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The other night, I was wet. Wet and horny. I had to masturbate, knowing that there was no other way to get some, especially with all the crap that has went down in the past half week. In the end, someone sent me naughty pictures. I love naughty pictures. I loved seeing his hard cock when I opened up my new picture message on my phone.
I told everyone on my messenger good night, that I was off to bed. Of course I didn’t tell them I was leaving to go be naughty.

I thought that just the bullet could get me off. After about two minutes of running the bullet all over my wet pussy, I ached for something more. My favorite glass wand. It slid in so easily, and I could hear my wetness.

Slowly, I started to thrust it in and out with my left hand, as my right hand worked the bullet. That felt good, but I needed more. I turned my bullet onto full blast, and began sliding the wand in and out a little bit faster.

As I rubbed my clit and attempted to satisfy the hunger in my pussy the best I could, I thought about all the bad and naughty things I had done in the past few days. Wanting to suck his cock, feel his hardness in my mouth and pussy, looking at all those pictures he sent me of his throbbing erection.

What turned me on even more was knowing that I was able to use my imagination for once, not needing to watch an X-rated movie as I fucked myself. Normally I do need to watch a porno. It was just something I got used to. But not this time. This time it was all my imagination. I imagined what I would do with his cock, imagined it sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

Eventually, and too soon I might add, I came. I came hard. I came so hard that it took everything I had not to scream out. Now, normally I am a quiet cummer, just for privacy purposes, but there are some that make me almost scream. I almost wish there was no one home, then I would have let myself scream out. I even squirted.

Afterwards, I felt relieved, relaxed. But, for at least ten minutes after I came, I was breathing heavy still with my heart pounding, my soaked pussy throbbing in pleasure of being fucked by my wand. I just kept muttering the word “WOW!” I was speechless.

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