The Power of Scent

The power of smell is amazing. A pleasant smell can attract you to someone. A bad smell can make you steer clear of someone. I am someone who loves smell. My biggest weakness is the smell of men’s cologne or body spray. I never was a big fan of wearing perfume, but I love to wear certain body sprays. My room always smells like some scented candle. I would burn incense, but it irritates my mom’s allergies. Right now my room smells like the strawberry shortcake scented candle I got recently.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I was talking to my sister-in-law. We were talking about sites we like to buy stuff online. She told me about one site in particular that had a certain body spray that contains pheromones. This gave me an idea. How would Forbidden Fruit Guy act if I wore it around him? On my next payday I ordered the spray. It arrived about a week later, and as soon as I took a sniff of it, I was in love.

I wore it the next day to school, but Forbidden Fruit didn’t get close enough to notice. The next day I brought the bottle of spray with me, as I had noticed it wore off after a while. Before he met me in the cafeteria I sprayed some on and waited. As I sat there with one of my friends, I explained what my “plan” was. They just laughed at me.

Forbidden Fruit got there, and he seemed his normal self. Soon after another one of our friends joined us. He gave us each a hug (he’s gay), and then he sat in my lap. It was not long after that he chose me as his seat, that he started messing with me. He bit my neck, enough to leave a small hickey (which luckily faded after a few hours). He kept grabbing my breasts, tweaking my nipples. Then he started grabbing the inside of my thigh.

All of this was making me extremely horny. He knew this, so he kept it up. Everyone at the table was enjoying watching me squirm. After a few minutes of being fondled to the point of going crazy, I began tweaking the guy in my lap’s nipples. He then jumped up and started messing with Forbidden Fruit.

When our friend got bored and went to get food, Forbidden Fruit looked mortified and started complaining about our friend doing that to him. I asked if he needed a hug, and he accepted for once (normally it is almost a chore to get him to hug me). The rest of the morning he stayed close by me.

Later one of my friends snuck up from behind me and scared me (I am easily startled). I almost fell off my chair. As I was trying to get up, my ass sticking up in the air, Forbidden Fruit found it funny to slap me on the ass as hard as he could. That got me even more turned on. I was also shocked, but secretly happy. He then started complaining that his hand hurt from hitting so hard.

I spent the whole day surrounded by guys, all of them wanting to be near. I was also incredibly horny. It was during that day that I had the fantasy of getting a bullet to keep tucked in my panties, the remote in my pocket to be turned on when needed (times like these). After school when Forbidden Fruit and I went to the mall I came very close to getting one at Spencer’s, but they didn’t have any good bullets that would suit my need (something waterproof, quiet, and inexpensive). Plus, I had something similar at home to what they were selling.

That night I thought about everything that day. I realized that I was smelling the pheromone filled spray all day, so that could have added to why I was so horny. It could also have just been in my mind, knowing I am wearing something that is supposed to heighten the sexual mood, so I think that my mood is heightened (I hope that makes sense).

I also teased myself. I rubbed my bullet on my clit until right before the point of no return, and turned the toy off, setting it aside. It seemed so painful, and I wanted to orgasm so badly, but I waited. I even had one of my online friends tell me to wait, that I wasn’t allowed to finish until a couple hours later.

When I was finally able to finish, I came so hard. I waited for my mom to leave the house with her friend, and I put the bullet back on my clit and put it on full speed. When I finally let myself release, my orgasm was so intense, I made breathy moans even without using my glass toy inside. The moans were also much louder than normally when I let myself make noise. The question has been answered about me being a moaner or a screamer. I am definitely a moaner, with huge potential for being a screamer.

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