TMI Tuesday – This or That?

This week’s TMI questions are brought to you by yours truly! Enjoy!

This or That?

1 – Lights on or off? – I like them on so that I can see my partner as we are getting down and dirty, but I enjoy the intimacy of feeling each other in the dark.

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business? – I enjoy a good slow tease. It gets me worked up and wetter than ever. However, nothing gets me wetter faster than a quick spur of the moment romp in the sheets.

3 – Giver or receiver? – I am a giver all the way. I feel weird being on the receiving end to be honest. I love making my partner feeling the best that they have ever felt, and I like to make each session memorable.

4 – Background noise or no? – The only background noise I like to hear is us. I (and past partners) have gotten too distracted if there was something playing (on netflix) in the background. Unfortunately the background noise was necessary for the comfort of roommate’s.

5 – Top or bottom? – To be completely honest, I prefer the bottom. I like to look up at my lover and watch the faces of pleasure that they make. That, and I am just not balanced to be on top, though I am sure that could get better with practice.

6 – Private or public? – I am too much of a chicken for public, though I have had some steamy makeout sessions in the back of my car in a busy parking lot a time or two.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both. 😉

Best – I am definitely going to have to go with the time(s) I had hot tub sex with J. I felt so bouyant and much more flexible in the water. I only wish I could have had more, and for longer.

Worst – Every single time I got with Toby. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he never cared about me and my comfort. He would always push for something until I caved only because I felt like I needed some kind of intimacy.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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TMI Tuesday – Tell it Like it is

Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.

1. Sex is ___many things. It is always intimate, but depending on the mood it can be gentle gentle or rough, long or quick, steady or varied. Sex is something that I don’t seem to get enough of. Never have, and I am starting to wonder if I ever will__ .

2. Love is ___something that I fall into easily. I give my all and love unconditionally. I have discovered I feel different levels of love for everyone that I have in my life.__ .

3. Money is ___something that I feel like I will never have enough of, but also something I don’t care about as much compared to other things in my life. I want to do what makes me happy, not rich (though that would be a nice bonus)__ .

4. Power is ___a nice rumbly vibrator to help guide my orgasm into existence. The more speeds the better, as I always tend to use the most powerful setting. __ .

5. Life is __full of surprises. Just recently I started a new job at a different company, where several months ago I never would have imagined leaving the place I worked at for over 10 years. I also didn’t think I would come back to blogging and reviewing with my lack of sex drive, but here I am___ .

Bonus: Food is __One of my specialties. I love to cook, and I especially love to cook for friends, and most recently the boyfriend. I recently have been getting more creative with my meals, trying to find things to win him over even more, since they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach___ .


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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TMI Tuesday – Sexy it is

It’s a lovely spring day here in the mid-atlantic region of the U.S. How’s your weather? What season is it? Oh, and let’s do TMI Tuesday 🙂

Sexy it is!

1. What question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner? – If they want to help me reach orgasm, or if they mind me getting myself there.

2. What question about sex do you find hard to ask anyone? – What kind of sexy and naughty tings they are into. What positions, etc.

3. Sexually, what are your favorite things to do? – I absolutely LOVE giving head. I love the intimacy and trust involved. I also enjoy PIV sex. Missionary is my favorite position, but that is also the only one I really know.

4. Name 3 things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them? – Nothing gets me more turned on than the idea of a hot make out session, leading to me giving oral, to finishing off with PIV sex.

5. In how many countries have you had sexual relations? – Only one sadly.

Bonus: Describe your ideal sex partner. –  My ideal sex partner would have a libido that matched or even topped mine. Someone who was willing to learn from me as well as someone I could learn from. I would love someone open minded about trying new things.


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TMI Tuesday – Sexy Thoughts

TMI Tuesday, of course.😀

Sexy Thoughts

Fill-in-blank or answer accordingly.

1. You are looking at your lover. You say, “I’d love to ___suck your cock__ .”
2. In a chat with your best female friend you say, “You look really sexy when you wear __those jeans___ .”
3. Name the one piece of lingerie you would love to see a man wear. Thong
4. I wish I did more ___fucking__ in bed.
5. I absolutely LOVE when you kiss my ___neck__ .

Bonus: Tell us your favorite sexual memory of you and your current or most recent lover.

The night I sucked his cock in the backseat of my van in a crowded parking lot.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday – Bucket List

Hey hey hey…You know what time it is. Time to do TMI Tuesday. We post on Monday to give you time to write, then post on Tuesday.


1. If you died tomorrow, to whom would you leave all your worldly possessions?

Well, it would have been my roommate, but considering how soon we will no longer be roommates, I would split up my stuff. I would probably give all my gaming stuff to one of my close (platonic) guy friends, and all the toys would go to a friend that would make use of them.

2. What did you like to play as a child?

I used to love to play with Barbies, and my Super Nintendo. I still have the SNES, Barbies not so much, lol.

3. Have you ever gone on a rampant sex spree while depressed?

No, I tend to wall up when depressed. I am just now getting out of a dry spell. I had no true sexual desire for a good two years at least.

4. Do you mind if your partner wants to have porn videos playing while the two of you are having sex?

No, I don’t mind, as long as its not every time. It could spice things up to have it going.

5. What is the sexiest thing you did last week?

I had strange sex for the first time in years and it was amazing. My sex drive is at an all time high and I can’t wait to explore more.

Bonus: You have to give your lover a report card about your last sexual encounter.
– What would they score? A B C D F?

A+++. That man awoke things in me I thought had died and gone to hell. I am so thankful for the (short) time I had with him.

– What could he/she improve upon?

I wish he would have stuck around in my life. He’s moving next week several states away. I have no regrets though, I learned a lot and felt amazing doing it.

– For what would your lover be reprimanded for doing during sex?

I wouldn’t reprimand him for anything. He was amazing.

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TMI Tuesday – Never Have I ever, Or Have I?

Hey there! Another week, another TMI Tuesday posted.

tmi terrific tuesday

1. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?

I have not for sex, but I have orgasmed quite loudly a few times and my roommate heard. This happened on several occasions, on the same night. She let me be and giggled at me the next morning for it.

2. Ever had kids or parents bust in on you in the middle of full on sex?

Thankfully no. I have heard of it happening to others, and I am truly sorry. I did have a few close calls once though. One in particular was when I was in college, still living at my mom’s. I had given my first blowjob. We had just gotten dressed when my mom’s friend that was staying with us showed up.

3. Have you ever licked or sucked on someone else’s feet and/or toes? Was it your request or theirs?

I have not, and I don’t think I could, nor could I let them do mine.

4. Describe your typical sexual romp:
a. You are playful and tame

b. You have introduced a few things like outfits and toys

c. You love trying new things and shocking your partner

d. Keep it simple–missionary, lube, sleep.

All of the above? My sex life has been all of the above, but in reality I love to try new things. I am insatiable that way.

5. Speaking of lube–what is your favorite lube for sex and why?

I have never used lube for sex sadly. I have used some for masturbation when the toys required it though. Someday I am sure I will find it more necessary, but right now I haven’t really found it necessary or my partner didn’t give me the chance (that was a long time ago).

Bonus: What are you looking forward to this week?

I am looking forward to hopefully being able to spend one last ngith with the guy I started seeing before he leaves. At this point I don’t think it will happen. 🙁


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TMI Tuesday – One Track Minds

More questions about every TMI-er’s favorite topic courtesy of recusen.

tracks_tmi1. Which of the following best describes your view of sex?
a) Ritual
b) Game
c) Performance
d) Adventure
e) Other

Every sexual experience is an adventure.

2. What is your view of spontaneous vs. planned sex?
a) Spontaneous is always better.
b) Spontaneous sex seems rushed to me. I prefer a little warning to prepare mentally and/or physically.
c) I enjoy the anticipation before planned sex.
d) In my life circumstances, planning is required.

Both have their appeal. I like planned because I can prepare physically. I also like spontaneous as it can be extremely hot exciting.

3. At the beginning of sex, what is your most immediate worry?
a) It will take too long.
b) It will be over too soon.
c) You will be interrupted.
d) You will fail to please your partner.
e) Your partner will fail to please you.
f) Something will cause pain.
g) There is gong to be a discussion/argument about something.

I always worry about not pleasing my partner.

4. At the beginning of sex, what happy result are you looking forward to most?
a) Pure physical pleasure and orgasm.
b) Pure emotional pleasure at being intimate with your partner.
c) Pleasing your partner.
d) A feeling of closeness to your partner afterward.
e) Not being so horny afterward.

Pure physical pleasure and the adrenaline that is pumping through me the whole time. I have learned to never expect an orgasm for myself.

5) After sex, how long until you start looking forward to the next time?

I look forward to it right after. I am never completely satisfied. Someday I hope that changes.

Bonus:  Your ideal date would be
a. pizza and a movie
b. hot dog and a ball game
c. picnic and a bike ride
d. candlelight dinner

Both A and D sound awesome.

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TMI Tuesday – Fill in the Blanks

Ponder THIS , Ponder THAT

tmi_graphic May 12, 2015

1. My _____ is so beautiful it should be in a museum but my _____ probably belongs in a pawn shop.


2. I would most like to take a class in _____ .

Creative writing.

3. Excluding people or pets, what is your most prized possession?

My collection of high tech sex toys.

4. Which of the following best describes the type of person to whom you are attracted?
a. Sexy
b. Sophisticated
c. Sweet n innocent

Sweet ‘n innocent.

5. What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?

Take off my clothes and put on comfy ones.

6. What is the last foolish thing you did with someone else?

I tend to do a lot of drunk texting.

Bonus: Cucumber or zucchini?


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TMI Tuesday – About the Blog

1. How long have you been blogging?

Off and on since September 2008.

2. Tell us about your pen name? Is it a pen name?

Pit took forever to think of it  I have went by several different blogging names, but this one is the one that stuck the most  I always described myself as a sweetheart, but also a huge dirty girl. I am Sweeten Dirty, but you can call me Sweets.

3. What is your blog about?

It is a sex blog. I blog about real life experiences, toy reviews, and erotica

4. Do you earn any money with your blog?

I have not yet, but I do have affiliate links (so far just good vibes, go check them out)

5. What inspired you to blog?

I honestly made it so that I could review free toys, but it has turned into so much more than that  it’s my journal now, something to look back on

6. What keeps you blogging?

The knowledge that I can look back later, remember the fun times in clear memory, and even get advice and confidence boosts

7. Do you have any advice for readers looking for love? Looking to get laid? Looking for a threesome?

know your boundaries and stick to them. Never settle for what you think might be the only thing. No sex is by far better than bad sex.

8. Did you do your kegels today? When was the last time you did them? (Men: There is no evidence that kegels prevent erectile dysfunction. Source: WebMD )

I did at work, but thanks for the home reminder, I am doing them now.

Bonus: Do you have any special sexual gifts or talents or tricks? Tell us about it.

I can give a damn good blow job.

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TMI Tuesday – April Dates

There are several unique and weird holidays that take place all over the world. This TMI Tuesday is about the month of April’s special observances. What’s Up April? …


1. April 1 is April Fool’s Day (All Fools Day), a Western tradition of pulling pranks and hoaxes.
– Did you play any April Fool’s jokes on someone?
– Were you the victim of an April’s Fool prank this year?
– What is the best April Fool’s hoax you’ve ever pulled?

This year I did nothing. My senior year in high school my step mom and I kind of went to war. She made me a sandwich and didn’t take the cheese out of the wrapper. She put Limburger cheese all over the doorknobs I use, coated my toilet seat in hair gel, and to top it all off, took every dish in the house, put it in the sink, covered them in honey and syrup and made me wash them.

That year all I did was lock the driveway gate behind my dad and I on our way to his work. She had a hard time remembering the combo and I got hell for it.

Other than that, I have always been terrible at jokes. I can never think of anything creative enough.

2. What is your favorite unusual or non-traditional holiday to observe?

My birthday, of course! Err, should I say Jack’s birthday? They are one in the same.

3. Do you observe any unique local or family tradition holidays? Briefly tell us about this holiday.

I don’t. I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, that is about it.

4. April is National Poetry Month. Share your favorite poem with TMI Tuesday or write a poem and share.

Ugh, I have a ton of poetry that I wrote somewhere.

5. This month is also Stress Awareness Month. What stresses you on a daily basis?

Work, lack of sex.

6. April is National Humor Month. Name 3 stand-up comics or comedic actors who make you laugh?

Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, and Jeff Foxworthy.

7. April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day in the United States, however, it can and should be celebrated all over the world. How will you celebrate Jelly Bean Day?

Not really a big fan of jelly beans to be honest. I will probably be skipping this holiday.

Bonus: The flower for the month of April is the Daisy. How or what do you feel about daisies?

They are great for finding out for who loves me and who loves me not.

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