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November 2008

Drama with Ex #4

We’ve been broken up for over two months now. He still acts as though I did it five minutes ago. I am trying so hard to stay his friend, but he is making it so difficult on me. Whenever we talk, he starts talking about the what ifs and the might have beens, talking about how he’s changing his habits, he’s gotten better. It is really starting to bug me.… Read More »Drama with Ex #4

Going Wireless Pt. 2

Today (Tuesday) was an interesting day to say the least. I got up this morning, got dressed, ate breakfast, and then tested out the loudness and strength of my new wireless bullet. It passed for fairly quiet when tucked into the lips of my pussy. I left the bullet resting against my clit and put the remote in my purse and waited for my friend to pick me up so… Read More »Going Wireless Pt. 2


It was only nine in the morning when my phone started ringing. It was Anna’s boyfriend, Nathan. He was horny and ready. We had just gone to sleep only five hours ago, as we stayed up until four in the morning talking, holding hands. We were tired and didn’t want to get up, but we did because excitement overcame drowsiness. He was over in a half hour. We were all… Read More »Threesome

A Weekend of Firsts

So far this weekend has been a weekend full of firsts for me. I think it all started at the mall on Thursday afternoon. Forbidden Fruit, the girl in the couple that asked me to threesome with her and her boyfriend, my gay friend (the one that was all over me the day I wore my pheromone spray), a girl friend that I have been getting closer to in the… Read More »A Weekend of Firsts


I am one to get my hopes up easily. Most of the time when I do get my hopes up, they come crashing down when unforeseen circumstances causes them to come crashing down. I was really looking forward to the threesome. We had a place picked out, the day we would do it, and even talked about the details about boundaries and what we wanted to happen. I was really… Read More »Disappointment

Dresss Up

I have always been a fan of dressing up. I love to go shopping for new clothes, and looking for cute outfits. I also like dressing up in the bedroom. My main goal is to someday own a school girl outfit. There is just something about that plaid mini skirt and white button up shirt, along with wearing pigtails. A few months ago I bought a French maid teddy. I… Read More »Dresss Up


I swear, every time I have a paper for school to write, someone ends up distracting me. Now, I am a procrastinator, so I always seem to wait until the night before my paper is due to start on it. It’s not the distraction that’s a problem for me. I actually kind of like it. It gets me hot. Distraction teases me. I like to be teased, as frustrated sexually… Read More »Distractions