The Ex List (Ex # 3)

If I was to describe my third ex in one word, that word would be creepy. We met in Human Sexuality class, spring semester of 2007. We just started talking, and realized we both played the same game. We exchanged game screen names and messenger addresses, and just started talking from there. Each class we would sit together, and every night we would talk online.

One day he took the same bus with me after class, as his other class was cancelled. We got to his stop, but he said he didn’t want to get off yet. I was thinking to myself “ok, whatever, the guy just wants someone to hang out with.” We get to my stop and he gets off with me. Ok, that’s fine, I wasn’t going straight home anyways, I was going to the high school to see my friends, as I did every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. He goes with me, I introduce him to my friends. I could tell from the instant they met him that my friends did not like him.

I myself was a little weirded out that he kept following me, so I kept giving really long hugs to one friend in particular, one I like to refer to as my cuddle buddy because he always has open arms for me when I want a hug. Cuddle buddy got my hint and put his arm around me. Creepy guy still would not leave.

My best friend finally comes over to meet us, and she calls her mom to see if she could hang out with me. I certainly did not want to be alone with him, and I was so relieved when her mom said yes about her hanging out with me. We head to my house, but we don’t go inside. I make up the excuse that I am not allowed to have new people over since my grandpa was in a hospital bed in the living room, so we sent creeper to hang out in the park at the back of the apartments while best friend and I went inside to use the bathroom and put our stuff away. While we were inside I told her what was going on. She was creeped out too.

We head back outside and sit on the grass with him. We talk about Runescape, school, and just made small talk. I asked everyone how their day was going, and he responded by saying that his day was great since he was sitting next to a cute girl. My stomach tied into knots when I heard this.

After a while it was time for my best friend to be picked up. We went with her and her mom was so kind as to drop him off at the bus stop. Thank God!

Well, a few days later the guy and I had a few lunches, hung out on campus, etc. One night online we were talking and he asked me out. Well, stupid and desperate me said yes. The guy seemed less creepy since I talked to him more, so I thought “what could happen?”

The next day we met in the cafeteria. It felt awkward at first, because we just stood there smiling at each other. Then he hugged me. He walked me to class, holding my hand. When we got to my class, he gave me another hug, and then bent his neck and gave me a quick kiss.

Things were like this for a couple days, mostly just hugging and  a few kisses. Then things picked up really fast. By the end of the week I let him come over. He really creeped me out when he called me from the back of the apartments and told me he couldn’t find my bedroom window. I told him he didn’t need to find it and to come around to the front.

He came over every day after school, and we just hung out in my room cuddling. By the end of two weeks we ended up getting more touchy feely than ever before. Somehow he ended up with no pants, and I gave my first blow job. He came and I swallowed. I didn’t like it with him too much though, but I did it often, just to make him happy. I wouldn’t let him go near me when he wanted to touch me.

After a couple of months, I twisted my ankle. The next day my ankle was so swollen I could barely walk, so my mom planned to take me to the hospital. He came over, but was going to walk to the bus stop when my mom and I left.
Things went as planned, or so I thought. My mom and I pulled out, and he started walking. When my mom and I got home, our friend that was staying with us said he came back in, went into my room, and just stood in there talking to himself. That was the end for me.

We broke up, and when school started back up in the fall I never saw him. Then in spring I saw him maybe once. However, this semester I have every single day. My friends are scared of him. Also, I hate common courtesy. I mean, have you ever seen someone you don’t want to talk to, but give a half smile, wave, or nod? Well, every time I see him I show a little common courtesy, but he takes it as an invitation to sit with us. When he does this, my friends and I bust out awkward, graphic conversation and he leaves.

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