at Good Vibes.
I received the Pop Top Deluxe free in exchange for an honest review.**
The Pop Top Deluxe comes in two colors, purple and black shimmer. I chose black since I have quite a few purple toys and no black ones. The texture is of a very soft and smooth silicone, but can cause quite a bit of drag if not used with a decent amount of lube. The Pop Top Deluxe really does just pop on and off of the Magic Wand, making the name “Pop Top” make sense.
The Pop Top Deluxe is a G-Spot toy, however I was a little disappointed when it didn’t even touch my G-Spot. In fact, I could barely get the toy inside me. I kept wishing it was just a few inches longer. I tried several different angles, trying to get more depth. I think it was a combination of the toy being a tad bit too short and the way I am built, added with the fact that I am just not used to holding my Magic Wand. The wand just made it feel very top heavy and awkward.
I do have good news about it though! The Pop Top Deluxe acted as a nice barrier between the wand and my clit, making the vibrations feel less buzzy. It felt really good to hold it between my legs and just let myself just absorb the vibrations.
Overall, I didn’t hate the toy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I might. I haven’t lost my faith in Magic Wand attachments, especially since this one seemed to make the Hitachi vibrations less buzzy and more bearable. I would give it a two out of five stars, as it left a lot to be desired.
Thank you Good Vibes for a chance to review this toy.

Sex Toy Review – Pleaure Works Riley

** I received the Pleasure Works Riley free from Good Vibes in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.**

The Riley is a 100% pure silicone dildo that comes with a vibrating bullet. I got mine in teal color, but it also is available in purple. Riley has a flared base, so he is good for anal play and strap on play. I consider the Riley slightly below average in size when it comes to dildos. He doesn’t feel too big, nor too small. Riley is 6 1/2” x 1 3/8” in diameter. Over all, I think this is definitely not a “size queen” toy. I don’t think beginners should have a problem, except maybe with inserting/removing because of the bulbous head. A good amount of lube should help with that issue, if it ever was one.


Riley has a a very nice curve to the base and a bulbous head, giving the potential for G-Spot or prostate play. Riley seemed to hit my G-spot in just the right spot. I never was able to have a G-spot orgasm from it, but it still felt good to have some G-spot stimulation going on.


A word of warning, Riley requires a lot of (water based) lube. He is made from the type of silicone that can drag a lot, so not using enough lube cause some painful chafing. Trust me, I did that once with a similar toy. It was not pleasant.

The bullet that comes with Riley fits snugly in the bottom of the base, but almost too snugly. To get it out I had to wiggle it back and forth a lot. I would suggest putting some lube on the bullet and inside the opening to make an easier time of getting it out, or even just not put the bullet all the way inside Riley. The bullet is very quiet, and it added a little bit of something nice when Riley was inside. However, I found the bullet too buzzy to be comfortable for clitoral stimulation alone.

wpid-20150624_155440-1.jpg wpid-20150624_155831-1.jpg

Overall, I would give the Riley a 3 out of 5 stars. It felt rather average to me, both size and shape. I didn’t hate it, and I will definitely keep using him. As far as the bullet goes, I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars, both for noise and intensity.

Thank you Good Vibes for Riley!

You can find Riley from Pleasure Works through Good Vibes. You can also find some good water based lubes here.