Girl Interrupted

So tonight I am talking to one of my friends online. We start talking naughty to each other, saying what we want to do to the other. Of course, being a sucker for dirty talk, I start to get very wet and my clit starts to throb. I need to take care of this problem, and fast.

We decide to go on webcam. As I wait to make sure my mom will be too busy with her online game to notice me, I start to rub the cool glass of my dildo all over my pussy. It was not long after that I couldn’t take it anymore, and ached for something on my clit. I put my bullet on my clit, and held it there. I began to rock my hips back and forth, thrusting onto the vibe.

This really gets me worked up, so guess what happens just I am about to make the invite for them to view my cam? My mom knocks on the door! I was so flustered, and was completely naked. I heard her try to turn the handle, but thank God I locked it. I stumbled around, trying to get some clothes on, almost falling over twice and coming close to knocking over my laptop sitting on the TV tray.

Finally, I get to the door and open it. She asked to see the receipt from groceries a few weeks ago. I grab it for her, my face beat red. She just walks away quickly, not making eye contact the entire time she was there.

Well, that pretty much killed my mood for the night, but then I got to talking to my friend again, and they had me worked up in no time. I slowly began rubbing my glass dildo over my pussy, letting it slide in partially, then pulling it out to rub around some more. I rubbed the ribbed swirls over my clit, sending hot sensations running through my body.

Finally, we hook up to the cams. I continue what I was doing as I watch them play with themselves. I got even hotter. I liked that they could tell how hot I was. I started playing with my nipples as I watch them.

Just when I get into it, even more than I was when I first started, and of course knowing my luck, my cell phone rang. I decided to ignore it. It was just one of my friends, they would call back later, or I would call them back. Well, later they did call back. Try thrity seconds later. I started to get up, but decided I would just let it ring. The ringing stopped, and I went back to trying to finish. One minute later the house phone rings. I know who it is, but I let my mom answer it. She transfers it to me.

I felt horrible. I get up and answer the phone while my friend is showing off on webcam for me? What the hell? I get off the phone as fast as I can, and get back to work. A few minutes later, we both watched each other cum.

I don’t think I have ever been interrupted this many times in the three years I have been masturbating. I think being interrupted is one of the most irritating things that can happen to someone masturbating. It can be irritating, but it also has the potential to be very hot if the right person catches you. Lets say, the person you are thinking about as you pleasure yourself? What could make it even hotter is if they join in, or they take over for you. That’s like, one of my biggest fantasies. I would love someone to walk in on me, someone I am thinking about while I play with myself, and have them help me finish, or watch them as I get off.

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