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I am pretty uncoordinated especially when it comes to multitasking. When attempting to multitask, I always get distracted doing one thing, and end up not doing enough of the other. I cannot talk on the phone and messenger at the same time, I can’t do homework and talk. One or the other always ends up getting the majority of my attention. This is especially true when I masturbate using both a bullet with one hand and pushing my wand in and out of my pussy with the other.

This can get very frustrating when I come close to having an orgasm. I will eother stop rubbing my clit as much or stop pushing my wand in and out. This makes me wonder, how I would do at 69?

I have always wanted to try that, but how coordinated could I be? My ex let me try it with him once, but it only lasted for about five minutes because we could not get positioned right. Oh well, maybe another man that comes along would let me try it again.

My point is, I know my orgasm would come much stronger if I was able to stimulate both my pussy and my clit at the same time, rather than just most clit stimulation and the rest pussy, or most pussy stimulation and the rest clit stimulation.

During my first couple of years of learning how to please myself, I always got off pretty well with just clitoris stimulation. However, I always felt I wanted something more. I wanted to feel something inside of me. I remember that when I was little I had this curiosity of sticking a finger inside of my pussy, but never felt anything. Yet, when I did grow up and discovered my clit and had my first orgasms, I always felt my vaginal muscles contract. The feeling was empty, like there was something missing, and it would feel wonderful if I had a finger inside me, a dildo, or even a penis.

One night as my boyfriend (ex now) were masturbating together (I was playing with my clit, and him his cock), I asked him to put his finger inside me when I was about to come so that I could see how it felt. A few minutes later, he finished, cleaned up, washed his hands, and came back to bed.

When I felt close to coming, I told him I was ready. He leaned down and stuck his finger in. That was pretty much an instant orgasm for me as soon as he started sliding his finger in and out of my pussy. When I came, it felt amazing. I never made sounds before when I came, but this time it was different. I made lots of sound. Hearing those sounds was different, and my moans got louder. That answered the question I suppose, of whether I am a moaner or a screamer. I am definitely a moaner, with the potential of screaming.

Every so often when I would masturbate with him at his house, I would ask him for his finger. With the feeling of something inside me, I cum harder than I do with clit stimulation by itself. With someone working my pussy, and me working my clit, coordination for me is no problem. However, now that I am single again and left to please my self by myself, it is hard to do these two simple things at once.

I think what I need to get myself is a rabbit vibrator. I mean, I have one, its just that the shaft is too big for me to use at the moment, since it hurts a little when inserted. So far, the biggest thing I have been able to insert has a one inch diameter, and ¾ inch diameter for my second favorite toy. If anyone know a good rabbit vibrator that is about 1 inch or ¾ of an inch in diameter, please feel free to let me know. I would be happy to find something that satisfies both my clit and pussy at the same time.

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