Product Review – We-Vibe Nova

I have always loved the idea of “rabbit vibrators,” as I am a terrible multitasker. I have tried several rabbit types, but none of them were quite right. The biggest problem with most rabbit style vibrators is that the clitoral “ears” don’t quite line up once the “head” is inserted. The We-Vibe Nova is supposed to the fix to that problem, as the ears flex with your body as the toy is used.

There were so many appealing features to this toy that I could not resist the opportunity when it was offered to me by the awesome people at Good Vibes. I was given the Nova free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

More than just another vibrator, this toy can be app controlled. In fact, I preferred using the app to control the toy more than the buttons because the buttons were a little bit difficult to push, especially when it was in use. What makes this app even more awesome is that if your partner downloads the app they can control the toy for you, anywhere in the world!

About the Toy

The Nova is packed with strong, rumbly vibes. Unfortunately they were not strong enough to get me off, though they did feel nice. For someone else they could be just right. As stated before, the clitoral arm is flexible and keeps steady vibration on the clitoral area while the insertable part is being moved at one’s preference.

The We-Vibe Nova has 10 different vibration modes and 10 speeds. There are two motors, one in the arm and the other in the shaft. Compared to the Tango, the vibrations on Nova are not as strong, in my opinion. On the toy, the +/- control speed and the </> control modes. The center button is power On/Off.

The We-Vibe Nova is charged by magnet and the toy is 100% waterproof. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Nova. All together I got about an hour and a half of play before a new charge was needed (over several different sessions). Nova’s material is made from ABS plastic and a very silky silicone.



About the App

The app is called “We-Connect” and can be found on both Google Play and the iTunes store. With the app you can create your own vibrations, as well as using the preset ones. As stated above, I preferred using the app to control Nova, mostly because I could see what mode ai was selecting, rather than flipping through manually via the physical toy itself.

The app and toy communicate through Bluetooth, and you can connect to you partner through WiFi as long as you both have the app. I had a blast with the toy and app when I had a long distance friend take control. When he was in control, I could do nothing to change the toy’s current vibe or speed without pressing “Take Control” on the screen.

Connecting to your partner is pretty easy. Through the app you can text a link to your partner. They click on it and it adds them as your lover. You can only have one lover at a time, so if you have multiple partners you need to remove them and send a new link to someone else.

Once the two of you are connected you have three different ways to communicate. You can type, have a voice chat, or have a video/voice chat. We found the connection to be very stable, and only got disconnected once or twice. We found the quality of the call and video to be more stable than Skype.The whole experience was a lot of fun. I found the element of surprise (not knowing what speed or vibration was coming next) very exciting.

For the record, I tried to take screenshots of the app, both in call and of the different features, but as part of the privacy policy by the developers of it, screenshotting was disabled.


Overall I loved this toy. I will definitely keep using it, even if just to have a ton of fun and giggles with long distance partners. I believe that I could definitely learn to orgasm from this toy. I would highly recommend this toy to long distance couples.

Thank you so much Good Vibes for giving me the chance to review this product. I had a blast!


Product Review – We-Vibe Tango

I am a little late to the Tango party, but when it comes to this toy, it’s better late than never. I had been eyeing Tango since I had first heard about it and the amazing people at Good Vibes sent me Tango for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The We-Vibe Tango is a lipstick shaped rechargeable vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. Tango has four steady vibration speeds and four patterns. The patterns include: Wave, Pulse, Tease, and Cha-cha.  Tango is made from body safe ABS plastic and is waterproof.



Tango is fairly quiet, and strong, which is a hard combination to come by (no pun intended). Not only is Tango strong, it’s rumbly, something I need in a vibrator. There is only one button to control the toy, but if you are like me that is all you need, since it remembers the last setting it was on before being turned off. The only problem with this is there is no travel lock mode, and the button can be somewhat easy to press.



The battery is stated to have 2 hours of power per charge, but higher speeds and patterns will cut the battery life even faster. I notice that I can get about 4-5 sessions, ranging from 5-20 minutes each. I tend to only use the highest steady vibration. Yes, I know that is not much, but the orgasms are worth it.

One thing I love is that a light starts blinking when the battery starts to run low. The Tango recharges via magnet port. The magnet port is a USB cord, and you will need a USB socket to charge. It can be a little tricky to charge if not set on a flat surface, as the magnet port and charging end of Tango can get separated. Tango also comes with a small silk pouch to keep dust and anything else that floats in the air off of your toy.

Pros: Rechargeable, quiet, strong and rumbly, waterproof, body safe, low battery-life blinking light, and comes with small storage pouch.

Cons: Short battery life, no travel lock, wall plug-in not included.

Overall, I am in love with Tango. The toy has more pros than cons, and the cons don’t really affect me that much. You can get the We-Vibe Tango over at Good Vibes. Thank you Good Vibes for the perfect (early) Christmas present!

Spring Cleaning

I did a little cleaning when I got home from work today. I cleaned out and organized my toy drawer, as I noticed it was getting way too full and cluttered. I was getting tired of having to dig to find a toy that suited me at the time.

I took them all out and put them on my bed. Next, I dumped out my small tote box (that was full of condoms and lube). I took all of the things I never use, whether from lack of power or simple dislike) and placed them neatly inside the miniature tote box.

I took the few favorites that I have (glass dildos, pure wand, Raquel, Hitachi, and vibrating bullets) and placed them back inside the drawer, neatly arranged. I took my porn and put it under my bed, along with the unused toys. I put my condoms in a cleaned out and emptied pencil box to go under the bed as well. I put my lubes in the drawer as well.


I have a bunch of half finished posts to write. I have tried to steer toward real life posts, things that have actually happened, but nothing too eventful. Most of the posts I am meaning to finish are some filler posts of erotica.

However, I am hesitant to posts these/finish them. This is mainly because I am afraid of seeming like I am repeating myself, or seeming boring. I am however, considering putting up some things I wrote back in high school, some erotic things. My writing has evolved so much, especially in the language I use.

As a mini update of things to come, I did get some girl/girl action the other night. Pictures will be included.
Toby caught me at work a couple weeks ago and asked me to resend a friend request because he can add me now. I did, and he accepted, though I never see him anymore, so I am pretty much over him.

I got my first anal toy, a small anal plug. I have not used it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how it worked. I also got some other new, more expensive toys. Toys such as the Mia, Gigi, and the Pure wand. So far the Pure wand is my favorite.

Tomorrow I will also have a post telling about my latest encounter with Forbidden Fruit, who seems to be less Forbidden.

Toy Box

Last night I decided to rearrange my toys. Not to say I have too many, because you can never have too many toys. Before I moved and rearranged everything, they were just a jumbled mess in my smallest drawer, with the most used toys on top and the least used/never used toys on the back and on the bottom of the drawer.

I took some recent boxes I had from my most recent Amazon purchases and tore the flaps off. Then I switched my jeans that don’t fit from the big dresser to the empty dresser drawer I had made from taking out all my toys. Perfect fit.
I set the boxes inside the newly emptied drawer and began to sort. I connected bullets to their remotes, cleaned and jelly toys that seemed sticky (by the way, can anyone tell me why jelly toys get sticky? Is there any way to prevent it? Cleaning helped, but I have a feeling they will eventually end up sticky again).

Next came the organizing inside the drawer. Inside one box I neatly arranged my dildos, and in the other I neatly arranged my bullets. Now, most of the dildos I own I cannot use because, well, obviously I can’t unless they are skinny enough to not hurt when inserted. I didn’t realize this at the time when I bought them, but some of them still make nice vibrations on my clit. Bullets, on the other hand, are my favorites. I am absolutely hooked on them. They fit perfectly between my pussy lips and on my clit. Those went into the other box.

Next to the boxes I placed my movies I like to watch while I masturbate. Under the movies went the magazines (which just don’t get me to cum as much as the movies can, but they still can get me horny.

In the front left corner of my drawer I placed a small gum box (one of those boxes that hold 12 packs of 16 pieces of gum). Inside the box I neatly arranged my condom collection. These I haven’t ever needed to use, but I have them in case I do decide to go to the next level and have sex….They will probably expire before I am ready. But, they also come in handy when/if I ever use my dildos.

And of course, in the middle of it all, I have my Hitachi magic wand. It’s nice to have around for when I want a quick orgasm or don’t have any charged batteries, and I can just simply plug it in.

However, within the next week or so I will be receiving more toys that I ordered this weekend, so I have a feeling that my drawer will no longer be as organized.

Below are my two favorites: A glass wand and a bullet. Together they are amazing. The pink swirls on the glass dildo are raised and they are amazing inside. The bottom of the dildo has a ring and it is perfect for putting a small bullet inside or my finger to pump it in and out of me.
Next is the end result of my organizing:

My First Vibrator

After prom I went straight home. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but the guy I went with was a freshmen and just a friend. I later found out that he only went with me because his mom made him when she found out I asked.

When I got home there was a black bag on my bed. Inside was a pack of batteries, water based lube, and a silver vibrator with a slip on cyber skin penis. I honestly had no idea what to do with it. The only thing I could think of was what seemed the most obvious thing to me at the time. Put it inside.

I put the batteries inside the vibrator and slipped the fake penis on the vibe. Next I got in bed and lubed up. I had no Idea how much to use and where to put it, so I just put it on the toy. I took a deep breath and attempted insertion. All I can say is ouch! It burned and hurt a lot. I turned on the vibrator and it felt a little bit better, but was afraid someone would hear, so it didn’t last long.

After a few minutes of fumbling around, I gave up and put everything away and cleaned up. The next day I left for camp for a week, so I had to put off my attempts with B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

A week later I got home and it was just me alone, so I decided to give B.O.B. another try. I lubed up and tried inserting again. Even with the vibrator on it still hurt. Once again I cleaned up, but then I got online and talked to my friend on the other side of the country on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

They suggested putting the vibrator directly on my clit. Sadly, I had never really understood where and what the clitoris was, so I had to ask for directions. I told them I would be right back, and went to give it a try while I was still alone.

To be continued…..