The Guy in the Basement

About a month after my first boyfriend and I broke up, my mom and I went to her friend’s house. I didn’t really want to go, but had to anyways. We were just going so that the two could hang out in a place other than work. At the time, the only reason I was finally persuaded to go was because she said her friend had a son my age.

When we got there, her friend answered the door. She showed us her house, and introduced us to her son. He was pretty cute, but wasn’t very talkative, as he was busy playing on the computer.

I went with my mom and her friend back to the living room. I sat on the couch opposite my mom and her friend. I spent my time just looking around the house from what I could see in my chair. After about twenty minutes of listening to my mom and her friend talk about stuff I had no interest in, I noticed her son sit on the steps leading from the living room to the computer room. He made a “yakking” motion with his hand. When I nodded, he motioned for me to follow him.

I ended up following him to the basement, his bedroom. He was playing video games. I think it was Halo on the Xbox, but I am not sure. We introduced ourselves a little bit more, learning the basics about each other. He played his game while I watched. He also was listening to Marilyn Manson music, telling me which song was which.

After a while, our moms came downstairs. They informed us that they were going to get pizza, and that we could go with them or stay there. He said he would stay, so I decided to stay as well. He kept playing, but then his character died. He gave a pouty face and asked for a hug. I was more than happy to. We hugged, and I noticed the smell of his hair. This continued for a while, him dying in game and us hugging.

About thirty minutes later our moms got back. They called us to come up and get our food. He stood up first, and waited in the middle of the room for me to get up. When I reached him, he stood in front of me. He told me I had green eyes. When I looked up to see his eye color, he gave me a quick kiss.

We hurried upstairs and got some pizza, then went back to his room. He gave me a soda, and I watched him play his game while we ate. Between bites, he would lean over and kiss me, his lips resting on mine a little bit longer each time. By the time we finished our pizza, we were making out. I have to say, he is still the best kisser I have ever kissed. It was so long ago, so I can’t really say what it was that was so great about kissing him.

After a little while, our moms wanted us to come back upstairs and play a board game with them. I forgot what game it was, but I know I had never played it before. We all decided to play as teams, him and I on one team, our moms on another team. As we sat at the table playing, we ended up holding hands. I don’t think our moms noticed.

Finally the game was done, so we went back downstairs and made out some more. Soon I was comfortable enough to lean over for a kiss myself. Before we knew it, it was ten at night. My mom said we would come back the next day. We hugged goodbye, and when our moms weren’t looking, he gave me one last kiss.

The next day my mom and I went back as planned. The first place I went was to his room. He was playing his game again, but paused it to give me a hug. I watched him play for a while, and finally he gave me a kiss. He then decided he wanted to show off. We grabbed a video camera and went outside. He had me record him doing stupid stunts outside. We went back inside later and recorded him doing stuff on the stairs.

We later went back to his room, and made out some more. We never did anything but hug and kiss. Now, I am surprised at this. You would think that there would be a lot more groping going on. We did however lay down next to each other on his bed holding hands. It would have been horrible if one of our moms walked in, but we got lucky.

After a few minutes of laying together, he suddenly rolled on top of me. This is when I realized how turned on I got at someone’s weight on top of me. We kissed as he looked down into my eyes. After a few seconds he rolled off of me and got up. I got up to.

Basically, our day just consisted of finding a room in the house, making out, and going to another room to do the same. Around noon we went into the kitchen and he made us lunch. A few hours later it was time for me to go. We hugged and kissed one last time.

That night when I got on to AIM, I added him to my friends list. When he signed on, we talked for a bit. Me being inexperienced in the guy department still, I was unclear on what we were. So I asked him what this weekend made us. He says we were just friends because he never asked me out. Not taking the hint, I proceeded to ask him out. His answer was no. He said no because he wasn’t ready for a commitment just yet.

We still continued to talk online, but my mom and I never went back to his house. I guess my mom and his mom had some kind of falling out. I still had him in my thoughts, and still had the idea that there was a chance, so when one of the major dances was coming up at my school, I called him and asked him. He said no, I finally took a hint, and that was the end of him and me.

After about a year or so we lost contact all together. He must have got a new screen name because he has never been back on since I asked him. That or he just blocked me. I always wonder what he’s up to and how he is. When I moved back to my home town I lost contact with pretty much all of my friends I had there.

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