“So now we decide if this was a date or nondate,” he said as I pulled up to his house after dinner and a concert.

“Oh,” I replied, a bit shocked. I hadn’t even thought it was possible to be a date, just because he had never made any show of interest before. 

“A nondate we would hug or shake hands. A date we would kiss,” he explained. 

I felt a tug deep inside, but nerves kept me from blurting out date. “What are you comfortable with?” i asked shyly. 

“I am good with either one,” he stated.

Still in shock, I suggested we hug and see what happens. i wasn’t opposed to a kiss, as I had felt attracted to him from the moment of first meeting. I just never imagined he was attracted to me.

We hugged as best we could being in a car. The hug lasted and we both commented that we could  feel the week’s stress lifting away. hugging turned into cuddling and neither of us wanted to let go.

“Is your car still running?” he asked. 

“Oh, yeah, I guess it is,” I said, not really caring. He reached over and turned it off. I  reached forward and turned off the headlights. “There,” I said, smiling. 

“Have you ever had an eskimo kiss?” he asked.

“That’s where you rub your noses together, right?” I responded, knowing full well what it was while my stomach did somersaults. At this point I was dying for that kiss, but was enjoying what I assumed was his playful way of getting to that point.  

“That’s exactly what it is,” he said as I was taking my glasses off. I knew where this was going. 

 Once my glasses were off and safely on the dashboard I leaned towards him. He met me half way and our noses softly touched. We  giglled and leaned back before leaning righr back in. Our noses touched again. Before we pulled away, he planted his lips on mine. 

It was like a fiery passion that lit inside me when our lips locked and our hands began exploring. We mostly hugged and kissed, and while we were hugging I began to rub and scratch his back. I whispered in his ear to take off his jacket and he complied.

With his jacket off we were able to move more freely. His hands ventured towards my breasts and he began fweling them all over. He awkwardly tried to get his hands up my shirt, but my bra was making it impossible. I pulled back just long enough to manuever out of the bra and toss it on the back seat.

He was impressed with how quickly I got rid of the bra and wasted no time in getting  my tits in his hand. He discovered my nipple piercings and got even more excited. Before I  knew it,  my nipples were taking turns in his mouth.

In between making out and cuddling (as much as you can do in the feont of a car) we chatted  about everything. Neither of us could seem to break apart. I didn’t want to know the time because I had to be at work in a few hours.

Too soon, the night came to an end. I absolutely had to get home and try to get a tiny nap before work. We definitely plan to hang again. I got 3 hours  of a  very wakeful and restless sleep. it was so worth it.

Pure Pleasure

The episode ended and we stayed there in each other’s arms. Neither of us wanted to get up to push play for the next episode. Throughout the show we had been slowly stripping each other until he was only in his thong, and I in my favorite red lingerie and panties.

I smiled with content, letting my hand travel all over him, still learning his body. I slid my hands lower, brushing his cock and feeling it twitch to alertness. I kept my hand in that area, rubbing him through the fabric of his thong. I gently cupped the balls and let my hand slide up the length of his growing hardness, circling my finger around the head and back down.

“Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” he asked carefully.

“Yes,” I said simply. I had thought about it very hard, and decided to live in the moment, taking what I could before he moved away. “Do you?” I asked even more cautiously, afraid of what his answer might be.

“I do, but I really want to wait, save it for when you come visit me in the new place,” he answered just as hesitantly.

“Who knows when that will be? Besides, even if we don’t have sex, we can do other things,” I answered desperately.

“Oh, very true, there are other things,” he said as he smiled and sat up. He shifted himself so that he now faced me in all my half naked glory.

He started running his hand all over my body, up and down my stomach, around my arms, and stopping at my breasts. He bent his head down and took my right nipple into his mouth, sticking and nibbling. He bit a little bit harder and I moaned halfway between pleasure and pain.

“Ahhh you’re a biter,” I said under my breath. “That feels good,” I said in encouragement.

He continued suckling on my right breast while his hand played with my other boob.

After a while he sat up and moved between my legs. I eagerly spread them and he asked me to take off my panties. I lifted my hips and he helped me slide them off.

He began by tracing my outer lips. He let his finger just barely slide between them to gather my wetness and moved it near my clit. He started rubbing in slow, small circles, barely grazing my clit, but stimulating it all the same.

My hips began to naturally rock against him, my kegels clinching and releasing in anticipation of needing to be filled. He kept up with the gentle circles for a good long while, his touch light enough to make me crave more, but not so rough that I get overstimulated. Every so often his finger would slide toward my opening, and when he did I lifted my hips into his hand, trying to take in his finger. I was going nuts (in every good way imaginable). I need him inside. I hinted without actually saying so.

“Every time you slide your finger down I keep waiting for you to slip it inside,” I said breathlessly. He had me panting and moaning in pure pleasure. He kind of chuckled to himself as he slid his finger inside my dripping wet pussy.

Immediately I clenched around him, making myself even tighter. I lifted my hips to try to take in more. He began a very rhythmic thrusting with his enveloped fingers and light circles on my clit. My whole body melted into him.

He kept a steady rhythm while finger fucking me. Out of the blue he asked the question I thought he would never ask.

“Do you want me to fuck you doggy style,”

“Yes, please,” I answered giddily.

I was sitting up and grabbing the condoms as soon as my pussy was free. I grabbed the first one from the bag and unwrapped it. I found the correct way to unroll it and began to place it on his throbbing cock. I got the condom past the head and it quit rolling. I started fumbling from my rustiness. He took it over and had trouble himself. We thought maybe it was inside out after all. He took it off to find it wasn’t.

We grabbed another one and tried again with much better success. My doggy style experience lacked. I asked him the best way for me to get. He suggested piling the pillows under my stomach to lift my ass up. I did just that and we had the usual (fun) awkwardness to get inside me that first time, learning how our bodies fit together.

I was so wet that he slid in easily. He took a firm hold of my hips and began to ride me. I grabbed onto the headboard bars. With each thrust I felt the pleasure flow through my entire body. He rode me good and hard. I needed it. His cock fit me like a dream.

“Oh, you’re cock feels so good inside me,” I told him between gasps of pleasure.

In between thrusts he managed a few light spanks across my ass, deepening my please.

“I’m gonna come,” he said under his breath.

His thrusts eventually got deeper and slower. I tightened my kegels around his penis and could feel the pulsating rush of his orgasm and I pulsed with him. We collapsed in a sweaty pool on my bed before we went to go clean up.

Feeling Left Out

Saturday we had a party. It was mostly a party in celebration of my roommate’s birthday last week. It was the usual affair; lots of alcohol, horny women, and hot guys who showed up later (though my roommate’s boyfriend and a coworker’s boyfriend were there from the beginning).

We had a barbecue, potato salad, corn on the cob, chips and dip, etc. Did I mention lots of alcohol? We all got shit faced. I stayed somewhat sober, surprisingly. My roommate got trashed. Once she was trashed, she brought out her tits. She flashed a friend and me in the kitchen, having her take a picture and send it to my supervisor. He showed up three hours later.

My supervisor is a pretty cool guy, though he has been known to be a total dick (as I have written about before). So he mostly came over to see a girl that used to work with us and hasn’t seen her since she left. He didn’t know it was my place he was coming to. He couldn’t stay long, as he had to get back home, but he did have a drink. My roommate, friend that he came to see, and I walked him out to his (sexy as fuck) pickup).

My supervisor and friend had a cigarette. Somehow the topic of boobs came up. My roommate admitted that they were her boobs he saw in the picture. He asked to see. She had no problem lifting her shirt and he copped a feel. He the reached with the other hand and groped our friend.

I was left untouched. I was a little bummed about this. Both girls then each grabbed a tit. I didn’t feel better. I wanted my supervisor to do it. Now, before you start thinking “He is your supervisor, of course he won’t touch you,” that is actually untrue. Remember my piercings I am getting back? He is the one that will be doing them.

The fact that he won’t touch me in play makes me a little nervous in how he will be able to do it when he pierces me. Yeah, I get that it is a completely different setting, but still, I was drunk and horny. Not to mention feeling a little left out. I think he should have at least got a peak to see what he would be working with.

Sinful Sunday – Memory Lane

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of black and white television. In fact, I still kind of avoid it to this day. However, I am learning to appreciate pictures with a black and white edit, especially naughty ones.

My boobs seemed to be such a hit last week, I will share them again, only this time I found a pic from a while ago when I still had my piercings.


Sinful Sunday

Birthday Sex

Eight days before my birthday and I could not stop thinking about how horny I was and how long it had been since the last time I had sex. It had been over 5 months and I missed it. I became determined to have sex on or near my birthday.

I spent a couple days thinking about it, and decided to text D, even though we hadn’t spoken in months because he has been so busy. I may have sounded a little bit blunt in my message:

Me: I have the 9th-17th off from work and my birthday is the 14th. Any of those days do you think we could hang out, even possibly have sex? I would love to give you a bj.

Him: Maybe, let me check my schedule

Me: Lol, sorry if that seemed a bit blunt.

Him: Lol, it’s fine, good to know your intentions

We chatted a bit back and forth, talking about how the other one was doing, what we’ve been up to. A few texts later he went to bed.

A few days later he texted me about this coming Saturday night. I said I was free and he asked me to come over to his place around 9:30 and bring condoms. I couldn’t help but have a small hope that things would turn into another threesome with his roommate, though I was happy with the idea of just him.

Saturday morning was finally here and he texted me. He said he had a fun idea for that night and to show up at his work instead. I was a bit nervous the rest of the day, stomach doing somersaults every time I tried to guess what he had in mind. I guessed that he either wanted to have sex outside in the woods around his workplace or even inside his work. Scary, paranoid thoughts crossed my mind all day.

I was getting antsy the longer I waited, trying to kill time. I took a shower, brushed and flossed my teeth, shaved, rinsed and dried off, slowly got dressed (taking pics while I did so for your viewing pleasure). It was finally time to go.

As I was about 5 minutes away (and right on time), he texted me to let me know he was all set up. The road was dark and I was having a hard time judging where his work might be, but eventually I saw it and pulled up in time before passing it. He told me to follow his car. We drove about 30 feet, behind the building and came up to an old, abandoned looking house.

We parked our cars, turned them off, and got out. He said that this was the house he was working on in his spare time. The first thing he did was come up and give me a hug, then began kissing me the way I love to be kissed; lots of sucking on my bottom lip. After a few great seconds of kissing he led me to the porch where there was a lit candle waiting. He picked up the candle and opened the door, letting me go first so that I had light to see my way. Once we stepped inside he said that my surprise was up stairs and pointed the way, holding the candle so that I could see.

As I climbed the stairs I was reminded of a movie I used to love as a kid (and still do) called Teen Witch. In the movie there is a scene where she goes on a hike with her crush and they end up at an abandoned house that has candles lighting the way up the stairs to a bedroom with a mat in the middle. The room was lined with candles and the couple made love. Obviously as a (pre)teen movie, they did not show anything graphic, but it was obvious what they were doing.

Everything seemed so identical, minus the candlelit stairs, the hike, and the “couple.” D followed closely behind me and asked me what I thought. I said I loved it and told him about how it reminded me of that movie. He said he wanted to make it memorable, since I mentioned my birthday was approaching.

The chatting didn’t last long, as I was soon in his arms, kissing each other, nibbling on our necks and running our hands over each other. I felt his hard cock press into me and I reached down and stroked the massive bulge in his jeans.

He gently eased me onto the makeshift mat/sofa seat. Once I was sitting down and comfortable he pulled his huge cock out of his pants for me to suck. The place I was sitting was the perfect height to let me suck him for a long time comfortably without any neck strain.

I sucked for at least 10-15 minutes, varying my rhythm, pace, and sucking. I wrapped my left hand around the base and put my right hand around the back of his thigh, pulling him somewhat closer. I went from licking around his head to taking as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. Every so often I would lift my eyes to see the look of pleasure on his face.

Eventually he pulled me up and we started kissing and nibbling some more, all the while getting our shirts off. He began to feel my tits, then pulling them out of their cups in the negligee I was wearing to suck on my nipples. It amazed me how much sensation I felt, since before the piercings I used to feel nothing. He went from my right tit to my left and sucked on it, massaging with his hand the breast that was not in his mouth.

Eventually all his clothes were off and I was just in my negligee and thong. I grabbed the condoms out of my purse (they were in a tupperware to prevent breakdown) and set them to the side for later. He sat down on an edge of seat and pulled me down to him where he wrapped his arm around me to kiss some more. He ran his hand up my leg and began rubbing his fingers on my crotch, eventually pulling the thong aside and fingering me while rubbing my wetness over my clit.

D scooted back on the makeshift bed and layed down, his cock completely exposed and asked me to “give him some more of that great head.” I was more than happy to do so and sat down at the end and wrapping my left hand around him again. Using my right hand for support, I bent my head down and went back to work.

I started by licking the tip of his head, then slowly took his cock into my mouth inch by inch. I started a slow bob of my head, then once I had a good rhythm, I sped up, all the while massaging my tongue onto his base. I practiced trying to relax my throat to take in more of him, but I couldn’t hold it for very long. I went back to licking, sucking, and massaging with my tongue.

After another good ten minutes and trying to not kill my wrist that was supporting me, I changed positions. While doing so he sat up and kissed me more, this time exploring my mouth with his tongue. I rubbed my tongue along his, taking in his hungry kisses. Once I was settled in my position, I went back to sucking his cock.

This position was not as comfortable as the last, and my left wrist felt weaker than my right, making it harder to support myself with it. I ignored the lack of comfort and put the most I have ever put into a blowjob, not knowing when the next time might be that I have a cock in my mouth. I relished in hearing his moans of encouragement, looking up at him when he made a sound.

With probably a good 30-45 minutes of sucking all together, it was time to have sex. He stood up and helped me up so that I could get out of my thong. We decided that he would get me warmed up by being on top first, then we would switch. While he stood in front of my I slid the condom on.

I leaned back on the makeshift bed and he climbed on top. My legs naturally wrapped around him as he slid his cock into my now very wet pussy. He started with slow thrusts, but quickly sped up. It felt so good having him inside me, pounding my pussy. He had to keep slowing down to pace himself, since I got him so worked up with that blowjob.

Each thrust landed deep inside me and I felt it in my cervix because of his size. There was more pleasure than hurt though, as each hit made me clench tighter, feeling closer and closer to a climax. I felt myself building, but I just could not reach that peak.

Eventually D reached his climax, even with him pacing himself. I told him how good that was, we got dressed, toured the rest of the house, chatted a bit more, then went our seperate ways after one last hug and kiss.

I treated this sex like it was the last time for a long time. I have no idea when I will do anything again, but I am ok with that. This was definitely a memorable enough experience that I will be sexually satisfied for a while. D said that when he is done with the house then he will have more time to hang out. That will be nice, but he’s still got a lot to do.

Either way, this goes down in my mind as one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thanks D!


So, as I mentioned on a tweet or two, I got switched from graveyard shift to swing shift. Swing shift happens to be the same shift as Toby. If you are a new reader, Toby is the guy that took my virginity (when I was not ready) and put me on a huge emotional roller coaster before and after the incident.

I have been feeling a little sexually desperate lately. So desperate that I have considered contacting Toby about attempting to relieve some of that sexual tension. However, I always refrained because I just didn’t feel that desperate. My first night on his shift, after work, he contacted me.

We chatted on Facebook a bit, and the asshat started toying with me. I hate it when he toys with me, especially when I want to take control. We kind of made plans to hang out the next time my room mate isn’t home. In some ways I look forward to it, others not so much.

He is extremely fake, at least in my opinion. Several years ago, before everything happened with him, I had a crush on him. I didn’t know him that well. When I did finally “get to know him,” I didn’t like him much. He is pushy, but everyone at work thinks hes the coolest guy ever. I know better. He would text me, asking to hang out. I would say no several times, and he kept trying to bribe me/guilt trip me/anything to get in my pants (or mouth).

One thing that irritates the hell out of me,something that he does (as well as a couple others I know) is go off about how lonely he is, waiting for the right woman, hating being single, etc. Yet at the same time has some kind of excuse on why we can’t be together as a couple. I think its bullshit. If you aren’t interested in me as a girlfriend, stop beating around the bush and just tell me that you aren’t interested in that way!

After Will and I broke up, I added him to my Facebook friends. On his Facebook, he is always whining about not finding the right girl, being judged poorly, being lonely, etc. It is actually quite sickening. However, even last night when he toyed with me as much as before, I have decided to give him another chance. The plan is to watch a  movie, cuddle, kiss, probably sex.

While talking online, he started to hint on what he would do with me. I asked for details. He wanted pics. He decided to trade pics for details. I gave in, out of pure boredom. So, rather than letting him be the only one to see these, I will share them with my lovely readers. I would love your feedback!

Early Morning Phone Sex – Part 1

CB called me when he woke up Friday morning. We started with small talk, then he started talking naughty. I was in the mood for it, since the night before I went to my first male strip show. I was planning on masturbating when I went to bed, and he just happened to be waking up when I was going to bed.

It started with him asking how big my tits were. I was glad he couldn’t see me roll my eyes, but I answered with “Just the right size. Not too big, not too small.” He asked me what my biggest fantasy was. I said I had one, but it was something I would tell him at a later time (as it involves me being tied up and played with, hard. I didn’t quite trust him yet, as I still barely know the guy). He accepted that and moved on.

He asked me how I liked my sex. I asked him what he meant, and if he meant positioning or something else. He wanted to know my favorite positions and if I liked them slow and easy or fast and hard. I was honest and said I was used to the guy on top, but wanted to work on other positions. I also told him I liked slow and fast.

He asked me If my nipples were sensitive. I said that it depended. When he asked what I meant, I explained the piercings. He thought that was hot. I was kind of disappointed, as I like seeing the reaction to my piercings first hand. I was glad he was ok with them anyways.

He told how worked up he was, and how hard I was making him. I told him that I was getting wet as well. I was actually really surprised at how wet I was, just talking dirty with him. He asked how wet I get, and I told him that I am always surprised how wet I get, that just when I think I can’t get any wetter, I do. He told me how hot he thought that was.

By this time, I was staring at my batteries, and basically the only keeping me from putting them in my toy was the fact that I had to pee really bad. He asked me what I was wearing. I told him I was wearing some pink pajama bottoms and a black top. I added that it was nothing sexy, but it was damn comfortable. I asked what he was wearing. He said he was just wearing boxers, but wanted to be naked with me. He asked if I liked to wear sexy things, so I described my negligees to him.

He asked what I was doing. I said I was being a good girl, though staring at my batteries. He asked what was stopping me from playing with my toy, and I told him that I had to pee really bad. He told me that i should go take care of it and call him back. I did just that and looked at the time. We had spent an hour and a half, most of it talking dirty.

When I got back to bed, I put my batteries on and took off the pajama pants. I got in bed and called him back, the bullet resting on my clit, but not on.

One Last Boorah

I normally never loan my movies out, yet stupidly I let Toby borrow some DVDs over a month ago. I kept asking for them back, but he always conveniently forgot whenever he said he planned to drop them off. I started to think I would never see them again, until the other night he actually remembered.

The night before he dropped them off, he kept texting me, asking how far things could go. I told him nothing sexual. He was disappointed, but he kept pushing, asking for specifics. I finally agreed to breast play, kissing and cuddling. I didn’t want any of those, but I figured that was the only way to get my movies back.

I was surprised when he showed up and handed me my movies. We stood there talking, until I got tired of standing and went to go sit on my bed. He sat with me.

Randomly, he asked me if I was ticklish. I answered yes and moved my foot out of his reach. He seemed to have taken that as a sign and reached out to tickle my leg. I kicked and he pinned me down. I was laughing by this time, and he was laughing too, asking how ticklish I really was.

My most ticklish spots are my sides, feet, and underarms. He found them of course. I was laughing so much it was getting hard to breath. My body gave up the struggle and I just relaxed, giggling. He pulled himself closer and kissed me.

I have to say, he has the bottom lip sucking down, but everything else was bad. His breath was stale, and he seemed to produce too much saliva, if that makes any sense. I went with it anyway, and kissed him back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he took off my shirt, checking out my piercings. He felt my up a bit, kissing me some more.

He then ran his hands around my back, which automatically began to itch. I asked him to scrath. He said he would if I gave him a back massage after. I am a sucker for having my back scratched, so I agreed. He scratched, and it felt great.

He then told me to lay down on my stomach. When I was down, he gave me a back massage. It had been years since someone had given me a massage. Will was never really into massages, nor were my fuck buddies. Ex #4 was the only one who really tried.

He rubbed deep into my muscles, loosening them up from all my stress I have been under. Sometimes he went a little too deep, and I told him not to rub so deep. He made some kind of sexual reference that I ignored. I think it was something like “You don’t know what deep is, do you?” Like I said, i ignored him, while all the time thinking how deep D can get into me without even trying. Those thoughts got me wishing he was here instead, because then I could have sex. Sure, Toby wanted to fuck me, but it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t that desperate.

Anyways, when he was done massaging my back, he switched places with me. My back felt like butter, it was so relaxed. I gave him his massage he wanted, and several times I had to make sure he was still awake. He said it was very relaxing.

Massaging him brought back memories from high school and junior high, where I used to give my friends and family massages all the time. I used to want to be a masseuse, but my parents kind of killed that dream by not being very supportive.

After I was done, I put my shirt back on because I was cold. He tried to take it off again, but I wouldn’t let him. He started tickling me again, trying to get under my shirt. He kissed me again, then said that he didn’t want to over stay his welcome, and left. Just like that. For only the second time out of how many times we hung out, I actually enjoyed being around him.

The horn dog in me almost wished I had decided to have sex, since I didn’t get any when D was over the night before, but the bigger part of me was glad i resisted. I went to work that night and got several messages typed and erased asking D to come over and fuck me after he got off work the next night, but chickened out with each one and deleted them.

I know I won’t be getting any this week, as I am moving on Wednesday. I believe this post is scheduled for Thursday, though. Anyways, I may not be able to post much, but I will try. Until next time…


We mentioned a quickie in our texting last week, but at the time we didn’t have enough time to be that quick. He said that if I was lucky, on Sunday he would come over after he got off work, before I went to work.

I woke up Sunday afternoon feeling very lucky. I brushed my hair, put on my sexiest red thong, and favorite red negligee. Over those I put on some blue jeans and a very see through, low-cut white shirt. “Yeah, that doesn’t look obvious,” I chuckled to myself as I played with the lighting in my room, waiting for him to arrive.

There would be no time for our usual ice breaker movie/dinner. Oh, how I wanted to jump his bones, but a small part of me was nervous inside still, my shy side. He gave a light knock on the door.

I opened the door to let him in, and before I even had the door shut, his lips were on mine. He kissed me on the mouth, sucking on my bottom lip,  traveling to my neck, nibbling, biting, and kissing all over.

I led him over to my bed, where I took off his sweater, and then his shirt, running my hands and nails all over his back. I took off my white shirt and tossed it to the side.

“Ooo, that’s sexy,” he said, seeing my negligee and smiling before kissing me some more.

“Mmm, thank you,” I replied as I undid his belt and pants to let them fall down. We kissed some more, and he started rubbing between my legs. I pulled down his underwear and began massaging his cock with my hand. He carefully lifted off my negligee, being mindful of my still fresh nipple piercings.

I gently pushed him onto the bed and motioned for him to lay back against the pillows. Once he was situated, I sat next to him, leaned over his cock and went to work with my mouth. I teased the tip with my tongue, and as my tongue moved lower, so did my mouth. I used my left hand/wrist to hold me up, while I used my right hand to hold the base of his cock. I tried to multitask by stroking it up and down while sucking on the head, but could not keep up the rhythm.

I changed my tongue rhythm, and changed my bobbing rhythm. I loved hearing him moan in pleasure. As I sucked, he ran his hand over my leg and thigh. Oh, that felt so nice.

Because my wrist became numb from using it to hold myself up, I sat up and smiled at him. He pulled himself forward and kissed me some more, massaging my tits with his hands, careful of my piercings. His kisses got deeper and more passionate, even thrusting his tongue in my mouth. I went nuts and kissed him back even more aggressively, gently nibbling and sucking on his bottom lip.

After we calmed down from the kissing, I went back to work, this time curling myself up next to him, using a pillow as support. I wrapped my left hand around the base of his cock and lowered my mouth, teasing and licking with my tongue on his head. Slowly, I took more of him in my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down his hard cock. He started moaning for my again, and running his hand over the parts of my body he could reach.

I sucked him for another good 5 minutes (maybe more, I was not trying to look at the time), until my neck started to cramp from the movements it was not used to. I sat up, and we kissed some more. He moved his body so that he was next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist, to pull me in for a closer kiss.

After making out for a minute or two, he sat up to remove my pants. He ran his finger along my pussy, feeling my clit, then dipping two fingers into my very wet vagina. He thrusted his fingers in and out, slowly at first, then picking up speed when I got even wetter. He moved his now soaked fingers and rubbed circles around my clit, using the slightest pressure at first, and applying more as each small circle completed. He was kissing me at the same time his fingers were playing with my pussy.

Soon, his fingers were back inside me, fucking me even faster. “Mmm, that feels so good,” I moaned softly. With that, he sat up once more and reached for a condom at the side of my bed. Once it was on, he asked me if I wanted to be on top. I said “Sure, though I haven’t had much experience with it,” I answered slowly. “Thats ok, I’ll warm you up,” he said, and with that he entered me.

His first thrust banged my head against the footboard of my bed, so he grabbed my hips and scooted me down. He thrust into me again, this time without my head hitting anything. He picked up his pace and went to work.

I scratched my fingers down his back as his cock pounded my pussy, both of us breathing heavily and moaning. It had been a long time since my breathing became audible and I moaned during sex. It felt amazing. I did not try to quiet myself, though I did not get too loud.

He thrust deep, he thrust shallow. He moved his hips from side to side, letting his cock get every angle of my pussy. He rode me, and he rode me hard. I felt the pressure of my g-spot fill, as his cock tends to hit my g-spot perfectly. I tried to ignore the sensation that sometimes felt overwhelming, and concentrated on the good. I wrapped my hands around the footboard of my bed, moving my body with his, moaning and breathing heavily.

After a very amazing 15 minutes (at least, possibly more), he was ready to cum. He pulled me closer, and bent his head to kiss me, then gave several last deep, slow thrusts. We kissed some more, then I hurried to get dressed for work, and him for home. We chatted a bit, then it was time to go.

I was in a great mood that night, grinning from ear to ear. One coworker asked why I was glowing. I told them I was just in a really good mood from having an awesome day. I think everyone knew, or at least had an idea that I had just gotten VERY lucky in bed. I have to say that was some of the best sex I have had in over 2 years. Thank you D, you are great! 😀


Thursday night I met with Will in a parking lot where he got in my car to go with me to get my nipples repierced. Luckily they were able to use my old bars, so it only cost $50, rather than $100.

Oh my God! That fucking hurt. I ended up squeezing the hell out of Will’s hand, it hurt so bad, and I almost cried. At one point he was actually comforting me and rubbing my shoulder with his free hand while the piercer switched nipples.

I definitely don’t remember them hurting that bad the first time I got them pierced. I am thinking that they hurt more this time because of the scar tissue.

I remember on my post about the first piercing I said that pulling the needle out hurt worse than it going in. That is definitely true. The second nipple also ended up hurting more, since my body knows what to expect. I think that part is just a mind over matter thing. I am just glad it is over with. Just a note for my future self, if I ever take these out and think about getting them pierced again, DON’T! It took forever for the after pain to go away. I got them pierced at about 7 at night, and the pain finally eased up around 11 that night.

Here is a picture. It was awkward as hell to take by myself, but here they are. The picture is definitely not my favorite (I think it looks terrible). Maybe if I can get someone to take a better one, it will post that.