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The Ex List (Ex # 2)

Ex number two was probably the best boyfriend I have ever had. My best friend at the time met him on a game we all used to play called Runescape (a huge RPG). One night I stayed over at my friend’s house, and she let me use her computer. She logged onto her Instant Messenger and was like, “here, talk to this guy. Hes cool, and you two have a lot in common I think.”

So, while my friend did whatever she had to do, I talked to him. She was right, we did have a lot in common. I didn’t have internet at the time, so the only time I could really talk to him was at her house or through email at school.

A couple weeks went by, and by that time my online friend and I had gotten very close. I finally got internet at my house, and every day after school I would rush home to talk to him. We talked every night for hours, at least until he had to go to bed. Once in a while we would do voice chat, and webcam (nothing dirty or sexual) once or twice. I loved his accent. He lives on the other side of this country, so I could definitely hear an accent. Oh, and his voice seemed so much mature and the other boys here. At this time I was a senior and he was a sophomore.

After about three weeks of talking. We talked about what we looked for in the opposite sex, the perfect date, and so on. Then, we just kind of worked into this conversation how we felt about each other. I really liked him and he really liked me. We decided to wait to tell our friend, wanting to just try out the online dating thing, though we told just a few days after we started dating online.

Besides the fact that we were 3,000 miles apart, we had what seemed the perfect relationship. We learned stuff from each other. He was the one that I was talking to after I found out I had an orgasm the first time, he was the one that said that’s what it was. At least once every night we cybered, and never ran out of ideas. We talked about meeting after he graduated or turned 18.

Things were going great. We felt like the only obstacle would happen when I left to be a camp counselor for some local 6th graders for their class trip. He planned to email me every day of the week that I was gone. I spent all of my free time writing in my journal about him, how much I missed him, and so on. I couldn’t wait to get back to him.

Finally the day came when I got to go home from camp. The whole bus ride home I listened to our song over and over, my smile getting bigger every time I heard it. When I got home and turned on my computer, I only had one email from  him. What the hell? I thought, and he wasn’t even online.

I waited for him, and after about an hour he finally logged on. Things seemed fine, we talked about how we missed each other, we cybered, and he apologized for the lack of emails. It turned out he had been grounded from the computer the past week. Apparently, some girl on MySpace messaged him, with her phone number. He called her, and his mom found out, so she grounded him.

After he told me, I could tell something was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell me. Eventually though, it came out. Along with him being grounded, his mom also told him that if she ever caught him online dating that he would be banned from the computer until he moved out. He thought we should break up.

I was heartbroken, deleted him from my MySpace, but a few days later he messaged me, saying he was sorry but still wanted to be my friend. I realized that I was too close to this guy to let him go completely, and it took a while, but finally we were back to being friends.

To this day we still are great friends. We actually hope to meet someday, possibly this spring. I look forward to it. We have a bond, I think. We both learned so much about each other, life, and relationships. I wonder sometimes though, where we would be if we hadn’t broken up that first time, but I don’t dwell on it. He is still one of my closest friends, and I can talk to him about anything, ask anything, and he is always there.

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