Unexpected Irony Pt. 2

Slowly I bent my head down, my left hand holding his shaft. My tongue circled and teased his tip, flicking and licking. I slid my mouth down a bit further, only letting the head be inside my mouth. I sucked.

He then suggested I use the flavored lube I was earlier complaining about having, but no one to use it on. I chose the cherry vanilla, my favorite. It was pretty dark, so I got a little in my hand (normally I like to make guys squirm by slowly dripping the lube onto their cock) and rubbed the lube all over his hard cock.

Again, I lowered my mouth onto his cock, licking his shaft, using my tongue to tickle and tease. I took the lower part of his shaft and slapped the upper part against my tongue a few times. Then I got to work, bobbing my mouth up and down his long shaft.

I kept this up for a while. He would tell me he’s close, but my rhythm would change accidentally, but apparently he ended up liking that a lot. As I worked my mouth and tongue all over his cock. I got really hot, hotter than I was when he asked me to suck him off, when he wrapped his muscular arm around my waist and grabbed onto my ass.

I continued to suck, and eventually he started playing with his balls. Finally, I hit the sweet spot. Within seconds he was shooting his hot liquid into my mouth. I swallowed for him. Easy clean up and it didn’t taste too bad.

I really got turned on by this, but I was too shy to let him pleasure me. At least not that night, since I wasn’t able to take my shower. There is just something so thrilling about sucking your best friend off, someone whom you never pictured that happening with, especially from the talk we had not even three hours before. I have e only given blowjobs to three guys, him being the third. Honestly, I was more into giving him one than the other guys I did it for.

Maybe it was my curiosity, maybe it’s the fact that he’s one of my best friends and I can trust him with anything and we know each other inside out. It could also be that the idea of being caught, or knowing I had control and I could do anything I wanted to him, and him to me. I don’t know why giving him a blowjob was so much better than anyone else I have ever had oral with, but whatever it was hot, and I honestly hope I can do it again for him before he leaves.

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