Birthday Tease

After spending some time cuddling on his couch, we figured it was time to go for a dip. Once inside the hot tub house we stripped off all of our clothes. J got in first and I followed, taking his hand for support as I lowered myself in.

He floated over to the opposite side and I followed, sitting next to him. Using my right hand to keep myself somewhat still (as the water made me so buoyant), I wrapped my left hand around his already hard cock.

With a grin on my face I moved my hand up and down his length, my cunt tingling and clenching in needy anticipation. I leaned up and started kissing his neck, giving little nibbles and light sucks, then moving up to his lips where he kissed me back.

Letting go of his cock for the moment, I shifted my body so that I was straddling his lap, just as I had always fantasized. I kept up with the kisses, but this time grinding my pussy on his cock, feeling myself tingle with need with each poke of his cock.

With one arm wrapped around him for support, I used my free hand to spread my lips so that his cock could rub my clit. My muscles clenched even tighter, imagining his cock entering me for the first time in what was way too long.

He then sat up and set me on the hot tub bench and positioned himself in front of me. With the ledge supporting my neck, I wrapped my legs around him, his cock poking between between us. I loosened my grip and wiggled my hips so that his cock rested on my opening.

With one thrust he was inside me and my body relaxed around him. One pump and I gave him a squeeze. As he pulled back, I loosened my pussy grip. With his second thrust I held onto him again. One last third pump and he pulled himself out.

We kissed some more, while I said under my breath how good his cock felt inside me. Too soon we were both too hot to continue our play, so we got out and dried off. It may have just a tease, but it was just enough to give us that intimacy we desired, while being careful of being caught.


Back in October J would text me everyday. While waiting for shit to do at work I would text him back. I loved the random texts during the day asking for my permission to masturbate. We had made small talk about his hot tub, but I had been afraid to go there ever since that first time.

One day the lead was being a total bitch. It was a long and frustrating day so I told him about it. He offered the hot tub again. I accepted his offer. Work couldn’t get done soon enough once it did I got home and showered. I packed my swim suit and some sexy things, just in case.

When I got to his place the street was dark and empty. I texted him and he met me at the car I was borrowing. He wrapped me up in a hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. He held my hand as he walked me up the driveway, into his house and finally bedroom.

We made small talk for only a few minutes, just until he offered the hot tub again. He left the room for a minute to grab towels. We got to the hot tub house and he shut the door and began to strip. I followed suit, making tours to ask about possible visitors. He said no one ever went in there.

He got in and I followed, both of us completely exposed. He pulled me close and I sat next to him, his arm around my shoulder. I tilted my head up towards him and we started kissing. As the kissing got heavier, I reached down to feel his hard cock. I started stroking it, noticing how the water made it harder to stroke smoothly. I moved my hand towards his balls and started fondling them. He started moaning as I played them, gently rubbing them together, feeling them.

After a while he moved in front of me, teasing my mound with his dick. I floated myself up just enough so that his head was at my slit. He grabbed his dick and started teasing my clit with his head. I maneuvered myself so that his cock was right at my vagina. I scooted down just a tad and he was inside.

He gasped and began slowly thrusting. I had my arms outside of the tub and used them to hold me up and down. The water made me float, so buoyantly. I was able to ride with him, move along with him. I wanted more, imagined more. I could move so freely in the water.

We fucked in the water for a few minutes, and it was bliss. Too soon he pulled out. We weren’t using protection, so he didn’t want to get too worked up. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap. We sat in the hot tub, J just holding me, kissing my neck, feeling my breasts.

When he got too hot we got out and sat on the chairs. We talked for a bit, but I could tell he was getting weird again. He was too quiet, acting like he did the last time I was at his place. We got dressed and went back to his room.

We watched a show on Netflix, but it just didn’t feel right. I went home after the show. We hung out one time after that (no sex) and he’s been silent since.

The hot tub is my new favorite place to fuck. I definitely hope I get new chances to play in a tub, either with J or someone else. I really want to straddle a lap and ride.