I had an interesting experience the other night. I faked an orgasm so well that I had all of the normal after effects of an orgasm, as well as the during. The only thing I didn’t have was the contracting of my opening and the tingling of my clit. It was like I tricked my body into orgasm.

My breathing got heavier, my heart rate increased, and I had that out of body type feeling. I even have that shaky, excited feeling that I get after I cum. It was cool, and kind of made me want to experiment with this. If I practice with this, could it maybe lead to  being able to cum on command in a way? It would make things like camming and phone sex a lot easier, that is for sure. I am not sure how well it would work with a partner in physical person though, especially if they had their cock or fingers inside me. Plus, I still feel guilty if I fake it. Sometimes you just want it over and done with though, especially if they insist on your orgasm on camera or phone.

I was on my webcam with a guy I met on a dating site. I was kind of irritated at the time, because I was trying to do my taxes the whole time he kept texting, saying how horny he was. When I was done, I finally gave in, more just so that I could have something for my spank bank later, but also so that he would give it up.

I watched him stroke his cock for a long time, but I just wasn’t feeling close. I was wet, just no where near close. After he figured out I was far from the finish line, I told him if he was close he could finish. He did, and I enjoyed the show. Afterward he even went into the bathroom and let me watch him piss. That’s what could have got me going, but too soon he was done.

He got back in bed and kept rubbing and stroking softly for me. I tried damn hard to get into it. The bullet felt nice on my clit, but it just wasn’t doing it. I really just wanted to watch my piss compilation, as thats what I know does the trick. Plus, I could tell he was bored and not really into it anymore.

I made my breathing get really heavy and started moaning. I told him I was cumming. I have orgasmed so many times, focused on my breathing so many times, that my breathing now came naturally. Thats when I started to really feel like I was cumming (aside from the genital effects). I went through the different breathing waves, starting slow and heavy, then breathing faster, reaching my “climax,” and then finally slowing down.

I told him how good I felt, and he made some comment. I could tell he was done and wanted to hang up. I told him and he agreed, that he wanted to go work on his car. I let him go, relieved that I could finally have some quiet, and write about tricking my body into orgasm.

**Side note** – I will do my damnedest to have the real orgasm. Sometimes its just not going to happen. I apologize, it is nothing the other person did or didn’t do. I will however experiment alone, see how much more I can trick my body into orgasm. That sounds like a useful ability.

Webcam Play Pt. 2

When his webcam connected I was looking at his face, admiring how hot this guy was, excited that this hot guy was turned on by me. We made a little small talk while my cam connected. When my cam connected I noticed him moving his around.
Once he had the cam moved I had a nice view of the bulge in his jeans. He slowly unbuttoned them and unzipped. He stood up and let them fall off so that he was wearing only his boxers. When he sat back down, he slipped his hand inside his boxers.

“Guess what I’ve got in my hand,” he said playfully.

” I don’t know. You should take it out and show me,” I said back, just as playfully. By this time I had leaned back against my pillows and had my webcam focused on my dripping wet pussy.

I had a sharp intake of breath as I watched him pull off his boxers, his hard cock springing out freely. He reached forward and got some lube on his hand and wrapped it around his cock, moving it up and down.

At this point I reached for my favorite glass dildo and slipped it inside of me. I started by slowly sliding it in and out, imagining that it was his cock. I moaned for him, telling him that it felt so good. Once I got a good rhythm going, I picked up my pace, thrusting my dildo faster and faster, moaning more as I did so.

I reached with my other hand and got my bullet ready, pausing the thrusting long enough to rest it against my clit and turn it on. As I slowed down with the thrusting, he slowed down with the stroking of his cock. He began running his index finger over and around the head, lightly stroking his shaft as well.

“I wish that was my tongue teasing your cock like that,” I told him.

“Oh, I wish it was too,” he answered.

As I played with my toys and watched him, I noticed that he matched my speed and rhythm to what he did to his cock. The speed I thrusted my dildo in and out was the speed he stroked his clock with. When I focused on my bullet, he rubbed the head of his cock with his index finger and thumb.

I began to focus mainly on my pussy, thrusting my dildo in and out as fast as I could, feeling the pressure inside me build up. He loved watching me fuck myself, moaning for me to go faster as he stroked faster.

I positioned my bullet to rest against my clit and turned it on with my free hand. The vibrations sent me over the edge and I came for him, moaning loudly. When I was done he asked if I was ready for his. I was more than ready and told him yes.

It didn’t take long for him to blow his load into the tissue he had next to him. We ended the call soon after so that I could pass out.

Webcam Play Pt. 1

He logged into Skype during my night off. I was surprised to see him on, since he is normally at work during this time. I messaged him, and he said he was on his phone at work. We chatted back and forth, but at some point things turned naughty (though I don’t quite remember how).

He asked if I wanted a picture. I said sure, though behind the screen I was grinning from ear to ear in the excitement of a cock picture in my future. He asked if anything was ok and I said yes. A couple minutes later I was staring at his cock on my screen.

“Mmm, very nice,” I responded, boob picture attached. He said he really liked that they were pierced and would love to have them in his mouth. I told him I would love that.

He asked what we would do “hypothetically” if we ever met in person. I told him how much I loved sucking cock. He then informed me about how much he loves to eat pussy.

We started talking about sexual positions and how I would love to ride him. We exchanged a few more pics until we decided that we would have a webcam session when he got home.

A couple of hours before he got off work I hopped in the shower and did some necessary grooming. When I got out I set my laptop up in my bed and warmed myself up with my bullet on my clit.

I was revved up. I couldn’t keep the vibrator around my cunt for more than a minute before feeling close to cumming. I was also extremely tired. I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open.

It seemed like hours, but several minutes later I got a message saying he was home. I gave him a smiley face on Skype and he called me. He made a comment on how he talked a lot of crap earlier but was feeling shy. I chuckled and said I felt the same way. He started the video call.

To be continued…

Name Calling

One thing that always creeped me out was saying someone’s name during sexual activities. I get especially turned off at the idea of hearing my own name during sex. I just have never liked my name. Though, I also have never had my name called out during sex, partly due to me stating that I thought it might be a turn off. Who knows, maybe I would like it? I am kind of afraid to try.

Because I don’t like the idea of hearing my name during sex, I have never called anyone else’s name out. Now, I don’t know if people really do this normally. I am sure some people get extremely turned on by it, but it could also be just something in the movies. I am not really experienced enough to know.

I know a few years ago I ended up “accidentally” watch my friends have sex on webcam. They tricked me into it really. We were just casually chatting, and the next thing I knew they were having sex, and she was calling him “Daddy.” The camera was placed so that it only showed from the waist up, and she was wearing a shirt. They still give me shit for watching, but hey, they started it, and I was a little curious, and only slightly disappointed that I didn’t really see anything.

Despite all this, there have been several times that while masturbating, I have quietly called out the name of the person I was thinking of. The first time I did this, Will was at work and we were still at work. I felt very weird doing it, but I tried it.

The other time I did this, I ended up calling out (quietly), D’s name. I just said it over and over before and during my orgasm. It may have just been me, but the orgasm seemed slightly more intense than usual, but not much because I had been at it for a while with dying batteries.

I am considering trying to clear my mindset of not being turned off by hearing my name, and maybe not be so creeped out by calling someone else’s name. Is it normal to call out the person’s name you are fucking or thinking about while masturbating?

Bi-Curious Pt. 2

We asked them what they wanted. They said they wanted to see us on my bed, me playing with one of my vibrators while she played with my titties. We put the camera on pause while we figured out a way to fool them, but still make them believe what they wanted to.

Finally, we had it so that the camera was facing my bed, and I was “naked” from the waist up. We fixed the blankets to hide my clothed nether regions and grabbed my favorite silver bullet to tease them with. She turned on the cam, took off her shirt, and got on the bed with me.

The guys fell for it. We “turned” the vibrator on and took turns running it over each other’s nipples, then finally I put the toy under the covers and made it look like I was having a good time while she played with my nipples and tits.
The guys fell for it, but they wanted more. They wanted us to get really explicit and have us eat each other out. That’s where we drew the line. We said it was getting late, and turned off the camera, wishing the guys a good night and “maybe next time.”

That night, instead of sleeping on the couch, she slept with me in my bed. Before falling asleep though we talked about what happened. I was a little confused. I knew she was bi, but I never really thought about me as being anything but straight.

She got me thinking. There have always been signs of my curiosity of being with a girl. When I was little I always tried to watch “just the boob scenes” in movies when my parents were gone, since I knew they never showed any movies with a penis, I felt like boobs were the next best thing.

Another time at a friend’s party I had a chance to kiss a girl. I forget how it really came about, but I do remember that I really wanted to kiss her. She was willing to kiss me, but I was just too afraid.

I also remember that growing up, I always had small “crushes” on some girls, mostly girls that had the bigger boobs. There was just something about them that I was really attracted to.

Bi-Curious Pt. 1

In the past year or so I have come to realize that I am bi curious. That is, I have always wondered/been curious about being with someone of the same sex as me. I think I have always known it deep down ever since I was little, but last year something happened to make me admit it to myself.

It was about a year ago, I had a friend over and we were goofing off online. I was messing with a couple of my guy friends that I used to cyber with from time to time. So anyways, we were joking around, saying she was my girlfriend (just to get their reaction). That got them extremely horny. They wanted to see us on camera. My friend and I laughed and joked about it together, then decided we would mess with them some more.

Before turning on the webcam, we both changed into really loose tank tops, just in case. We turned on the cam and asked what they wanted to see. Of course they wanted to see us kiss. We didn’t really kiss, but they didn’t know that. We pretended to kiss on camera, my head blocking the view. I never told my friend, but I kinda did want to see what it was like to kiss a girl.

Next they wanted to see our tits. She had no problem flashing the camera. I on the other hand was very camera shy. It took a little coaxing, but finally I did it. Then they wanted to see us play with each others’ boobs. Shyly I grabbed her tit and started to “feel around.” As I was feeling her up she did the same to me. “Suck on her titties,” they told me. Slowly I got down on my knees and pretended to suck her tit, my head blocking the real view as we did for the kiss.

Then it was her turn. This time she really did grab my breast and start to suck it, right in view of the cam. We took turns feeling each other up, sucking, and playing with nipples, but after a while the guys wanted to see more….

To be continued…..