TMI Tuesday – Flesh and Fantasy

Much thanks to yours truly for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

Flesh And Fantasy

1.) What was your biggest fantasy once you discovered sexy things?

I really wanted to give a blowjob. I loved the idea of having that control, plus I have always had an oral fixation

2.) Did you get to do said fantasy, and if so would you do it again?

I did when I was 18  I would so do it again, though it’s not so much of a fantasy now, as it is a must do  I love the control, and the trust my partner has in me to let me have his cock near my teeth.

3.) Was it as good as imagined?

It was 7 years ago, but I think it was better than I had ever imagined. I was a complete natural, and my boyfriend at the time had never had one. I have also been able to make guys come from a blowjob that had never done so before.

4.) Describe said fantasy.

The first time I sucked a cock was not planned  we had just got done from school that day and rushed to my place from the bus stop. It was pouring cats and dogs outside, and by the time we made it in were drenched. We took off some of our clothes, staying in our underwear. I pushed out and changed, while he was stuck in his underwear. I had a bit of a staring problem and kept looking at his dick, showing through his tighty whiteys.

I asked if I could see it, since it was my first true close up of a dick. He took it out, and by this time he was very hard. I asked if I could touch it, and we sat on my bed while I touched and played with it. He taught me that I didn’t need to be so gentle.

he asked if I would kiss it, and I bent down to do so. I let my lips linger just a bit, then lifting my head. He was leaned back against the pillows, eyes closed, mouth smiling. I bent back down and kissed the tip of his cock again, this time letting my tongue have a taste. His cock ended up in my mouth, and before too long he was coming inside. Naturally, I swallowed.

5.) What is your biggest fantasy now?

i would love to figure out my pee fantasies. I want to see if I like being pissed on, have a guy let me aim his dick while he pees, etc.. I want him to be into it as much as I am, though, and not just letting me do it to make me happy  it doesn’t make me happy, it makes me feel awkward and not enjoy it as much.

Bonus: Something you would NEVER do.

Besides the illegal no-nos, I would not allow shit to be a part of play. I know I had something else in mind when thinking of these questions, but I am drawing a blank.

TMI Tuesday blog

Getting Repierced! (Again)

Ouch! It is going to hurt like a mother fucker. I feel it just thinking about it. However, It is going to happen. Within the next few weeks (a couple more paychecks) I am going to make my famous Mexican lasagna for a coworker who does piercing on the side.

He has pierced a couple girls in our department and a few more throughout our workplace. I am really fucking excited (and nervous) about it.

I don’t want to give too many details now because I don’t want to spoil it (I have a nice story building for when it happens). However, be ready to say “Fuck work ethics. Because priorities!”  😀


A New Chapter

Last week I finally told my room mate that I was going to start looking for apartments with a girl from work. I had been looking for a while, but the search finally got serious when the girl I was wanting to rent with decided that she wanted to rent with me as well. I had been kind of miserable there lately. A bunch of stupid stuff just kind of started to add up.

She had left several sharpie notes around the house, doors were being shut loudly, her kids were always loud, and I could never use the kitchen when I wanted. I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep because of all this.

Anyways, when I told her that I was looking she basically made me give her 30 days. I was terrified of not getting the place my friend and I were applying to. I was imagining having to put my stuff in storage and couch surf.

Anyways, we got the place! A cute two bedroom. We were super excited. However, my first night there was a bit terrifying. I was sitting in bed watching tv when I heard something outside my window, almost like they were trying to take the screen off. I heard them walk around the room (outside) and thought they were gone. Not five minutes later I heard a loud crash and glass goes flying through my room.

I haven’t really been able to relax since, but it’s getting better. Other than that one incident I love the place. My new room mate is awesome and we have a lot in common. I really look forward to our friendship growing.

I am excited to see what this new chapter in life will be about.

Chain Reaction

I get extremely aroused when walking around with a  full bladder. It’s kind of a chain reaction in a way. I start by having to pee. Having to pee makes me think of how I feel when I am about to squirt. Walking while needing to pee bad makes me feel my G-Spot kind of clamp up, like I am about to have an orgasm. When I finally do pee, it is such a relief, like an orgasm should be.

I get so aroused, walking around, feeling like I am about to cum right there. I start squeezing my kegels, imagining my bullet buzzing around on my clit. I start to tingle, and I get really wet. The longer I wait, the better it feels when I finally do get that release.

If I do this at work, when I get home it is guaranteed that I will masturbate. By that time it is a must, because I spent so much time thinking about it, getting turned on thinking about that tingly buzzy feeling on my cunt. When I finally do get home and in bed and cum, I get close to squirting. It feels amazing.

What kind of things lead you to masturbating, and is it any sort of chain reaction? I would love to know.

Focusing on Me

If there is one good thing that that came from my year of no sex, it is the fact that I now know what I want and I have the courage and motivation to not settle for less. I realized this after my dry spell was broken though. It is a new year, a time for new beginnings.

What I want is to not partake in sexual activities unless I am in a committed relationship. I love sex, don’t get me wrong. I love the rush of adrenaline it gives me. What I don’t love is the feeling of loneliness and emptiness I get after a no strings attached hook up. I have never really been cuddled and loved after sex. I want that.

No more NSA. No more settling. I will no longer have sex just because I don’t think I can get anything else. I always tell guys what I want (a relationship), but in my fear of losing them I give them what they want instead of getting what I want. In the end I still end up lonely.

I have changed and grown so much in that year of partial celibacy. I know my decision will be for the best, even through another possible dry spell. I have learned that it’s time to focus on me, and what I want, not just what I think I want to try and keep others around.

Turn Offs

I wrote about my turn Ons, but what about my turn offs? I definitely have a few. Everyone has them (I hope). Some of these turn offs have become deal breakers for me, stopping me from having what could otherwise be a really good time. This list may or may not be in any particular order.

– Bad breath – There is nothing more that turns me off than bad breath. There have been several times that bad breath has made me think twice about kissing someone, even stop kissing just when it starts to get hot and heavy. There is no polite way to ask someone to brush their teeth or have a mint. In my mind, it should be common sense. The fresher the breath, the deeper and heavier I will probably kiss you.

– Heavy tongue during a make out session – You have to understand, I went years without using tongue. Will hated it. I am just now starting to like it! but in moderation. You will get better results from me by sucking on my lower lip, or even my tongue if I am into it. However, I hate being choked by tongue. First reason being that I am just not used to it. The other reason being that I haven’t had the best make out sessions when I am gagging from a tongue being shoved down my throat.

– Bad body odor – I am kind of anal when it comes to cleanliness, especially in bed. Nothing kills it more for me than BO. Now, I have no problem with things getting sweaty, but when I come up to hug you or cuddle, I will shy away if the body odor is strong. However, if you are wearing Axe or cologne, good luck getting me to leave you alone. 😉

– Talking about your numbers or exes – Unless I ask, it’s kind of like don’t ask don’t tell. I probably don’t want to know. I get insecure and jealous hearing about others. I had one guy brag about how many girls he had been with. I wanted to fuck him bad until he proudly said he had slept with 27 women. However, this is where it gets complicated. What about this blog? It shares all my dirty little secrets and then some. I always feel a little guilty sharing this place with potential partners. What if my numbers turn them off? What if I am a little bit too wild (though I am pretty tame compared to others). Also, I may show more interest in who you have been with once I am comfortable you and our feelings for each other.

– Getting to know someone, liking what I learn, then have them turn the conversation sexual – Trying to date, this problem comes up 90 percent of the time. I could be really into someone, but as soon as the dirty questions start I shut down and lose interest. I find this ironic, since I am a sex blogger and love talking about sex. I just don’t want to jump into it. I want a relationship that starts slow. I love the thrill and the rush of getting to know someone sexually in person rather than online. However, this hasn’t been a complete deal breaker. I may or may not keep talking to the person. I have a good sense of what is malicious and what is innocent curiosity. As soon as the subject of sex comes up though, I will proceed with caution, assuming that sex is all that is wanted until proven otherwise.