This is probably very wrong and mean, but I love to tease online. My favorite thing to do is get the person I am talking to (most often male) horny as hell. Some of these guys are more fun to tease than others, and some aren’t that fun to tease but I do it anyways.

So, the other night, as wrong as it was, I got him turned on. So turned on that he lost all of the things he said he couldn’t do. He told me he wasn’t horny, that he was trying to be good. I knew it was wrong, but I teased him. I wanted to make him hard, and tell me all about what he was doing with his cock. I wanted him to picture me, think of me.

I told him that a girl was staying the night, and what I wanted to do with her. I told him that she said she would let me experiment with her. He then thanked me. He thanked me for making him horny when he had been fine all day. I was glad my plan had worked.

I started talking even dirtier, getting more detailed in describing my fantasies with another woman. He wanted me to keep going. I was surprised, but pleased. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, hypocritical of me. He has a girlfriend, and when I had a boyfriend I hated it when my ex tried to get me to cyber, professing his feelings for me. I never could do anything with him while I had a boyfriend, so I knew it was wrong to get my friend to do it with me. Maybe I just wanted to see how far it would go.

Our Conversation went like this (with a little bit of punctuation/grammar editing):

Me: Does it get you hot, thinking I might get with a chick tonight?

Him: Kind of, sort of

Me: lol, kind of? Sort of?

Me: Thinking that 2 girls are going to get hot, naked, and wet together, do things to each other’s wet, aching pussies

Him: lol…..

Him: Not cool lol

Me: Playing with each other’s erect nipples, playing with breasts

Me: Sucking on them

Him: Ok

Him: It’s working

Me: hehe

Him: Dammit

Me: mmm, I can’t wait for her to suck on my nipples, put her fingers into my dripping wet pussy. (I am so wet right now)

Him: I don’t blame you

Me: Haha, if it happens

Me: I want it to happen…I bet you want it to happen…so I can tell you all about it later

Him: lol..

Me: Are you unsure?

Him: No

Me: What are you thinking about?

Him: lol, nothing in particular

Me: Liar

Me: You are fantasizing…being bad

Him: More like naughty

Me: Naughty is bad…You should get a spanking

Him: I need it

Me: Yes you do

Me: lol, want me to keep going? Or have I gone too far?

Him: No

Him: You can if you want

Me: Would you like me to?

Him: Yes

The conversation continued, but I was the only one typing. He was reading what I typed as he jacked off. What follows will be what I said, but in paragraph form.

Imagine us rubbing our clits together, squeezing each other’s nipples. She then flips me onto my back and slips a finger inside my dripping wet pussy, pressing her finger on my g spot. I want to cry out but I don’t. She then inserts another finger, thrusting it in and out. She’ll bend down her head and start to suck my nipple, then gently biting it with her teeth, pulling it back. She switches to the other nipple.

I reach up and I start to massage her tits, squeezing her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I finally gather my strength and sit up, telling her to get on her back. I put my finger inside her very wet pussy. It’s my first time touching someone else’s pussy. She’s so wet. I get even wetter.

I slowly start to play with her clit, rubbing in small circles I take my free hand and slip it inside her pussy, inserting one finger, then two. I thrust my fingers in and out. I wish I had a strap on to take her from behind. I decide to go down on her.

I put my head between her legs and wrap my arms around them. I take my first lick, starting from where her wet opening is, all the way to her clit. I flick my tongue over her clit, starting slow, and then going faster. I remember something I always wanted to try, and slowly start to write the alphabet on her clit. I start with lower case letters, then capital case.

She squirms, and I grab a hold. We can’t make the bed squeak, they will hear us. As I continue to lick her pussy, I take a hand and run my finger around it, all over, tracing every hot, wet fold. I tease her pussy a little, tracing the opening of it. I can tell she can’t take it anymore, so I slowly stick a finger partially in. About halfway in I pull out. I hear her breath escape. I put my finger all the way in then, hearing a sharp gasp. I slowly put a second finger in, and begin to thrust as I tease her clit with my tongue. I thrust in and out, getting faster, then slower, trying to make a rhythm between my tongue and hand. I feel her tight pussy clamp down on my fingers, then I feel get hot, next feeling a gust of wetness. With the extra lube I thrust faster, licking faster on her clit. I hear her cover her mouth as she lets out a big moan. I keep going until I know she is finished.

Next, she rolls me over and whispers that it’s my turn. I give myself a secret smile of anticipation of how good it will feel. She puts her arms around my legs and traces my pussy, so wet now, wetter than ever, with her tongue. She sticks her tongue deeper into my folds, finding my soaking pussy hole and sticks her tongue in as far as it will go. It takes everything I have not to cry out from the pleasure. I feel her tongue softly going in and out, then all over my pussy.

Next she concentrates on my clit, running her tongue in soft circles all over. I feel her tongue flick and tease. I slowly start to thrust my hips up into the air, wanting more. I need something inside me, now. I feel her thrusting her fingers in and out, licking my clit. I feel ready to burst. Burst I do as waves of hot, sensational pleasure from my orgasm take control of my body.

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  1. I completely forgot about this post, haha. I keep wracking my brain, trying to figure out who my friend was that I wrote this for. I am glad this post helped more than one get off. 😉

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