Breakfast of Champions

We had discussed the idea of me waking him up with head many times, however I was always either too shy to do so or the timing just wasn’t right (usually had to rush off to work when staying over on a work night). Last weekend I was determined to be brave enough. It had been a long time since we played and I needed it badly.

I woke up next to him and rolled over to spoon. As I glanced down I noticed his morning wood. That was the encouragement I needed. I began running my hand up and down the length of his body, feeling him all over, taking it all in. With each stroke I let my hand get closer and closer to his cock.

In a sleepy moan, he rolled over to his side facing away from me, but pulling my into a big spoon/little spoon position. He clutched my hand to his chest and went back to sleep. I snuggled against him, content to be in his arms. He finally let go of my hand and I began rubbing him all over again, getting a little bolder with my hand.

I let my hand linger around his cock, feeling what I had access to. As I felt him twitch alive again he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his chest again. I took that as a hint to leave him alone and snuggled up to him again. I admit, I was a little annoyed, but was understanding and patient.

A few minutes later he woke up and I commented about the heat in the room. He told me to go take a cold shower. Annoyed, I asked him if he thought I needed to cool off in more ways than one. He chuckled and said no, but that he was dreaming that I was feeling him all over. I told him it wasn’t a dream, but he kept pulling my hand away so I took a hint.

He said he didn’t realize that he stopped me in his sleep because he very much wanted me to continue. I grinned mischievously at him as we both adjusted ourselves so that I had access to his cock. I began by just rubbing through his pajama shorts, until his cock got hard.

Once he was hard, I slipped my hand inside to rub through his boxers. I reached inside the flap and gently pulled out his cock. I rubbed and stroked for a bit, until I stated that I wanted to suck it. He said that I could and freed himself from his shorts.

I excitedly curled up next to him and bent my head. I kissed the tip, then softly ran my tongue around before lowering my mouth onto him. I was so happy to have his cock in my mouth again. I massaged my tongue around him, while beginning to suck and move my head up and down his shaft.

I was very enthusiastic in my efforts, as I desperately wanted to make him come and taste him. Once I got a steady rhythm, I picked up my pace and suction. I could tell he was getting close, and I oh so desperately wanted to switch my rhythm and technique so that I could keep going, but getting him to orgasm was my goal. He said between breaths that he was close and I kept up exactly what I was doing. He started gently grinding his hips into my face. I followed his rhythm and kept going.

I finally heard the words I have been wanting to hear since we started dating. He was coming. He moaned the sexiest of moans and shortly after I felt his sweet, hot liquid shoot into my mouth. As his orgasm slowed down, I slowed down, making sure to clean every last drop. I swallowed easily and moved up to cuddle him some more. He held me, and we thanked each other.

“Now, how about we go find something for you to eat other than come?” he said jokingly.

I smiled and told him that I just had the breakfast of champions, full of protein. We giggled and cuddled some more before getting up to get dressed and starting the day.


We might have had a little bit too much wine, and I had to work the next morning. I didn’t care, and figured I could catch up on sleep the next night. All I wanted was to enjoy a night in with Andy. 

I cooked him dinner and we watched B-rated horror movies on netflix. The movies were terrible, but we had a blast adding our own commentary to the films. 

The first bottle of wine was drained fast. He convinced me to open the other. We drank that even faster. At one point my hand began resting on the crotch of his pants. I began to rub, feeling his hardness grow immediately. He inquired about my roommate being home, and I quickly shrugged it off. I could behave if she came out of her room, though I was pretty certain she would make herself scarce.

Eventually my hand worked itself into his shorts and I got a nice grip on his shaft. I twirled my index finger around the head, lingering on the frenulum where I did small, light circles. 

With his right arm around my shoulders and his left hand gently stroking my face and hand, I somehow manuevered my mouth onto his thumb. I began treating it like I would his cock; swirling, sucking, and massaging it with my tongue. His moans were steadily getting louder. 

Unable to take the teasing, he removed his thumb from my mouth and reached down to unzip. His cock was finally free, so I lowered my head and started by kissing his head. Slowly I lowered my mouth, covering the whole head. Swirling my tongue and sucking, I began to bob my head up and down. I had a terrible angle, so I was only able to attend to his head. 

I don’t remember much (or most) of the movie, but I do remember telling him at one point that the movie needed to end so we could go to my room. I don’t remember if we finished the movie, but eventually we landed in my room. 

After shutting the door, I flipped back the top blanket and walked around to the side that gives me the best cock sucking angle. By the time I got to my side, he was on my bed naked and waiting. 

To be continued…

Receiving Oral and My Experiences

The other day, one of my favorite bloggers posted on Twitter, asking about how men feel about giving cunnilingus, how they feel about women who are with men that don’t enjoy giving it, and the experiences of women who don’t enjoy receiving oral. I started to reply, but then realized that there is more to the answer than I can put in just 140 characters. I decided to make it a post.

First off, when I first started my sexual career, I was embarrassed about the idea of receiving oral. I was so worried about the smell and taste of my juices. It took a lot of coaxing from Ex #4 before I let him return the favor. It felt nice, but it really didn’t do much. The Ex loved it though, so I let him.

When Toby and I were messing around I asked him to give back once. He came up with a bullshit answer, saying that you should only do that if you are in love with a woman. I was hurt, but didn’t care too much, since it never did much anyways. I just wanted the favor returned.

Soon after stopping things with Toby, Will and I got together. He informed me that he just wasn’t into that kind of thing. It brought back memories of Toby telling me no and his reason why, and I associated Toby’s reason with Will’s. I was crushed.

Fast forward three years and you have the last boyfriend and I. He claimed that “eating pussy” was one of his most favorite things ever. He tried once, when I wasn’t quite ready (not shaved), found a hair and stopped completely. He hadn’t even really started. He said he would try another time when I was better groomed. I felt ashamed of myself, my body. A few weeks later and we decided to try again. I was fresh out of the shower (something I make sue to do before anyone goes down there), shaved, and ready to go.

Somehow he ended up getting into a very awkward position. His tongue had barely touched my slit when he pulled back and said that I tasted funny. My heart sank. My worst fear had just come true when it came to the bedroom. He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and I slid a finger inside of me, letting my finger soak up my juices. I put my fingers to my mouth and prepared for the worst. I licked hesitantly. I tasted fine. Normal, in fact, kind of sweet. I was very upset.

When he came back, I told him that I tasted myself. He scrunched up his face in disgust and I said I tasted fine. He never tried to go down on me again, but I didn’t want him to. He did a number on me, this is one of them. I still feel extremely embarrassed of myself, very selfconscious. I haven’t had anyone try again since that unfortunate experience, but then again my partners have been limited. I find that ok with me, since it never really did anything more than just feel nice.

Hopefully, Soon

***Below is a post I wrote last April about a time J and I met up and things happened…and didn’t happen***

It had been a long week. Just when I was starting to forget about J and try to move on, I started missing him like crazy, missing the things we did, missing how well we fit together. I had just come home from doing errands Friday night when I opened Skype to see a wall of text form J.

Basically he was feeling better than he was and he wanted to give being friends a try. I messaged him immediately and got a response soon after. We chatted and made small talk. I asked if he would be interested in hanging out, chatting and watching movies that night. When he asked where I had in mind, I said he could come here or I could go there. He said coming here would be best.

I quickly cleaned my room while he stepped away from the computer to take a shower. When he was back I gave him directions. I met him outside and we walked to my door. I quickly introduced him to my roommate and her boyfriend before leading him to my room.

Once inside I shut the door and we hugged. It was a quick and awkward hug, neither of us knowing what to do or say next. We picked a movie and while I put it in, he took off his shoes and got comfy on my bed. I laid down next to him, and we spooned watching the movie, him being the big spoon.

It still amazes me how well we fit together. With as much emotional hell he puts me through when he disappears from my life, I feel so content and happy in his arms. I never want it to end.

Throughout the movie we just layed there, his hand moving up and down my side and hip. I smiled at his touch, enjoying the feel of his hand on me. I turned my head around and smiled up at him. He smiled back and leaned down to kiss me. I aimed my lips upward to meet his. Our lips lingered for a second then split away.

I felt him scoot closer, as close as we could be since we were already spooning. He pulled me close to him and I snuggled in comfortably against his chest. He leaned up and whispered in my ear.

“Can I play with your boobs?” he asks,

“Of course,” I say, leaning back so that my cleavage was exposed.

Slowly he reached out a hand and started massaging and rubbing my breasts. First my right, then my left, then both. My breathing got deeper, and I watched his face, loving the way he smiled and bit his lip nervously. I leaned up and we kissed again, this time letting our tongues touch and gently massage each other.

I arched my back and he pulled me closer to him, getting a bit rougher with my tits. He asked if we could take off my bra. Immediately I sat up and unhooked the back and slid the straps out through my sleeves, the tossing it across the room. I lay back and he lifted my shirt so that my tits were exposed. He grinned and leaned down to let his mouth explore them.

I reached my hands up and wrapped them around him, scratching his back, sliding my hands up his neck and running my fingers through his hair. As his mouth explored my chest, his hands explored my legs and hips.

“I love your legs,” he said under his breath, just loud enough for me to hear.

By this time I am facing him, our hands exploring each other. I had my hand on his leg and slowly moved it to his noticeable erection. I traced the tip with my index finger, then took it with my finger tips and moved them up. I moved my hands up to his belt and started to undo it. He moved my hands and quickly undid the belt himself, then his jeans button. I pulled down his zipper and rubbed his cock from the outside of his boxers.

He moaned softly and I took that as encouragement. I removed my hand and started to pull his pants off. He arched his back and they came off easily. Next we undid my pants and I tossed them aside. We were now just in our shirts and underwear.

I put my hand in his boxers and wrapped my hand around his cock. It felt so good in my hands, but I wanted it in my mouth. I pulled down his boxers and looked up at him. I knew he had never had a blowjob before, so I wanted to tread carefully.

“Do you want me to suck it?” I asked sweetly.

“If you would like,” he replied nervously. That was all I needed to hear.

I moved myself down so that I could curl up next to his cock. I took my time, not wanting it to be too intense. I began by licking the tip with my tongue, then slowly lowering my lips around it. Massaging my tongue around his shaft I worked my magic. I knew that if I gave good enough head, he would come back for more, preferably sooner, rather than later.

I was slow at my rhythm of bobbing my head up and down, circling his cock with my tongue. I heard him moan a little louder this time, then things like, “Oh my God,” and “That feels amazing.” Once I had a good rhythm and I felt like he was ready, I started bobbing a little bit faster, this time adding suckage.

I looked up and smiled at him, taking his cock in my hand and jerk it for a bit to give my neck and jaw a small break. When I sat up, he sat up well and kissed me more, our tongues exploring again. He leaned me back onto the bed and got between my legs, grinning wide.

He took his cock and began to rub the head on the wetness of my panties. Just feeling that, the floodgates opened. I got so much more wetter and my pussy ached to have him inside me. I was so ready for him. I lifted my hips up, to try and get more of him, even though my panties prevented him from getting any more inside me.

“Do you want me to get a condom?” I asked excitedly.

“Sure,” he said, smiling.

I reached into my drawer next to me and pulled one out. I opened it and took it out, determining which way it rolled down. As I began to put it on, I started to notice difficulty. At first I thought it just wasn’t rolling from being inside out, but then I realized that he was losing stiffness. I felt horrible for the guy, and wasn’t quite sure what to do. I finally just stopped and threw the condom in the trash.

“I don’t think I’m ready,” he said sadly.

“That’s okay, no worries. I am sorry if I went to far,” I said awkwardly, the pit of my stomach dropping, knowing he would probably leave soon now, not knowing when I will see him again.

“Let’s just cuddle some more and finish the movie,” he said.

We went back to cuddling, but no more petting. We didn’t lay as closely, though we were still spooning. I was incredibly horny, and all I wanted was dick in me. I tried to forget about it, hoping that my gut was wrong about him disappearing again soon.

Before the movie ended he sat up. He said he was tired from working all day and wanted to go home. We got dressed and hugged and kissed one last time as I walked him outside.

It has been a month now since, I have last seen him, but I have heard from him twice. The first time he sent me a dick pic, telling me he was thinking of me sucking it. A week later he sent me a text asking to hang out. He ended up cancelling on me and I haven’t heard from him since. That was a week and a half ago. I can only hope that I hear from him soon.

Sweet Awakening (The End of a Dry Spell)

Last week September, I had just gotten in bed and was just settling down for sleep when I got a text. It was from D and I hadn’t heard from him in over a year. He asked me how I had been and I told him that I was ok, just been having a lot of ups and downs. When I asked how he was, he said that his girlfriend and him had just broke up and he needed a friend to hang out with.

We made plans for him to come over that afternoon, with me texting him directions. When he came over, we went to my bed and sat down to catch up on the last year. I told him it had been one year, one month, and eighteen days since I last had sex, which was with him. He was shocked and I explained my thoughts and theories on the situation.

Eventually we were done catching up and it got kind of quiet. I remembered my tattoo and said, “Ooo, I got a tattoo.” He asked where and I pointed to my right shoulder blade. He told me to take off my shirt so he could see. I was feeling a little bit shy, so I only adjusted my shirt to make the tattoo visible.

When he saw it, he wrapped his arms around me and starting kissing and nibbling my neck. I turned around to face him and we embraced each other in a hug and started to make out. I swear I forgot how to kiss. I felt so unsure of myself and hesitant, so afraid of being too sloppy.

Before things got too heavy, I opened up my top dresser drawer and pulled out my condom bag. I set it down and went back to kissing D. He pulled me back towards the bed and laid me down, kissing me all over. His hands wandered toward my tits, massaging my breasts. He got between me, spreading my legs open and started rubbing my legs, kissing and nibbling all over.

He reached up and undid my button and zipper. I lifted my hips and he pulled my pants off. He left my panties on for a minute and started rubbing my pussy through them. He then slipped a finger inside and rubbed my wetness all over my now dripping cunt.

The panties didn’t stay on long. Before I knew it, he was between my legs, expertly licking my clit. It was a nice surprise, since he has never done that with me before. It felt good, very relaxing. He did this for a good five minutes, then pulled his face up to lean up and kiss me some more.

He stood up and walked over to where my face was on the bed. “I am sorry to be so forward,” he said, as he whipped out his massive hard cock and brought it to my mouth.

I may have felt rusty when it came to my kissing, but taking his dick in my mouth came naturally. It was like riding a bike. Once you learn you never forget. I pulled his foreskin down a bit and lightly circled my tongue around his cock. Once I got his head nice and wet, I lowered my lips down and slid him inside inch my inch, all the while swirling my tongue around him.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down until I got a good rhythm and picked up the pace. I massaged with my tongue while I sucked, taking his cock in and out of my mouth. I got so wet hearing his moans, hearing him tell me how much he missed my mouth and my expert tongue.

Unfortunately, my jaw was badly out of practice and it only took a few minutes for my jaw to cramp up and lock. I was sad to have to stop so soon. I sat up and took his cock by hand and started jacking him off. He leaned down and kissed me some more. He leaned me back and stripped. While he did I sat up to grab the condoms.

I took one out and unwrapped it, slowly and carefully guiding it up his cock, making sure to leave room at the top for a reservoir  tip. I leaned back and he got between my legs. He grabbed his cock and moved towards my slit with it, collecting my juices and moving them up to my clit. He rubbed my clit with the tip of his cock, getting it nice and wet.

When he finally slid in, I gasped. After not having sex in so long, my pussy was so tight. Luckily I was wet enough that there were no complications. He slowly slid in and out, until he had a good rhythm. Once he had a good rhythm, he pounded my pussy hard. I cannot tell you how good he felt.

When he felt close he would slow down and kiss me. Once he calmed down he would go back to fucking me hard. I wrapped my legs around him, trying to get him to fill me more. I moaned and scratched my fingernails down his back.

Eventually, my sweet pussy got the best of him and he told me he was cumming. I muttered some explicit things, telling him to fill me, to cum for me. He came for me, and it was great.

We cleaned ourselves up and chatted for a bit longer. Sadly I had to get a nap before work, so he went home. I don’t think I slept, but it was well worth it. That day was a sweet awakening to getting my sexy back.


“I want to fucking ravish you,” I texted D. We were talking about how horny we were, and how much we wanted each other. At this point I was kind of over my “No more NSA.” D was and probably will be the only exception to rules like that. I trust him. He is the true meaning of a friend with benefits.

I got filthier in my sexting, as did he, describing what we wanted to do to each other. I wanted him so fucking bad, and I let him know all about it. We made plans for me to meet him after he got off work that night. I was nervous, but so excited thinking of it. I was going to get laid!

When I pulled up, he came up to my car. I opened my door and we started making out right there in the dark driveway. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. He ran inside the main house real quick and came back with a large blanket.

“Remember how I said I switched rooms?” D asked.

“Yeah, why?” I asked, not thinking much of it.

“Well, we are going to go fuck on my ex’s bed tonight,” he responded happily.

“Umm, thats kind of fucked up,” I said, chuckling nervously.

“Yeah, it is, but she deserves it,” he said, laughing.

By this time I was laughing too, not really believing him, but at the same time thinking that she really did deserve it, from what I had heard about her. I followed him to the door we had went to last time, and sure enough it was a different set up. You could tell a girl definitely lived there. I felt awkward, guilty, and excited all at the same time.

He embraced me in a deep passionate kiss, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, taking turns sucking on each others bottom lips. He reached his hand under my shirt, feeling my tits, rubbing my nipples. He stopped for a second while he undid his pants and took off his shirt, then my sweater.

We got on the huge bed and continued making out. After a few minutes I scooted down and took his cock in my left hand, wrapping it around the base. Using my right arm, I laid down next to him and slowly took him in my mouth, circling his head with my tongue, taking him in, inch by inch. I tested my limits and let him deeper into my mouth slowly, pulling back when I started to gag.

I began a slow rhythm of bobbing my head up and down, sucking and licking, tasting as many inches of him as I could. Once I had a good rhythm going I bobbed faster, trying to take him in deeper and deeper, wanting to let his cock explore the back of my throat. I listened to his moans, my cunt aching and dripping, ready for his cock.

I lifted my head up to tell him how bad I needed his cock. He sat up and undid my pants. He buried his face in my crotch, still covered by my silky red panties. He started nibbling and teasing me with his fingers, circling my clit before sliding his finger inside me and thrusting in and out. Once he got his fingers wet, he started playing with my clit some more, doing continuous circling motions. I began to grind against his hand, he felt so good.

After a few minutes of that, he finally slid my panties off. He took his cock and teased my pussy opening with it, sliding it up and down against my lips, getting it wet. He gently rubbed it around my clit, which made me even wetter for him. I lifted my hips, trying to get his cock in my opening.

As I lifted up, he slid in. I tightened my pussy around him, squeezing his dick with my vagina. He moaned and began a slow and steady thrust. When he found a good angle, he began to pound me, harder and faster, hitting my cervix. It hurt, but it also felt so good.

I’m not sure how long we want at it, but it was a while. Eventually he pulled out and shot his how load all over.once he cleaned up he came back to bed and began to play with my clit some more. I welcomed the touch, feeling relaxed. It was such a nice release.

Too soon it was time to go. His ex would be home soon and I wanted to get out of there before she met me. We thanked each other for a good time, and promised to meet up again soon.

Birthday Sex

Eight days before my birthday and I could not stop thinking about how horny I was and how long it had been since the last time I had sex. It had been over 5 months and I missed it. I became determined to have sex on or near my birthday.

I spent a couple days thinking about it, and decided to text D, even though we hadn’t spoken in months because he has been so busy. I may have sounded a little bit blunt in my message:

Me: I have the 9th-17th off from work and my birthday is the 14th. Any of those days do you think we could hang out, even possibly have sex? I would love to give you a bj.

Him: Maybe, let me check my schedule

Me: Lol, sorry if that seemed a bit blunt.

Him: Lol, it’s fine, good to know your intentions

We chatted a bit back and forth, talking about how the other one was doing, what we’ve been up to. A few texts later he went to bed.

A few days later he texted me about this coming Saturday night. I said I was free and he asked me to come over to his place around 9:30 and bring condoms. I couldn’t help but have a small hope that things would turn into another threesome with his roommate, though I was happy with the idea of just him.

Saturday morning was finally here and he texted me. He said he had a fun idea for that night and to show up at his work instead. I was a bit nervous the rest of the day, stomach doing somersaults every time I tried to guess what he had in mind. I guessed that he either wanted to have sex outside in the woods around his workplace or even inside his work. Scary, paranoid thoughts crossed my mind all day.

I was getting antsy the longer I waited, trying to kill time. I took a shower, brushed and flossed my teeth, shaved, rinsed and dried off, slowly got dressed (taking pics while I did so for your viewing pleasure). It was finally time to go.

As I was about 5 minutes away (and right on time), he texted me to let me know he was all set up. The road was dark and I was having a hard time judging where his work might be, but eventually I saw it and pulled up in time before passing it. He told me to follow his car. We drove about 30 feet, behind the building and came up to an old, abandoned looking house.

We parked our cars, turned them off, and got out. He said that this was the house he was working on in his spare time. The first thing he did was come up and give me a hug, then began kissing me the way I love to be kissed; lots of sucking on my bottom lip. After a few great seconds of kissing he led me to the porch where there was a lit candle waiting. He picked up the candle and opened the door, letting me go first so that I had light to see my way. Once we stepped inside he said that my surprise was up stairs and pointed the way, holding the candle so that I could see.

As I climbed the stairs I was reminded of a movie I used to love as a kid (and still do) called Teen Witch. In the movie there is a scene where she goes on a hike with her crush and they end up at an abandoned house that has candles lighting the way up the stairs to a bedroom with a mat in the middle. The room was lined with candles and the couple made love. Obviously as a (pre)teen movie, they did not show anything graphic, but it was obvious what they were doing.

Everything seemed so identical, minus the candlelit stairs, the hike, and the “couple.” D followed closely behind me and asked me what I thought. I said I loved it and told him about how it reminded me of that movie. He said he wanted to make it memorable, since I mentioned my birthday was approaching.

The chatting didn’t last long, as I was soon in his arms, kissing each other, nibbling on our necks and running our hands over each other. I felt his hard cock press into me and I reached down and stroked the massive bulge in his jeans.

He gently eased me onto the makeshift mat/sofa seat. Once I was sitting down and comfortable he pulled his huge cock out of his pants for me to suck. The place I was sitting was the perfect height to let me suck him for a long time comfortably without any neck strain.

I sucked for at least 10-15 minutes, varying my rhythm, pace, and sucking. I wrapped my left hand around the base and put my right hand around the back of his thigh, pulling him somewhat closer. I went from licking around his head to taking as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. Every so often I would lift my eyes to see the look of pleasure on his face.

Eventually he pulled me up and we started kissing and nibbling some more, all the while getting our shirts off. He began to feel my tits, then pulling them out of their cups in the negligee I was wearing to suck on my nipples. It amazed me how much sensation I felt, since before the piercings I used to feel nothing. He went from my right tit to my left and sucked on it, massaging with his hand the breast that was not in his mouth.

Eventually all his clothes were off and I was just in my negligee and thong. I grabbed the condoms out of my purse (they were in a tupperware to prevent breakdown) and set them to the side for later. He sat down on an edge of seat and pulled me down to him where he wrapped his arm around me to kiss some more. He ran his hand up my leg and began rubbing his fingers on my crotch, eventually pulling the thong aside and fingering me while rubbing my wetness over my clit.

D scooted back on the makeshift bed and layed down, his cock completely exposed and asked me to “give him some more of that great head.” I was more than happy to do so and sat down at the end and wrapping my left hand around him again. Using my right hand for support, I bent my head down and went back to work.

I started by licking the tip of his head, then slowly took his cock into my mouth inch by inch. I started a slow bob of my head, then once I had a good rhythm, I sped up, all the while massaging my tongue onto his base. I practiced trying to relax my throat to take in more of him, but I couldn’t hold it for very long. I went back to licking, sucking, and massaging with my tongue.

After another good ten minutes and trying to not kill my wrist that was supporting me, I changed positions. While doing so he sat up and kissed me more, this time exploring my mouth with his tongue. I rubbed my tongue along his, taking in his hungry kisses. Once I was settled in my position, I went back to sucking his cock.

This position was not as comfortable as the last, and my left wrist felt weaker than my right, making it harder to support myself with it. I ignored the lack of comfort and put the most I have ever put into a blowjob, not knowing when the next time might be that I have a cock in my mouth. I relished in hearing his moans of encouragement, looking up at him when he made a sound.

With probably a good 30-45 minutes of sucking all together, it was time to have sex. He stood up and helped me up so that I could get out of my thong. We decided that he would get me warmed up by being on top first, then we would switch. While he stood in front of my I slid the condom on.

I leaned back on the makeshift bed and he climbed on top. My legs naturally wrapped around him as he slid his cock into my now very wet pussy. He started with slow thrusts, but quickly sped up. It felt so good having him inside me, pounding my pussy. He had to keep slowing down to pace himself, since I got him so worked up with that blowjob.

Each thrust landed deep inside me and I felt it in my cervix because of his size. There was more pleasure than hurt though, as each hit made me clench tighter, feeling closer and closer to a climax. I felt myself building, but I just could not reach that peak.

Eventually D reached his climax, even with him pacing himself. I told him how good that was, we got dressed, toured the rest of the house, chatted a bit more, then went our seperate ways after one last hug and kiss.

I treated this sex like it was the last time for a long time. I have no idea when I will do anything again, but I am ok with that. This was definitely a memorable enough experience that I will be sexually satisfied for a while. D said that when he is done with the house then he will have more time to hang out. That will be nice, but he’s still got a lot to do.

Either way, this goes down in my mind as one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thanks D!

Cold Hot Cold – Part 1

**I have been debating on whether or not to write this. In the beginning I never did want to write about it, let alone share it because it was so special and personal to me. This post and a later post (may be the next post, or many posts down the road) are the first time Will and I did things sexually. Please note, he was quite new to all things sexual, so some things he says are quite inexperienced.**

I wore my brand new red negligee under my clothes, with plans of wearing it as my “pajamas.” Will had been staying over every Sunday night for the past few weeks, and the week before we said “I love you” for the first time. Will always slept in his clothes (though he admitted that he slept naked when he was alone) and I slept in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms.

That night before bed, I did my normal getting ready in the bathroom (brushing teeth, peeing) and skipped the changing. I slipped out of my clothes when I went back into my room and shut the door. Will had changed into the shorts I had talked him into bringing over.

I climbed into bed and gave him a cuddling hug, him resting on his back, me on my right side with my left arm holding onto him around the waist. We began kissing slowly, softly. I was expecting him to pull away at any moment like he normally does, but instead his kisses got deeper, more urgent. I felt him move my arm a little lower, down towards his hip. As we kissed, the lower I felt my arm being nudged by him.

So used to things not being sexual between us, I was shocked when he gave my arm one final shove so that my hand was resting on his hard cock. I heard him take in a deep breath and whisper that I was the first to go there.

Shocked, excited, and cautious all at the same time, I began to rub the crotch of his shorts, feeling all of his hard cock and balls. I was not sure how long he would be in the mood, and I wanted to get as much as I could.

“You know, the sequins on your outfit are scratching my chest,” he said suddenly.

“So should I take it off?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” he answered.

I hated to take my hand away from my newly acquired package, but I sat up anyways and  lifted off my top, wearing only the matching thong. As soon as I laid back down next to him he began feeling me all over, though never going below my waist.

“Mmm, thank you. You are so soft. It feels nice. Now, would you like me to take mine off?” he asked me quietly.

“Yes, I would,” I replied eagerly.

He wasted no time in taking off his shorts. I was unsure still if it was okay to touch him. I didn’t want to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with. He answered my unasked questions by putting my hand back on his still hard cock. He still had is underwear on!

A little surprised, even though I still had my thong on, I rubbed him outside of the cloth a bit, then got gutsy and slowly slid my hand inside his briefs and wrapped my hand around him. Oh, he felt nice. It had been months since I felt a nice hard cock. I began feeling it all over, trying to get a picture in my mind of it since we were in the dark.

“Ahh, here, let me get rid of those,” he said and slid his underwear down. I decided to do the same for my thong.

We were now completely naked. I moved my hand back to his cock and felt everywhere. He began to moan softly as I slowly started to jerk him off. When his breathing picked up, I asked if he would like me to suck on it. He said sure.

I lowered the covers and myself so that my mouth was at his cock. I slowly took him in, inch by inch, swirling my tongue around the head. I heard a sharp intake of breath from him and lifted my head up to ask if he was ok. Apparently my tongue made him too sensitive, so I lowered my mouth onto him again, this time careful not to use tongue.

Just as I was starting to get a good rhythm of bobbing my head up and down, I am covered by blankets. He threw the blankets over me, making it hard to breath and move. I tried to wiggle out of them, but he just kept pulling them over me. It started to feel way too hot under there. Eventually I stopped and crawled out from under the blankets to lay next to him. I told him the blankets made it harder to do that. He said he lost the mood and that we should sleep.

He rolled over and did just that, while I lay there irritated and horny. Horny because my sexual side was allowed to finally come out and I felt like that door was slammed in my face. Irritated because he was always so hot and cold about things.

Riding My Pet Pony

As promised, here is the story I wrote with one of my Twitter followers. I had a great time writing it with him, and I look forward to writing something again sometime. The parts that I wrote are in red, his in blue.

I have always wanted to tie someone up and have my way with them. My pet pony has volunteered to let me do just that. I start by blindfolding him, taking him to the bedroom and gently pushing him onto my bed. I’m wearing my favorite red negligee and matching thong. I also have some red high heeled boots on. Once he’s on the bed, I have him position himself so that his hands are up against the bedpost/bars, laying naked and vulnerable.

The clicking sound of your handcuffs closing around my wrists and jingling on the headboard frame causes me a bit of anxiety and heightens my other senses. I hear you start to giggle as you place something rough feeling around my right ankle. “Is that rope?” I ask. “Yep,” you say sternly as you quickly pull it tight. I feel a lump in my throat as you finish tying my other leg tightly to the bed frame. You slip out of your sexy little red thong and push it into my mouth as you straddle your pet. Mmmmm, I can taste your sweet excitement as you can see and feel mine growing inch by throbbing inch.

As much as I am controlling you, I am also controlling myself just as much, maybe more. Seeing your cock grow, I want nothing more than to just take you right then and there; but no, I must wait, tease you some more, make this last. I decide to give you just a tease as I straddle you, and rub your cock over my wetness. The tease even drives me wild, but I pull myself together and sit on your chest, nibbling and kissing you all over, grinding my hips softly.

The head board clangs as I struggle to reach out and hold you. You giggle as you wiggle up my chest until heavens door is grinding on my chin. Chin turns to tongue as your soft grinding turns to a genital bucking motion. The taste of your sweet honey is divine and I lick up every drop greedily.

“Mmmm,” I moan, as that feels so good. I scoot my pussy closer to your face. I love the feel of your tongue on me. I lift up your blindfold on one side so that you can take in the sight of my pleasure. I play a bit of twister with myself and lean back to give your hard cock a few teasing strokes, running my index finger around the head a few times, then gripping the shaft gently, moving it up and down.

Pre cum starts to ooze from your pets throbbing cock so you stop the tease for a moment. I kiss and nibble your clit, then clamp down gently with my lips and start humming in a low pitch causing you to shudder with delight. Grabbing the back of my head with both of your hands you moan and quiver wildly until your sweet nectar starts to run down my smiling face.

I take your blindfold off completely, then undo the handcuffs from your wrists. “You are gonna need them,” I say, smiling at you before stealing a quick kiss. I then rotate my body so that we are in a 69 position. You hold my hips up so that you can have a better angle to my sweet wetness. With one arm propped up on a pillow to better hold myself up, I take your throbbing hardness into my other hand. Slowly, I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock.

After the third swirl around my rock hard teased cock it’s a struggle not to explode into your hott sexy mouth. I try to focus on lapping up every drop of your sweet wetness running my tongue from your swollen clit to the top of your tight little pucker.

Mmm, that feels so good I stop to take in all of the pleasure that you are giving me, distracted from your cock as well as giving you a break, not ready for you to come just yet. After I let you lick me for a while, I rotate myself so that my pussy is hovering over your cock. I am ready to ride my pony, so I slowly lower myself onto you, feeling every inch slip inside.

I moan with pleasure as your tight wet pussy squeezes your pony’s huge throbbing cock tightly! I gently caress the undersides of your perfect breasts playing softly with your nipples until they turn hard. You lean down and start nibbling on my neck while I begin fucking you slowly, with long deep strokes.

I nibble on your neck, my mouth traveling down to your chest, stopping to concentrate on your nipples. I suck and nibble, then very gently pinch, pull and twist. After playing with your nipples for a bit, my mouth travels back up your chest, nibbling some more on your neck, and finally up to your ears where I gently suck and nibble on your earlobe. I have a hard time concentrating as your strokes get deeper and faster. I moan into your ear, it feels so good.

You start bumping and grinding your clit against the base of your pets long deep stroking cock. I feel your sweet nectar oozing slowly down my balls as your moans become more and more intense. Grabbing two handfuls of your pony’s mane, you start to shake and quiver delightfully. I hold you tightly against my chest as your orgasm starts to intensifies and roll you over onto your back. Your nails move up and down your ponies back digging in when you feel another orgasm starting to well up inside. I struggle not to explode in paradise knowing there will be penalties for cumming without my owner’s permission.

“You have been such a good pet today, giving me such a great ride. Come with me now, I want you to give me your orgasm,” I pant as I grind my hips upward, harder and faster to hear you come. “Come, my pet, I want to hear you,” I say to encourage you to spill your seed inside me.

Just as you begin to orgasm I groan loudly as my seed starts to shoot deeply inside heaven’s gate. I feel your body stiffen and shake with pleasure as my seed gushes deep inside paradise. I keep grinding my hips against your clit until your orgasms subsides then collapse on top of your and whisper in your ear, “Thank you for letting me pleasure you.”

Finally, the Favor is Returned

I don’t hear from Forbidden Fruit very much anymore, but Saturday afternoon, I got a text from him telling me that his best friend, Eric, was in town. I didn’t care much at first, because I was sleeping, plus I remember him telling me a couple months ago that he had a girlfriend. I asked about said girlfriend, and he said that ended a while ago. I began to care very much, but told him I would get ahold of him when I woke up.

A couple hours later, when I woke up, I called Forbidden Fruit and asked what they wanted to do. He suggested that they come over to my place and we play it by ear. When they showed up, I gave them a quick tour of my newest place, then we all went for coffee at starbucks in a neighboring town. After coffee we went and picked up pizza to take back to my place.

We ate the pizza, then tried to figure out what we wanted to do next. Somehow, we all ended up naked, and I really don’t remember how. It started with Forbidden Fruit taking off his pants, then him taking off Eric’s pants, then Eric taking off mine (after struggling with the double buttons).

Next, Forbidden Fruit took off his shirt, Eric took off mine, then I took off Eric’s. Forbidden Fruit took off my bra. Forbidden Fruit then suggested that Eric and I kiss. I made a joke about de ja vu, since that is kinda how we started with things last time.

Eric and I kiss, and it was nice. We did a lot of sucking on bottom lips, and it felt amazing. I remember the last time we sucked on each other’s bottom lips he ended up giving me a hickey on the inside of my bottom lip that lasted a long time.

After kissing for a few minutes, I sat on the end of the bed and pulled him with me. We were all in our underwear, Eric in boxers and me in a blue thong. Eric started rubbing my mound, feeling me through the thin, lacy fabric. I started sighing with pleasure. We kept kissing while he rubbed me.

After a bit, Forbidden Fruit and Eric started to pull off my thong, and Forbidden Fruit yanked down Eric’s boxers. We situated ourselves so that Eric and I were sitting at the head of the bed against the pillows. When I asked what he wanted to do, Eric suggested we exchange oral. I was all for it.

I grabbed some green apple flavored lube and got a small amount on my fingers before rubbing it onto his cock. I curled up next to him and went to work. First, I pulled down his foreskin to reveal the head, then swirled my tongue around the head. Finally, after getting his head nice and wet, I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock, massaging it with my tongue as I went.

Once I got a good rhythm, I began bobbing my head up and down, still massaging. I wrapped my right hand around the base and went a little bit faster. After a bit I started to cramp up, so I grabbed a pillow and rested my left side on it and went back to sucking. It wasn’t long before I heard a sharp intake of breath and Forbidden Fruit saying that Eric was getting close and not to let him finish yet. I looked up and asked if he was close and he said that Forbidden Fruit was right.

I asked if we could have sex, but he said he wanted to go down on me instead. Honestly, after 2.5 years of not getting the favor returned, I didn’t think he was serious about it, but he was. I leaned back against the pillows and spread my legs. He got in between them and began to lick.

He licked up and down my pussy, until finally sliding his tongue into my slit and finding my clit. He gave it a few licks with his tongue, then buried his face in me to suck on my clit and everything surrounding it. I have to say, it felt amazing. All this time I felt like there was something wrong with me, and that was why the favor got returned. No, it wasn’t me, just the people I was with.
I let him continue to lick, suckle, and bury his face. While he ate me out, I moaned about how good it felt, and gave sighs of pleasure.

Sadly, this was a work night for me, and before we knew it it was time for me to get ready. We procrastinated for a bit, all three of us laying on my bed, talking. The guys spent some time teasing me some more, while Eric attempted to give my inside lip another hickey.

Eventually, we did get out of my bed and get dressed. Forbidden Fruit piled our clothes and separated them earlier, so each person had their own pile. It was a great way to start my work week. Thanks guys!