I swear, every time I have a paper for school to write, someone ends up distracting me. Now, I am a procrastinator, so I always seem to wait until the night before my paper is due to start on it. It’s not the distraction that’s a problem for me. I actually kind of like it. It gets me hot. Distraction teases me. I like to be teased, as frustrated sexually it might get me.

Last year for example: I was talking to one of my friends on the computer. I stupidly told them I had a paper that I was working on. They took that as their cue to distract me from doing this paper. They did everything they could to keep me from writing this paper. They talked dirty to me, told me how horny they were, typed up a fantasy for me, then we ended up cybering. They did this every time I had a paper. I finally learned after the second time NOT to tell them when I had a paper I was working on.

A couple of months ago Forbidden Fruit Guy and I both had a paper to do for the same class. We both waited until the night before it was due to start working on it. This was the second night we began to talk online, as we had just met a couple of weeks before. One of the first things we started to talk about was sex and everything that had to dso with sex.
We ended up cybering, and he made me very horny. Unfortunately, in my distraction of trying to take care of my needs, he was writing the paper. Now, I am not a multi-tasker, so I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. This meant that I focused on myself and talking to him instead of my paper. He finished his paper around midnight, and stayed up talking to me until two in the morning. I didn’t get my paper done until three.

However, the other day is the reason I am typing this post. Forbidden Fruit and I were going to work on the paper one day. We procrastinated though, and hung out with friends instead. That night when I got home I was too dang tired to do anything, so I set my alarm for super early so I could work on my paper, as it was due in twelve hours.

I get up, and I start work on the paper. I get about one page done before I have to get on the bus to school. I don’t think this a problem because I will have an hour and a half to work on it some more before going to class.

I get to the school library and seat myself with a girl I met a few weeks before. We chat for a few, and then we both go back to homework. Just as I am really getting into my paper, she randomly states that she has an awkward question for me. She said she didn’t want to say out loud, but had it typed on her laptop. I tell her to show me the question.

It turns out that her and her boyfriend are looking for a girl to have a threesome with, and wondered if I was interested or knew anyone who might be. I think about this offer for a second, already my heart pounding in excitement. I type back that I think a threesome would be fun, but the only thing is that I am a virgin, but have done other things. For the rest of the time I tried to work on paper, I was too distracted. I had just gotten invited to a threesome.

Since that day, I have been super excited. We have everything all planned out, have talked about boundaries and all that. One thing I am really nervous about is their boundaries. I mean, how far am I allowed to go with him before either of them get uncomfortable? I know he wants her and I to do stuff to each other, so I am excited about that. Update soon, I promise. If they let me, I might even post the details of what we do when we do it.

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