The Ex List (Ex #1)

I have only had four boyfriends. Three I dated in person, the fourth was online. I think the one I learned the most from was my online relationship. The longest relationship however was the one I just got out of. I decided I should write about them, and since there is so much to each one, I will make one post per ex. How does that sound?

My first boyfriend I met through a friend in Study Hall my sophomore year. I was asking pretty much everyone I knew to go to the Homecoming dance with me, and they all had said no. When I asked my friend in Study Hall, he said no as well, but said he had  a friend who had got turned down as many times as I had. I gave him my number, and that night the said friend called me.

We talked for four hours, until I had to go to bed. For the first bit of our conversation we just made small talk, asking about each other. Soon after though, he asked me to the dance. Of course I said yes. Then he asked me if I wanted to go as friends or a date. I was so desperate for someone that I chose to be his date. As soon as I said that, he asked if I would be his girlfriend. Wow, fast mover, but I didn’t think anything of it because of my desperateness.

We agreed to meet the next day in front of my class after the Homecoming assembly got out. I arrived to the designated meeting spot first, and soon after he joined me. He was tall, at least a foot taller than me. I was only 5’2” (as I have been since I was 10), and he was 6’3.” We made awkward conversation for a little bit, but we had to get to class in a minute. So we hugged goodbye and agreed to meet by his class at the end of the day.

I got out of my last class of the day and rushed to his classroom to meet him. When he came out we hugged and started walking side by side, and he held my hand. My heart skipped, as I had never had a guy hold my hand before. We walked together down the hall, our friends waving at us, saying we were cute together. We went to the front of the main entrance hall and sat on a bench, still holding hands.

I was feeling pretty nervous, my feet twitching from inside my shoes, my legs shaking. He took his free hand and set it on my knee, smiling at me and telling me I didn’t have to be scared. We sat looking into each other’s eyes, smiling. Before I knew it, he started to lean in. Instinctively, I leaned back, but just as quick, I moved forward. Our noses bumped, we each tilted our heads slightly, and our lips touched for a fraction of a second. That was my first kiss.

His dad picked us up and dropped me off at home. When I got back into my room I felt so twitterpated. I mean, a boy just kissed me. I had imagined that day for so many years and it finally happened. That guy was my first boyfriend. I didn’t tell my mom, and for all she knew, we were just friends going to a dance together. I don’t know why I never told my mom. I guess I was just worried I would have less freedom, or I wouldn’t look as innocent anymore. Who knows what my fifteen year old mind was thinking.

The next day was Friday. That night him and his dad picked me up and dropped us off at the movies. We both were dying to see School of Rock. We get into the theater, and first thing he does is try and stick his tongue down my throat. I swear, that was the biggest turn off ever. I said no quietly, without much authority and he asked me if I didn’t like him. Well, because I was so afraid of losing the boyfriend I just got, I said yes I liked him, and he continued sucking my face. Honestly, I think this is why I am not much of a fan of heavy make out sessions. Just because I had such a bad, sloppy, and bad tasting experience. After the movie, his dad picked us up and dropped me off.

The next day was Homecoming. My neighbor did my make up, and I wore my graduation dress from 8th grade. Once again, he and his dad picked me up, and dropped us off at the high school. I swear, that boy could not keep his hands off of me. I wanted to tell him he was going too fast for me, but I didn’t want to upset him.

We danced some dirty dances, made out (and had the chaperones come up and tell us to knock it off a few times), and then he took me to a secluded area and proceeded to feel me up. I let him do it of course, telling him once to stop, but he never listened.

The next day we talked on the phone all morning, and then he had his dad pick me up to go to his house. Surprisingly, my mom let me go. We got to his house, I got the grand tour, and first thing he went for was my mouth, again. We made out in the basement a bunch, and every time we would hug he would hint that he had a boner. I backed off every time.
Finally, it was time to go. I don’t think I ever wanted out of a house so bad in my life. His dad took us to dinner, and then dropped me off afterwards. I got home, did laundry, and we talked on the phone for a while.

The next morning I felt like something was wrong. When I got to school, he came over to greet me with a hug, but only a peck of a kiss. After school, he walked me to the bus, we hugged and kissed goodbye. When I got home I waited for him to call, but he never did. Finally I called him, and said that I had a math test so we would have the same lunch period. All he said was “oh.” I asked him if he wanted to sit with me, but “he wasn’t sure.” Then came the dreaded words anyone hates to ask: “Are you breaking up with me?” His answer: “Yeah, I think its best.”

What a prick. Oh well. I was heartbroken at the time. However, now I am kind of glad he did because it definitely wasn’t meant to be. I heard a lot of excuses over the next few weeks on why he broke up with me. My favorite one was where “someone said I made a hit list and threatened a bunch of people and that I was stalking him.” That’s the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

We still talk every now and then. He normally only wants to talk when he’s horny and wants to cyber. He also gets very interested in me whenever he hears that I am single again. I am not very fond of talking to him anymore. Every time we do talk he gets all depressing and makes himself sound suicidal, and that his life is ruined and a waste. Every time I try to say something encouraging, he shuts me down. I gave up.

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