Kink of the Week – Squirting

**This is my first time participating in Kink of the Week, and hopefully not the last.**

I have always been a squirter. My first orgasm had me squirting and I thought I had peed myself. Luckily I learned soon that what happened was not pee thanks to a close friend and research. Most of the time I know when I am about to squirt and I stop my orgasm before that happens (no amount of towels will contain it). Once in a while I won’t care about the mess and just let it go.

I have only squirted with clitoral stimulation, though came close the one time I had a G-Spot orgasm. I have always only squirted alone and never with a partner.

Most guys I talk to about it think it is sexy as hell, but a few that I dated that were less experienced thought it was gross. When I lived with one of those guys I quickly learned not to squirt with him. It took me several years after we broke up to be able to do it again.

Not Enough Porn

This sounds ironic, I know, as the internet is full of porn. However, let me explain.

For the past year I have been unable to get off from “straight” porn. In fact, the only thing I like to watch is gay porn. A very specific gay porn, mind you. I can only get off from watching guys piss. I prefer the “pissilations” that have a compilation of men pissing videos. However, I also go nuts for piss denial videos. I love watching men squirm and hop around until they can’t hold it anymore and just let it all go.

The internet has a lot of these videos, however, there are only a few sites I trust, and of those few only a couple work with my iPad. This means that there is not enough of these that I can watch. I am getting bored with the ones I have bookmarked, yet can’t seem to find any “new ones.”

I have a few piss videos of guys I know, but I am embarrassed to even ask them to send such a thing. This is still a new fetish for me, one I am still learning what I like and don’t like when it comes to watersports. I wish it was something more common, something less taboo. I can easily ask a guy for a dick pic and get one with no questions asked. I could even probably get away with asking for a masturbation video. I just don’t have the courage to ask for a piss video, for fear of being shamed, or the person totally disgusted in me.

I just find it fascinating watching a guy take a piss. They all aim their cocks differently. Some lightly pinch the head, others just point the head in the right direction. Some guys hold their dick between their fingers, and others can aim without even touching their cock. I love noticing the subtle ways they have conditioned their body to pee.

Some men lightly rub the head or base with a forefinger, others gently touch their balls. Some shake at the end, some stroke at the end, others wipe at the end (and use way too much fucking toilet paper), and some do all or none.

I love the casual way they pull their dick out of their pants, and the way they stuff it back in. I find it amusing that some will take great care to only take their cock out and in through their zipper, but then end up undoing their buttons and pulling down their pants anyways.

I could go on forever about this. If it is one thing that has got me squirting full time again, it is gay pissing videos.

So guys, I am curious, how do you piss? Can I see? Feel free to email me your (sexy) videos at sweetendirty @ I hope I didn’t disgust you too much. 😉

Getting My Squirt Back

I squirted when I had my first orgasm. Not only did I not know that what I had was an orgasm, I thought I had pissed all over my floor and computer chair. I started making sure to pee and empty my bladder before masturbating, but I got the same wet and messy results.

It wasn’t until I started reading blogs that I learned that squirting was a thing. I thought it was cool and rare that I could squirt just from clitoral stimulation. Most guys I talked to thought it was pretty sexy that I could squirt, though no one ever was around when I did it.

When I started dating Will, I brought up the topic of squirting. He was disgusted at the idea. I never told him that I could squirt. I stopped doing it all together when we moved in together, as I tended to soak the bed. I always knew when to stop my orgasm to prevent squirting.

When Will and I broke up I still couldn’t squirt. I was so used to not doing it that I could never push myself over that edge. It took three years to learn to squirt again. It was a joyous day when I finally did. It took just the right video. It didn’t take long for me to squirt almost every time I came.

When I got MiMi, I don’t squirt, I gush. I love it. I will never let a man (or anyone) control the way I come, ever again.