Forbidden Fruit

As you lay there in the sun, I had images in my mind of straddling you. I just wanted to climb on top of you, lifting your arms above your head so you couldn’t move. I wanted to slowly lift your shirt up, and bend my head down and softly use my tongue to play with your nipples.

Circling my tongue around those erect nipples, then softly kissing them, only to take them gently between my tongue and my teeth, I would then softly pull. “Hey now, be nice,” you would say. For a few more minutes I would go back and forth between each nipple, sucking biting, and licking them.

Next, I imagined you wrapping your arms around me in a kiss. Deep and passionate, your tongue playing with mine, I liked the idea of me being your first kiss. Unexpectedly, you roll us over so that you are straddling me.

In one swift move, you already have my shirt and bra off. You reach down and start playing with my size D tits. Squeezing and rubbing them, sucking and biting my nipples. Suddenly you stop. When I look up, you look down at your crotch. We can both see the obvious hardness in your pants.

“I want your cock. You know I want your cock,” I wanted to say as I watched you lay there with your eyes closed. You looked so peaceful, and so tempting. But, I know I can’t have you. You know I want you though. You know what I want to do to you.

I can’t have you, my forbidden fruit. But oh, do I want it so. I want to taste you, feel you, kiss you. I want you to touch me in ways I have never been touched. Every time I’m around you I get very aroused and extremely horny. Every time I am around you I think of all the naughty things I want to do to you. Is it just the past couple of weeks we spent together that bring these feelings in me, is it something deeper, or is it just because I know you are my forbidden fruit that I could probably never have?

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