The Words We Use in Dirty Talk

The other night as I cybered with my friend, I really wanted to use the “C” word. I have never used the word “cunt” before, but for some reason I had the urge to use it. I ended up not using the word, because I was afraid of my cyber partner finding the word offensive. I was taught never to use the word, as it was a very derogatory word. Lately though, I have seen this word used often by other bloggers when they write their stories.

The next day I talked to several of my friends about what words they liked to use in dirty talk. Unfortunately none of them have ever talked dirty (or so they claim). Before thinking of my wording around my group of friends I say “I like cock and pussy.” Seeing their grinning faces, I realize what I had said. “Let me rephrase that, I like to use the words cock and pussy while talking dirty.”

They all just laughed at me and I laughed with them. I then asked them what they thought of “the C word.” Half of them said they didn’t care, a few confirmed that “the C word” was in fact “cunt,” and the rest asked what I meant. I then explained how I felt about the word, how I grew up believing the word should never be used, and how recently I wanted to use the word in my writing. They all agreed then that they didn’t care.

Every since I started blogging, I have opened my mind up to so many new things. I noticed that my writing has gotten much more detailed. I use more descriptive words, and I talk dirty more. Dirty talk really turns me on.

I like to use these words in writing: cock, pussy, titties, tits, cum, and fuck. There are many other words, but I won’t make a list. I am sure you will see them in future posts. Recently though, I have really wanted to use “cunt” when talking dirty. By reading other blogs, my mind has opened a lot more to the words available in my writing vocabulary.

What words do you like to use when talking dirty? Are there any words that offend you? Any words that you prefer to use over others?

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