Embarrassing Moments

We all have our embarrassing moments, and some just seem to top all of the others. Some of them can seem so bad at the time they happen that you forget your other embarrassing moments. I know that growing up, I had silly embarrassing moments, even though at the time they seemed like the end of the world for me. For example, when I was in third grade, I had my first crush. This crush lasted until 5ifth grade. In the middle of third grade, he changed schools. He gave me his number and told me to call him. Throughout the day on his last day he kept giving me hugs. The teacher knew how much I liked him, so when he was gone from the school, she gave me all of the pictures she had of him (from when we took class pictures for the year book).

I tried to call him about every other week. I was always so shy and nervous that I would get halfway through dialing and hang up. I would do this for a good ten minutes, dial partially, hang up, and then try to dial again, just to hang up. One night when I called him, I got the answering machine. With me being so nervous in the first place, I automatically hung up. I hated the way my voice sounds on machines, and still do to this day.

About ten minutes after hanging up on his answering machine, the phone rang. My dad answered, and the only thing I heard come out of his mouth was “Oh, that was just my daughter trying to call her little boyfriend…” That then felt like the end of the world. The only thing I could think was that now he would know I would like him. My dad gave me the phone and his mom put him on the phone. We talked, just about school, differences in what we were learning in class, etc.

Middle school I had what was then my most embarrassing moment. I was new to the “being a woman thing,” so I never came prepared. At least every few months in school I had to go to the office and ask for a “feminine product.” Back then it felt embarrassing because I was the only girl in my class to have a period. Well, one day I went to my Grandma’s house and sat in my favorite chair. The chair was an antique that had recently been reupholstered in white fabric. Of course, I started my period, and when I got up, there has forever since been a big red stain. That was probably most embarrassing moment.

In high school, I had another big crush. He was my best friend at the time (the one who wrote me the friendship ending email). Whenever he called and my dad would answer the phone, I would hear my dad yell for me, “Tashamber, it’s your boyfriend.” Of course he was not my boyfriend, but I was so embarrassed then, to think my dad would give away my secret of liking him. That still did not top the embarrassing moment at my grandma’s in middle school.

However, today at work just topped all of these embarrassing moments. When it happened, I forgot all of the things I am now able to remember and type. I just felt like such a shit when today’s horror of horrors happened. So, what is so bad about what happened you ask?

I am sure some of us have naughty pictures of someone we know or fantasize about stashed somewhere. These pictures could be on a phone, in a special drawer, on a computer, or someplace else. They are the kind of pictures that you would just die if someone found, but keep them anyways for your own entertainment. Or maybe you just forgot about them.
My naughty pictures were on my phone. After today I deleted them. I knew I had them, I knew I should have deleted them. Today I was given that extra push to do so. I was sitting with my boss in her office at work. We were talking about phones. She asked to see my phone, since she is thinking about getting a new phone herself.

I hand her my phone, hoping in my mind that she will not press the up arrow button that would take her directly to my pictures. What does she push? The up arrow button. She starts to flip through each picture one by one, asking about each one. I am dying inside at this point. There are only five pictures before the naughty pictures would show up. She comments on the first two (before the naughty pictures), and keeps flipping. I am terrified at this point. Suddenly she hands me my phone back, it is closed and back to the main screen. She gets up, says she has to go (though she was talking about how she had to go earlier).

I don’t think I could get out of that office fast enough. I spent the rest of the day replaying the embarrassing horror of what happened in my boss’s office. She did not say anything about the pictures, but that certainly does not mean she didn’t see them. She was probably just too embarrassed herself to say anything. What makes me feel even worse is that she is my cousin. I grew up around her, always acting the innocent angel.

I don’t think I have ever cleaned my bathroom fast enough (I am a janitor). I listened to some music, songs that kind of made me stop thinking. I calmed down a little bit. I talked to a few co-workers, asking them if they had any embarrassing moments that just made you forget anything else that had ever seemed embarrassing up until that moment. As well as saying no, they asked me what happened to me that was so embarrassing. I couldn’t tell them. I just made up some excuse saying that I was just thinking on the past.

I still feel bad about what my boss most likely saw. She probably thinks I just had some naughty pictures of my ex that I forgot about. Or, she could have went with my rambling explanation of how my friends sometimes borrow my phone and take off with it, sending pictures and texts to one another. Or, hopefully, she did not see it. I know she saw it. I am so glad she didn’t say anything, but I still feel sick when I think back at how this whole embarrassment could have been prevented by just deleting those damn pictures. I mean, I have them on my computer. I sent them from my phone to my computer, so why did I still need them on my phone? *Beats head against wall in humiliation.*

So, tell me. Where do you keep your naughty pictures? What are your most embarrassing moments? Did your embarrassing moments ever include your naughty material? Help take my mind off of my embarrassing moment that I will probably laugh at in a few years when something even worse happens.

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