My First Orgasm

As I sat in my computer chair, I slowly lowered the vibrator down to my clit. When I turned it on, it almost felt like it tickled. I kind of giggled, and then tried again, putting it on a lower speed. What I felt was indescribable. It felt amazing. I held the vibrator to my clit, rubbing it in small, slow circles. As I kept it up, I slowly started to turn up the speed, making the vibrations more intense.

What happened next was something that I had never felt before. I felt my body tense up, having a sense of being in another world, my thoughts racing. It almost felt like de ja vu, like I had been there before. It was almost scary, and I had no idea what was happening to me. Then, all of a sudden I felt like I had to pee, and before I had a chance to turn off the vibrator I squirted out this water like fluid. I was a little disgusted, thinking I had just peed in my chair (luckily it was a metal fold up chair and easy to clean).

So, I cleaned up and reported back to my friend. They informed me that what I felt was an orgasm. Not only did I have an orgasm, but I am a squirter. I found out I did not pee, but in fact I had experienced female ejaculation.
Ever since I have been addicted to the feeling of having an orgasm. I try not to let my orgasm go too far as to squirt, but once in a while I will put a few towels down and let the orgasm finish all the way through.

My First Vibrator

After prom I went straight home. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but the guy I went with was a freshmen and just a friend. I later found out that he only went with me because his mom made him when she found out I asked.

When I got home there was a black bag on my bed. Inside was a pack of batteries, water based lube, and a silver vibrator with a slip on cyber skin penis. I honestly had no idea what to do with it. The only thing I could think of was what seemed the most obvious thing to me at the time. Put it inside.

I put the batteries inside the vibrator and slipped the fake penis on the vibe. Next I got in bed and lubed up. I had no Idea how much to use and where to put it, so I just put it on the toy. I took a deep breath and attempted insertion. All I can say is ouch! It burned and hurt a lot. I turned on the vibrator and it felt a little bit better, but was afraid someone would hear, so it didn’t last long.

After a few minutes of fumbling around, I gave up and put everything away and cleaned up. The next day I left for camp for a week, so I had to put off my attempts with B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

A week later I got home and it was just me alone, so I decided to give B.O.B. another try. I lubed up and tried inserting again. Even with the vibrator on it still hurt. Once again I cleaned up, but then I got online and talked to my friend on the other side of the country on Yahoo Instant Messenger.

They suggested putting the vibrator directly on my clit. Sadly, I had never really understood where and what the clitoris was, so I had to ask for directions. I told them I would be right back, and went to give it a try while I was still alone.

To be continued…..