Fascination by Watching

This is probably going to sound creepy, but I am fascinated at the idea of watching someone have sex. Not just in a porno, but in real life. I always thought it would be fun to record people having sex. If one of my friends were to ask me to record them, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t want a copy (unless they wanted to give me a copy), but I just like the idea of watching. It turns me on.

This one time my best friend and her boyfriend got on webcam as a joke and had sex in front of the cam. I told them I didn’t watch, that it was gross, but I was actually very fascinated and turned on. I couldn’t take my eyes away. When they did it, the camera didn’t show more than from the upper waist up, so I saw no naughty bits, and my friend had a shirt on.
Ever since I learned about masturbation, I had always had fantasies of watching a guy masturbate. My last two boyfriends I had let me watch them masturbate, and my latest one and I masturbated together. I even timed it to cum when he came. Doing this made me cum even harder.

I like watching a guy cum. I find that fascinating. On my favorite porno scenes, ones that I have watched more than once, I am able to time it so that I cum when the actors cum. Semen doesn’t bother me. I even will swallow after a blowjob if the taste isn’t too bad.

I am not writing this to seem creepy. Watching is just one of the many things that fascinate me. Now, when I say I like to watch, I mean with given permission. However, the idea of voyeurism does have its appeal. I mean, I wouldn’t be a voyeur on purpose. I just like the idea of walking in on someone, and possibly joining them.

For example, a couple of weeks ago my mom and I had a couple of friends stay over. One of those days, my mom and I came in from my mom picking me up from work. Our company was not in the living room where she left them, but the TV was on. When I went to drop my stuff off in my room, I could see that the bathroom light was on and the door shut. I stopped and listened, and I could hear them inside having sex. My mom and I then just waited patiently in the living room for them to get done.

Even though I acted giggly about it, even though we teased them about it, I was still very turned on. I had images of myself joining them. I wished that they were in the living room so I could see them, even if it was only a second.
Also, several times my mom and I have been coming in from the parking lot at our apartment building and heard our neighbors upstairs. They were very loud, and you could hear everything the woman said. My mom was disgusted, but I was fascinated. I tried to picture in my mind what they were doing and how they were doing it.

Maybe the watching thing is just from curiosity. I mean, I can see it all in pornos, but there is just something different about seeing it firsthand. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that my little fascination is creepy? Anyone else fascinated or turned on by the idea of watching? What are your fascinations that some people may find creepy?

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