Killing the Buzz

To me, there is nothing worse than have my batteries go dead while doing my naughty business. I invested in rechargeable batteries a while ago, and thinking that having at least one set of batteries charged at all times, just in case of an emergency. Boy was I wrong.

I swear, the worst thing ever is putting in some batteries (ones that should have a full charge because they have not been used since they were last charged), and have them work well long enough to really get you feeling good. However, after about three minutes you think that they are dying, but it isn’t that obvious. But of course, that is when their power goes from high speed to nearly dead in about twenty seconds, probably less than that. That is what starts to kill my buzz.

Luckily, I knew I had some brand new emergency batteries that are not rechargeable. Grudgingly I got back out of bed, turned my light back on, and changed the batteries. I got back in bed, determined to get off. As I lay there, pumping my wand in and out of my pussy with my left hand and rubbing my clit with the bullet using my right, I realized I needed some visuals. Damn.

So, very reluctantly, I got out of bed once more to get my laptop so I could watch some internet porn. Third time is the charm. I had the batteries, I had the porn, I was good to go.

After about only 2 minutes of watching the male actor strip, while his partner rubbed his penis, I was ready to cum. And cum I did. It would have felt better the first time around if there were no interruptions, but it was worth it. My determination to orgasm got me so horny, wet, and worked up that the end result was awesome.

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